Minitator Rusich T-12. Management, properties, advantages of the model

Minitor Rusich T-12

One of the most important helpers in the farm is a tractor. And especially for small and medium-sized areas have long been invented mini – tractor. Today we will talk about one of the most popular in our country Minitor Rusich T-12.

Purpose .

Due to its small size and maneuverability, the mini tractor Rusich T-12 is widely used by farmers and gardeners on small plots of up to two hectares. The engine does not develop a lot of traction, so try not to combine it with heavy fasteners.

Small-sized Rusich T-12

However, the list of technical purposes is quite extensive:

  • Planting various crops;
  • Harvesting;
  • Tilling the soil;
  • Mowing and collecting grass;
  • Irrigation and spraying;
  • Transportation of goods.

Technical features

The Rusich T-12 minimizer has the following data:

Dimensions .

Length 2400 mm; Width 1050 mm, height 1250 mm, freedom of passage 180 mm.


This minitractor has a 4-stroke engine R195nd with a capacity of 715 cc and a power of 11 hp.


The Rusich has a manual transmission with six forward and two reverse speeds.


with 1176 rpm and manual drive.

Wheel size.

On the mini vector Rusich stands T-12 5-12, rear 6,5-16 with a width of the RUT 1000 mm.

Operational characteristics

Small-sized Rusich T-12

Rusich T-12 has an operating weight of 390 kilograms and a fuel tank volume of 5.5 liters. The hydraulic system is easy to install, and the type of brakes used is drum brakes.

Features of the device

In the mini vector Rusich T-12, as well as in any other technique, there are many specific functions. All of them are described in detail in the instruction manual. Below you will find more important indicators:

  • Starting the k-V is mandatory for this mini vector;
  • Before filling the tank with diesel fuel, it must stand for two days.
  • Oil 75W90 or 80W90 is provided for the gearbox installed in the T-12-Rusick;
  • Maneuvering into a turn is prohibited at maximum speed.
  • Driving downhill is prohibited in neutral gear with the clutch intact;
  • When operating the attachment equipment, a power wave guard must be installed.


In addition to operational characteristics, the ministrator “Rusich T-12” has another, but not less important. It is reliable in operation.

Small-sized Rusich T-12

The most important elements of this mini-constructor consist of durable materials, which contribute to a longer service life. And thanks to the liquid cooling system, which prevents overheating of the engine and the associated plant outages, the installed diesel can maintain its performance in various conditions.

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Peculiarities of repair

In the process of operation of the devices, sooner or later, there is a need to dismantle them. Due to the fact that the mini-truck T-12 is unpretentious in maintenance, many types of repairs can be carried out by yourself. Due to the fact that this machine has a belt drive, it can also be replaced in the workplace.

To increase the service life, you need to monitor wear and tear, constantly check and maintain, change, tighten and adjust the main nodes. Also, replace consumables in a timely manner.

In addition, it is necessary to perform routine maintenance in accordance with the technical specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations. There are three types of maintenance of the Rusich T-12 power tiller (every 500, 1000 and 2000 hours of operation), current and overhaul. Overhaul is carried out every six thousand hours. Also after the first 50 hours of operation it is necessary to run-in and check the technical characteristics.


Rusich” mini imitators are presented in different modifications. They differ from each other in engine power, technical parameters and devices. Here are some of them:

  1. Rusich 120. It can be called the younger brother of the T-12, even the performance characteristics are the same. The only thing is that it is a little smaller, a little less sturdy and its track is a little less than a meter.
  2. Russian T-15. This model is used in the same areas and conditions as the T-12. But it has a motor with a slightly more powerful engine. 12 hp with a volume of 812 cc. Also the track is increased to 1200 mm and the weight, which is 420 kg.
  3. Russian T-21. This modification is already much larger in all parameters than the previous one. With one cylinder instead of one Mitsubishi based, it became a three-cylinder with an output of 22 hp. The track is increased to 1400 mm, and the operating weight is now 850 kg. Wheel sizes of this model are 4-14 and 7.5-20, and ground clearance is increased to 400 mm.

