Minitor Centaur T 18. Overview, characteristics, instructions

Minitor Centaur T 18. Overview, characteristics, features of operation

Minitractor Centaur T-18 – the most popular model based on a walking tractor and without a cab, at least in its line. The technique is designed for the enterprise in a small farm, where it performs many different agricultural works. This class of mini tractors – an excellent alternative to heavy diesel power tillers with liquid cooling system, because the physical load here is minimized. As standard, the machine has an active tiller with a working width of 1000 millimeters, as well as several hydraulic drives that raise and lower the installed working equipment. It should be noted that tractor T-18-Zin-Mini has quite an affordable price, which only contributed to the popularity of the model. The main feature of this model is that it is able to use aggregates for a heavy diesel engine. Not every modern model can boast of such an opportunity.


Zentav p-18 destroyers stand out among other similar units of domestic and foreign production. They have an average price, have a high quality and durability of components. These devices are simple and cheap to maintain.

Centaur T 18

Mini-activator T18 is often used in gardens and homesteads, construction and supply organizations. This is achieved through a wide range of compatible attachments. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Plow;
  • The tiller;
  • Mowers;
  • Harrow;
  • Cultivation;
  • Sequencer;
  • Public brushes;
  • Edges for cutting potatoes and potatoes;
  • Agricultural plant helpers;
  • Snow Sea;
  • Load Shovel.

Non-mounted equipment.

Most often the model is used with the following additional attachments:

  1. Plow.
  2. Grabber.
  3. Harrow.
  4. Active tiller.
  5. Potato harrow.
  6. Potato digger.
  7. Various sprayers.
  8. Front tilt.
  9. Helper.
  10. Sprayer.
  11. Heufeld.
  12. Mower.


There are 4 models in the field of T18 mini-tractors. Their technical features are shown in the following table.

  1. The age-old T 18 E model has improved drive belts. It also has a floating hydraulic drive mode for attachments. In this position, the hitch follows the terrain and the working depth is the same everywhere;
  2. Customer wishes and international standards were taken into account when creating the model. The Centaur T 18 D has an improved frame and the possibility of changing the interior.
  3. The T 18 has the ability to use not only the rear, but also the front attachments.
  4. Zentaur T 18 C is the highest quality and financial model. In its creation, the shortcomings of previous Mini tractors were taken into account and corrected, an organic design was created, the belt and chain transmission life was extended, and the tension rollers were modernized.
Base configuration

In the basic configuration centaur comes already assembled. The product comes with instructions and a 12-month warranty. Additionally, a plow and an active tiller can be supplied.

Features of the device

The T-18 center has several hydraulic drives that allow you to use attachments or lower the appendix, which makes it much easier to perform any work. The oil tap of the hydraulic system has been placed behind the driver’s seat. Despite its small overall dimensions, the equipment has an excellent cross-country ability. This can be explained by the presence of large wheels (12 radius front, 16 radius rear). The profile of tires used is wide enough, which means that the machine is easy to move on difficult and sticky floors. The operator’s workplace includes all necessary linear organs, working indicators and gauges, as well as soft seat, which is mounted on special shock absorbers. In addition, the standard equipment of the mini excavator includes powerful headlights with two modes of lighting.

The mini excavator uses a gearbox reminiscent of other models developed on the basis of power tillers. The gearbox area includes 8 gears, 6 of which provide forward motion for the mini tractor and 2 are for reverse. The first three and the downshift are downshifts, the rest are designed for normal driving. This solution is used in all modern mini-tractors, both foreign and domestic production. There is also a lockable differential, which also provides improved flotation and increased traction, as slip of the leading wheels is minimized. The machine is ideal for work in gardens, small seedbeds, between trees and in other places with limited work area. This is due to the small turning radius.

The manufacturer introduced 4 modified versions of the T-18Centaurus minidrive:

