Mini tractor Scout T-25 – description and characteristics

Mini tractor Scout T-25

Front part of the Scout T-25

Scout-25 is an easy-to-use mini-tractor model, which is used by many farmers, builders, utility workers and even people who grow crops in greenhouse conditions. The popularity of the machine lies in its reliability, size and ease of use.


schedule assignment

The machine model is popular among farmers and gardeners. It is also used in utilities, construction and greenhouse complexes.

With the help of the mini-tractor weeds are weeded, collected and transported to the site, remove dry vegetation and other debris.

Side view of Scout T-25

Municipal services use T-25 for cleaning works. Thus, the mini-tractor cleans the city from dust, saves streets and yards from pollution. It can also transport loads and clear snow-covered roads.

In greenhouses, you need an oversized vehicle, in the garden as a sprayer and carrier.

In construction, various attachments are attached to it to make it easier to perform the functional role of a worker. It is used for backfilling pits and trenches, operating sites, as well as for the transportation and delivery of construction materials and equipment to sites.

Non-mounted equipment

An advantage among other minitractors is that the rear pick-up mechanism includes a bottom cutter. That is, if the user wants to replace or supplement the transport with a set with another attachment, he will be able to do so.

Can be attached to a Scout T-25:

  • Plow;
  • seeder;
  • cultivator;
  • Hiller;
  • Mower;
  • Harrow;
  • make hay;
  • potato digger;
  • sprayer;
  • potato digger;
  • harvesting machine;
  • snow removal equipment;
  • front debris.

driver’s seat.

steering wheel and dashboard

There are still special moto-hours with a meter, as well as sensors that monitor the level of charge and fuel. These days, however, manufacturers have improved the mini-car by adding an ammeter (including an electronic display) and an indicator (cooling temperature and engine oil pressure). The backrest is adjustable, as the seat mechanism is correct.

Comfortable lift thanks to the padded seat and large mirror. There is no cab for protection from precipitation and wind in the model, but if you use a hinged canopy, you can completely solve this problem.

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The cabin is without a roof, so there is no protection from wind and rain. The attention of the manufacturer was aimed at protecting the person from sunlight, as well as to make safety arcs. The driver’s seat is located near the work area. Installed front panel instruments are located in front of the operator. Machine control is facilitated by comfortable levers and steering columns.

Scout T-25 tractor driver

There is no hydraulic booster, but the process of turning the steering wheel on the Skarut T-25 is not difficult. The seats have three adjustments, thanks to which the back of the person driving the vehicle does not get tired. The car has one drawback – a tall person will feel very uncomfortable and sit in the driver’s seat.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Figures
engine Cl25nm
Type Horizontal four-stroke diesel engine
Power, hp 24
Engine displacement, CM3 1298
engine start Manual starter (Z-type handle) + Electric starter
Fuel capacity, l 12
gearbox type Manual
Number of programs, forward/reverse 6/2
wheel formula 4×2
front/rear wheels 7.50-20/6.00-12
Track, M.M. 1100 – 1510
Road clearance, MM 300
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2500x1510x1400
Weight of the construction, without attachments, kg 790

Dimensions of transport – 0T 1,4 meters, up to 2,5 meters. These indicators are compatible with the size of ground clearance – 30 cm. The turning radius is 2 meters. Due to its dimensions, the tractor is maneuverable and compact. Thanks to the Wedge-UP power contract, the design of the device is a success with users. Despite the fact that the product weighs only 790 kg, it is characterized by good passability. Thanks to the pulling crisis, the towing capacity increases up to 1000 kg. To increase efficiency at night, the manufacturer has added modern lights.


CL25NM engine photo

The CL25NM engine, which is produced in China, is being developed for the line.

The advantages of the engine are:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • quiet operation;
  • effective liquid cooling;
  • Efficient grease spraying process.
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Product entry is done with an electric steamer or handle. The mini-tractor can be used for a long time, which provides it with a different degree of load. The main feature is reliability and endurance.

Malfunctions of the Scout T-25

Despite the reliability, there are problems with the units. In most cases, problems are due to improper or prolonged use.


  • Problems occur with the idler roller;
  • Without lubrication, problems can occur with the gear in the clutch transmission.
  • The hydraulic hose may need to be replaced after operation.

Tractor with plow

It is advisable to find one every 2 km. This is due to the fact that the mini-tractor performs “worker” functions that are beyond the control of other vehicles. During operation, there may be problems with equipment and spare parts.

advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage is modernity. The mini-tractor is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the fastest and most comfortable work with the soil. Suspension and attachments have many different names for different purposes. In the area of the T-25 model will be adapted for storage of spare parts. Users note the possibility of quick repairs. The main plus is reliability. It will be able to last for many years.

One of the disadvantages of the unit is the need for a tractor with different loads, so that it can plow difficult soil and tow heavy loads. A second disadvantage is that the seats are uncomfortable. They are not designed for tall people.

Scout T-25 with implements

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the model is upgraded and modern, not all the chain devices and systems of the power tiller are compatible.

Boy Scouts T-25 awards.

The minimum configuration of the new mini-tractor has a price of 200,000 rubles. There are practically no supported options. This is due to the relatively recent release. If you manage to find a mini-tractor with support, it will cost you about 150,000 rubles.

