Minitor by NEVA Walkio r-tractor. Check options

Minitor from a NEVA power tiller

If you have your own national side, sooner or later you will think about mechanization. This means that some routine work is done with a variety of devices that you just need to check. And one versatile helper is a walking tractor. True, buying one won’t solve many of the dilemmas of working a dacha plot. But it is possible to build a better and more efficient machine – a mini-actuator – from a walking tractor.

Today very often a walking tractor NEVA is used to build it. This is a Russian motorized tractor of high quality with good characteristics and price.

Let’s create a mini-tractor from a Neva power tiller

After you make your own efforts to create a mini – tractor from a walking tractor Neva, you will get the following conveniences:

  1. This technique does not need a large space for its placement. Therefore, you will not have to build a garage for it.
  2. The price is significantly inferior to the price of a prepared working adapter for a walking tractor.
  3. The work requires the cheapest fuel and in small quantities. Two liters are enough.
  4. The maximum high speed is not more than 30 km/h.
  5. It is not difficult to get spare parts for it. They are available almost everywhere and their prices are quite low.
  6. If you equip such a tool with deep-running tires, you can achieve a high level of passability and excellent responsibility on the ground.
  7. Thanks to their compact size, it is possible to work in difficult areas where trees are abundant. It is also convenient to work in the yard. In this case does not suffer neither asphalt nor sidewalk.

Of course, the independent creation of such a masterpiece with certain skills and knowledge is possible. Before the main work, it is necessary to analyze many different drawings and programs, read technical literature and watch useful videos.

There is no universal scheme and identical drawings. Since devices from different manufacturers have design differences, performance and other parameters. How to create a Min i-acttor from a Nev a-Walk tractor? Start by choosing a model and blueprints.

A mini-factor from a Newa power tiller. Scheme 3.

If you can not buy or find a Neva Walk tractor, then analogues will do, such as “bison”, “hello”, “argo”. There are also a number of Chinese analogues. But in great demand are Russian products. Blueprints and schematics of the tractor, made at home from “Nevskaya progudenie-tractor:

Small tractor from Newa Motoblock. Scheme 2

In the work you will also need:

  • Metal corners and pipes;
  • Stainless steel (1 sheet);
  • drill;
  • Welding equipment;
  • Hinge devices;
  • Standard installation tools (screwdriver, keys, nuts, screws, etc.).

A mini-actuator can be equipped with only the most essential arsenal:

  • 2 matching bicycles;
  • A comfortable chair;
  • A tax wheel;
  • A lever.

Choosing a recreational tractor

If you choose a tractor for the future miniature tractor in the NEVA line, then start from the following parameters: performance, weight, type of engine, plow parameters, price aspects.

Transmission Champion LM5127BS. Review, instructions, reviews

Productivity It is determined by the u200bu200bt area where the work will be done. The larger it is, the more powerful the two-wheeled tractor should be. Here the best option is the Neva MB-23. To date, among all representatives of this line, it is the leader in terms of power. It can also work on very hard floors. Creates a pulling force of 180 kgf. Can unlock one of the wheels. Improves maneuverability. Can be equipped with motors of different power. Today there is a very wide range of them. Thanks to this, every master can choose the appropriate option.

Usually, the Neva MB-23 is presented in such variations: 10.0 и 8.0.

Data of the first: the engine is Briggs & Stratton, its power of 10 liters, the number of gears 4 (2), the role of the gearbox is performed oil-filled gear, suitable gasoline AI-92 and AI-95, processing parameters 86 – 127 cm, cutter speeds from 20 to 160 (per minute), performs processing at 20 cm. Data of the second: the engine is the same, only with a parameter of 8 liters, all other indicators are identical. For the “Neva MB-23” today will have to pay from 43,000 to 45,000 rubles. The purchased modification is the decisive one.

If you need a more modest device, you can buy the “Neva MB-2”. This is also a very productive technique, but with a less powerful engine. It has many modifications, for example, “6,5 Profi” and “7,5 Profi”.

The engine they have the same brand. In one modification, its capacity is 6.5 liters, in the second – 7.5 liters. Their characteristics are similar: a chain reducer is used as a gearbox, gasoline AI 95 and 92 is suitable, the level of processing is 20 cm, width – 86-127, the blade revolutions from 20 to 160 (in a minute), weight – 98 kg, the number of transmissions 4 (2). Distinctive features: – functional volume, in the model 6.5 it is 205 cm³, in the version 7.5 reaches 215 cm³, – fuel tank, its volume is 3.8 liters in the first model, in the second – 4.6 . Today the price of the Neva MB-2 ranges from 33 000 to 45 000 rubles. Weight. The following rule applies: the more difficult the earthworks, the higher the weight of the two-wheeled tractor, and vice versa. Choosing between a gasoline and diesel engine, consider the factors that are more important to you. If you need a quiet device that starts quickly in the cold season, give preference to the petrol type. If you want a more economical machine with stronger traction and stable revs, get the diesel version. In addition, this version works better on difficult soils and large areas. plough parameters. They depend on the depth of the upcoming cultivation. It is better to take a folding version, which allows you to adjust the width. This allows you to adjust the plow to the specific situation

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Step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a mini-tractor yourself.