  1. Modification T-18E Centaur. The main changes in this modification were aimed at durability of the equipment. Belts and clutches of the drive of the active floor grain were replaced by higher quality, which allowed to increase the service life of the model. In addition, the hydraulic system received a switch, with the help of which the tillers can copy the relief of cultivated area, which ensures the same working depth.
  2. Modification T-18D “Centaur”. This modification has also undergone significant changes. The design of mini fertilizer trap has increased safety margin. In addition, there is a very convenient possibility of adapting the width of the track. In this way, the driver can improve certain technology features and experiment with the route. In addition, the machine can be used on any beds. As time has shown, almost all consumers liked this improvement.
  3. Modification T-18B “Centaur”. The peculiarity of this version is the presence of a productive hydraulic system pump, with which you can also use the front and rear fasteners. Also the model was equipped with a hydraulic switch of two reeds.
  4. Centaur T-18C modification. The version of this modification was adopted with the index B, that is, the previous one. As a result, the design of the mini-tractor was changed, as well as increased service life, as the former components, including the V-belt, tension pulleys and drive chains, were replaced by more reliable and durable.
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Because the manufacturer uses high quality materials, the unit has a very long service life and, above all, a high level of reliability. The V-belt and drive chain used are extremely durable. Each published modified version surpasses the previous one in terms of reliability, which is due to the replacement of elements or improvement of existing elements.

Repair Features

This mini tractor is similar to a hand-held tractor in repair, so some of its elements can also be used. The design of the entire machine is characterized by its simplicity, which allows the owner to fix various malfunctions without much difficulty.

Technical characteristics

model T-18V and T-18S T-18D T-18e
engine Kama, Japan Kama, Japan Kama, Japan
Horsepower 18 18 18
Working volume, cc 790 790 810
Engine rotational speed, rpm 100 100 101
Punch Speed 540 540 540
Starting system Electric starter Electric starter Electric starter
Bicycle formula 4×2 4×2 4×2
Number of gears, forward/reverse 6/2 6/2 6/2
Front wheel size 4.00-12 5.00-12 5.00-12
Rear wheel size 6.50-16 6.50-16 9.50-16
Max. speed, km/h 40 40 40
Engine oil semi-synthetic semi-synthetic semi-synthetic
Gearbox oil Transfer TAP-15 Transfer TAP-15 Transfer TAP-15
Air filter oil M10-G2 (diesel) M10-G2 (diesel) M10-G2 (diesel)
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2520 x 1360 x 1300 2350 x 1370 x 1400 2400 x 1430 x 1530
Weight (kg) 640 660 680

Application functions

Minitractors Kentavr T 18 are classic diesel machines.

Due to their small size, they can work not only on open fields, but also indoors (sheds, garages, greenhouses, etc.).

Centaur T 18

Before leaving, it is necessary to check the availability of fuel and oil. At maximum filling of the fuel tank the Centaur T 18 mini-tractor can continuously work for more than 8 hours.

Description of the Centaur mini-tractor

Mini-tractors of the “Centaur” series are compact and very easy to operate. They are quite reliable and durable. All models are made of high-strength materials, have a wide range of speeds, are easily started with a key or an electric starter and are easy to operate.

All models have stable chassis, comfortable bikes, which, if necessary, can be doubled. This gives the mini-tractors high cross-country ability, which is important in the open field in working conditions.

All models are equipped with hydraulics, which facilitates working with attachments.

Despite the positive properties, the Kentavr motor tractor has different reviews. Many liked it, but there are buyers who expect more.

Tractors perform many functions, without requiring a lot of maintenance costs. Before using the device, you should carefully read the operating instructions.

The lineup includes the following brands of mini tractors:

Technique of the brand Centaur

The choice of tractors is large, so buyers can always choose the right option. Take a look at the most popular models of mini tractors that have proven themselves on the positive side.

Owner’s Manual

New owners of Kentavr T 18 mini-tractors should definitely read the instruction manual, which will help to understand the principle of the device, the process of assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair.

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All Centaur T 18 Small tractors must be retracted, this can be done automatically or manually. The mini-tractor is used with the minimum performance when driving in. This is done to ensure that the engine parts are lubricated and fit securely into the appropriate grooves. After the run, the engine oil needs to be changed.

T-15 Tractor Properties

Consider the Centaur T-15 mini-tractor. The main value of this model is the R195N (NM) engine, which has a power of 15 hp. The engine is very reliable and quite resistant to extreme temperatures and high humidity. Thanks to the liquid-cooled engine, the mini-tractor copes with its tasks and works continuously for 10 hours.

The engine is four-stroke and runs on diesel fuel. At low speeds, the machine has excellent traction. Fuel is used very economically, and there are no toxic emissions with the exhaust gases. Another plus is the silent operation of the device.

There are various reviews about the mini-tractor “Kentavr T-15”. The engine is fully consistent with the manufacturer’s description: powerful and economical. Starts up with the first time. Thanks to the hydraulics, it easily lifts a heavy cutting device.

