Miniator Kentavr T 20. review, characteristics, manual

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Minitractors of the Centaur model area are compact and very easy to use. They are quite sturdy and durable. All models consist of high line materials, have different speeds, are easy to start with buttons or electric starter and easy to check.

All models have a stable chassis, comfortable bikes that can be doubled if necessary. This gives the mini – tractors a high cross-country ability, which is important in the conditions of work in the open field.

All models are equipped with hydraulics, which makes it easy to perform tasks with attached equipment.

Despite the positive properties, the motor tractor has different reviews. It is liked by many, but there are buyers who expect more from it.

Tractors perform many functions with little maintenance costs. Carefully study the instruction manual when using the units.

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The lineup includes the following brands of mini tractors:

The selection of tractors is significant, so buyers can choose the right one at any time. Take a look at the most popular models of mini – tractors, which have proven themselves on the positive side.

Owners reviews

Ivan Andreevich, Sumy:

“Ordered the model T 18D through the Internet. Picked up from the region. In general the car pleases me, but there are some bugs!

The drawbacks are as follows: incomplete season in the spring and summer, and flew drive belts. Also, had to take the cutter to service because there was no gear hitch. The reason was a defect in the alignment of the belt drives, which were restored without charge, as the minitractor was under warranty, and I really liked it.

There are pluses: power, maneuverability, speed. The phrases now work. This season I’ve already cleaned up on the farm, clearing snow in the winter with a small blade. “

T-18 Tractor Properties.

The T-18 contender with a low-power engine was originally created for agricultural work. It was used for tillage with a radius of 2 hectares. The tractor has a strong chassis and good traction data. This quality allows it to absorb vehicles or other mobile products weighing up to 2 tons. It is able to lift loads up to 150 kg thanks to the hydraulics of the two tongs.

T-18 became the basis for the creation of four more models of mini-tractors. Simple operation of T-18B is perfectly combined with front and rear attachments. This was facilitated by hydraulics with a powerful gear pump.

BTZ T-18

The upgraded model of mini-tractor is T-18C. According to the parameters it is largely similar to the previous tractor, but differs in design. The components with high service life are used in the assembly.

In the T-18D tractor, the frame was strengthened, so that the machine itself selects the desired track width. The T-18E unit was designed to work on areas with difficult terrain. It differed from its predecessors by robust drive belts and type of hydraulic system. Thanks to such hydraulics, even on uneven surfaces, the trench depth remains unchanged.

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There are both positive and negative reviews about the mini-tractor T-18 Kentavr. Much depends on what owner it was used and for what works was purchased.

Equipment without mounting

Most often the model is used with the following additional attachments:

  1. Plow.
  2. Cultivator.
  3. Harrow.
  4. Active tiller.
  5. Potato digger.
  6. Potato digger.
  7. Various sprayers.
  8. Frontal litter.
  9. Helper.
  10. sprayer.
  11. haymaker.
  12. Mower.

Characteristics of the tractor T-15

Let’s consider a mini-tractor Kentavr T-15. The main value of this model – engine R195N (NM) of 15 hp. The engine is very durable and very resistant to temperature changes and high humidity. Thanks to the liquid cooling of the engine, the mini-tractor copes with its tasks and works continuously for 10 hours.

The engine is four-stroke and runs on diesel fuel. At low speeds, the machine starts perfectly with traction. The fuel is very economical, and no toxic substances are emitted with the exhaust gases. Another plus is the silent operation of the unit.

About the T-15 Centaur Min and Tritor. Reviews are different. The engine is fully consistent with the manufacturer’s description: powerful and economical. The starter starts with the first time. Thanks to the hydraulics, it is easy to lift a heavy cutter.

The set includes a plow for plowing the land, which sometimes buries itself in the ground during work, so you can use the hydraulic control handle to lift it. Of the disadvantages, you should note the twisting and unreliability of the belt. Under a small charge, it sometimes flies off, then you need to fix an additional roller.

Choosing a tractor for walking

From the important parameters for these devices, it is worth highlighting:

  • Cost and manufacturer.
  • The size of the plow (if a mini-tractor drive is used to plow the soil).
  • Variety of engine use.
  • Weight.
  • The level of power.

Performance. One of the most important parameters, since the power and strength of the mini – tractor directly depends on the power of the engine. The more aggressive and heavier the transport load, the more powerful the engine is needed for the walk.

Weight. When a homemade mini-drive is used to plow the land, the weight of the walking tractor is a critical parameter. A determining point is the type of cultivated land: on hard types of soil, you should not choose too skid steer, otherwise the minitractor will not cope with its purpose.

Although gasoline power tillers are much smoother, the diesel engine wins in terms of efficiency: it has stable revolutions and increments. It is the diesel engine that will cope better with heavy soils and large areas.

In any case, the heavier the power tiller, the better the performance data of the future mini-drive.

Price and manufacturer. If possible, it is better to choose the products of companies that have been on the market for a long time. If financial opportunities are limited, you can do with cheaper analogues. Russian products will also be the best option for most.

