Minitor Centaur T 15 – Description and properties

Minitor Centaur T-15

The T-15 mini drive is one of the most budget models created by the Belarusian manufacturer of the BTZ (Brest Tractor Plant). On the domestic market, this model is considered the most popular because it has very affordable costs, an increased level of reliability, a hydraulic system and a permanent power plant.

It should be emphasized that only high-quality components are used in the production of the T-15 Center, which guarantee a long lifespan of the machine in connection with strict control in all phases of assembly.

Planned appointment

The T-15 Centaur serves as an ideal option for a small household. Farmers often use this technology because they can do all the necessary tasks in gardens, gardens and other areas with a limited work area with small total dimensions and versatility. In addition, a mini drive in agriculture is sometimes used in which he performs work, from the ground to assemble the grown harvest.


Unmounted equipment

The mini contract is equipped with a hydraulic system and an independent capacity selection wave that explains the universality of technology. The owner can equip the machine with many different sharps, including:

  1. A hobby plow.
  2. Double plow.
  3. Cultivating.
  4. Harrow.
  5. Discitors.
  6. Helper.
  7. Potato cumulator.
  8. Potato.
  9. Sprayer.
  10. Hayfield.
  11. Front jet copies.
  12. Active SoiloFrez.

Technical characteristics


  • The structural length of the Mini Actractor is 2520 millimeters.
  • Full width – 1360 millimeters.
  • Complete height – 1300 millimeters.
  • The smallest road release under the rear bridge is 280 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the fear of the front bridge is 900 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the rod of the rear axle is 900 millimeters.
  • The largest width of the fear of the front bridge is 1200 millimeters.
  • The largest width of the back of the rear bridge is 1200 millimeters.

Motor properties:

  • The type of installed engine is diesel, in the order.
  • The brand of the installed engine is Kama.
  • The number of cylinders is 1 cylinder.
  • The maximum output is 15 hp/11 kilowatts.
  • The highest speed of the crankshaft is 2100 revolutions per minute.
  • The total volume of the cylinder is 980 cubic meters.
  • The type of cooling system is liquid.
  • Type of starting system – electrical starter or manual.
Features of grape pruning

Transmission properties:

  • Type of the installed gear – mechanically.
  • Type of drive – belt.
  • Differential blocking is mechanical.
  • The number of front gears is 6.
  • The number of rear gears is 2.
  • The type of adhesion is dry, individuall y-disc.

Features of the power selection wave:

  • The type of installed from is independent.
  • The number of power wave speeds is 1.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • The smallest speed is 540 revolutions per minute.

Operating characteristics:

  • Operating mass – 540 kilograms.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 6 liters.
  • The type of hydraulic system is a single point.
  • The type of brakes is drum.
  • The smallest speed of the independent movement at the front is 2 kilometers per hour.
  • The highest speed of independent movement in front of them is 40 kilometers per hour.
  • The smallest fuel consumption in one hour of work is 700 grams.
  • The greatest fuel consumption in one hour of work is 1.2 liters.
  • The size of the front wheels is 4.00-8.
  • The size of the rear wheels is 6.50-12.

Features of the device

The model features an eight-speed mechanical transmission that has three increased and three reduced gears for forward motion and two for retraction. This control point allows you to choose the most suitable speed from 2 kilometers per hour and up to 40 kilometers per hour. The gearbox also differs in its reliability, since the gearboxes that are part of it are made of high strength and pass the nitrogen process, thanks to which these elements are reliably protected from corrosion processes and deformation.

The standard package includes an electric starter, thanks to which the power unit is started. However, the decompression valve is also provided, which allows the engine to start with a crooked starter.

The Monotin hydraulic system is also present in standard configuration and allows you to use not only tractor implements, but also motoblock units. It should be noted that in terms of efficiency, a single hitch is practically in no way inferior to the tractor, and at the same time it is two times lower.

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The power plant T-15 of the power plant has a liquid cooling system, the non-stop operation of which equipment is allowed for 10 hours.

This element is distinguished by its high reliability and durability. This is due to the fact that such main components as the cylinder block, pistons and the crankshaft are laid using high blasting. It also made it possible to increase the resistance of the unit to increased loads.

Features of the repair

Thanks to the maximum simplification of the design of the mini drive, the owner can independently eliminate most of the malfunctions. As a rule, all components for this model are made of high-quality materials and high quality, which not only provides an increased labor resource, but also reduces the cost of repairs.