The set includes a plow for plowing the land, which sometimes gets buried in the ground during work, so it can be lifted with the hydraulic control handle. Of the disadvantages are the twisting and unreliability of the stop. With small loads, it sometimes flies, then you have to install an additional role.

Maintenance of the mini-tractor

The small Centaur T18 tractor does not require special maintenance. It is enough to change the engine oil (after 80 hours of operating time on the M-10G2) pour quality fuel (diesel should be clean and without impurities) check the condition of the fuel and air filter.

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If the Kentavr T18 mini-tractor has to be left for several months, it is recommended to separate the spark plugs and run oil and gasoline through them (during this time they collect water and become unusable). Then wash the tractor, oil all parts to avoid corrosion, cover and store in a dry place.

Owners reviews

Ivan Andreevich, Sumy:

“I ordered the model T 18D through the Internet. I took it from the region. I am generally satisfied with the car, but there are some shortcomings!

Disadvantages: incomplete spring and summer season – the drive belts broke. Had to take the cutter to service, too, because there was no tampering with the gearbox. The reason was the error in the orientation of the splines of the belt, repaired for free, since the minitractor was under warranty, and I was very pleased.

There are also advantages: strength, maneuverability, speed. The tailor is working now. This season I used it to clean the farm, in winter I cleaned the snow with a small sign.

Centaur T-18 mini-tractor: Reviews

Miniature Centaur T-18 Reviews

“Kentavr T-18” – the most popular model in the series of these pseudo-domestic mini-tractors. In fact, this technique is 100% Chinese and assembled only here – from prefabricated tractor mechanisms, which are manufactured in China. The popularity of this model is due to several undeniable advantages: larger wheels, as in more powerful tractors; Reliable and productive engine of “Japanese origin”; The function of the forced burial of the attached equipment and the ability to include a floating hydraulic stroke; Adjustable trace … What is the “Centaur T-18” in real life, let’s analyze based on the reviews of its owners.

“The Centaur T-18 makes sense for small plots up to two hectares. This mini-tractor is multifunctional, versatile in use and requires no maintenance.

Design features

The heart of the “Centaur T-18” is an enlarged frame, such as used, for example, in tractors with a power of 24 hp It increases the weight of the equipment, which positively affects the duration of work. In addition, the available margin of safety allows you to increase the limit load and use heavier attachments in conjunction with the tractor.

Design characteristics

The attention of potential buyers is directed to the fact that all important elements of this model, which are exposed to increased loads, are made of high-strength alloys. For example the gearbox is made of cast iron and graphite alloy named “QT-500” which perfectly withstands load changes, does not deform and does not break. Reduction gears are made of 20crmn high strength alloy steel.

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The forced-entry hydraulic system was introduced a few years ago after a rebuild and upgrade in the Kentavre T-18. It is available on all mini-tractors, starting with the Centaur T-18c variant and continuing “after the English alphabet”.

This absolutely necessary option allows you to work with attachments weighing up to 150 kilograms and provides the necessary entry into the ground without additional symptoms. Another advantage of this type of hydraulics is that the hydraulic cylinder is on top, which guarantees a large hub and minimal dust contamination.


A mini-tractor commercial showing it with a pin, plow, and Hiller.

The hydraulic control valve is designed for three positions of the Centaur T-18: forced penetration, lift and “floating position.” With the “floating position” hydraulic function, you increase tillage efficiency regardless of different terrain surfaces, as the units simulate terrain during operation and thus ensure uniform soil depth over the entire area.

The T-18 hydraulic distributor is a dual circuit valve with which you can control two attachments simultaneously. For example, a mower and a rake. You don’t have to switch hydraulic hoses and drain hydraulic oil from the system, but simply connect both units at the same time.

Upgraded models, starting with the T-18S, are immediately equipped with a front hydraulic hose with cylinder to connect and control the mower or knife.

Starter, V-belt and chain drive

Thanks to the electric starter, this equipment is driven through the ignition key. In addition, a decompression valve is provided which allows the engine to start with a “crooked starter” when the battery voltage is low.

To prevent the V-belt from slipping under heavy load, the manufacturer has installed special pinch rollers, which provide constant tension from the engine. Thus, the appearance of slippage on the belt cuts can be minimized. Not only does the V-belt not slip, but it also does not twist or slip during operation, which greatly increases its service life.

Starter, wedge and chain exit

The function of manual reflection of the differential has a positive effect on the cross-country capability of the Centaur T-18 tractor. It also provides good maneuverability, minimal Venderadius, reduces tire wear when driving on the streets and helps avoid slippage when tilling the soil.

