Minitor Chuvashpiller 504. Overview, properties, equipment

Minitor Chuvashpiller 504. Overview, characteristics, attachments, instructions

Minitor Chuvashpiller 504 with 50 hp It is one of the most popular models between similar models not only the Chuvashpiller line, but also other manufacturers.

The universal tractor is understood as a heavy class machine that performs a wide range of agricultural works and cultivates the soil on large areas. In aggregation with steerable implements, it works effectively in the household sector, in road construction works it carries loads weighing up to 1 ton.

Miniature Chuvashpiller 504


The Minitor Chuvashpiller 504 is a heavy-duty tractor with a 50 hp engine. The sought-after and popular in the CIS countries minitor model is used as a universal technical assistant for supplying organizations and farms. The tractor is excellent for field works: gabitus, harvesting and gathering hay, digging potatoes, planting seeds, hilling, plowing difficult soils, cultivation.

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 504

Miniature Chuvashpiller 504

The Chuvashpiller 504 is powered by a four-cylinder LD4L100BT1 engine. Wheel formula 4×4 (all-wheel drive). Maneuverable, powerful minitractor for all kinds of agricultural work. In rainy, windy or snowy conditions, the operator is protected from the weather by a dust-tight cabin.

Advantages of this model of mini-tractor Chuvashpiller 504 over its price analogues:

  • Availability of a panoramic hatch;
  • High quality air filters;
  • An armchair adjustable to the operator’s height, soft and ergonomic;
  • Heating system;
  • Glass ventilation;
  • Panorama-type glazing;
  • Hinter dizzy, two-speed;
  • Glass worker;
  • Glass);
  • Great weight and strength;
  • The possibility of using the Chuvashpiller 504 mini-actuator as a tractor.

Minitractor Chuvashpiller 120

The machine is designed for use in agricultural areas with limited space. Due to its small size, the tractor has high maneuverability. The model is installed on the tires of increased crossing. Thus, the tractor can be used in areas with poor pavement.

Tschu wash pills 120

The manufacturer equips the Chuvashpille r-Min i-Ctractor with a diesel engine. The maximum power of the power plant is 12 hp. The engine has a liquid forced cooling system. The movement of the liquid in the cooling system is carried out by a water pump.

The engine is started by an electric starter. The engine is operated at 12 volts from the battery. The transmission of the starter drive from the gearbox to the engine flywheel is given automatically after starting the power unit.

Reference: The liquid cooling system allows the tractor to be used at any ambient temperature.

The machine has 4×2 wheel arrangement. The torque of the power plant is transmitted to the wheel gears of the rear axle. The front wheels are used to drive the tractor. The rear axle is equipped with an internal differential lock. This increases the off-road capability of the machine.

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The manufacturer supplies one Hobby plow and a Mini driven tiller as standard equipment. Thanks to the universal attachment, the model can work with various equipment of both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Mini Actionor has an open control position. The tractor is controlled by turning the steering wheel. The controls are located in close proximity to the machine operator. This reduces the fatigue of the tractor operator during prolonged work.

basic equipment

The Chuvashpiller 504 tractor comes factory supplied with a warranty document and user’s manual. When buying directly from the manufacturer, it is possible to register the machine. The price of the model ranges from 598 to 684 thousand rubles (depending on the attached package of documents). Fantastic equipment is purchased separately from the owner.

Thanks to the three-point articulated joint system, “Chuvashpiller 504” can work with canopies Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Chinese production. It is allowed to install a linking equipment made in the USA or EU countries on the minigun on condition that the weight category and the method of parts fastening are observed.


The tractor is made in several modifications, which allow to use its constructive and operational features with maximum efficiency.

  • The 244th model with the index XT differs from the basic model by the engine development, here it is TY2100it.
  • Chuvashpil tractor FN version is equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine KM385VT, hydraulic steering, larger diameter and a fairly comfortable sealed cab.
  • The all-wheel drive mini-tractor Chuvashpiller-244 Ty has an improved .

Technical Specifications

  • Overall dimensions of mini-tractor Chuvashpiller-504 Ty: 3120/1485/2460 mm. The outlet is 35 cm. Weight without additional parts – 2400 kg.
  • Gearbox: 8 forward, 2 reverse speeds. The start is made by the electric starter.
  • Rear wheel size: 11.2-28, front 7.50-16.
  • VOM rotates at a minimum total speed of 540 rpm, maximum 1000 rpm.
  • Production warranty period is 12 months.

There is a horn, headlights, differential lock. The clutch is two-disc, dry. Oil pressure gauge, ammeter and coolant sensor are installed on the mini-drive.


Powertrain includes a traditional for small machines disc clutch with constant contact and mechanical control from the pedal.