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In the basic package there are devices for working with the soil. You will have to spend more than 10,000 rubles to install a canopy.

A mini-tractor is an excellent vehicle for working in the garden. The technique is of high quality, but this should not be forgotten. The price of the unit is not expensive, so it is relatively acceptable for villagers. With the help of the Scout T-25, farmers plow soil of varying density, cultivate, harrow, raise beds, cultivate the soil, add various fertilizers.


Sergei Valerievich August 26, 2019.

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Minitor NIT-GET T-25 (Generation II)

garden scout

Minitor Scout T-25 Generation II is produced by Garden Scout. The organization is engaged in supplying agricultural equipment to the CIS countries. Over the years of trade it has become a leading supplier of agricultural machinery. Tractors are produced at factories in China, some parts are also assembled in the consumer countries.

Characteristics of special equipment

The “Scout” T-25 tractor is one of the most modern samples of the school “boy scout”. This is the flagship of the generation with the maximum configuration and improved characteristics. Workability and characteristics under load were tested at St. Petersburg Agrarian University. Therefore, loads on heavy soils, tests on the bench to determine the dynamic and traction characteristics, the maximum u200bu200bo tipping angles were determined.

As a result, the innovations have enabled the second-generation tractor to enter the 0.6 traction class, which means a significant advancement for this tractor. The equipment of the minitractor was supplemented with a front loader, a rear-mounted excavator, a swarming machine, a sweeper brush and other units. There was also received a certificate of the European Union, which confirms the quality and performance of the equipment. Since then, the Scout model tractors have been actively used in Poland and the Baltic countries.

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When buying, it is possible to take the most suitable profile for the tractor. There are several types of profiles: herringbone and longitudinal. “Herringbone” is usually installed on four-wheel drive tractors, and the longitudinal cut on tractors with rear wheel drive. With the right choice of protective coating on the wheels, you can increase the tractor’s passability by 5-10%.

Advantages of Scout T-25 generation 2

The flagship of the model range must be head and shoulders above its competitors. Otherwise it is impossible to call it a flagship.

What are the advantages of Scout T-25?

  • The three-circuit hydraulic system eliminates the problem of using a hydraulic socket to connect the units.
  • The chassis is additionally strengthened by carbon steel. Manufacturing in St. Petersburg ensures the quality of the part. In addition, cross mounts are added, and the weight of the chassis is increased. Powder coating increases durability.
  • Updated design – the hood lights now look very different than on previous versions of Scout. Two rows of headlights provide sufficient light at night. The color of the tractor remained the same – classic metallic.
  • A vertical muffler installed on the new model eliminates the possibility of dry leaves and grass catching fire from a spark that would occur with a horizontal muffler. Noise reduction is increased and the color of the muffler is gray.
  • Rear tractor suspension now allows you to lift weights up to 190 kg.
  • Magnetic chip collectors increase the serviceability of the engine, control unit and hydraulic oil tank. The hydraulic oil tank is now rear-mounted.
  • The powerful 24 hp diesel engine provides the power required for plowing soils in the middle belt of Russia and the CIS countries.

Tractors Scout T 25 Generation II in Avtospetstekhnika.

So Scout T-25 Generation II has proved to be worthy of the obligatory name. Its characteristics meet the requirements for mini tractors. They allow you to perform all kinds of agricultural work, such as: B. plowing, mowing, weeding, harvesting and so on.

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Of course, the tractor is not suitable for heavy clay soils, as its performance in such areas will be reduced. However, due to its small size, it has good mobility and speed, which allows you to effectively work small areas of land. In addition, the price of the small tractor a-Scout 25 Generation II in LLC “AUTOPTSKTECHNIK” (compared to the cost of the model in other outlets) looks very attractive.

Technical characteristics of the Toll T-25

Engine brand ZS1115-T
engine type diesel
engine power, hp 20
Number of cylinders, pcs. 1
cooling system liquid
engine start electric starter
RPM, speed 2000 – 2200
drive type belt
wheel formula 2×4
responsibility type Double disc dryer
gearbox type Manual
number of programmes 6 forward, 2 in front 2
tires and wheels
Front tire size 6.0-12
Rear wheel size 7.50-20
track, MM 1100 – 1450
Road clearance, MM 340
Minimum turning radius, CM 200
Electrical equipment
light system Stop light, general light, high and low beam, direction indicators, front light
Rear clutch options
clutch plate mechanical clutch
Rear linkage system Single point linkage system
Rear linkage capacity, kg 190 kg
hydraulic manifold 3-sectional with floating
Number of hydraulic outputs no
Type of brake system Dry type brake (drum mechanics) with two winches
basic characteristics
Weight of the construction, kg 790
Fuel tank capacity, l 9
model Liberate T-25
Engine drive Couple of V-belts B3410 in constant tension
differential lock Got it
instrument panel Amp meter, volt meter, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, motorcycle pressure gauge, tachometer, fuel level
Hydraulic liner roller no
heated cab no
Tractor-trainer They will be supplied additionally
PSM (self-issued passport) Got it
Yes Y
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2590/1250/1250
Manufacturer garden scout
Country of manufacturer China / Russia
warranty 12 months

You can ask any question about the product or store.

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