Minitor Centaur T 24. Review, characteristics, instructions

Checking the Mini actionor Centaur T24. Functions of applications, purpose, technical specifications, evaluations of the owners

The T24 Cental Mini actionor belongs to the category of powerful agricultural devices, the main task of which is to process the soil with a total volume of up to 6 hectares and with municipal, transport and construction tasks. The Mini Actractor can be used with a plow as a field machine or when using other sound devices such as a mower, a grinding machine for the floor. The engine can be equipped both manually and with an electric starter.

Minitor Centaur T24

The appointment of a mini vector Centaur T24

  • Transport of goods with a total mass of up to 1600 kg;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Collection;
  • Root plants, seed plants;
  • Root cultures dig, for example potatoes or beets;
  • Work with a Bulldozer bucket;
  • Work with the harvest;
  • Snow removal with shovel or snowbruffle;
  • Plowing soil;
  • Cultivation;
  • Work between rows of plant plants;
  • Sow the garlic;
  • Irrigation;
  • Harvest transport;
  • Transport of a passenger (Mini tractor operator).

Minitor Centaur T24

The T24 Centaur Mini drive is equipped with a 24-hp diesel engine, the engine volume is 980 cm. The machine has established itself as a reliable, hardy, durable design. Small dimensions make a T24 Centaur a really comfortable and maneuvering machine, which is comfortable to store, transport and use even in small areas, for example in greenhouses, farmers, barns or supply rooms.

Minitor Centaur T24

The diesel engine of the Mini tractor T24 – Japanese production, the brand of the engine – Kama. The advantages of such engines are also known for many technology owners: the most important of them is the moderate consumption of diesel fuel, wear resistance and the ability to work for a long time without switching off. Even in hot weather, you can operate a min i-actractor per centaur without fear that the fuel will cook inside. This is prevented by liquid cooling.

Basic configuration of a mini vector Centaur T24

The following components are available in the basic configuration of a mini tractor T24:

  • a mini contract sponsor who is assembled directly and ready to work;
  • four wheels;
  • Operator;
  • Battery;
  • Light system;
  • Warning signal system;
  • Panels for a hinge;
  • Documentation for a mini tractor;
  • Guarantee ticket for a period of 24 months.
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T24 Centaur Mini drive with RAKS splash

A hinges are usually bought separately. When buying a T24 center, some online stores from Coplex are also with hinge devices, e.g. B. plow, cigns and mills. Check the availability of additional components in the kit directly from the seller at the time of purchase.

Technical characteristics

Technical properties of the Minitator T24: The height of the device – 1800 mm, length – 2550 mm, width – 1200 mm. Type of drive: Heck. The mass of the device is 630 kg. (without folding parts). The power selection shaft rotates at a speed of 540 rpm. The engine volume is 980 cm. The mechanical transmission enables the machine to work in 8 gears, two of which are the other way around.

Minitor Centaur T24

The dimensions of the bikes in front: 6-12. Back wheels: 6-20. The RAM of the Mini actionor is adjustable, both on the standard – 1 m and more – 1200 mm, so that the machine can be used for a variety of purposes: classic, weed. There is a differential blocking function on both pairs of wheels.

Characteristics of application and maintenance

Technical and functional features of the T24 Centaur mini actionor:

  • Able to work for more than 9 hours without a technological break to cool the engine;
  • differs in reduced fuel consumption at low speeds of the engine;
  • The nozzle sprayer has a more comfortable shape due to this fuel, whereby the fuel deviates evenly along the combustion chamber.
  • The track is easy to adjust from 1 m to 1.2 meters;
  • There are elongated waves and hubs of a universal type;
  • The grinding circle of the cutter is reinforced, which is why the grinding cutter can work for a long time. The need for his frequent replacement disappears.
  • High quality structural materials: hig h-quality metal, good plastic;
  • Gears from a alloy of graphite and cast iron – QT500;
  • The material of the gears – the endowed steel of the 20CRMN brand;
  • reinforced frame;
  • Improved leading rear bridge;
  • Maximum speed – 40 km/h (no charged mini contract catcher);
  • Simple use in the evening due to the presence of headlights and sound signals;
  • If there are PTS documents, you can travel on general usage streets.
  • Check a Mini Actractor in the factory (BTZ, Brest), hence a guarantee of good processing quality and components.
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Video check of the Minister of the T24 Centaurus

Reviews of the owners

Vladislav, Brest region:

“Belarussian tractors are one of the best! I am convinced because I have been a fan of MTZ for a long time, but now I have drawn attention to the centaur. I bought it B-shy, but I didn’t regret it. At the time of the purchase, he naturally tested, traveled and even went with a plow in the garden. I can notice a good performance, noises are not particularly striking during operation, the engine works wrinkled, does not stop, although it has passed for three years when I bought T24.

