Mini tractors Scout. Overview of the model range, properties, test reports

Mini tractors Scout. Overview of the model range, properties, attachments, instructions

Garden Scout Machinery Co. Ltd. is a company that produces machines for agricultural and municipal needs. Community products come to the Russian market – Chinese spare parts and Russian assembly. In a way, this is a winning combination, since the equipment is relatively cheap with consistently high quality.


The Scout company presents its products in many cities in Russia. Thanks to a large selection of work equipment and attachments, farmers can do various work on their construction site quickly and efficiently.

The deserved demand for products have several reasons:

  • Competitive product costs.
  • The delivery package is compiled at the buyer’s request, i.e. other components and assemblies are compiled.
  • The technology is a product of experience and modern progress and can therefore outperform known analogues in some respects.
  • Accessories are presented in a wide range.

The preparation

Sawer T-12

The SCOUT T12 mini tractor is a small but completely adapted device adapted to heavy field conditions.

Minitor Scout T-12

  • Single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with 12 hp. is able to ensure hig h-quality processing of areas up to 1 hectare.
  • Starting is via an electrical starter that is charged from a conventional car battery. The presence of 3 forwards and 1 reverse gear enables maneuvering. In addition, the mini tractor can accelerate up to 17 km/h.
Technical characteristics
engine R195ndl
perfomance 12 PS
gear (3 + 1) × 2
weight 410 kg
Cutting width 100cm

Sawer T-15

The SCOUT T15 mini tractor is equipped with a 15 hp engine that is perfect for processing a parcel of up to 1 hectare. The design includes the use of extensions in order to carry out different work not only on the site, but also in the adjacent area.

Minitor Scout T-15

The model can also be used by supply companies. The increase in terrain was achieved by a significant gear shift and simultaneous blocking of two wheels. As an advantage, you can highlight the axle adjustment, thanks to which it is possible to edit rows with different widths.

Technical characteristics
Engine: XT-15
Perfomance: 15PS
Gear: (3 + 1) × 2
Weight: 540 kilograms
Miss width: 120cm
Warranty: 2 years

Scout T-18

The mini tractor Scout T-18 has not only gained the experience of recent years, but also modern achievements that are reflected in its technical skills.

Minitor Scout T-18

  • A powerful fou r-stroke engine, a precise operation of the gear and a hydraulic distributor with three positions are not all the advantages of the model presented.
  • You can use both water and special formulations for liquid cooling.
  • Attractive external design goes well with simple operation and an ergonomically equipped driver’s seat. Large bikes with a ribbed profile can cope perfectly in the area.
Technical characteristics
Engine: ZS1115
Perfomance: 18 PS
Gear: (3 + 1) × 2
Weight: 690 kilos
Miss width: 120cm
Warranty: 2 years

Sawer T-25

The Scout T-25 Minibrater is one of the most powerful cars because it is installed with 24 hp. It can not only be used for agricultural work, but also for community needs.

Minitor Scout T-25

  • The engine can be started with a manual starter and an electric starter.
  • The model has no opposite, but the gearbox has 6 speeds forward and 2 back.
  • The tractor is at the rear wheel drive, while the track guards are widely set.

It is possible to connect a hinge device that can come not only from a related manufacturer, but also from other companies. A simple design that offers a quick repair without the help of a service center has found many fans among Russian consumers.

Technical characteristics
Engine: CL 25
Perfomance: 24 PS
Gear: (3 + 1) × 2
Weight: 790 kg
Miss width: 140 cm
Warranty: 2 years
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Types of connected devices

Minitors are usually equipped with Soilofreza, but the following attachments can be installed on it:

  • The brush is designed for the implementation of service programs in the courtyards.
  • Hydraulic dumping – necessary to clean the territory from the snow.
  • Snowman is a special device that makes snow cleaning easier.
  • With the plow, the single hobby and two house failur e-it makes it possible for you to plow a very dense floor quickly and effectively.
  • Voroshilka is used to turn hay.
  • Potato – residents – facilitates planting potatoes.
  • Triple Hillock – Huddles series, gently crush the floor.
  • Potat o-De s-tan k-t a-tan k-it makes it possible for you to harvest potatoes quickly.
  • A set for now and hilling.
  • A seeder – facilitates and accelerates seeds into the ground.
  • Garlic steam bath.
  • Cultivists – enables you to process the soil easily and quickly.
  • The trailer – the loa d-bearing capacity depends on the skills of the mini vector.
  • Rotor mower – makes mowing grass and grain plants easier.
  • Ranble – There are different ways: for turning and collecting mowing grass.