Unassembled equipment

Despite its small power, the Minitor Rusich T-12 is quite versatile. He can use a large number of attachments, both front and rear. And they work separately.

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Small-sized Rusich T-12

Rusich T-12 can be equipped with the following equipment:

  • rotary mower;
  • Potato mower (both regular and vibrating);
  • Rake;
  • rake;
  • Plow (single and double plow);
  • Plow with jockey wheel;
  • cultivator;
  • disposal;
  • sprayer;
  • sprinkler
  • Mill;
  • Three-phase planter.

advantages and disadvantages

Like any technique, the minitractor Rusich T-12 has its advantages and disadvantages. Many users attribute the following factors to the advantages:

  • The diesel engine, which has proven its reliability in our conditions;
  • Forced differential lock, which is very convenient when cultivating or plowing. Thanks to it it is not even necessary to put the tractor on the difficult soil.
  • A variety of attachment devices;
  • Weight;
  • Affordable cost.

And among the disadvantages, one of the most important is the poor build quality of this mini-tractor. Also, owners complain about the quality of rubber, which must be replaced after a season, a low-power engine and the absence of a planetary mechanism in the gearbox.

Small-sized Rusich T-12

Rusich T-12 is one of the most popular mini-tractors in our market due to its affordability. The price of new models ranges from 130 to 140 thousand rubles. At the same time, the complete set includes a single plow and a single plow and Soilofrez. The manufacturer’s warranty is one year.

Refined mini-tractors cost from 70 to 110 thousand rubles. However, the purchase of a used unit should be approached very responsibly, as there are many defective and low-quality goods.

Owners’ reviews

Here is what the owners of the minitractor Rusich T-12 say:

Bought potatoes for sowing and soborny. Great device. Works well with the PRLUG, Cultivator and Potato Tiller. Has proven to be a reliable unit over several years. Changed the entire drive belt and pulled a few items.

I bought it a year ago. Was very happy with it. Used mostly for gardening and yard cleaning in winter. It worked perfectly. The only thing – minus twenty, there are problems with starting.

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Small tractor Rusich

For the processing of small agricultural land is not always suitable full-fledged tractors. Here you can do with more compact equipment. For example, such as a mini tractor Rusich. This is an idea of u200bu200bt Ural production companies, made in cooperation with Chinese factories. As a matter of fact, this machine is versatile and inexpensive and has found wide application in the agricultural sector.

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Where it can be used

Given its more than modest size, the Rusich tractor is specially designed for small plots. This technique can perform the following types of work:

  • plowing;
  • cultivation;
  • spraying;
  • tillage;
  • seeding and planting;
  • spreading fertilizer;
  • removing debris from the area;
  • evaluating grass and hay;
  • snow removal.

Rusich new

Compact size determines high maneuverability of the machine, which allows working on it in small areas, such as warehouses or greenhouses.

Due to the possibility of installing additional attachments, the mini drive can be used as transport equipment and transport large and heavy loads.

It is recommended to buy it not only for individuals who have their own small agricultural plot, but also for farmers, gardeners, production and construction companies. You can also read about the tractor Kirovets K744 – technical characteristics.


The model range of these tractors is well developed. There are no frankly unsuccessful modifications, and therefore they are all in demand among domestic and foreign consumers.

One of the most popular models. Tractor Rusich T-12 is characterized by its compact size and low weight, it does not have a cab. This is the best option for private plots and small agricultural sections. Its average price is only 110-130 thousand rubles. Buying from an official dealer, you can count on a nice bonus in the form of a certain type of attachments, which comes in a set.

Russich T-12

The engine is a diesel single-cylinder 12 hp four-stroke power unit with a water cooling system. The water cooling system not only prevents the engine from overheating but also considerably reduces the noise level during its operation.

Drive Rusich T-12 Mini is equipped with a manual gearbox, which has six front and two rear gears. The volume of the fuel tank is 8 liters (possibly less, depends on the modification). Clutch – dry, friction type. Starts with the starter – electronic or mechanical.

An essential advantage of the minitractor is the availability of its planetary transmission, so without much effort it can move on a level surface and get out when stuck. Each wheel has a locking differential – the distribution of braking force positively affects the absence of slippage.