Manufacturers and dealers draw the attention of potential buyers to the fact that on the Kentavr T-18 tractor chain cutter is a two-row chain. This drive element is constantly exposed to high loads during operation and works in dusty and dirty conditions. In any case, the double chain guarantees increased strength and durability of an important element.

Brake control, adjustable path

The dual brake pedal design provides simultaneous and independent braking for both wheels. When braking the bike, the Venderadius is reduced, so the Centaur T-18 can maneuver freely in a confined area and when crossing into another lane.

Brake control, adjustable caterpillar

By adjusting the width of the rear and front track, this mini-tractor is suitable for series tillage of a variety of crops. The Centaur T-18 has extended waves and universal hubs with mounting holes. This allows you to set the track from one meter to 1,200 m, making the mini-tractor suitable for both continuous tillage (with a narrow band) and for tillage and harvesting between the rows (with a wide band).

Accessory options

Usually, when selling a Kentavr T-18 mini-tractor, sellers “as a gift” add two of the most needed and sought-after attachments: a double furrow; an active front tiller. Some also add these “attachments” to the Hiller. A spare parts kit is also included with the tractor.

The implements installed on the power tiller are connected to the Centaur T-18. They are inexpensive: cheaper than tractors, but you can perform construction site processing tasks quite effectively.

Possibility of work with advance

Attachments can be connected either from the gearbox and overrunning clutch through the belt, or from the front – from the belt behind the belt. The necessary additional equipment is a traction disc slicer, as well as a mower and rake.

In addition, the Centaur T-18 can work with light saw units for grain and vegetable crops, potato planters and hackers, mounted cultivators, utility brushes, front meters of rotary and non-rotary types.


In addition to the basic modification, the small Kentavr T-18 tractor has four upgraded versions.


  • The Centaur T-18B tractor is equipped with a more productive gear hydraulic pump and dual-vector hydraulic valve.
  • “T-18C Centaur” updated the design of the external appearance of the mini-drive, the main parts of the V-belt nodes, drive chains, tension rollers with increased durability.
  • “T-18d Kentavr” has an enlarged frame and overall design.
  • On “T-18e Kentavr” the V-belt of increased strength, with an increased resource; “floating” hydraulic mode has been improved.
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Engine and transmission of the mini-tractor “T-18e Kentavr

T-18 Kentavr” mini-tractors are equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder engine of Japanese origin the company KAME, brand “R196ndl”. The working volume of this engine is 0,79 liters, and nominal power is 13,24 kilowatts or 18 hp. The cooling system is liquid type. The hourly fuel consumption is “after the pass” 350 grams of diesel fuel per kilowatt.

Engine and transmission of the T-18 Centaur mini-tractor

Owners of T-18-Kenktavar miniseries note that an important advantage of this motor is the ability to maintain high traction at low revs. Because of this property, the 18-hp motor matches the power of a 26-hp gasoline engine.

Minitractor T-18 Centaur is equipped with a 6-speed transmission: three lower and three higher gears “forward” and another two “backward”. The speed range is from 2 km/h to 40 km/h.

Specifications in cfr.

Technical characteristics in numbers

  • Length – 2.520 m, width by wheels – 1.360 m, height – 1.300 m.
  • Street width – 240 millimeters.
  • The construction weight of the mini-tractor is 640 kilograms.
  • Width of the cultivated area – 1.100 m.
  • The depth of tillage – 20 centimeters.
  • The maximum weight of the devices used – no more than 150 kilograms.
  • The width of the track is 1 to 1.2 meters.
  • The width of the front wheels is 4.00, rear wheels – 6.50 inches.
  • The radius of the front wheels is 12 inches and the rear wheels are 16 inches.
  • Radformula4 × 2 (rear wheel drive).
  • Battery – 12

“T-18 Centaur” in this case according to the reviews of the owners.

So, let’s get on a wheel “T-18 “Centaur”. By the way it is very impractical to do it by habit: to get on the saddle and to settle down on it: “You have to be a virtuoso”, – say the owners. But nothing, then you get used to it and adapt.

The seat cannot be called practical either: in fact it is a piece of wood covered with leatherette. It’s impossible to get a foothold in such a “saddle” for long. But at first one more time. Then you can somehow adjust yourself.

There is an ammeter, coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and motorized plugs on the dashboard in front of your eyes. There is also a horn. Lights – two headlights, high and low beam, turn signals, lights.