Shovel of the dumps for a mini vector 2.0-SC-plow-double hobby bomet 2-25 potato tanker DTZ KS-3 potato cutters for a 4UD-1 mini-cutter set for weeds and kidnappers plow PL-1330-trailer scout 1500 for a mini vertical light for garlic with two rows of anti-stored soil 120 rotor red scout BRM-80 brush smooth scout FB-130 triple highoponer for a minitaire

Comparison of minitors scout and fighters

If you focus on the technical properties of the T-15 models of the manufacturers presented, a certain similarity can be determined. A similar electricity unit and an external structure.

Both models have a mult i-disc coupling and a powerful hydraulic system. Thanks to the unification of spare parts, models can be easily repaired.


It is desirable to carry out all the new min i-actractors purchased, and if the machine has not been operated for a long time. The entire procedure for executing a lot does not take much time, but after completion you will be sure that the Mini actionor is ready. In its implementation, all parts are developed and lubricated. Below you will find an approximate plan for runnin g-in:

  1. Perform the engine and let it work at medium and low speed. Increase the speed after 5-10 minutes. However, you cannot leave the engine too high speeds.
  2. Perform an inspection while the engine works. This is necessary to identify possible leaks of liquid, oil or air in good time. Check whether the sensors and devices work.
  3. Follow the patch for 7 minutes. The introduction will be completed after 20-30 minutes.
  4. When you hear vibrations and noises, don’t worry because you will pass all the processes and manipulations and after changing the oil.

  • The tractor comes to the buyer with oil in production. After completing the enema, this oil is drained and a GL-4 or GL-5 (TM-4 or TM-5 TM-5) with semi-synthetic oil. It is recommended to choose the SAE80W90 oil species.
  • Mechanisms that work on the basis of hydraulics are used by medium-sized viscosity oils-4A or MG-10A.
  • In the cooling system it is necessary to water frost protection or antifreeze.

After completing the procedure, the following actions must be carried out:

  1. Replace all used oils.
  2. Lubricate the reels that have the greatest wear.
  3. Check whether the fuel filter is clean. If necessary, then replace.
  4. Clean the air filter.
  5. Drain the coolant and rinse the system out.
  6. Feel the reliability of all brackets.
  7. To ensure that pedals have a free step.
  8. Lubricate all the knots, especially in places heavy wear.
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The main disorders

  1. The engine will not start
    • If the engine does not start, you have to pour the heated water into the cooler.
    • If the fuel does not arrive, then warm up.
    • When air or water is in the fuel supply, wash the fuel tank and replace the fuel.
    • The nozzle is blocked – you can rinse the nozzle, configure or replace.
  2. The following problems require the exchange of parts or their r e-assignment:
    • Full and partially wear of the piston or the sockets;
    • The cylinder is deformed;
    • Damaged piston rings, pistons or cylinder sleeves;
    • Inadequate valve seal;
    • Unsigned valve pieces.
  3. Low engine power and does not grow
    • Perhaps the fuel filter is blocked and must be cleaned or replaced.
    • Free stroke of the fuel injection staff.
    • Incorrect injector.
    • Weak compression in the cylinder.
  4. Malfunctions in the lubrication system
    • Small oil level, so you have to add if necessary.
    • The absorption tube clogged.
    • The air scored an oil wire channel.
    • A large gap in the oil pump.
    • The oil filter clogged.

You can find out more about all malfunctions and methods of your elimination in the instructions or according to Link.

Video review

The video check presented shows the convenience of using the Mini Vector Scout Garden T12 in winter

Below you will find a video review of the mini vector scout T-15

The video review clearly shows how plowing the virgin floor on the minibrator Scout T 25 appears

Reviews of the owners

In the forums you can see how many different impressions of the owners of Scout technology. However, the majority agree that the Chinese manufacturer showed the best side because he managed to combine good quality and low costs.


I bought a Scout T12 a year ago and was satisfied with the purchase. There were no global collapse during operation, only minor repairs. The hydraulic lifting mechanism is very convenient, which works better than simple mechanics. The Mini actionor has become a convenient and economic assistant for my website in 1 hectare.


I worked on the Min i-Actractor Scout T15 and found that I bought it in vain. It has to be changed in almost everything. Therefore, this is only suitable for those who can repair such devices. Rubber burst after 164 working hours. The fuel supply hose and the diesel fuel are just dripped. Only the grinding cutter delivers in the kit, so I bought the Cigns. Sorry for the money issued.


