Minitor Chuvashpiller-120. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Minitor Chuvashpiller 120 budget model of the home all-rounder

Cheboksary plant has established mass production of a wide-function mini-tractor Chuvashpiller-120, created by Chinese designers on the basis of a universal crawler tractor. The project, which is in the size and economy of the enterprise, is focused on the project, which is widely used in private and farming sector, as well as in communal services.

The main advantages of this model over similar counterparts are:

  • optimal traction properties for its class;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • High cross-country ability and maneuverability;
  • Full adaptation of the machine to difficult climatic conditions.

Performance of the mini-processor is improved due to the possibility of combining with sidewalks and trailers. The basic equipment of the machine includes a 1-year plough and an active soil tiller.

Minitor Chuvashpiller-1220

Photo: Chuvashpiller-120 Minitor

Minitor Chuvashpiller 120 can be used for plowing relatively small areas, planting vegetable and industrial crops, collecting crops and transporting them to the place of storage or processing.

  • With the help of mowers, rakes and other attachments, the novice minitractor can provide substantial assistance in the preparation of roughage for the winter period.
  • A tractor equipped with a dozer blade is excellent for snow removal. Traction characteristics allow using the machine for towing tractors with carrying capacity from 500 kg.
  • The availability of differential locks and Chevrolet’s pneumatic ground pneumatic scheme allows the tractor successfully overcome the problematic areas of unpaved roads.


Small dimensions of this model and small turning radius determine the possibility of using the mini-tractor on low-format plots, as well as in storage sheds and livestock farms. Maneuverability of the machine when clearing snow on city streets and yards was highly appreciated by public sector workers.

Overall length and width of the mini-tractor weighing 500 kg without a hitch is in the range of 2.4/1.05 meters. Height without safety bar is 1.25 meters. Height from the street edger clearance of 18 cm.

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model Chuvashpiller-120
engine R195
Power, hp. 12
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 255
Transmission, forward/reverse 6/2
starting system electric starter
wheel formula 2×4
Wheel sizes (front/rear) 5.00-12/6.50-16
track width, MM 180
track width, MM 1100 – 1400
Dimensions, MM: length x width x height 2400x1050x1250


The standard power unit is an economical and lightweight water-cooled cylinder diesel engine R195, which develops 12 hp at maximum speed.

The 0.7 L engine’s advantages include a simple and reliable design, combined lubrication and steel electric start from the onboard network.

A distinctive feature of the design of a mini-unit Chuvashpiller-120 is a transfer of engine torque to the power transmission through a two-strand gearbox Keilrephiva.

transmission and chassis

The dry clutch mechanism is a single disc, which is locked with a mechanical release from the floor pedal. Multistage gearbox with six forward lines and integrated differential mechanism.

The design of the machine does not provide reversible operation of the tractor, so there are only two reversing devices. The chassis layout is a classic 4×2 formula with rear drive wheels and drum-type brakes.

The front and rear axle track can be set in the range of 1100 to 1400 mm, the turning radius is within 2.6 meters. Single speed selection mechanism is used to actuate the working elements of the coupling devices.

Operator’s workplace

The lack of cabins is partly compensated by a comfortable arrangement of the workplace, the convenient location of the steering column and all the controls, the additional installation of a protective sheet with an anti visor.

With the help of lighting equipment, you can improve the safety of work in the evening and at night and in poor visibility conditions. Information about the work of the electric unit systems and electrical appliances is transmitted to the body of the device.

Advantages of the mini-universal Chuvash model 120 saw

The design of this machine are based on modern trends in tractor construction, own technical developments of designers, as well as the great experience in operating the Mini – tractor in different conditions.

  • The tractor meets the requirements of modern technologies, working and environmental standards.
  • The machine is equally suitable for operation in southern and northern regions.
  • At the proper level of repairability of this model – the interchangeability of many spare parts with the machinery of the same mini-tractor of this type.
  • Possibilities of “Chuvashpiller-1220” are expanded due to its compatibility with the weakened devices of the power tillers of foreign and domestic production.
  • Prompt work of the service departments is combined with the high quality of pre-sale and warranty service of the machine.
  • Prolonged downtime is excluded due to the lack of spare parts and consumption range.
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Lightweight mini-tractor is difficult to use on labor-intensive works, as pneumatics on the ground of moderate responsibility. Nevertheless, the design does not provide brackets to attach the load ballast.

The inaccurate alignment of the pulley drive discs is not uncommon, which causes the belt life to be significantly reduced, as well as minimal permanent storage and counter-reaction grease in the steering linkage joints.

Video: Evaluating the 120

A new Chuvashpiller Model 120 can be purchased for $63,000 to $65,000 ($2,300 to $2,400). This cost may be slightly higher due to possible recycling, changes in design or factory equipment. The wholesale price is 6-8,000 lower, but this discount is available when buying at least 3 cars. For about half this price you can buy a used mini-tractor with a 50-60% service life.


In the market of budget minitractors are identical Chinese tractors with low leaves Fiiter T-15, bulldozer and caliber 120 model.

Technically advanced fiiter has a more powerful electric unit and a modified hydraulic system, the working parameters of the bulldozer and caliber have no significant differences.