Disadvantages: New models are expensive, cheaper than German, but there are still some. The minus is that there is no cabin, I would love to build a light hut in the future. “

Minitor Centaur T 24. Review, characteristics, operating features

Recommend: 100%



Centaur T 24

The Centaur T 24 is a simple and reliable model that is used to treat country diagrams with an area of ​​up to 6 hectares.

A diesel chinese engine with a capacity of 24 hp is installed under the bonnet of a mini vector. To ensure a longer uninterrupted operation for 10 hours, the engine has water cooling. The Minitarian Motor T 24 Minitor Motor T 24 begins with an electric starter. This facilitates the starting process in winter when the air temperature falls below 0 ° C.

  • The average fuel consumption of a Mini tractor T24 is 1.5 l/h.
  • The speed of the machine can be set from 2 to 35 km/h.

Technical characteristics

Engine type diesel
Engine power, L.S. 24
Engine volume, cm3 1 106
Start the engine Electrical starter
Drive unit back
Summary of the programs 8 (6 forward/2 before)
Maximum speed forward, km/h 45
cabin no
The power selection wave of the power selection (Sokr. From) is designed in such a way that they drive attachments, active trailers and other mechanisms. There is (540 rpm)
Length, mm 2 600
Width (mm 1,200
Height, mm 1 300
Weight (KG 740
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Functions of the application

The T24 Centaurus Min i-Trector drives a large number of attachments.

Centaur T 24

The hydraulic dealer in this model is at the top and it is possible to connect two prefixes at the same time (e.g. a rake and a mower) with which you can make the work easier and not process the website twice.

The Zentaur T 24 is included with a mini contract drive, in addition to instructions and guarantees, a plow, a grinding mill and a potato dweller is immediately. This can save the owners considerably when attaching devices and start immediately with the device.

User Guide

The operating manual contains basic information for owners about the structure of a mini tractor T24. The instructions for users offer assembly and maintenance schemes, technical specifications, the purpose of levers and the structure of the machine.

If you are the first owner of the Min i-TC 24, you must also run the engine before starting full operation.

Playing includes using a mini vector with minimal performance. This is done so that the motor details are lubricated and reliably stand in the corresponding grooves. After running, the exchange of motor oil is required.


The T24 Centaur differs from the quality of the components. When producing a Mini tractor, only high materials were used that can take a long period of time under heavy loads.

Centaur T 24

The minister’s control point has 6 steps.

Regardless of this, it is worth marking high belts that are installed in the T24 Centaur. They are made of hig h-quality rubber and are able to withstand heavy loads while they do not cancel.

There is no cabin in a mini route, on the one hand it is bad because it is impossible to work in rainy weather, but thanks to this the machine is very compact and takes up little space during the warehouse.


Minitor T24 Centaurus is unpretentious in maintenance.

  • To maintain the performance and properties of the engine, you should change the engine oil every 80 hours. Operating instructions recommend M-10G2.
  • TAP-15V is best for the transmission. It is necessary to change the oil in this knot once in the spring before the start of the field work.
  • The diesel diesel should be clean, fresh and without contamination of the third party.
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In order to obtain a mini tractor T24, it is recommended to separate the spark plugs and remove oil with gasoline (during this time they will win water and become unusable). After that, you should clean the tractor, grease all parts with oil to prevent corrosion, cover and store in a dry place.

Video review

The video shows an overview of the opinion of the owner of the Min i-T24:

And here is another video evaluation of another owner:

Reviews of the owners

Here is what the owners of the Min i-Actractors Centaur T 24 in thematic forums:


The car is not bad, but requires some improvements. Screwed connections were not tightened during the supply. And the gearbox for the black gneger is calculated, switches very narrowly. Now Lithol-24 seemed lubricated, it seemed easier to be. I am actively working on it at a point of 4 ha. There are no problems with soil processing, although my location is considered difficult. The fuel consumption is about 1.5-2 liters per hour.

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