For a long time he was looking for a mini drive and couldn’t make up his mind. I read about the Scout T 25 model on the forum and decided to buy it. Turns out he did the right thing. It’s easy to control and work on bottoming, even if it doesn’t lack steerable hydraulic power steering. There are no strange sounds, but you have to get used to the checkpoint. I bought a double plow which turned up with almost no problems.


We bought two Minitrater Scout T25 for utility use due to suitable features and relatively low cost. It was planned to use machines to clean the territory of the yards, and they completely acquitted the hopes assigned. They practically do not break, and the planned repair work was carried out by our mechanics. In winter they started and worked perfectly.

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If you are the owner of Scout Minitator, we invite you to leave your review on our web magazine.

Scout mini-applications: advantages and disadvantages, list

Mini-tractors are considered the best assistant in farming, since it is a medium-sized and universal device that allows you to carry out plowing of fields, harvesting and cleaning the territory. To date, the market has been represented by various types of technologies, but the SKOUT mini ridges are especially popular with landowners. They are a middle link between an engine block and a heavy tractor, which is convenient to use and allows us to greatly simplify the workflow both in the country and on farms.


The Scout Mini drive is made by the Chinese manufacturer under the license of the famous American brand. This technique is characterized by high quality, since its assembly is carried out using modern technologies. Such units are represented by various models, while medium-power devices are in great demand on the Russian market. They are ideal for performing various farming tasks as they are compatible with 50 types of attachments. Thanks to multifunctionality, Mini-Actractors can be used not only in the fields, but also in construction, landscape design and municipal industry.

advantages and disadvantages

Mini-Actractors produced by the Scout brand appeared recently, but have successfully proven themselves on the market as reliable and universal equipment. The popularity for these units is explained by the following advantages:

  • Compactness;
  • little weight;
  • high maneuverability;
  • simplicity in management;
  • economical fuel consumption;

  • easy maintenance and repair;
  • the ability to use in the home and in agricultural films;
  • good performance;
  • Available Cost.

In addition, all modifications have a fuel filter element, which increases the life of the mechanisms. As for the shortcomings, they are not, except for the dependence of the price on the dollar.

models and their properties

The Chinese manufacturer is constantly replenishing the model range with new samples of technology, which differ not only in design, but also in technical features. Therefore, before giving preference to a particular change, it is important to consider its purpose and characteristics. The most popular models of the mini drive are considered as follows.

Sawer T-15

This device is equipped with an open cabin, but if desired, a small canopy can be installed on the device to protect the operator from the sun and rain. The tractor is ideal for agriculture and facilitates soil processing, sowing and harvest. The manufacturer supplemented the design with a manometer controller and an instrument panel that houses a operating hour counter, a coolant thermometer, an amperemeter and an oil pressure sensor. Thanks to high ground clearance, improved undercarriage and base frames, this is a passage device that makes the tractor pass perfectly even in difficult terrain.

The manufacturer completes this model with a motor of the brands S1100 or XT-15, its power is 15 hp. With. The engine is started with an electrical starter, while the modification also provides for an additional start with a special Z-shaped handle. The tractor consumes little fuel during operation, the tank volume is large and designed for 12 liters of diesel. The length of the device does not exceed 2.1 m, its weight is 498 kg. The main difference of this model is the high load capacity of up to 1200 kg.

Scout T-18

The equipment is manufactured with a powerful four-stroke ZS1115 engine, a hydraulic three-way divider and a high-quality gear. The productivity of the unit is 18 l. S, weight 690 kg, cutting width 120 cm The main advantage of the model is that both special compositions and normal water may be used as liquid cooling. The wheel formula in the mini tractor is 4×4, so it is comfortable to use and can easily cope with the area. The tractor is perfectly combined with attachments and is therefore often used to now use beds, to process seedlings, to irrigate the garden and to clean the territory.

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The device can either be started with an electrical or manual starter. The size of the device without attachments is 2500 × 1250 × 1400 mm. The drive from the engine is shown by two B3300 V-belts, which are constantly in a tense position. The clutch is a tw o-disc coupling, the load capacity system in the execution is doubl e-sided hydraulic. In addition, this model offers a lighting system in the form of headlights and signaling.

Sawer T-22

This modification has the best technical properties because the diesel engine for garden minitractors is set to a strong 20 hp. With. The tractor has four positions for attachments: lowering, lifting, fixing and “weightlessness”. The device is sold in the basic equipment with floor cutters with a working width of 140 cm, the distance between the wheels can be set in the range of 110 to 140 cm, and the design is also supplemented by a comfortable seat, which is set for a specific operator.

