Minitor Chuvashpiller 804. Review, properties, equipment

Overview of the mini vector of Chuvashpiller 804. Technical features. Functions of the application

Minitor Chuvashpiller 804 – The most powerful al l-wheel drive machine in the brand family is the latest development. A heavy unit with a capacity of 80 hp. Developed to carry out complex work in large areas of up to 30 hectares. Effective under intensive conditions in various sectors – agriculture, common area, construction and transport of goods.

Minitor Chuvashpiller 804

Description of the model

  • A fou r-cylinder diesel engine is installed on the Chuvashpille r-Mini drive, which ensures the effective longer operation of the device.
  • Thanks to the water cooling, the engine is not overheated, the tractor can work without technological interruptions of 10 to 12 hours.
  • The device is equipped with a hydraulic steering wheel, a differential blocking system that, despite the large mass of the machine of 2.7 tons, offers high maneuverability and comfortable control.
  • The extended gear at a speed of 12 V-FIF/4NAZAD offers the necessary work pace, the tractor also moves confidently along a broken unpaved road, a loose floor and a good highway. Liability is tw o-disc dry.
  • The smooth start under all temperature conditions is guaranteed using an electric starter.
  • Due to the large wheels and a high evacuation of 430 mm, the Mini actionor has an excellent ability to make a cross, the ability to carry out a variety of work.
  • Due to the possibility of regulating the RUT width of 98-140 cm, special agricultural work is possible depending on the type of agricultural culture.
  • The driver’s ergonomic cabin is absolutely sealed and reliably protects the worker in frost and heat. Thanks to the panoramic processes, excellent visibility is guaranteed, which makes working on the Min i-ITCTOR much easier. The chair is equipped with the necessary adjustments.
  • Despite the high performance, the machine is characterized by economic fuel consumption compared to similar models – up to 210 g/kW/h.
  • All necessary sensors are brought comfortably into the instrument sign – oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel amount, amperemeter, so that you can control the condition of the equipment and react quickly to a change in the indicators.
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Technical features of the tractor

The brand of the engine LD4TD80
Power, L.S. 80
Number of cylinders, PCs 4
Bike formula 4×4
Dimension dimensions: length/width/height, mm 3560/1615/2585
Street freedom, MM 430
Operating mass, KG 2700
transmission 12 forward, before 4
Starting system Electrical starter
Rad measurements (front/back) 9.5-20/13.6-28
Rotation frequency of vom, speed 540/1000
warranty 12 months

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Basic equipment

Minitor Chuvashpiller 804 enters into consumers in full assembly, which runs entirely for the operation.

The manufacturer recommends that the device gradually put the device into operation without first loading the devices to a maximum.

In addition, the tractor is equipped with operating instructions and guarantee documents. The owners buy the necessary attachments themselves.

Functions of the application

Thanks to the universal thre e-point system, many additional attachments are rationally connected to the Mini actionor, which repeatedly expands the functionality of the machine. The possibility of a rotary frequency of 540/1000 rpm. With the required tools with a certain operating mode, you can connect the required tools to the power supply.

The high performance of the mini drive is sufficient to carry out agricultural work on various soils, including virgin and viscosic soils. An indispensable tractor in the common area when cleaning the territory made of dirt, snow. The unit and implementation of many construction functions and the transport of goods in carts, semi trailers. It can be used as a powerful tractor.

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A large number of hinge devices from the local brand and other manufacturers are rationally summarized with the Minitor Chuvashpiller 804:

  • Soiline
  • harrow
  • Three- and four-body plows
  • Forman cultivating
  • Potato
  • Potato cap
  • Rotor and hard disk tests
  • Grain
  • Rabble-Pullops
  • Press calculation
  • Light-off shovel
  • The brush is common
  • Motoburg
  • Pendant, cart.
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operation and maintenance

Minitor Chuvashpiller 804 is characterized by a simplified design. On the market, spare parts are presented in a wide range of devices, so the owners carry out repairs and elimination of malfunctions, without too difficult independently, without using the services of the service.

It is this advantage of plus impressure, the lack of large operating costs with the affordable costs of the unit, which are decisive factors for future owners when choosing this model of the Chuvashpiller mini vector.

Consumes the tractor diesel fuel, motor oil 15W40, 10W40. 80W/90, 85W/90 oil oil are used for the transmission.

In order to ensure lon g-term reliable work, the owners should familiarize themselves with the manufacturer’s recommendations for security measures and adhere strictly to them, since the Chuvashpiller 804 is a strong tractor.

  • With longer storage, the diesel fuel should be drained from the fuel tank.
  • You cannot leave the device unattended with the engine.
  • In cold weather, you first have to heat the engine and then go too much.
  • The minimal inspection of the Chuvashpille r-Min i-Actractor is carried out every month.
  • The regulations for maintaining the machine are carried out according to 50/100/250/500 mothers depending on the type of systems and the category of consumables.