Official dealers offer a T-15 Minoretor with zero mileage at a very affordable cost, namely from 130 thousand rubles to 145 thousand Russian rubles. Depending on the year of release, development and technical condition, used equipment can cost at a price from 80,000 rubles to 110,000 Russian rubles.

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Minitor T-15 Centaurus is a model that has unique parameters, one of the most popular models among the manufacturers of “Centaur”. It differs from price analogues in that it has two hydraulic circuits. This feature makes it possible to work with two hinges at the same time. The hydraulic elevation of the equipment, its floating position and deepening into the ground are available.

Minitor Centaur T-15

The T15 Centaur Min i-Actionr is equipped with a Kame in Kama Japanese diesel engine. The average diesel fuel consumption per hour is 700 g. The engine is cooled with liquid cooling. Actual engine power is 15 hp. This makes the T15 Centaur perfect for processing areas from 10 to 25 acres or more (subject to operating rules).

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The appointment of a mini vector T15 Centaur is as follows:
  • agricultural work of any kind;
  • harvesting work;
  • transport function;
  • watercolor feature;
  • fertilizer distribution;
  • digging and planting root crops;
  • community work (e.g. snow cleaning, work with a shovel or snow discount);
  • Work with a bulldozer bucket (traction class is taken into account).

The T15 Centaur Min i-Actionor is especially cheap among analogues from other manufacturers with easy maintenance, power and medium-duty diesel cost. To fuel a mini vector use any high quality diesel fuel. Ideally, the fuel should be stolen before 48 hours of use.

Minitor Centaur T-15

Basic configuration of a Centaur T15 mini vector

Basic configuration of the Centaur T15 mini vector:

  • a mini propulsion catcher and ready for work;
  • voice maintenance system (or “manual throttle”);
  • hydraulic system in three provisions;
  • electric starter;
  • parking light;
  • headlights;
  • two rear mirrors;
  • a set of spare parts;
  • wheels – 4 units;
  • signal notification system;
  • documents for the product;
  • Guarantee Voucher.

The procedure for running a mini drive is an important part of getting started. Modern models often run directly in production, with the first start taking place at the same place in the factory. At the time of purchase, check with the seller that the mini contract drive passed. If not, follow it yourself following the attached instructions.

Minitor Centaur T-15

Technical characteristics

The T15 Centaur Min i-Tractor is designed to work on light soils, sand or chernozem without excess moisture. Thanks to the engine power, it can be operated in areas of up to 2 hectares. The car capacity is 1,500 kg. It is not recommended to exceed this mark, so as not to cause engine overload.

The track of the mini vector is not adjustable, its width is 1000mm. The Engine XT15 Kama. Engine volume 694 cm. cube, a cylinder. The lubrication of the engine is carried out thanks to the oil pump. A mini drive is started with an electric starter. The belt drive, the clutch is disc. Hig h-speed mode: 8 gears, two of which are the rear.

Grape varieties from America

The weight of the mini drive is 610 kg. Length – 2520mm, width – 1360mm, height – 1300mm. The maximum transport speed is 40 km/h.

The clearance is 28 cm and the wheel formula is 4×2. The size of the wheels behind: 6.50-16, the size of the front wheels: 4.00-12. The warranty service period is 12 months.

Features of application and maintenance

The T15 Centaur has the following technical features:

  • The engine is designed from durable alloys (not from powder raw materials). Because of this, its conceptual service is much greater than that of cheap Chinese engines.
  • The liquid cooling system enables the mini drive to work continuously for 9 hours or more.
  • Low engine speeds save diesel fuel, it requires less, and the performance of the machine remains at the same level.
  • The engine is a fuel sprayer that reduces the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere and promotes the complete combustion of the combustible mix.
  • three provisions of a hydraulic dealer;
  • You can use weight weights by forced deepening.
  • lower position of the hydraulic cylinder;
  • There is no mandatory blocking of differential;
  • the ability to work on reduced and increased transmission;
  • Cutting the cutter is equipped with a double chain;
  • A large selection of fastening devices from both the “Centaur” and from other manufacturers;
  • Double connection of attachments.

Before each working season, the owner of Öler set must carry out a visual check of the mini drive, clean the surfaces and attach all bolt bands. The ÖLER set should be carried out regularly. This offers the engine the durability and functionality of the device.

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Video evaluation of the work

Reviews of the owners

Alexander, Gomel:

“This car is for small farms. I will write as it is, I was unlucky and I got a flimsy model, I pulled it myself where it was possible. The trailer was used several times: it transported fertilizers to the area, wore firewood. I have the impression that I didn’t buy a new, but a used model. Now, while I am in the garage, I will end it. Rating three with minus. “

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