Mini-tractors “Stavropolets”. Overview of the series, properties

Characteristics and model range of mini-tractors “Stavropolets

Automation greatly facilitates the hard work of farmers and allows you to increase yields. And if a cultivator or crawler tractor is enough on a small plot, then the owners of farms and large dacha plots will be useful to consider the main characteristics and the model range of mini-tractors “Stavropollets”.


Products of the brand “Stavropolets” are made in Russia from parts and assemblies imported from China. Due to the fact that most of the components are made in China, the device in question has a relatively low price with relatively high quality and reliability. The operation of these mini-tractors is also cheaper compared to competitors, in particular, they consume significantly less fuel. Most models have an ergonomic design.

A notable advantage of TM “Stavropolets” products is that at the design stage they are adapted to climatic conditions typical of Russia and other CIS countries. All tractors are equipped with electric starter.


The most popular on the Russian market are the following mini-tractors.

  • “Stavropolets-130” is a simple budget model for relatively small plots (up to 5 hectares). It is equipped with a diesel engine with 13 “horses” and a four-speed gearbox.
  • “Stavropolets-150” is a model with a 15-horsepower engine. C. and a gearbox with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • “Stavropolets-160” – a variant of the previous tractor with a 16-hp engine. With liquid cooling. Separate PTO allows the use of more modern attachments. The transmission has 4 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • “Stavropolets T-15” is a modernization of the previous version with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • “Stavropolets ST-180” differs from the model “ST-160” by the engine with 18 “horses”, track adjustment system and locking rear differential.
  • “Stavropolets HT220V” is a tractor with a powerful (22 hp) diesel engine and a planetary gearbox with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a reinforced forced differential lock of the rear axle.
  • “Stavropolets-244C” is one of the most powerful modifications (24 hp) and is equipped with a comfortable cab.
  • “Stavropolets 354” – the most powerful mini-tractor from the company with an engine of 35 hp. S. and power steering. It is possible to install a cabin.

operating tips

Before using the power tool for the first time it is necessary to run it in. The power tool should be run-in at a slow and economical speed for at least 10 hours. When the running-in period is complete, the engine oil in the machine should be changed. During further operation the engine oil must be changed every 250 hours of operation. The material used must conform to SAE 10W-40. It is recommended to change lubricant in gearbox every 500 hours of machine operation. Manufacturer recommends using Marco

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Y 85W-90 GL-5.

  • In addition to oil changes, regular preventive maintenance should include: Also include:
  • о

cleaning of dirt at the end of work;

checking the air pressure in the tires.

  • Proper preservation will be the key to keeping the machine safe in winter. For this purpose it is necessary to place the tractor in a roofed room, drain fuel and oil, thoroughly clean it from moisture and harmful substances, and also dismantle spark plugs and the battery.
  • In case of possible malfunctions the first thing to check is:
  • the quality of fuel used and the oil level in the engine and transmission;
  • no visible damage in the fuel system;
  • condition of the spark plugs and wires of the ignition system;
  • condition of fasteners (are the bolts rotated);

absence of torque belt switches;

  • Correctness of adjustment of the carburetor.
  • Separately, it is worth considering the peculiarities of selecting a decomposer shovel. The following classes of this equipment are currently available on the Russian market:
  • Junk copies of Chinese production – are characterized by low price and a large number of disadvantages, such as small width, no or weak protection from obstacles, poor quality of coverage;

Wraps made in the USA (especially Warn) – at a high price have excellent quality, large width, powerful blades and convenient system of quick installation.

  • Russian products Atvstar – are analogous to the Americans at a lower cost.
  • When choosing this item, pay attention to its type. According to the method of attachment junk copies are divided into the following types.

Rosper – Inexpensive and simple options that can be used for clearing snow and debris, as well as loosening the soil. Their main disadvantage is that you can only work with them in the opposite direction.

Installed in the front, which are usually equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and have significantly more power.

In any case, before buying an attachment, it is necessary to check with the seller whether his attachment system is suitable for your tractor.

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Most owners of mini-tractors Stavropol note their relatively low price, high reliability, good assembly, a wide range of attachments compatible with this technique, and low engine noise. Many owners of these units note the real technical characteristics (mainly power), unlike many other products from China, as stated in the technical data sheet. Also as advantages in the reviews mention the ability to work this equipment with high cross-country and ease of maintenance.

As the main drawback of most models (except 244 c and 354) the authors of reviews note a high level of vibration, caused by the lack of the cab and some other technical solutions.

Rating of one of the models in the following video.

The information is provided for reference purposes. When building, be sure to consult with a specialist.

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Checking the model range of Min and tractors Stavropol. Properties, attachments, instructions

Stavropol Minitractor is available in several market segments. Most components are manufactured in China, and in Russia they are combined with large components and assembly of the whole unit.

Modern minitractors combine the manufacturer’s experience, innovations in the market of small garden equipment and desires of consumers.

Mini-tractors have been developed taking into account climatic and landscape features of these countries for use in the CIS countries.

  1. Only parts and components of high quality are used in the assembly of the Stavropol i-Actractor. The manufacturer controls the quality of the devices at every production level, thanks to which the Min i-Actractor can handle its tasks for a long time without failures.
  2. The distinctive features of the Min i-Actractor can be described as follows:
  3. External ergonomics;
  4. Efficiency in the company;

High technical characteristics;

Minimum number of breakdowns.

Installation Mini-Actuator Stavropol includes several models, each with its own features. Below you will find an overview of individual ones.

List Overview

Roses over ...

Stavropol 130.