Since the performance of the engines in this modification exceeds 12 hp. S can be managed up to 3 hectares. It also enables you to automate a lot of work, e.g. B. the cultivation and harvest of crops, the transport of goods, the hay, ditch and the room of the area from the snow. The type of attachment of additional equipment is on e-point, the drive is strap, the design is equipped with signal lights and headlights. Device size 1300 × 1300 × 2500 mm, weight 670 kg. The manufacturer also offers a set of rotators as a gift.

Sawer T-25

This is a mini tractor that is not only adapted to work in agriculture, but also enables other tasks. The diesel engine is placed horizontally in the design, its performance is 24 liters. With. The engine starts in two ways: an electrical and manual starter. The transmission in this model is mechanical, it has two rear and six front speeds. The chassis is equipped with the rear drive. The front lane can be set with a special telescopic mechanism by width.

The manufacturers improved the ability to become a transverse country in this model and complement the design with a manual differential lock. In addition, the engine is provided by a water cooling system. The size of the device is 2500 × 1510 × 1400 mm. The weight of the device without hanging devices does not exceed 790 kg. The coupling is tw o-disc. The lighting system is shown by signals (feet, rotating signals, dimensions) and headlights (near/far light).

Optional equipment

All Scout-Mini applications are equipped from the manufacturer’s work. If this has been desired, however, your functional skills can be expanded. For this purpose, it is necessary to install the fastening devices. Technology owners use the following devices most frequently.

  • Hydraulic circumference. Designed for cleaning yards and a personal property made of snow.
  • Schnek Snowman. It is a special device that makes snow cleaning easier.
  • Voroshilka. It is needed to harvest hay.
  • Potato cap. This equipment simplifies the collection of root plants.
  • Triple hill. Designed for the ordinary processing of the beds.
  • Revolutionary plow. Is used to plow fields.
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In addition, segers, garlic and cultivators are very popular with farmers. In order to improve the plowing of the earth, it is also necessary to buy additional weights (if a mini tractor is little weighs). In addition to hinges, the equipment is connected to the equipment. For example, a thre e-point adapter enables freight transport. The load-bearing capacity depends on the technical features of the mini-actractor.

Chips to choose

So far, a scooter mini actractor has been an indispensable equipment in every household. However, since the device is presented in various changes on the market, it is important to take into account not only sizes, weight but also technical functions when buying. It is recommended to pay special attention to the following indicators.

  • Perfomance. It is not recommended to buy devices with a minimal performance, as you can wear out quickly and do not allow the work to be in the right volume.
  • Type of drive. It is best to give preference for all fashion models for cyclists, but are expensive.
  • Pto. The manufacturer organizes the most scooter tractors with such a wave that not only gives wheels a torque, but also to the fastening fastenings. Therefore it is important to clarify.
  • Hydroclapanes. You should be available when installing all mechanical devices.

In addition, you should ask the seller about the presence of a heated cabin in the unit, differential blocking and a power steering.

How do you use?

So that the technology can operate for a long time, it must be used correctly. The manufacturer is connected to every mini scooter mini drive, which is important to observe. If the device is only intended for processing points up to 1 ha, it cannot be used by commercial organizations. Before the sale, oil and fuel are poured into the tractor motor, whereupon it is continuous. During operation, the lubricating fluid level must be checked if necessary that the formation of the oil is drained and a new one is filled. For mini applications, the manufacturer recommends buying semi-synthetic oils from brands GL-5 and GL-4.

The frost protection or water must be watered regularly in the cooling system. Most of the time, these units of rollers that restrict the drive belts will not get into the inadequacy, so that they have to be constantly lubricated and changed to new ones. After starting the engine, the tractor should work for the first 50 hours with a load of 50%. This avoids wearing the gearbox and motor parts. If the technology is not used in winter, the water should be drained, then the battery is full, whereupon it is removed and placed in the storage room at room temperature. In addition, the device must be cleaned, covered and stored in a dry place.

Reviews of the owners

Mini tractors “Scooter” are very popular with land owners, the equipment has received many positive reviews. Among the advantages, the summer residents and farmers have determined compactness, low weight, good maneuverability and intersection. In addition, various attachments and trailer devices that expand the creature to expand the functionality of the device can be connected to the units. Despite many advantages, such technology is characterized by the average value, so that not everyone can buy it.

In the next video you can use which model of the Scout-Mini driveer.

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