Minito r-Fiter T-15 – description and properties

Minito r-Fiter T15. Overview, specifications, features of use

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After this novelty appeared on the Russian market, it quickly took the lead in demand. Mainly the T15 fighter was bought by farmers, but its use is gaining popularity and among suppliers.

Fighter T15

The design of this model combines modern technical characteristics, low cost, wide range and ease of maintenance.

The use options of the T15 Fieter are expanded by a large number of attachments that are summarized with the mini – boom: tillers and chaff, plows, hangers, potato cutters and steamers, ridgers, track-cutters, huskweeders, etc. Problems amount to about 50 items.

The maximum carrying capacity of Fieiter mini-tractor is 1 ton.

Technical characteristics

engine XT15
Type Horizontal, four-stroke, water-cooled
starting Electric starter + manual start
Engine displacement, cm3 993
Power, HP 15
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 230
Drive unit rear, 4 × 2
transmission (3 + 1) × 2
Wheels front 4,0-12 rear 6, 5-16
Nominal load weight for trailers, kg 1000
Outdoor freedom, ММ 180
Dimensions, MM (without swivel devices) 2140 × 905 × 1175
Dimensions, MM (with mounted floor) 2600 × 1000 × 1175
Weight, kg (without devices) 410

Base kitting

In some stores the price of Feiter T15 includes various attachments. Most often it is Soilofrez, plow or potato harvester.

In addition, the standard equipment of the self-propelled machine necessarily includes an instruction manual and a passport.


  • The T15 Fieter has a 15 hp diesel engine. Of its characteristics, it is worth mentioning the combined lubrication system and the good cooling of the torque to the gearbox pinion through the V-belt drive.
  • The T15 Fieter engine is started by means of an electric cartridge. If the battery runs out on its own, the motor can be started with a manual cable.
  • The speed of the mini-drive can vary from 2 to 23 km/h.

Owner’s Manual

This document is a must read for new owners of the Firet 15 Minister. It contains photos of the assembly sequence, basic information about the properties of the device, the maintenance diagram and nuances of application.

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After purchase, you should not immediately start full use of the T1 5-Fitenter. First of all, it is necessary to make the start-up. It can be carried out automatically in the factory or directly by the owners at home. The running-in should take place with the engine running at minimum output. Usually this procedure takes about 8 hours.

After the completion of T15 it is necessary to change the engine oil, as during this time a large amount of mechanical contaminants that can deactivate the engine are collected.


Fighter T15

Be sure to check the engine oil and fuel stand (refill the fuel) before each trip on the Fighter T 15. The recommended grade is M-10G2. In addition, make sure that the engine is free of leaks and extraneous noises, check the clutch and brake system performance, as well as steering and lighting operation.

Fighter T15

The fuel and cooling system filters should be checked regularly for cleanliness. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the spark plugs so that there are no problems with engine operation.

If the minitractor has to be left for several months, it is recommended to disconnect the spark plugs and let the oil and gasoline drain (during this time they collect water and become unusable). Then clean the tractor, oil all parts to avoid corrosion, cover and store in a dry place.

Video review

The video also shows the excellent traction of the mini-tractor “Fighter” with the road in the winter season:

The following video offers an in-depth video review of the Fighter T15 mini-tractor:

Owner Reviews

Here’s what the owners of Fighter T15 mini-tractors say on the forums:


Great model. Before that was MTZ, compared to it the Fighter has less fuel and oil consumption. Extensive equipment, comfortable seat, reliable engine. I don’t have any complaints about the work.

Purpose of the KAMAZ 65111: model changes, sphere of application

Review of the mini-tractor Fighter T15. Application functions, purpose, technical characteristics, owner reviews

Mini-tractor Fighter T15 – one of the new models of universal tractor machinery, designed and produced for farmers who are looking for inexpensive, but high-quality equipment with a wide range of services and high functionality.

Production of mini tractors “Fighter” under the original license is established in China, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Official traders and suppliers of spare parts and attachments are actively working in these countries.

