Minitor Centaur T 244. Review, characteristics, instructions

Review of the mini contrac t-Centaur T244. Purpose, technical properties, features of application and maintenance

Minitor T244 The most powerful model among other mini drivers from the same manufacturer. The power of the machine’s power is 24 hp. The engine is Japanese, Kama brands, four stroke, diesel. The T244 Mini actionor treats the most economical fuel consumption machines. It is also environmentally friendly because after burns he spends the minimum amount of harmful substances.

Minitor Centaur T244

The most striking features of the T244 Centaur Min i-Trector are:

  • Durability;
  • moderate noise;
  • Fuel consumption that enables fuel and lubricant even with maximum power of the engine.
The appointment of a mini vector Centaur T244:
  • Plowing, hills, cultivation, grass mowing, shaking, plants and collecting root plants – all kinds of agricultural and earthworks;
  • Transport of a freight;
  • Auxiliary transport function during construction;
  • Work with a Bulldozer bucket;
  • A vehicle for traveling at short distances (you can move a mini tractor along public streets when there is TCP, drive it in rural areas).

Minitor Centaur T244

Basic configuration of a mini vector Centaur T244

The basic configuration of the T244 Centaur contains the following components:

  • the Min i-acttoror itself in the form, ready for operation (no fuel and lubricant);
  • a guarantee document;
  • Instructions of the miniTator operator;
  • four pneumatic bikes;
  • Operator;
  • Dimensional headlight, rotary indicator;
  • The system of stop signal warnings.

The need for runnin g-I n-In must be clarified when buying a car, since some parties of the Min i-Actrailor go to wor k-they will immediately go through the first start and the process of driving in production. If you receive the Package of TCP documents from the seller if necessary, inquire if necessary. Without this documentation, a mini drive cannot be used on public roads.

Technical characteristics

Technical parameters T244 are impressive. For example, the work volume of a tw o-cylinder engine in this model is 1628 cubic meters, which exceeds the indicators of other machines in the lin e-up. Aggregat cooling system: water. A mini drive is started with an electric starter.

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Minitor Centaur T244

The length of the car in the collected shape is 2600 mm, the width of the Mini tractor is 1400 mm, the height is taking into account the tube – 2000 mm. The weight of the T244 is 1300 kg, which also exceeds the indicators of similar cars from the “Centaur”. The consumption level of diesel fuel is 440 g/hour. Cup of slices, drying type, checkpoint works in eight gears, two of which are the back.

The size of the release on T244 is 40 cm. This is practical for working in greenhouses, on rocky soil or fields with a large height in different parts of the territory. Oil type in the air filter: Diesel M10G2. Oil type for gears: TAP15. The oil for the engine is recommended for four Stroke diesel engines.

The wheel formula is 4×4 (al l-whee l-drive). There are pneumotics, hydraulic power, hydraulic explosions as well as a working time. Wheel size front: 6×16. The size of the wheels behind it: 9.5×24. Warranty period: 24 months. The track of the mini tractor standard: the front and rear wheels are located on the same width – 1200 mm. Cardan drive.

Features of application and maintenance

The MINI T244 Centaur Tractor has such technical features:

  • a powerful functional engine, a two-cylinder, which has an increased motorcycle resource;
  • the ability to work for a long time (more than 8 hours) without a break;
  • Power transmission through a cardan drive – helps to increase the productivity of a mini actuator.
  • Using only high metal and plastic in the design makes the machine heavier and more durable, which translates directly into endurance and traction efforts.
  • a three-point hydraulic system of the trailer hitch;
  • The simple starting function using a valve press – A mini contract function can be done manually or start a start with an electric starter.
  • a wider range of speeds, thanks to which the speed of the device can be adjusted from 2 to 30 km/h;
  • liquid cooling system increases engine resource;
  • the presence of a meter;
  • simple design;
  • the ability to work in the evenings (thanks to the headlights);
  • The presence of hydraulic power.
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The recommended oil type for the gearbox: gear shoes or TA D-15. The engine oil should be selected according to the season of the type of oil for diesel four-stroke engines.

With proper and timely maintenance, the Mini-Actionor will work for many years without openings.

Video assessment of work

Reviews of the owners

Nikolai, Ulyanovsk:

“Mini tractor Centaurus The described model is really powerful. On the site I do all the hard work and often use a car for transportation. When I was building a garage, how to carry bags of cements and bricks with my hands was very useful to me – I can not imagine now. In terms of characteristics, I’m happy with everything, especially the wheels, the size is well chosen.