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Chinese motor blocks

These are mainly copies of Russian models. The cost is lower due to lower resources for production and savings on materials. This somewhat negatively affects the final quality of the product.

At the same time functionality is no different from the Russian modbots. Recently, there have appeared products of acceptable quality, although they are still far from their Russian counterparts. Popular Chinese power tillers include models Bison, Farmer, Centaur, Forte, Aurora, Zirka and others.

Russian products

Optimal solution with a reasonable price. Popular among buyers are motor blocks with belt transmission or gearbox with the possibility to include torque to the snow discriminator, chopper mill or rotary tedder. In any case, the process is not complete without the involvement of a special belt.

A special feature of our developments is the simple design of the coupling system. Of the maintenance procedures, only belt replacement remains. Even Soviet engineers developed the reducer, which is recognized as one of the most successful on the market. Professional engines from foreign manufacturers are used. The units are functional, reliable.

Popular Russian motor blocks:

Features of T-24, T-20, T-220 models

Mini actuator T-24 – a model from the series of small-sized devices, which is charged with the task of processing 6 acres. The Mini Actuator moves heavy loads, mows the grass, harvests, sows, etc. This equipment can be used for almost any job. Thanks to its small size, it can easily be stored in a garage or other room with a small area.

The machine engine is four-stroke and runs on diesel fuel, which makes the machine very economical due to its low fuel consumption. The water-cooled engine protects the unit even in very hot weather. The engine is started manually and with an electric starter. The speed is instantly adjustable thanks to the control point. The tractor has a very handy function – manual throttle. It frees the driver from having to keep his feet on the gas pedal to keep the speed at the same level.

BTZ T-24

The T-24 tractor is a multifunctional machine. It can work with many attachments that cost much less than for larger units. The reliability of the machine is provided by large wheels, which makes it passable and more maneuverable.

Consider the mini-tractor “Centaur” T-20. This model appeared in the series line of “Kentavr” equipment in 2020. The designers added power to the machine and strengthened the driving axle. Due to this, the weight of the equipment increased, which provides safety when working with assembly equipment. As a tractor, the unit can carry a trailer weighing 1,5-1,7 tons.

As on all models of the Centaur, the T-20 is equipped with a Japanese Kama engine. It has proven itself as a powerful, rugged, durable and economical engine. It is also handy and the control gear, which can vary in width from 900 to 1200 mm.

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Mini-tractor T-220 Centual is a fairly powerful machine designed to perform earthmoving, harvesting, trucking, plantation maintenance and other work. The tractor owner can purchase a hub as an accessory to change the size of the track. This purchase costs a little more, about $70 of the basic cost. The installed engine has two cylinders, which provide a power of 22 hp. An important feature is the presence of an electric starter, which plays an important role in starting the engine in low air temperatures.

Owner’s Manual

This document should be studied by all new owners of the Centaur mini-stepper in order to understand its technical characteristics and operating principle.

Instructions for First Loading and Start-up a- v-v

The key to the long-term operation of Centaur mini-tractors is a proper first start. The machine should be assembled clearly according to the requirements of the instruction manual.

Then add oil and fuel! Many owners forget this.

  • During the first 8 hours, the tractor should run the engine sparingly. This is to ensure that the engine parts are lubricated on all sides and fit into the appropriate grooves.
  • It is recommended to do this by driving with an empty trailer or using a cutter to a depth of 5 cm.
  • Some salons offer special machines in automatic mode.
  • After this, the oil must be changed, as it contains a large amount of mechanical contaminants that can damage the Mini Treaty Centaur during further operation.


If you do not plan to use the Mini Treaty Centaur for 2 months or more, it is recommended to mothball the machine. To do this it is necessary to:

  1. Drain the oil and fuel (during this period, moisture will get into it anyway and it will become unusable).
  2. Disconnect the wires from the spark plugs,
  3. Lubricate the pinion gear (to prevent jamming),
  4. Shelter the vehicle from sunlight, in a dry place (to prevent corrosion).


Centaur tractors are unpretentious at home.

  • Before leaving, you should visually check the condition of the “Centaur” redator, check the operation of the steering and braking system, make sure the fuel and oil are available.
  • It is recommended to change the engine oil every 100 runs. The manufacturer recommends using M-10G2 as a replacement.
  • Transmission oil should be changed once before spring work or after 1,000 hours of operation. TAP-15V is recommended.
  • Centaur Minors are. An important factor in maintaining their performance is the use of high quality and fresh diesel fuel.
  • You should also regularly check the condition of the spark plugs, fuel and air filters, tires, etc.