  • Engine torque is effectively realized through a dual-range multi-stage gearbox with final drive and a planetary differential.
  • Separately controlled clamp brakes are used to reduce the turning radius of the tractor and emergency hitch.
  • The tractor can be driven in working or transport mode at a speed of 2 to 23 km/h by selecting one of 8 forward travel programs. The lack of reverse travel is compensated for by two decliners with a maximum speed of up to 7 km/h.
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The power train also includes a single-speed power selector designed to actuate mechanically actuated articulated units.

Base models are made according to the classic 4×2 scheme with driving rear wheels and simplified transmissions. Weight distribution over the axles in the ratio of 6: 4 contributes to an increase in payload and reduction of the specific pressure coefficient on the floor.

Chassis of the new versions of the tractor Chuvashpil model 24 4-4×4 formula with all-wheel drive on both axles. Steerability is guaranteed by the possibility of locking differential, herringbone pattern of pneumatic wheels.

Photo: 224. With one roof.

Service and maintenance

Application of the tractor Chuvashpiller 504:

This model for work on the ground on the ground, as well as for agricultural manipulation can be used for harvesting, cleaning areas, watering, spreading fertilizer, etc. The maximum weight of the cargo transported in the vehicle must not exceed 60% of the weight of the mini-tractor.

For safe operation of Chuvashpiller mini-tractor:
  • Turn off the engine when the unit is idle.
  • Change oil in the crankcase, gearbox, clean the oil filter, replace the electrolytes.
  • Wait for engine to cool before checking oil level (for diesel according to GB/T 252-1994, transmission oil 80W/90 or 85W/90).
  • Keep an eye on the tire pressure and have it inflated in good time.
  • Allow the engine to rest before cooling every 12 hours of continuous operation.
  • When purchasing, specify if it has been done on the unit; if not, do it yourself and use the mini-excavator to its full capacity.
  • Do not use the Chuvashpiller-Mini contract promoter to carry passengers, only one operator is allowed!

At the end of field works the Mini – actuator is preserved, namely: carry out its pollution, dry it, dry and clean the fuel, lubricate the parts so that corrosion does not form, cover and use it in a dry place.

The most important objects of maintenance of the Mini-Factor Chuvashpiller 504:
  • Brake system;
  • Engine;
  • Oil filter;
  • Drive belt.

Tractor Chuvashpiller 244

Mini tractor Chuvashpiller 244 has high technical characteristics. An indistinguishable feature from previous models is the presence of a cab. The machine is equipped with a metal cab. This allows using the mini-tractor regardless of precipitation and ambient temperature.

Tschuwaschpiller 244

The tractor cab has panoramic glazing. This eliminates the risk of blind spots while driving. The cab is hermetically sealed. This prevents dust and exhaust gases from entering the cab. The cab is mounted on elastic cushions to reduce engine and body vibration.

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A comfortable operator’s seat is installed in the cab. The control levers are located near the operator’s seat. This design eliminates the need to reach the controls when driving. There is a table of taxation tools on the front panel. With its help, the driver can control the work of nodes and mechanisms of the tractor.

The manufacturer uses a model with a 24 hp power plant. The engine has 2 working cylinders, located vertically. The maximum power unit consumption is 272 g/kW during one hour. Engine cooling is liquid cooled. A water pump is used to circulate the fluid in the system.

The engine is started with an electric starter. The voltage of the starter is 12 volts. A battery and a DC generator are used to power the electrical equipment. The battery is used to operate the consumers with the engine dried out. After the power plant is introduced, the generator supplies power to the electrical equipment and charges the battery.

Reference: The machine operator’s cabin is equipped with ventilation and autonomous heating. This makes working conditions comfortable at any ambient temperature.

Owners’ reviews

Stanislav, Cheboksary:

“I have a question for the manufacturer. Why are the sensors so impractical? While driving you have to constantly look around to see what indicators are there. Put sensors next time you have a problem like on the 354! Otherwise, there are no complaints about the tractor. It’s a completely self-contained machine that easily helps me get the job done on a 3 acre lot. We spend almost all of our time planting and harvesting potatoes and selling crops. It’s a functional, handy, comfortable mini-drive. You definitely can’t dive into the vegetable garden with one of these – not a cheap treat. I recommend it if you own a lot of land. “


The tractor can be equipped with different types of two- and three-cylinder diesel engines with water cooling and electric control. The basic one is the less common, economical and durable in use 24 hp KM385BT engine with a displacement of 1149 cc/3.

The powertrain consumes fuel at rated rpm at a rate of 272-275 g/kWh, one of the most economical rates to date.

The engine compares favorably with previous models with minimum vibration level, easy maintenance, efficient operation of lubrication and cooling systems. The starter is activated by a manual lever-step drive.