Modification of the tractor Neva walk behind begins with the kinematic scheme of engineering design. Here you can get by with your knowledge (if you have it), ask experts or find the right drawing on the network.

The problems associated with completing the mini-tractor come down to making the frame and body, the seat and steering wheel, the placement of wheels and tires, and the assembly of the levers.

Small tractor from a Newa motoblock. Scheme

frame and body

The frame is made of metal pipes and angles. The mounting of the parts is based on screw connections. Drilling and welding machines are used here. The weight of the frame and its strength should be in an optimal ratio. If desired or necessary, you can add a package and the body. How to protect the various nodes from contamination. In addition, the appearance of such a tractor will be more solid, and the driver will be protected from dirt. The body is usually made of stainless steel.

Seat and Steering

You can use the seat of your old car. Its main criterion is comfort. After attaching the seat, the steering wheel is installed and its tilt and height are adjusted. Often the principle of steering wheel technology from the picture is used. In this case, the rod is made shorter in length and more durable. The steering wheel can also be taken from an old car.

Wheels and tires

As a rule, they are also taken from old cars. However, there is an important nuance – the front wheels of the mini should have a diameter of 12-14. If this parameter is smaller, the technique will enter the ground “nose”. If it is greater than this value, then there will be problems with the handling of this equipment. Take tires under the size of footed bicycles.

Lever installation.

Levers should make steering obedient and comfortable. Your duties: clutch and brake. The best option for your unit is a cable actuator. It is in contact with the engine block. After assembly, the equipment is painted and the mounting hardware is put in place. Then the running-in is carried out. You can check all nodes and parts. At this stage, all potential problems can be eliminated in time. If no accidents occurred during the running-in, you can attach the trailer and run it in again. If after these operations you have the desire and financial potential, you can “pump up” your mini excavator. Here you can install a canopy, headlights, hydraulics, etc.

As a result, you create a quality and convenient equipment that greatly simplifies the household work on your country site.

And if you for some reason want to sell this device, you can make a good profit and compensate the costs. Today, the prices of such used tractors are determined solely by their owners. It is important to consider the cost of the engine block and other key components, as well as the wear and tear of the equipment. If your minitractor is refinished in excellent condition, it can be put up for sale for at least 80,000-90,000 rubles.

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Minitor by NEVA Walkio r-tractor. Check options

If the farmer has a Wal k-in tractor, gardening and garden work becomes much easier. However, power tillers have a disadvantage, and that is that you have to walk behind them. And if it is necessary to perform work on large plots, the legs are subjected to a very large physical load. To facilitate this process, many craftsmen are engaged in the conversion of their tractors walking.

Almost all motor blocks NEVA have sufficient capacity to be converted into a mini – tractor. Many people think that this is a temporary process that requires practical skills, but this is not entirely true. There are a lot of different drawings and diagrams on the Internet for making a mini tractor from the NEVA power tiller. These drawings have already been collected by one person, and their reliability and correctness of the dimensions is confirmed by the experience of another.

We will talk about what looks like a mini drive from a tractor of walking behavior and its work:

Which power tiller is suitable for RE equipment?

Here it is necessary to clearly determine the required force. After all, in order to make just a mini actuator, it is not enough. The engine must be able not only to drive the attachments, but also the weight of the tractor with the frame and man.

The MB-23C 9.0 Pro is best suited for this purpose. It has a 4-stroke engine. And 9 hp is enough to generate enough traction to drive plows, cultivators, dealers, etc., etc.

If performance is not enough, the easiest solution is simply to buy an adapter. Comfort, of course, is no indicator, but you can move while sitting. And that’s a plus.

However, the disadvantage is that the use of some types of attachments with it is not compatible.

But it is compatible with the mini-tractor:

Required consumables, parts and spares

To understand what is needed for production, let’s look at the main elements of the finished mini-tractor:

  • frame (from any rolled metal)
  • rotating device
  • any brakes
  • seat
  • metal for the body
  • A hitch used to connect the other devices.