In general, it is the same T-12, only with increased productivity. The Rusich T-15 tractor has compact dimensions and moves well on difficult soils. It has a single-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine with a power of 15 hp.

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Technical advantages of the model:

  • More powerful and rugged engine;
  • high quality gears with six forward and two reverse speeds;
  • availability of differential lock function;
  • 2×4 roller formula;
  • High release ratio;
  • Dry type friction clutch;
  • Ability to install auxiliary technical equipment;
  • Electronic starter.

Minitractor Rusich model T-15 is designed to work on small agricultural plots, including household plots, cleaning the territory, transportation of goods. It is appreciated by small farmers. The tractor has proven itself as a full-fledged retirement helper.

The powerful all-wheel-drive tractor is also equipped with an advanced diesel engine with a cylinder with 18 hp. This model is designed to handle larger schemes. It is recommended to operate on areas up to 5 ha. In addition to traditional agricultural work, the machine can be used for transportation of goods, harvesting and snow removal, harvesting, etc.

Russian T-18

Tractor Rusich T-18 has water or air cooled power unit. It is equipped with a full gear with six speeds in front and two in rear. The engine is started by means of an electric starter. The maximum speed the tractor can reach is 28 kilometers per hour.

T-18 is equipped with hydraulic power steering, power selection wave, footprint counter and other useful mechanisms that significantly increase the functionality of the machinery.

An excellent option for small and medium-sized farms and agricultural films. It is also suitable for private use, if you need to handle common areas or carry solid loads. The model is well-proven in road construction.

Tractor Rusich T-21 is recommended to buy from official dealers, as in this case it can go hand in hand with the passport of the self-propelled machine. If there is no need to transplant on public roads, PSM can not exhibit – then the tractor is cheaper.

Reduce the cost of the T-21 is possible by buying a shift without the differential lock function. However, such a decision leads to a deterioration in the behavior of the machine on difficult soils.

  • The power source is a powerful and reliable three-brand Mitsubishi diesel engine. It is liquid-cooled, economical and weakly starts at critically low temperatures using an electric starter (manual start mode is retained). Maximum power is 22 hp;
  • Cycle formula – rear, 2×4;
  • The outlet is very large, 400 mm. This allows the tractor to move without problems on the most difficult and uneven terrain.
  • Transmission – eight-speed, six forward gears, two reverse;
  • Fuel consumption – 236 g/kWh;
  • Bowl system – dry, friction type with hard disc;
  • Wheels – the rear are much larger than the front.
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An important advantage that the Rusich T-21 mini-tractor has is that it meets the highest standards of environmental safety. Economical and safe diesel emits a limited amount of toxic substances into the atmosphere.

advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of tractors made in cooperation with domestic and Chinese companies are obvious. First of all, we should say about the possibility of installing a variety of attachments. This can be, for example:

  • seeders;
  • polygons;
  • potato harvesters and potato planters;
  • fertilizer spreader;
  • ploughs of any modification;
  • cultivator;
  • rake;
  • Cutter;
  • Machine;
  • mower;
  • tedder;
  • Cultivator.

Rusich with equipment

Accordingly, the Rusich mini-tractor can be turned into a universal tractor with a wide range of operations.

Among other advantages of these tractors is the price, which is the most affordable in this category of agricultural equipment. Machine operators note that the machine, built on the basis of an ordinary walking tractor, is characterized by constructive simplicity. It is also important that no spare parts can be found for it, or taken from any other tractor – the unification of spare parts is very high.

The tractor is easy to operate, maneuverable, relatively fast, and consumes little fuel. It is well acclimatized and can be started in almost all weather conditions. At the same time there are some disadvantages, for example:

  • Low weight, which allows the machine to slide on heavy floors. At the same time there is no possibility of artificial weighting;
  • Despite the fact that the tractor operates at low temperatures, it is not very comfortable to sit in the machine without a cab in severe frosts.
  • On some models there is no differential lock, and for a tractor with this feature will have to pay much more.

In general, the line of models “Rusich” enjoys the well-deserved respect of Russian consumers. To date, there is no full-fledged alternative to these compact and reliable tractors.

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