Minitor Belarus MTZ 152n. Review, characteristics, instructions

Minitrack MTZ Belarus 152n.

The MTZ-152H Mini Vector is a miniature unit with small additional equipment. It has been manufactured at the Smorgon tractor plant since 2015. It is designed for use in agriculture in small cottage plots, farms, vegetable gardens. The machine is used for soil cultivation, sowing, mowing, spring works. Mini roaster has a four-wheel drive system, so it can pass through different types of soil, and it is equipped with outboard and trailed units. The set includes an assistant arc, which protects the worker from injuries in case of a fall.

Technical Specifications

The MTZ-152H Minimeter is a universal device. It is super-compact, small-sized and maneuverable.

Small-size tractor MTZ Belarus 152n


  • length – 2450 mm;
  • width – 990 mm;
  • Height at the handlebars – 1350 mm, safety arc – 1.970 m;
  • Ground clearance under the front axle – 300 mm, under the rear – 280 m, which provides a good cross-country capability.


The unit has a Honda GX390 gasoline engine of 13 hp. C. and reaches a speed of 19 km/h. There are 4 front and 3 rear speeds to work in different modes. Fuel consumption is economical and does not exceed 326 g/kWh. There is a carburetor system and manual start type.


  • manual gearbox;
  • propshaft drive;
  • differential mechanical lock;
  • 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.


Two speeds of flow selection with mechanical control and speed from VOM – 1168 rpm. This allows you to solve almost any task in conditions of small farms with cultivated areas up to 1 ha.

operational characteristics

Small-size tractor MTZ Belarus 152n

  • weight – 560 kg, maximum – 800 kg;
  • weight with ballast weights – 710 kg, without ballast weights – 650 kg;
  • separate hydraulic system;
  • drum brakes;
  • Travel speeds of 2.96 to 18.46 km/h;
  • Travel speed of 2.4 to 13.47 km/h;
  • Fuel consumption is 2.8-3.2 liters per 1 hour of work.

Features of the device

The configuration includes a separate agricultural hydraulic system. In addition, the buyer is recommended front attachment. Compared to the outdated mini-drives, MTZ-152H, in addition to a completely new design, has a front drive axle, a steering rear axle, which can be disengaged if necessary. The unit has simple front wheels and mechanical locking rear wheels. In addition, the new contract Mini has increased ground clearance.

How to choose good seedlings?

This model has the following advantages:

  • Improved overall and general exploration qualities;
  • Reduced machine reach, allowing you to work in tight spaces.
  • For more comfortable work, the driver’s seat is equipped with special sources and is adjustable.

In addition, there are two types of seats and several adjustment modes to choose from. You can steer with a mechanism under the seat.


Mini-tractor MTZ-152H has strong structural elements and units. The main thing is to conduct a timely inspection and replace consumables. This indicates a long service life. Runs on 92 fuel, but in practice is used and AI-80.

Peculiarities of repair

Regular maintenance is required to maintain the performance of MTZ-152H mini-tractor. Namely, it is necessary to check the main parts, units and mechanisms for physical wear, timely change oil and filters.


Small-size tractor MTZ Belarus 152n


It is designed to work on soils with a slope of up to 10° and a maneuverability of + – 10 cm. The tiller has the following technical specifications:

  • overall dimensions – 910 x 1000 x 585 mm;
  • weight – 75 kg;
  • Speed: on light soils – up to 3 km/h, on heavy soils – up to 2 km/h;
  • cultivated soil depth – 100 mm;
  • Adjustable working width – 0,44-0,95 m.

The plough is required for plowing light soil and digging up crops. It has the following technical characteristics:

  • overall dimensions – 690 x 590 x 710 mm;
  • weight – 32 kg;
  • speed – 5 km/h;
  • productivity – 1000 m2/h;
  • plowing depth – up to 180 mm;
  • working width – 250 mm.

rotary mower

With the rotary mower mow grass and bushes, clear hard-to-access places. It is simply necessary for use in gardening and crop production, as well as for forest areas. It has the following features:

  • works at high speeds;
  • mowing width – 900 mm;
  • cutting height – 45 mm;
  • weight – 100 kg;
  • easy maintenance.

Potato diggers and potato planters

Designed for mechanical digging of potatoes, it separates tubers from the ground and then places them on the ground. Potatoes are also harvested manually. According to the recommendations, a ridge planting scheme for potatoes should be used. The distance between the rows should be 600 mm. Has the following technical characteristics:

  • Type of potato harvester – mounted;
  • overall dimensions – 1600x800x900 mm;
  • weight – 110 kg;
  • speed – 3 – 6 km/h;
  • productivity – 1500 – 2000 km/h;
  • working width – 480 mm;
  • working depth – 150-200 mm.

Potato planter is designed for planting potatoes in the previously prepared soil, forming a ridge. It has the following features:

  • number of hoppers – 2;
  • hopper capacity – 2×35 l;
  • row spacing – 70 cm;
  • the number of planted rows – 2;
  • number of planted tubers – 5 pieces per 1 running meter;
  • weight – 95 kg

snow blowers

With the help of a snow blower you can remove snow and clear the area. It has the following characteristics:

  • overall dimensions – 720 x 970 x 860 mm;
  • weight – 92 kg;
  • rotation speed – 1000 rpm;
  • productivity – 2300 – 4500 m2/h;
  • muzzle width – 920 mm;
  • throw distance – 12 m.

The price of the new mini-tractor MTZ-152H ranges from 280 to 335 thousand rubles. It depends on the year of manufacture and configuration. Used mini-tractor can be bought from 190 to 250 thousand rubles.

The price of MTZ-152H is lower than that of its foreign counterparts, but it is not inferior to them in terms of technical standards, performance and reliability. Choosing a technique, study its characteristics, device and reviews.

