Minitor Belarus MTZ 112N. Overview, characteristics, instructions

Minitractor MTZ 112H-01

Not every farmer or owner of a personal subsidiary farm suffers from the purchase of a large multifunctional tractor. Such people prefer minitractors – they do the same job, it is much cheaper to buy and maintain them. This type of equipment includes a mini-tractor MTZ 112H-01.

Planned assignment

MTZ 112H-01 Minitor

Mini-tractor MTZ 112H-01 can work on the plot or in the area of public utilities. It collects, sows and mows the grass, cultivates inter-row and on very short and narrow plots, also in greenhouses. In the municipal area, the mini-tractor can clear streets of snow, make trenches for drips and remove trash. The availability of special supports for this model allows you to carry a variety of cargo.

Technical characteristics

Despite its small size, the mini-tractor is a full-fledged agricultural transport. Technical specifications are listed below.

Dimensions .

The length of the device is 2500 mm. Height to the upper level of the safety frame is 2000 mm.


The electric unit on the Belarus-112H-01 mini-tractor is gasoline: Japanese model GX390 Honda. The working volume of the cylinder is 389 cm 3. Its volume is 11 liters. С. The engine can produce 313 g/f/h. There are a limited number of models with the 18-liter diesel engine. С.


The transmission is manual. It is represented by a device with 4 speeds in the front and 3 in the rear. Cutting disc, dry.


From or VAL selection of two speed performance. Designed to transmit the torque to additional devices. For example, to a water pump or chainsaw.

Wheel size

Same size tires on the miniaturizer – 210/75/r13


MTZ 112H-01 Minitor

The mini tiller is a four-wheel drive machine. However, if necessary, the front axle can be disengaged. Maximum speed is 18.5 km/h, minimum is 2.96 km/h. Maximum speed is 13.4 km/h, minimum – 4.2 km/h.

Due to its high speed characteristics, the tractor can work in the field with a plow, a container or transport various loads on urban and rural roads.

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The tractor has a linkage, movable frame. This greatly increases its maneuverability – it can turn 180° within a radius of only 2.5 m.

This Min i-Tractor is equipped with power steering for ease of operation.

Features of the device

MTZ 112H-01 is not just a tractor, but an upgraded model with a new hydraulic tank installed on it. With its help it is possible to equip the tractor with more than 50 kinds of additional devices. At the same time, the operation is so simple that it can be intuitively mastered by a person who has never checked complex mechanisms before.

In order to operate a large tractor, the driver must undergo special training and obtain a license. No such permit is required to operate a mini.


One of the main features of this device is reliability. Mini-activator was created at the Belarusian tractor production by specialists with many years of experience, and the Japanese engine only increases reliability.

Repair features

The mini-drive can be repaired directly in the field or on the road. This unit is very easy to use and maintain. You don’t have to take the tractor to a workshop or overpass to remove a unit or mechanism.

Equipment without mounting

MTZ 112H-01 Minitor

A variety of jobs can be done with the mini excavator attachment, including powering other equipment such as sawmills, pumps, etc. The kit can contain:

  • bulldozer equipment OB12-00.000;
  • backhoe bucket;
  • utility brush ShK-00.010m;
  • Universal plough PU-00.0000;
  • Universal OU-100,0000 Cign;
  • FR-00700-B fire aid;
  • Two-section harrow BT-1,6;
  • Semitrailer sulfur 1,0T P03.00.500;
  • Small mower KT M-00.0000;
  • Rotor KTM-2 Rotor (lawnmower);
  • potato mower
  • potato shredder KFT2-01;
  • snowmower for mini vector;
  • FR-00710-B driveshaft clutch.

This list does not appear for VOM attachments because there are too many.


Although a special driver’s license does not obligate the driver to drive the tractor, it is still necessary to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.

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The price of the base model of the Mini Vector MTZ 112H is about 366,000 rubles. If the buyer wants to get additional equipment in the kit, he should be prepared for the fact that the cost will increase slightly.

Reviews of owners

Reviews of owners who have previously bought a mini – tractor MTZ 112N, reflect both its positive qualities and negative sides.

Its reliability is positively evaluated. It is also noted that the Japanese engine is much quieter than its domestic counterpart. The main thing is not to forget to operate the engine properly – to conduct a running-in and oil changes after it on a mandatory basis.

The second positive point – the multifunctionality of the predecessors of the Mini-Activra could not denote such a wide range of fasteners. Now any dacha owner or farmer can work on his plot with a minimum of labor and money.

The third feature that arouses positive emotions among users is the pleasant design of the tractor and its maneuverability. It can be used in narrow greenhouses or in back gardens without damaging the design. In addition, the fact that the tractor was based on a well-known and popular model, will help experienced users have no difficulty in mastering new technologies.

Many are also pleased with the tractor’s quality build.

MTZ 112H-01 Minitor

To the negative characteristics of the Min i-Actor users refer its gasoline engine. Some people think that 2.5 liters per hour is a lot. For such people were created models with diesel engines, which are not inferior in quality. However, it should be remembered that a large, heavy tractor, working the same way as the MTZ 112H, consumes much more fuel.