Advantages: The tractor drives easily and is perfectly controlled. Additional components to it: wagon, plow. I also use the rotary mower (I don’t remember the manufacturer).

Minitor Centaur T 244. Review, features, operational characteristics

Recommend: 100%



The mini tractor T 244 has a two-cylinder diesel engine. Its power is 24 hp.

Due to the fact that it is four stroke, diesel burns completely in the engine and the amount of exhaust gases is reduced to a minimum.

Minitor Centaur T 244

The maximum speed of the Min i-Actractor Centar T 244 is up to 35 km/h. To protect the engine from overheating at high loads, liquid cooling is used.

In order to facilitate the control of the mini tractor, the steering hydraulic steering was installed.

A soft seat makes the process of operation on uneven floors as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to large-diameter wheels and high clearance, you can use a Mini-Actoror T 244 in uneven areas and under a slope.

The presence of headlights makes it possible to use a mini tractor even in the dark.

Minitor Centaur T 244 is able to automate many agricultural works related to the soil with binding equipment, such as: B. Plough, Cutter, Pile, Potato Break, Potato, Harrow, Cultivator, Trailer, Braid, Trailer.

Minitor Rusich T244. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Technical characteristics

engine Diesel 4 stroke
type of fuel diesel
cooling system water
perfomance 24 PS
The work volume of the engine 1628 cm. Cub.
Bike formula 4×4
Starting system Electrical starter
Dimensions 2600 (length) x 1400 (width) x 2000 (height)
Fuel consumption 2 l/1 Moto hour
Type of liability Dry disc
Number of programs 6 before 2 before 2
Soil 400 mm.
Maximum speed 50 km/h
Front tire 6×16
Rear wheels 9.5×24
Type of drive Cardan
The number of cylinders 2
The weight 1300 kg.
warranty 2 years

Functions of the application

Miniors of the Zentaurs T 244 are professional equipment that can work for a longer period of time. This ensures a Japanese diesel engine of high quality, which consumes less than 2 liters per hour of intensive use.

The appendix should be reliably defined in the corresponding grooves.

Before each output to the Zentaur T 244, you should ensure that there is a sufficient amount of fuel and oil, check the condition and performance of the steering, braking and the hydraulic output system.

It should be ensured that it is forbidden to use a mini contract lawyer for the transport of people (it is acceptable for the presence of an operator in a seated location).

User Guide

The operating instructions recommend the new owners of Min i-Ctractors Centaur T 244 to go through the process of running. This procedure includes the use of a mini contract catcher with minimal performance so that the motor parts are lubricated and stand in the corresponding grooves.

In addition, the instructions contain information on the assembly process, the control schemes, the technical feature and maintenance of the Min i-Trector Centaur T 244.


A 4 × 4 al l-wheel drive is installed on the Mini tractor T 244, which facilitates the process of driving in viscoses and complex country diagrams.

The brake system has also been improved. You can stop the machine separately with blocking the entire chassis or for any wheel.

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As an additional configuration, you can install the Metrochanas measuring device of the Centaur T 244.


  • Motor oil in the TC 244 mini drive should be changed every 100 hours of operation. The manufacturer recommends filling M-10G2 or M-10DM.
  • It is recommended to replace gear oil after the downtime of winter or after 1000 mothers. TAP-15V or TAD-17is are best suited as a replacement.
  • Mini tractors T244 Diesel. You have an increased lifespan. Diesel should be clean and fresh for their normal operation.
  • It is necessary to regularly clean the body of the mini system from dust and oil stains, to control the pressure in the tires and every 50-100 hours, to set the coupling and brake pedals.
  • At the end of the field work, the preservation is carried out, namely: the tractor is dried, dried, dried up and fuel cleaned, the parts are lubricated so that no corrosion is formed, covered and placed in a dry place.

Video evaluation of the work

Here is a video review, the owner of Centaur T 244 is shown below:

Reviews of the owners

Here are what reviews of owners of Min i-Ctractors Centaur T 244 are written here:


The main advantage of this model is a diese l-Japanese engine. It is high quality, the resource of motorcycles, the lower fuel consumption (literally one and a half liters per hour) and not a large engine noise. It is worth noting from the minus that the lack of a taxi. I fell under unexpected rain a few times, I want to say something pleasantly …

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