Compact tractor Belarus MTZ 152H. Overview, properties, features of operation

Recommendations: 100%



The Belarus 152H mini tractor is used for agricultural work on small contour plots. The main purpose of the small tractor MTZ 152H is tillage, weeding, plowing and harvesting plots of different sizes.

Compact size tractor Belarusz 152n

The mini tractor Belarusz 152H has high technical characteristics. It is equipped with a high-quality Japanese engine Honda GX 390. It is one of the best engines for garden equipment in the world. Its power is 11 hp.

MTZ 152H is capable to automate a wide range of agricultural works due to the wide range of attachments.

The Belarus small tractor has 4×4 drive, the small tractor can be used at any time of year. Its hydraulic manifold consists of two sections.

Among the advantages of technical characteristics, it is worth to note small dimensions. MTZ 152H can be transported on an ordinary trailer.

This model is certified according to European quality standards.

Technical Specifications

traction class 0,2
Rated towing power, kN 2
– model GX390 HONDA
– Type petrol
– Working volume of cylinders, cm 3 389
– Rated engine power, kW (hp) 8.2 (11.0)
– Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/(kW/h) not more 326
– maximum torque, N/m 24
Engaging PTO at 1000 rpm, kW at least 8,6
Number of gears:
– Forward drive 4
– Rear drive 3
Tractor speed (estimated) at rated engine crankshaft rotation speed on standard tires, km/h:
a) forward
– shortest 2.96
– maximum transport speed 18.46
b) reverse
– shortest 4.20
– largest 13.47
Tractor weight, kg 615
Distance, mm
– agrotechnical under rear wheel arms not less than 300
– agricultural distance under front axle not less than 300
– road (on base version tires) not less than 280
track width, mm
– on front wheels 730
– on rear wheels 950
Smallest turning radius at minimum track width, m 2,5
Tractor frame, mm 1125
Maximum clearance depth, mm 0.25
Overall dimensions, mm
– length 2300
– Width of rear wheel at 730 mm track width 980
– steering wheel height 1350
– arch height 1970
Tires (first edition):
– Front 210/75R13
– rear wheels 210/75R13
Tires (second release):
– Front 6.5L-12
– rear wheels 6.5L-12


The factory set of Belarus MTZ 152H includes the device itself, the operating manual and the passport of the self-propelled machine. The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty on the mini-tractor.

The price of this model is about 300,000 rubles.

Mini-tractor Belarus MTZ 152H works with a wide range of attachments: plows, cultivators, slides, snowplows, cutters, shovels, trailers, potato tippers and potato planters.


  • Mini-tractor MTZ 152n can work with this cutter on an area with a slope up to 10 °.
  • The working width is adjustable from 0,44 to 0,95 m.
  • Plunge depth can be up to 10 cm.

Assembly diagrams of the tiller are presented in the instruction manual.

The FR-00700-B universal cultivator plough

With its help it is possible to plow the ground to a depth of 18 cm, the width of the ploughshare is 25 cm.

rotary mower

This device is used for cutting and chopping large weeds and medium-sized bushes. It is used by farmers to make hay or prepare new land for work, as well as utilities.

The weight of the mower is 100 kg. The grass is picked up at a height of 45 mm above the ground.

Potato diggers and potato planters

A potato plough lifts the soil layer to a depth of 15-20 cm, then uses sieves to separate tubers from the ground, sift them out and lay only ripe root crops on the soil surface. The working width is 48 cm.

KC-2MT potato harvester KFT2-01

snow blowers

In winter, MTZ 152H mini-tractors can help with snow removal with a snowplow or shovel blade.

They differ in the way they clean. Snow cutters throw a layer of snow away for a distance of 10-15 m, and right next to it is a shovel, which simply clears the area.

Snow blower Sn-1m blade OB12-01

Before you go to work, you must check that the attachments are securely fastened.

Also check the fuel and oil in the crankcase and the condition of the brake system before each operation.

Attachment functions


The MTZ mini-tractor is started by means of an electric starter. In case of battery discharge, the engine can be started with a manual starter.

The cab of the MTZ 152H is equipped with headlights, which can be used to work at dusk. In addition, there is a rear view mirror in the cab, which helps the owner to control the operation of the unit when driving on public roads.

At the back, above the wheels, fenders are attached to protect the operator from crushed dirt and dust.

All control levers of the Belarus 152n are located next to the steering wheel and allow you to set the speed of the device directly while working.

Owner’s Manual

New owners of the small tractor MTZ 152H must necessarily familiarize themselves with the manual. It contains information on the technical properties of the device, its maintenance, rules of entry, photos of the assembly and maintenance plan. If there is no hard copy at hand, you can always find an electronic one.


Mini-tractor Belarus MTZ 152H is a petrol tractor, and only quality pure fuel AI-92 or AI-95 should be watered for its operation.

  • For the crankcase it is recommended to use oil with classification 10W-30.
  • The hydraulic system housing should be filled with SAE-40.
  • Bushings, waves and joints must be lubricated once a month with Lithol-24 oil according to GOST 21150-87.

Grease Lithol-24 Oil 10W-30 Oil SaE-40

Video reviews

This video review shows how plows Belarus 152n:

MTZ 152 – terrain model. This video review shows driving with a loaded trailer on a clay floor:

Owner Reviews

On forums, people share their opinions and photos about the Belarus 152n. Here are some reviews about them:


The main advantage of the 152 model is its small size. It is very convenient to transport it. An ordinary tractor needs to be transported with a special vehicle or alone (in this case the costs are very high). And MTZ 152 can be transported with an ordinary trailer. In addition, during the transportation the parts wear out, which is especially noticeable when driving more than 20 km.

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