Another common negative review is the high price of the MTZ 112-H. But nothing can be changed here. The engine, materials and components for the tractor are chosen only of high quality, and therefore expensive. On the other hand, the cheaper models very quickly fall into disrepair. This will not happen with the MTZ 112-N. It more than covers all the money invested. Therefore it makes no sense to save on the purchase of a cheap product.

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Another negative feature of the tractor is the absence of a warm cab, which does not allow working in winter.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 112n. Overview, characteristics, features of operation

Recommended: 100%



The minitractor Belarus MTZ 112H is considered an improved model of the 132H. It is designed to perform a wide range of works thanks to compatible attachments.

Belarus MTZ 112N

In particular, these include: plowing, milling and harrowing light soils; planting, picking and digging potatoes; mowing weeds; removing snow and debris; transporting loads, etc.

Due to the PTO the use of various stationary equipment, namely, woodworking machines and motor-pumps is possible.

Technical characteristics

traction class 0,2
Rated pulling force, kN 2
– model GX390 HONDA
Type petrol
>- Working volume of cylinders, cm 3 389
– Rated engine power, kW (hp) 8.2 (11.0)
– Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/(kWh) 313
Number of gears:
– Forward drive 4
– Rear drive 3
Mini-tractor driving speed (estimated) at rated engine crankshaft rotation speed on basic configuration tires, km/h
a) forward
– shortest 2.96
– maximum 18.46
b) reverse
– shortest 4.20
– largest 13.47
Minitractor weight, kg, not more
– structural 495
– Operation without ballast 500
– Operation with ballast 570
Agrotechnical release, mm 300
track gauge, mm 600.700.840
Turning radius at maximum track size, m, not more 2,5
Base of mini-tractor, mm 1030
Overall dimensions, mm
– length 2500
– Rear wheel width at maximum track width 1000
– height 2000
Tires (first edition):
– Front 210/75R13
– rear wheels 210/75R13
Tires (second release):
– Front 6.5L-12
– rear wheels 6.5L-12

basic configuration

When buying the minitractor Belarus MTZ 112n from the factory, there is an operation manual and passport of the self-propelled machine.

The manufacturer recommends buying basic attachments from Smorgon factory at once: plows, cutters, motor pumps, mowers, snow blowers, bucket shovels, trailers, etc.


Cultivator KTD-1.3 Potato harvester KFT2-01 Cultivator soil tiller FR-00700-B Shchke municipal ShchK-00010M Universal hiller OU-00.000 Universal plow PU-00.000

Technical characteristics of this attachment are designed to work with MTZ mini-tractors.

features of application

MTZ 112n mini-tractors can be used as a seasonal assistant in gardening as well as for all-weather use.

All control of the machine is carried out by the owner directly from the cabin.

Before each trip it is necessary to visually check the device for unnatural deformation of mini-tractor parts, presence of oil and fuel.


The MTZ 112H mini-tractor is equipped with a reliable Japanese Honda GX390 gasoline engine with increased efficiency.

  • Due to the break frame, the maneuverability of “Belarus” is improved.
  • MTZ 112n is equipped with 4×4 all-wheel drive with lockable rear axle.
  • PTO rotation speed can be adjusted in two positions, which allows to regulate the rotation speed of the attached equipment depending on the work.

Owner’s Manual

The user manual should be studied by new owners, so that they understand the principle of the mini-tractor, the rules of assembly, running-in, commissioning, maintenance, etc. This will help to avoid many breakdowns that can occur due to improper handling of the machine.

There is an electronic version of the manual posted on the forum. You can download it here.

The following video review shows the construction of the Belarusian MTZ 112H:


For MTZ mini-tractors to last as long as possible and to keep their technical characteristics for new owners, it is necessary to carry out technical work in accordance with the operating instructions.

  • The oil in the engine crankcase must be changed every 125 hours. For this purpose, use M-10DM (summer) or M-8DM (winter).
  • Oil in MTZ 112H gearbox should be changed before the beginning of spring works or every 1000 hours.
  • Allow training oil to drain before pouring in fresh oil.
  • The control levers should be lubricated once a month with Lithol-24. This will protect you from jamming and removal.
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At the end of field work is conservation, namely: the tractor is dried, dried out and cleaned of fuel, the parts are lubricated so that corrosion does not form, covered and placed in a dry place.

Video review

And here’s another video review of the Belarus 112n from the store:

Reviews of owners

On the forums Minerus MTZ 112N Mini – Gradors received high ratings from users:


“Bought the tiller this spring. In principle, it does not work badly. Japanese engine, after all. But the fact that it is petrol, the obvious post. Fuel consumption is about 2.5 liters per hour. The sound of the engine is quiet, after changing the oil in the undercarriage and starting work. The plot plows and mills without any problems.

Advantages: stable operation, high-quality workmanship.

Disadvantages: The price while a lot and the lack of a full-fledged cabin “

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