All of these components can be purchased at car breakdown stores or junkyards. But you should choose them responsibly. Often they are not new, so they must be carefully inspected for integrity and defects. After all, the use of damaged components is unacceptable here. Otherwise, the entire device will not work properly.

Engine blocks Centaur MB 1010E. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Blueprints, schematics, detailing, assembly

First of all, you should understand what the tractor-walker is mainly used for. For agricultural work with the soil or for transporting various items. Most often choose a universal model, so you can work in the garden and transport goods around the house. At the back of the minitractor is added another hitch to connect the trailer. Which, if desired, can also be assembled according to ready-made schemes, since the materials for the manufacture of mini-tractor and trailer are similar, and you can make two models at once.

For everything to turn out quickly and correctly, it is necessary to make a kinematic diagram.

Small tractor from motor-block Newa (behind)

This drawing shows where the wheel axle and the reduction shaft are connected. It is recommended to install the drive on the rear wheels. This gives the mini-tractor additional stability and maneuverability.

All parts should be carefully selected. They must match each other. If necessary, they can be adjusted with a lathe. The life of the entire mini-tractor depends on how well the parts fit together.

When creating a drawing, the rotating device must be taken into account. There can be two options here:

  • The body-breaking rotation is a rugged, reliable, and proven arrangement. But at the same time it is not very maneuverable on turns. Yes, and the steering column is set much higher than the node of their connection.
  • The steering wheel is a more maneuverable version of mini-tractor control. It allows you to make turns at a greater angle. But this version also requires more parts. It is best to use factory parts from other vehicles. The advantage of this option is also that both the rear and the front wheels of the mini-tractor can go forward.

Once you have decided on a rotator, you can start converting the tractor going to the back into a mini-tractor.

The process of building the frame

To build your own frame, you will need a small amount of materials. If components are missing, they can be replaced by analogues. But they must have similar dimensions and characteristics:

  • Metal for the frame – you will need corners, chisel and square tube. For the cladding of the body you need to use steel with a thickness of more than 1.5 mm.
  • rotating device
  • a pair of wheels and axles for it
  • set of bearings
  • Tools (tape measure, welding, drill and grinder)

Carefully observing the original scheme, assemble the frame. According to the dimensions, connection angles and kinematic diagram.

Small tractor details, spare parts

Check the correct installation after connecting all the elements. To do this, assemble the frame on a hand tractor. If everything is in order, proceed to the next step. If something is not installed, it is corrected and re-installed.

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Next, the finished elements are installed: the rods (best to install on the rear axle), hubs, and axle. The wheels are attached to the axle with bolts.

And finally the seat is installed.

This completes the creation process. And you can proceed to the test. Here it is necessary to drive the mini-tractor on a level surface.

It is often necessary to further adapt the steering or the position of the bicycle.

If everything is in order, you can connect the attachment and proceed to the field test. If desired, you can carry out cosmetic work with paint or primer. This will protect the mini-tractor from corrosion.

The video shows a slideshow – how to turn a hand tractor into a mini-tractor:

Converting a hand tractor into a mini-tractor yourself is quite a painstaking job, which many people don’t see the point in.

In addition, “Red October” offers a ready-made design for power tillers NEVA – adapter. And there is no need to carry out all these manipulations.

But everything is not so simple. The adapter is good only if you need to carry out small works. It does not have reliable floor gripping mechanisms. And it constantly slips when working on uneven surfaces or sticky soil. There are no such problems with the mini-tractor, so the manual tractor NEVA with adapters is not replaceable.

What do the forums say?

The forums actively discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of the mini-tractor compared to the tractor with a manual drive. How best to build, what materials to choose, where to get, etc.

Here are some comments from you.

Vladimir writes:

“I have had a power tiller for a long time. I wanted to buy an adapter for it not to drive it all the time. But I stumbled upon the idea of a mini-tractor. At first, it seemed impossible to make it myself. However, after some research, it became clear to me that there is nothing complicated here. And I can do it alone. I decided on a drawing, bought all the parts at the local scrap yard. And it took me a month to assemble it. Now my neighbors are jealous. And those who say they can buy an adapter and be happy, admit that their hands are simply not capable of turning a hand tractor into a mini-tractor by themselves.

Wjatscheslaw tells us:

“I had a hand-powered tractor. I worked with it for a few years and couldn’t get enough of it. But I want to improve and learn new things all the time. So I asked myself, why do I always drive it and are there any alternatives? And I found one. The solution was to assemble a mini-tractor. The design is as simple as a five kopecks. I had everything I needed. So in just a few days I assembled my model from a ready-made circuit, which I selected on the forums. I use and enjoy “

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