Walk! In the unanimous opinion of the owners of the Zentaurin, the gearbox is very tight. The speeds are engaged with great difficulty, which only one person with excellent physical strength can do. At the end of the work you can make a “bruise” on your hand. The hope that it will “work out” is not justified: the gear intake remains as tight as before.

The floating hydraulics with two tongues really belongs to the merits of this model: it allows you to connect two articulated units to the Mini Actractor at the same time. Another plus is the adjustable track, which allows you to use the Centaur T-18 not only in continuous cultivation, but also in corridors.

The owners of these tractors really like the work of the reliable and productive Kama R196ndl engine. It also jumps well from the start in winter. Subjectively it is quite powerful and at the same time economical. However, contrary to the claims of manufacturers and sellers, the V-belt transmission in practice is still ineffective. When operating under load, these belts fly out or twist.

In general, the operation of the V-belt transmission is called the main problem of the Centaur T-18. According to a number of owners of these mini-tractors, their design was originally designed so that the belts regularly come out under load or twist (or bump into each other), which takes away the work: passed a few rows – stopped, loosened the tensioner, turned the belt in the right position and so on constantly. Belts didn’t come off and didn’t twist, though, without load.

I found “folk remedy” empirically, when the belts stop coming off at all (but sometimes extra twisted). This is to install the rear roller not in the “bottom on belt” position, but in the “top on belt” position. In this case, however, it is not possible to reattach the guard. The roller is knocked down (and in a sense it is dangerous without work). Another solution is to install another supporting roller from underneath. The belts stop flying and twisting.

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In some cases it is necessary to center all of the transfer and pickup rollers – in one line. Because the idler and guide rollers are not in line, the belt rubs its sides against these rollers when it runs. As a result, only one swing-out can wear out so much that it has to be replaced. Scrap iron is taken, guide boards are attached to it, a roller is placed on it, and the position of the engine is adjusted, which is fastened to the frame with four bolts.

According to owners, the engine of the Centaur T-18 mini-tractor sometimes has this problem: water begins to get into the oil. It begins to seep either through the cylinder head gasket (included), or flows into the oil pan through the lip seal or o-ring.

Many owners have identified electrical problems with these mini tractors. Fuses fly over (by the way, all hanging in their sockets), the light in the headlights is missing, the engine does not jump well with the starter. I have to deal with Schottwand myself and make the electric wiring look “pious”: no help from the service, no matter what the sellers “sing” before selling the mini-tractor.

After buying a new Kentavr T-18 mini-tractor, it is necessary to tighten all the bolts in the entire structure. All owners say that for some reason this “option” is not manufactured where the tractor is assembled.

The floor cutter that comes with the mini-tractor works very well. BUT! As long as it is assembled correctly. Half of the cutters don’t come to the factory correctly. After installation, it turns out that “there is no intervention in the gearbox at all! (i.e., the cutter was installed in such a way that the gears cannot contact at any position of the shift knob).

Took it to service (+100 km way) – mechanic looked at it, said that it was assembled at the factory wrong: “equipment” was put on the wrong side. Reprogrammed – everything was all right. “This is not an isolated case: it is observed all along the way with the grinders for “Centaur”.

As for the plow from the kit – it adjusts and works perfectly. In principle, it could have been bigger, this mini excavator would have pulled one as well. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to give this plow a stubborn bike. Since the plow digs into the ground when plowing, the wheels start to spin until it’s hydraulically lifted. This means you have to keep your hand on the hydraulic control lever when operating the plow. But this is quite “survivable.”

As already mentioned, the engine starts from the starter without any problems. However, if you still have to use the manual start handle, don’t be surprised if it breaks at the first use: According to the reviews of the owners of “T-18” Center, it becomes a kind of “fist” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” is made, and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “Lazy” and “lazy” and “lazy” and “lazy” and “lazy” and “lazy” is made and the centers T-18. brittle metal.

The cost of the minitractor “T-18”

New mini-tractors T-18 Kentavr dealers offer agricultural machinery at a price of 170 000 rubles. Option used in working condition can be found in the range from 70 to 120 thousand rubles.

In general, the T-18 Centaur is a rather budget-friendly version of a typical Chinese small/medium class mini-tractor. It is designed to cultivate plots of land up to 2 hectares with light and non-soiled soils.

Capable of transporting up to 1.8 tons of cargo on a trailer. Useful when growing potatoes and other root crops; When preparing hay. Quality leaves much to be desired, but all the shortcomings are eliminated by our “Kulibiny”!

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