  • This is a small machine, which is designed to work on small agricultural causes with a total area of up to 5 hectares. The model 130 is equipped with a 13 hp diesel engine and a 4-speed control unit.
  • The operator’s stool is made of soft fabric, which makes driving as comfortable as possible. Simplicity, reliability, maneuverability and a wide range of works performed by the Stavropolets 130 mini excavator are characteristic of many small farmers.

Improved brakes have been installed on this model, which provides full control over the machine’s movement.

The Stavropolets 130 mini grader has an active soil grader.

Stavropolets 160.


  • This mini grader is equipped with a 16 hp diesel engine. In order to avoid overheating of the engine, liquid cooling is installed.
  • The projected equipment of Stavropol 160 mini-tractor is directly connected to the power wave, so you can control the speed of coupling.

This mini-tractor is equipped with a 4 × 2 drive, which is enough for daily field work.

To improve the cross-country capability of the Stavropol 160 mini-tractor, high-profile wheels are installed. The size of the front tires is 4 × 12, and the rear tires are 6.5 × 16.

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Stavropolets 130 small tractor

  • Stavropol 244.
  • Thanks to the 24-horsepower three-cylinder engine, this machine is designed to work on agricultural plots of up to 50 hectares.
  • With the all-grain drive of the Stavropol 244 mini-tractor, you will be able to control the device on all floors.

A steerable power steering is installed to facilitate steering.

The weight of the Stavropol 244 is 1460 kg.

Small tractor Stavropolets 160

  • Stavropol 354
  • This is the most powerful representative of the line of minitractors Stavropol. It has an engine of 35 hp. The engine is powered by an electric starter.
  • Maneuverability of the device is achieved due to the compact size, all-wheel drive and power steering.
Minitor Centaur T 15 - Description and properties

The maximum load capacity of the hydraulic pump is 500 kg.

Two models of the 354 are available with or without a cabin.


Due to the ability to automate agricultural processes with the help of attachments, Stavropol minitractors have achieved great popularity:

This attachment is used to increase fertility by turning over topsoil.

Soil tiller 1GQN-80.

Used to shred the remaining blocks after sanding the floor.

  • This is a variation of the mills, only instead of blades they have metal plates with gapes that not only build up the bottom layer of soil, but also grind them up right away.

Feldbowler KU-1,6 Universal cultivator KU 3,2U


This attachment is used to position beds before planting crops.

If you need to turn over the top layer of virgin or stony land, you cannot do without a plow. Several ploughs can be used at the same time to increase the area covered.

PN 225 plough 1LF-225 plough

This attachment is used when it is necessary to transport a load over a long distance. Choose a trailer based on the load to be transported. If it is whistles, it is better to use a long 4-wheeled cart, if it is hay, it is better to use a self-living trailer.

Small tractor Stavropolets 244 with cabin

Rotary mowers are used when making hay in rural areas and keeping park areas tidy.

  • After the grain is weeded, you can attach the rake to the min and-Actor Stavropol.

DTZ-2V (vibratory) Potato Rake 2CMC

Potato harvesters and potato diggers

If necessary to automate work with potatoes to the mini-hoehoe is connected potato digger (for digging) and potato digger (for seeding).

This attachment equipment is mainly used by utilities when it is necessary to remove a layer of snow over a distance of more than 10 meters.

Potato diggers are used to clear roads in the winter.

We present you a video review of tillage with an active tiller and min and-Actor Stavropol:

User’s Manual

First run-in and running-in

At the first start-up add engine oil and diesel fuel, then proceed to the running-in. This procedure involves using the min and tractor Stavropolets with a third of the maximum power. This is necessary for quality lubrication of all engine components. Running-in should take about 10 mo. Then change the oil.

  • Preservation
  • Every owner of a mini vector staple needs to know how to mothball it:
  • Drive it into a covered area (garage);
  • Drain the engine oil and fuel;
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Clean off dust and dirt;

Remove the battery and spark plugs.


To lubricate the mini-drive engine, oil with an SAE classification of 10W-40 should be used. Lubricant should be changed every 250 operating hours.

Engine oil 10W-40 Gear oil 85W-90 GL-5

For transmissions, it is best to use 85W-90 GL-5 oil. This unit should be replaced after 500 hours of operation.

fuel requirements

Most models of mini power plants are Stavropol diesel, and for their reliable operation, you should pour clean and fresh diesel fuel, which should not contain abrasive particles, dirt or deposits.

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  1. Main malfunctions and repairs
  2. If the minitractor does not start, the following malfunctions can be eliminated by yourself:
  3. Check the presence and quality of gasoline;
  4. Check that the fuel system is in good condition;
Check the condition of the spark plugs, the connection of electrodes to them and the entire starting system.
  1. Adjust the fuel mixture settings in the carburetor.
  2. If there is significant vibration coming from mini-vector:
  3. Low quality diesel fuel;
  4. improperly rated lubricant; – improperly rated lubricant;
  5. Loose bolt;
  6. Improperly assembled fasteners;
  7. Carburetor malfunctions;

Worn drive belts;

Run out of contacts in spark plug.

Performance video review

Mini vectra Stavropol delivery video review:

Owner Reviews

Below you will find several reviews of this technology:


“Dragged from the heart with a manual tractor, although the area is not large, but physically exhausting. I needed an inexpensive four-wheeled helper. And “Stavropolets 130” seemed to me an ideal option for the price and characteristics. Now I do all my work sitting down. At first I didn’t notice it (because I was happy), but now the trembling became noticeable. It’s easy to wait for timely oil changes and gear lubrication.

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