Mini-tractor Kubota B 6000 – description and characteristics

Mini-tractor Kubota B 6000

The status of a leading manufacturer is not only awarded to a brand on the basis of a wide range of models, but also due to the high quality of the products. The Japanese manufacturer of special equipment Kubota has also got this status because during its existence it has developed more than 80 different models of mini-tractors, both small and medium-sized. All produced equipment meets only world quality standards, which determines the great popularity of the brand in many countries, including Russia.

The range of mini – tractors of this manufacturer includes several models, which can be allocated according to the capacity of the power plant. On average, this figure ranges from 18 hp to 32 hp. Due to the wide range of functions, the technique is particularly in demand in gardens and vegetable gardens, livestock, small-scale construction and landscaping. One of the outstanding models in the B-series is the Kubota B6000-Mini. This mini-drive has an extensive series of optional attachments and trailers that can be used to perform a huge range of different agricultural tasks. The equipment boasts its increased productivity, excellent maneuverability, versatility and relatively low diesel fuel and lubricant consumption compared to its predecessors.

Planned application

Thanks to the wide functionality of the device, you can perform a huge list of different works in gardens and vegetable gardens, livestock farming, minor construction work and arrangement of landscaping.

Basically, this mini excavator is used for various agricultural tasks, including: plowing a plot with different soil, cultivation, shaking, harvesting, cleaning, clearing fields or other areas of dry vegetation and debris, transportation of crops for processing or storage, and much more.

In other areas, the Kubota Mini-Contractor 6000 is used for transporting small loads, cultivating grass and lawns, and clearing all areas of snow and various debris.



With an independent three-point rear shaft, three-point hydraulic system, and multiple long-reach cylinders with more than 30 additional attachments, the versatility of the Mini-Contractor is increased. The technique has a front tipping device, thanks to which you can use the following types of devices:

  • Rotary grader.
  • Frontal – board moldboard.
  • A front-end debris hopper.
  • Bucket front loader.

In addition, the Kubota 6000 mini-tractor is traditionally equipped with a rear three-point attachment device and an independent power selection shaft. They allow the machine to be equipped with:

  1. Single-body lightweight plows.
  2. Dual-hulled light plows.
  3. Three-piece light plows.
  4. Reversible plough – potato digger.
  5. Hanging harrow.
  6. Harrow.
  7. Mulcher.
  8. Mower.
  9. Mower.
  10. Circular mower with a cardan shaft.
  11. Mower.
  12. Conventional mounted rake.
  13. Prefabricated computational rake.
  14. Hinged rakes.
  15. Bale presses.
  16. Small drilling devices.
  17. Rear hinged blade.
  18. Rear hull.
  19. Grabber.
  20. Potato planters.
  21. Hillers.
  22. Grubber-haefer.
  23. Potato diggers.
  24. Garden tractor tipper.
  25. Mechanical seeding machines.
  26. Seeding machines.
  27. Mineral fertilizer spreader.
  28. Scraper for wood waste.
  29. Cold leveler.
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An interesting feature of the machine is that in addition to the original cultivation devices (all of the above), it is possible to install many others, which were originally intended for aggregation with certain models. This is due to the fact that this mini-tractor has very well thought-out connections that fit most other units, both European and domestic machines. All devices, including original ones, are selected taking into account the indicators of their power and carrying capacity.

Technical characteristics


  • Construction length of the mini-tractor – 2150 millimeters.
  • Full width – 960 millimeters.
  • Full height – 1750 millimeters.
  • Minimum ground clearance – 250 millimeters.
  • Radial base (longitudinal) – 1165 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the front track – 980 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the rear track is 1050 millimeters.
  • The greatest width of the front track – 1190 millimeters.
  • The maximum width of the rear track – 1250 millimeters.
  • The smallest vendor radius is 2,800 millimeters.

Motor specs:

  • The type of engine installed is diesel, in-line.
  • Number of cylinders – 2 cylinders.
  • Maximum power – 15 hp / 11 kilowatts.
  • The maximum speed of the crankshaft – 3000 rpm.
  • Total cylinder volume – 898 cubic meters.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Type of injection system – direct injection.
  • Type of lubrication system – oil pump.
  • Lowest fuel consumption per working hour – 1.2 liters.
  • Highest fuel consumption per working hour – 2.3 liters.

Features of the transmission:

  • Type of transmission installed – manual.
  • Type of drive – switchable all-wheel drive.
  • Differential locking – mechanical.
  • Number of gears forward – 6.
  • Number of reverse gears – 2.
  • Cup type – dry, insert in permanently closed position.