  • Mini universal 244 model unites an affordable price range.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of agricultural and municipal attachments.
  • Unification of spare parts with the same features and purpose from other brands of mini-tractors.
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Simple design provides owners with an opportunity to perform service and repair works of various complexity independently.

Full operation of the machine does not require special qualifications, the necessary managerial skills are developed in the process of mastering the new equipment.

Construction of the Chuvashpiller 504 mini vector. Technical characteristics. Features of application.

Minitor Chuvashpiller 504 with 50 hp It is one of the most popular models between similar models not only the Chuvashpiller line, but also other manufacturers.

The universal tractor is understood as a heavy class machine that performs a wide range of agricultural works and cultivates the soil on large areas. In aggregation with steerable implements, it works effectively in the household sector, in road construction works it carries loads weighing up to 1 ton.

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 504

Description of the Chuvashpiller 504 tractor model

Due to the use of innovative technologies and the latest materials the developers have created a model with optimal parameters:

  • The tractor is equipped with a reliable four-cylinder water-cooled engine, which allows you to work effectively for a long time without stopping.
  • Thanks to all-wheel drive (4×4), the engine power is fully consumed for a particular job.
  • Chuvashpiller 504 mini-tractor is characterized by increased comfort: all-round glazing of the cabin, adjustable operator’s stool, modern system of heating and windshield ventilation, adjustable steering column with a hydraulic wiper, availability of glass horns and glass rooms.
  • Thanks to the electric steamer, engine operation is easy and fast, regardless of climatic conditions.
  • With ten – speed 8/2 you can select the desired speed depending on the connected devices and the type of work to be performed. The bowl is a dry hard drive.
  • The Chuvashpiller 504 is equipped with high-quality air filters.
  • Large bikes with high aggressive profile provide excellent stability of the machine and increased cross-country ability, regardless of soil conditions.
  • Availability of differential locks eliminates bogging on viscous floors.
  • Comprehensive lighting system – clearance lights, turn signals, headlights, provide comfortable and safe operation in the dark time of the day. A buzzer is installed.

Technical features of the tractor

Engine brand LD4L100BT1
Power, hp. 50
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
Engine formula 4×4
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 3120/1485/2460
Freedom of movement, MM 350
operating weight, kg 1830
transmission 8 forward, 2 forward 2
Starting system Electric starter
Ratio (front/rear) 7.50-16/11.2-28
RPM, speed 540/720
warranty 12 months

basic equipment

Chuvashpiller 504 mini tractor is fully assembled, with the cab installed and ready to go. The passport of the self-propelled machine is purchased for a separate fee. Necessary additional equipment is purchased by the owners themselves.

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Application functions

When creating the Chuvashpiller 50 4-Mini Vector, special attention is paid not only to technical parameters, but also to increased ergonomics for the worker. Thanks to this was created a modern level of comfort, no natural disasters do not become an obstacle to perform the necessary tasks.

Thanks to the presence of two speeds (540/1000 rpm), it is rational to connect many additional devices to the mini-drive. The type of tasks – three points, which makes it possible to install trailed devices and other manufacturers. Great weight of the machine and high productivity allows using the mini-tractor as a productive tractor.

Types of attachments for the Chuvashpiller mini-tractor:
  • Floor cutters of various modifications
  • Cultivation bush
  • FGP loader
  • plow with power tiller
  • Excavator
  • Rotary mower
  • Presser calculation
  • Potato harvesters and potato diggers of various modifications
  • Snowplow
  • Rabble-pulper
  • Semitrailer, dolly
  • Trailer self-loading
  • Spraying devices.

Tractor operation and maintenance

For all its productivity and high performance, the Chuvashpillet r-Mini tractor is simple in design and easy to maintain, for which it is appreciated by its owners. In case of any problems you can buy inexpensive spare parts at any time and make the necessary repairs yourself.

Transmission oil SAE 80W-90 silver SAE 85W-90 Tad-17i

The mini-tractor is equipped with coolant and oil level sensors, an ammeter, with which you can control working processes and quickly respond to changes in technical parameters.

The mini-tractor consumes diesel fuel and uses 80W/90 or 85W/90 grade oil for the gearbox. When purchasing, you should ask the seller if the unit has been retracted at the factory. If necessary, you should carry out the retraction process yourself.

The operation of all systems of the mini-tractor is checked during daily maintenance.

Thereafter you should strictly follow the preventive maintenance schedule according to the user manual and change the consumables in time.

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Video review

Owners’ reviews

Vasily Vasilievich:

“Chuvashpiller 504 bought 7 hectares to cultivate the land. And to work on a cattle farm. It completely met my expectations. Reliable machine, no breakages and tank ruptures, can work 7-8 hours, only the driver gets tired. The only complaint – unfortunate location of the gauges on the dashboard. By the way, on this mistake I have already made reviews of other owners.

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