Feedback from owners

I used the 120 model for 4 months. During that time there was a complete drawdown. There were no significant errors, minor ones were eliminated along the way. A loaded Zhiguli support pulls confidently. I am confident that the new units will not fail when plowing the soil. Valery

In any case, the Chuvashpiler is worth its little money. Independently I cultivate a hectare of allotted garden and 40 acres of vegetable garden. The disadvantages can be attributed to the weak design of the seat. There was no reason to call for service. There was an increased heating of the tensioner, it turned out that there was practically no lubrication in the mill. I learned how to tighten the threads, adjust the belt tension and change the oil myself. Stepan Vasilyevich

Small tractor Chuvashpiller 120. Overview, specifications, attachments, instructions

Recommendations: 100%

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Chuvashpiller 120 mini-tractor is a popular model of diesel mini-tractor, developed by the Russian tractor plant in the city of Cheboksary. The “Chuvashpiller” brand has been produced for a long time and is rightfully in demand among farmers in Russia and neighboring countries.

The popularity of this model mini-tractor is based on its compactness and rational use of diesel fuel in combination with the 12 hp engine. The fuel tank volume is 5.5 liters.

Miniator Chuvashpiller 120

The small tractor “Chuvashpiller 120” is equipped with R195nd engine – a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with water cooling. The engine capacity is relatively small – only 0.7 liters, but the design of the mini-tractor and its small size allow to successfully operate it in the farm, small plots, in gardens and cottages.

Features Chuvashpiller 120 before similar inexpensive models of domestic and foreign production:

  • economically consumes fuel;
  • Maneuverable with high cross-country ability;
  • Suitable for work in hot weather and at low temperatures;
  • Complex combination with a large number of attachments from Chuvashpiller and other manufacturers;
  • Drive on the inside wheels.

Basic configuration

In the basic configuration Chuvashpiller 120 is already installed at the factory. In addition to the product comes with a branded plow and an active tillage cutter, an instruction manual and a 12-month warranty. The price for the new model of this mini-tractor is about 2,400. (about 65,000 hryvnia, 135,000 Russian rubles). Used units of this model can be bought for about 50% cheaper.

The price of the tractor may also depend on whether it takes into account the usage fee and the PSM package of documents. Heckzapfwelle, speed 540, the torque is transmitted by the engine through a gearbox (V-belt transmission).

A distinctive feature of the design of a mini-unit Chuvashpiller-120 is a transfer of engine torque to the power transmission through a two-strand gearbox Keilrephiva.


  • Tail-type lawnmower;
  • Front mower;
  • Various types of tedders;
  • rake assemblies;
  • snow blower;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Pathfinder;
  • Machine;
  • Irrigation machines;
  • Potato digger;
  • Potato planters;
  • Sergeant;
  • Plow with double arms produced by Chuvashpiller, e.g., plow with support wheel;
  • Protective light sheet (canopy / no canopy).
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Each attachment for mini-tractors weighing up to 700 kg is suitable for this model of mini-tractor. Weight of “Chuvashpiller 120” is 500 kg. The device is compact and has a small Venderadius.


  • The distance of this model is 18 cm, the clutch is compensated by an individual disc and mechanically by pressing the floor pedal.
  • The gearbox is stepwise, 6 front gears, two rear gears.
  • Tractor dimensions 2400/1050/1250 mm.
  • Adjustable track width: 110 to 140 cm.
  • Horizontal drive, belt drive.
  • Drum type brakes, dual sliding.
  • Maximum speed for the Mini Plague Parapainer 120 – 22.7 km / h, the minimum – 1.8 km / h (reverse).
  • Wheel formula 4×2, turning radius of 2.6 m. Size of front wheels 4-14, rear 5-16.
  • The hydraulic system has three-point linkage. It has a differential lock.
  • Fuel consumption is 0.9 to 1.5 liters per hour.

Service and Maintenance

Use the tractor “Chuvashpillet r-Mini” according to the operation manual. Carry out maintenance of the equipment in accordance with the power tiller operation schedule: all 50, 100, 250 and more.

Watch the oil level in the engine crank – lack of oil leads to rapid overheating of the mechanism.

Use GB/T 252-1994 diesel for transmission 80W/90 or 85W/90 engine oil.

Key components to look out for when servicing:
  • Brakes (degree of friction disc wear, pedal adjustment);
  • Transmission and stock (replace bearings or corridors if there are strange noises and knocks);
  • Clutch;
  • Tire pressure;
  • Starter;
  • Battery;
  • Drive axle.
During daily maintenance:
  • If necessary, check wheel nuts for tightness and retighten.
  • Clean dust and oil stains from the body;
  • Monitor tire pressure;
  • Service the clutch pedal and brake pedal every 50 to 100 hours.
  • Perform ÖlerStar in engine and gearbox.

At the end of field work Mini – tractor is preserved, namely: take out the dirt, dry and clean the fuel, lubricate the parts to prevent corrosion, shelter and use in a dry place.

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Feedback from owners

Sergey, Cheboksary:

“Bought the 120 Chuvashpiller in early summer, since already put the tractor to work for sure. No serious failures, I have a machine in my tractor, I load it up to 600 kg – it usually works, does not notice anything! This spring I will check how he will plow, I already bought him a “local” plow from our own manufacturer. Found a forum on the internet, there are opinions, they all write differently. In the spring I will see how it will work, I want to justify the good impression. “

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