Major malfunctions and repairs

Repair of mini centaur drivers may cause difficulties for some owners, although the main malfunctions are easily eliminated independently:

If the hydraulic system of the mini-tractor does not increase the binder:
  • The oil level may have dropped (it needs to be topped up);
  • Hydraulic pump has been switched off (switch it on);
  • The hydraulic safety valve is frozen (crush and clean the valve).
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If the engine is running erratically, here are possible causes:
  • Fuel level has dropped below the minimum mark (need to add).
  • Riemendehnung (needs to be properly installed);
  • Fuel filter or air filter clogged (clean);
  • Carburetor clogged due to dirt (must be disassembled, flushed and cleaned);
  • Problems with the ignition system (spark plug has sagged or gone bad).
If the brakes are not working:
  • The loose pedal hub has increased (adjust its position);
  • The brake disc or pad is worn out (replace the appropriate parts).
If gear overheats:
  • Small gear or bearing (adjust);
  • Lack of oil or poor oil quality (add the proper oil level suitable for the model);
If starter does not work:
  • Broken or poor wire contact (seal or clamp);
  • Weak load on battery (charging);
  • Short circuit (clean manifold surface or replace brushes);
  • Poor contact of magnetic switch (turn switch 2-3 turns).

Review of T-24 and T-244 models

The most powerful of all the machines presented are the T-24 and T-244 Centaur tractors. They are equipped with a hydraulic package and two cylinders with hydraulic output. The engine consists of a four-stroke, which produces 24 hp. The machine has all four cycles.

The T-24 Centaur is easily coordinated with the transportation of cargo weighing 3 tons. The width of the route can be easily set. This feature allows the tractor to work on fields of different sizes. Shifting the rear wheels changes the route size in one direction by 20 cm. Engine fluid cooling (water), which allows you to operate the device without stopping for several hours.

BTZ T-224

Minitor Kentavr T-224 reviews are good. Very budget equipment justifies the price-performance ratio. The only thing you can add is a cargo ballast to improve solidity on an uneven floor.

Kentavr 1081 D reviews are positive. The unit handles any ground surface. Various folding attachments can be purchased for this purpose. The only drawback is the small fuel tank, which needs to be regularly added fuel.

Minitor Centaur T 20. review, characteristics, features of operation

We recommend: 100%



Centaur T20

Centaur T 20 The most powerful model under the machines with a single clutch clutch system in the family of Mini applications. It is equipped with a 20 hp diesel engine which consumes much less fuel than a petrol engine.

The Centaur T 20 successfully combines several technical features:

  • This model has a rear bicycle turret;
  • The hydraulics have 3 positions;
  • The track width can be set in the range of 100-120 cm.
  • The increased traction is excellent when working on a wet floor.
  • Thanks to the improved electric steel, you can start the engine the first time, even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • The frame and drive axle have also been reinforced to withstand heavy loads.

Technical Data

Application features

The T20 Centaur mini tractor is one of the most popular models under the machines of the Brest Tractor Works.

It is compatible with a wide range of attachments: plow, tiller, harrow, cultivator, mower, hanger, snow blower, arithmometer, etc.

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Some fasteners can be obtained as a gift with the purchase. Most often offered is a tiller or plow.

Before going to work, owners of the T20 Centaur should check the fuel and oil in the appropriate items, make sure the steering and braking systems are needed.

Owner’s Manual

Before using the T20 Centaur mini-drive, you should study the owner’s manual. This will help you understand the design of the machine and become familiar with the technical features, your skills, and maintenance practices.

After assembling the T20 mini-tractor, it is necessary to run the engine. This usually takes about 8 hours. Routine y-in involves using the mini-tractor with minimal performance, so that the engine parts are lubricated and stand in proper grooves.

The following video shows the process of performing mini-tractor alignment in automatic mode:

It should be noted that it is forbidden to use the mini-tractor to transport people (it is acceptable for the presence of the operator in a seated position).


In the Kentavr T20 mini-tractor, the drive is located in the upper part, which allows excessive prevention of dirt and dust in this part, as well as significantly prolongs the life of this mechanism.

This mini-tractor has all the necessary equipment and lighting equipment needed to move on common street roads.

The manufacturer has provided a special design of the belt system, which makes it possible to significantly increase their service life without interruption. And the cutters are powered by a double chain.


Centaur T20

Mini T20 Centaur tractors are built to last. However, they require constant maintenance.

  • Periodic inspection and cleaning of the air filters, checking the condition of the spark plugs and changing the oil are essential.
  • Only fuel should be filled, otherwise the filters or, in the worst case, the carburetor will have to be disassembled and cleaned.
  • You must periodically clean the body of the mini-planner from dust and oil stains, check the pressure in the tires, and adjust the clutch and brake pedals every 50-100 hours of work.
  • At the end of field work, preservation is carried out, namely, the tractor is cleaned of environmental pollution, dried, drained of water and fuel, lubricated to prevent the formation of corrosion, covered and placed in a dry place.

Owners reviews

Here’s what the owners of T20 Centuals Mini Tractors say on the forums:


Bought it a year ago. Then it was a novelty. I was attracted by the diesel engine. Buying expensive equipment, it is better to count on long-term operation. And the diesel is much more profitable and reliable than gasoline. Immediately I bought a simple task: a cutter, an ocupler and a trailer. I have no criticism as to the operation. It moves without any problems, though my weight of 650 kg seems insignificant for a mini-vector. When milling, you can adjust the track width to the size of ridges, which is undoubtedly a plus. I have loaded the trailer with a ton of weight, and I have not noticed any problems with traction.

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