Video check of the chuvashpiller 804 tractor

Reviews of the owners


“The Chuvashpiller 804 tractor bought buckwheat for growing buckwheat, I have a large 10 hectares. I bought a chamber game, a plow, but had to repeat the heading a little under the dimensions of the tractor. And so a very powerful machine works easily, you can say with enthusiasm without stress. In addition, everything that still needs to be transported is without transporting problems to clean the snow. “

Chuvashpiller Min i-Tractor 804. Review, characteristics, attachments, instructions

Recommend: 100%



Minitor Chuvashpiller 804 is a representative of technology, one of the most powerful models in the Chuvashpiller line. The power of the Mini contract engine is 80 hp. This technical device is designed for use in large land plots, the range of which is from 10 to 30 hectares. Continuous working time: 12 hours. Technological breaks must be carried out every 12 hours, which allows the engine to cool down.

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Minitor Chuvashpiller 804

Chuvashpiller 804 has several distinctive features compared to other representatives of its model range:

  • The operator’s non-rising cabin (excludes entry into dust, snow, wind, sand, it is very convenient for work with strong winds or snowfall);
  • panoramic glazing;
  • All wheel drive;
  • high engine power;
  • Increased cross-landing ability;
  • the ability to do most of the time doing agricultural work;
  • can be used as a carrier carrier during harvesting, construction work, utilities;
  • The minimum consumption of diesel fuel, taking into account the mass of a mini contract factor of 2700 kg.

The Chuvashpiller 804 is equipped with a four-cylinder LD4TD80 diesel engine. A full-wheel drive technology, wheel formula 4×4.


The scope of this minitator is very wide:

  • household use (cleaning the territory, clearing the land from snow, mowing grass and harvesting hay, transporting crops);
  • agricultural, agricultural work (ploughing, cultivation, hilling, shaking, spreading fertilizers, seed sowing, collection of root crops, hydroponics);
  • civil works (including drilling);
  • Transportation of the passenger (the cabin is for the transportation of one person, one Minitator operator).

Basic equipment

Minitor Chuvashpiller 840 is offered for sale in collected form. The Enterprise breaks in a few models, but often sellers recommend phasing in the unit after a three-stage run-in-operation. In the basic configuration there are no hinged weapons, the buyer will receive a mini actor assembled, a set of documents for the product, a warranty card and instructions for use.

Review of the manufacturer Chuvashpiller recommended for model 804 PROPERTIE S-Devices:

  • Harrow 1bqx-1.7;
  • Three-Western Plow L-108;
  • four-boxing plow 1L-420;

Harrow 1bqx-1.7 Plow Three Kept

Kulti-Cultivator Three-row Chapel 870 Soilofrez 1GQN-140

  • vibrated potat o-Coat;
  • hing e-rake;
  • VM-4 Voroshilka;

Potato Pad Rabble VM-4

In addition, hinges from manufacturers such as Scout, Dawn, Salute, Sintai, MTD, Craftsman, DTZ and others can be installed on the Mini Trector 804.

Technical characteristics

  • The overall dimensions of the mini vector 3560/1615/2585 mm.
  • Clearance 43cm.
  • The mass without hinges is 2700 kg.
  • The gear with maximum speed set: 12 front, 4 rear gears. A mini drive is started with an electric starter.
  • The dimension of the front wheels is 9.5-20, the rear ones 13.6-28.
  • Reverse speed, speed: 540 and 1000.
  • The warranty for the mini drive from the manufacturer is given for 12 months.
  • The processing trace: adjustable, from 98 to 140 cm.
  • Drum type brakes.
  • Attachment of three-point type attachments.

Recommended for work on virgin lands, clay soils. It can be used as a cargo carrier as well as a tractor.

service and operation

Safety precautions should be observed when working with the Minotor Chuvashpiller 804. The device weighs more than two tons, so it is extremely important to examine the user instructions before operation. Never leave the equipment unattended, switched on with the engine.

Drain the diesel diesel fuel from the tank with longer inactivity. Hold a tractor in a dry room on a plus temperature. Start the engine in minimal revolutions for warming in winter, only after heating can it be given a load.

Recommendations for Service Chuvashpiller 804:

  • Perform the maintenance of the mini-drivers in accordance with the categories (maintenance of the 1st category every 50 hours, then 100, 250, 500 or more hours, similar actions to change the oil, to clean the fuel filters, fill up the electrolyte level) For the engine and diesel fuel, according to the GB/T 252-19194 for the gear – 80 W/90 or 85W/90 oil oil;
  • regularly carry out an external inspection of the Mini actionor;
  • Every six months, carry out the analysis and adaptation of the key components of the control point every six months, control the collapse of the convergence, the condition of the brake system.
  • While the mini drive is under the guarantee service, do not disassemble the engine itself – it is only necessary to monitor the fuel stand, to regularly add and replace the oil in crankcase and gearbox.

At the end of the field work, the Min i-Actractor is preserved, namely: it is carried out by pollution, dried, dried up and fuel cleaned, the parts are lubricated so that corrosion is not formed, covered and used in a dry place.

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Valery, Saransk:

“So far I have only looked at this model and I look closely for a month, I really want to buy for my country. Now I use the services of rental workers, but if I buy this model of the tractor, I will handle many myself. I have read that they don’t break at all, now I intend to test, drive, maybe even buy a used model when I think. ”

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