Fighter T15 mini tractor

For these purposes, the mini-tractor Fighter T15 is used:
  • in farms, cottages, gardens and vegetable gardens;
  • in the public sector;
  • As a technique for cleaning lawns, streets and parks;
  • Sprinkler, planter, mower (with appropriate attachments), snowplow and minitractor;
  • in construction;
  • as a passenger transporter (transport function, if you have a package of documents PTS).

The list of attachments for this fighter mini-tractor model is quite extensive: it contains about fifty attachments and trailed devices, with the help of which the machine can be used for the above-described purpose. The tractive force category of the T15 trailer is 0.2. The capacity of the trailer or carts is 1000 kg, so the Fighter mini-tractor can be used as a tractor.

Fighter T-15 rotary cultivator

Type of engine for Fighter T15 – single-cylinder diesel, brand XT-15, liquid-cooled. The location of the engine is horizontal. Working volume is 993 cm3. Power – 15 PS. Bicycle arrangement 4×2 (drive on rear wheels). Engine lubrication system – combined, starting can be performed both with the start lever and the electric starter.

The engine temperature regime is stable regardless of the air temperature, so the tractor can be operated without interruption even in hot weather.

Basic equipment of Fighter T15 minitractor

The basic configuration of Fighter T15 tractor has the following components:

  • Rototiller 120 cm long;
  • Wrenches for minor repairs and tightening screw connections;
  • Warranty;
  • Instruction manual;
  • 4 wheels.
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Technical characteristics

The dimensions of the Fighter T15 are: length 2140 mm, width 905 mm, height 1175 mm. The model is very compact and weighs only 410 kg (with a towing capacity of 1000 kg). Ground clearance: 18 cm Size of front wheels: 4-12, rear wheels: 6.5-16. Despite the low ground clearance, maneuverability and passability of the vehicle does not suffer.

Operation of Fighter t15 is possible on various soils, including soils with excessive moisture, swampy or clay.

Fighter T15 mini tractor

Dimensions of the tractor without attachments are 2140 / 905 / 1175 mm, which can certainly be called a compact. The machine weighs 410 kg. and a ground clearance of 180 mm, is characterized by excellent cross-country ability and maneuverability, which determines the possibility of exploitation on loose and wet soils, in small areas, in greenhouses and livestock farms.

Features of application and maintenance

Fighter t15 has the following features:

  • Four gear transmission (one reverse);
  • The maximum speed is 23 km/h;
  • almost complete unification of spare parts with the models of mini-tractors Scout;
  • high maintainability;
  • small dimensions (therefore, greater maneuverability);
  • higher engine power;
  • high elasticity with extension class of 0.2;
  • drum brake system;
  • granular lock;
  • reinforced metal frame;
  • moderate cost with wide functionality;
  • T15 fighter is economical in consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • a large number of additional attachments (rotary cultivator, plow, trailer, mower, etc.), expanding the functionality of the mini-tractor.

For maintenance and oil change it is necessary to use oil for water-cooled diesel engines. Oil type: semi-synthetic or synthetic. Engine durability and functionality directly depend on the quality of fuel and lubricants.

Service intervals: every 50 hours or more frequently, depending on operating conditions and frequency of use

Video overview of operation

The complete overview of the t15 fighter

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Owner Reviews

There are many reviews of owners on the forums about different models of Fighter tractors, here are some of them:

Vladimir Viktorovich, Chernivtsi:

“I will write right away that when buying, I started with the amount I had, I was not going to spend more. It happened so. I bought this model t15, because the description of all the features suited me. The hacking of the car was successful, the assembly is not bad, but in some places I had to push myself.

The advantages: good performance, really truck, I use it to transport boards and cement to the construction site, works great, does not get stuck, does not slip, handling is good.

Cons: I plan to install a wider pneumatic. Sometimes I use it for loads up to 100kg, especially when the trailer is fully loaded.

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