On-load tap-changer properties:

  • Type of tap to be installed – independent.
  • Number of tap speeds – 3.
  • Control – mechanical.
  • Lowest PTO rotation speed – 540 rpm.
  • Maximum PTO rotation speed – 1150 rpm.

Properties of the hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic pump capacity – 11 liters per minute.
  • Maximum lifting capacity of rear unit – 500 kg.

Operational characteristics:

  • Operating weight – 475 kilograms.
  • Tank capacity – 18 liters.
  • Type of fastening – three-point.
  • Steering type – hydraulic.
  • Working width – 1000 millimeters.
  • Carrying capacity – 500 kilograms.

Functions of the device

This mini-drive is an ideal option for working in the Russian regions. This is due to the fact that the Cubot 6000 model has full adaptation to the harsh operating conditions, it can be quite low ambient temperature, and, conversely, unusually hot. With all this technique fully maintains its performance. In addition, the machine is one of the best in its class, as it differs from analogues with significantly increased service life of the enterprise. The mini-drive has its high efficiency, which has been achieved thanks to the power take-off wave, which has a three-speed operation and an improved switch to floating mode, as well as forced burial of additional products for tillage.

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Despite the fact that the model belongs to the class of compact special equipment, the manufacturer has equipped it with hydraulic power steering, modern lighting equipment and rear axle differential, which allows to significantly increase the ability to kerb.

Kubota B6000 has a lot of own features and advantages.

The mini excavator has excellent current performance, which provides increased maneuverability compared to similar models. This indicator is especially important when working in confined spaces, such as in gardens, greenhouses and vegetable gardens.

The relatively low weight of the machine allows the use of devices on weak floors. Due to this, the machine delivers fertile soil, which is a common problem for conventional agricultural tractors, without significant damage.


Each element of the mini-tractor, in particular the attached equipment, has a sufficiently high quality of work. According to this indicator the technique fully meets modern quality standards. The use of high-quality materials allowed not only to increase the service life of the enterprise, but also made it possible to fully exhaust the operating life declared by the manufacturer. Therefore, the technique does not require large material investments for repairs.

Like many other models, this one is known for its unpretentiousness, both to operating conditions and to the quality of used diesel fuel.

Peculiarities of repair

Maintenance of the Kubota B6000 MinitKtor has no special points and is quite simple. The following is required of the machine owner:

  • Create timely tractor maintenance to increase the life of the mini-tractor.
  • Regularly check major assemblies and units for function and integrity.
  • Replace consumables, namely oils, filters, hydraulic fluids, etc.
  • Check tires and gaskets.
  • Prepare the machine in time for seasonal operation in the autumn-winter and spring-summer periods.

On average, tractor Kubota B6000-Mini-Actractor to buy from scratch can be priced from 280 000 rubles and 390 000 Russian rubles, depending on configuration (this also includes additional attachments), year of manufacture and modification with a mini-drive.

A used tractor costs from 170,000 to 235,000 Russian rubles. The final cost of the equipment usually varies depending on the year of manufacture, number of operating hours, general technical condition and additional attachments. This option can be purchased from both official dealers and private sellers.

Multifunctional and productive minitractor Kubota B6000

Detailed description of Kubota B6000 mini tractor

The Kubota lineup includes about eight dozen types of tractor equipment from Japanese manufacturers, the main products of which are both general and specific equipment of medium and low power.

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The equipment is able to partially or completely replace manual labor in agriculture, transportation services in connection with loading and unloading processes.

General description of the series “B”

The mini-tractor of this modification is a multifunctional and virtually indispensable assistant, if you need to cope with a wide range of tasks with high performance and maximum efficiency.

This version almost perfectly combines the technical and operational qualities given by the manufacturer, which are confirmed in practice.

Design characteristics

The equipment is ideal for use in Russian regions, as it is almost completely adapted for use in areas of both unusually hot and cold climate zones. At the same time, all operational indicators and technical innovations during the entire service life of the device are fully preserved, which automatically brings this version on a par with the best analogues of the world standards.

The efficiency of the machine is greatly improved by the performance selection mechanism, which has a three-speed mode and an advanced switch, which is designed in the floating mode and in the forced burial of additional tools for tillage.

Although the model belongs to the mini version, it has power steering, the ability to lock the rear axle system and is equipped with modern lighting.

area of application

Areas of application of small tractors

The technique is well-proven in many areas and can be effectively used in the following areas:

  • Handling of oversized land areas;
  • Cleaning and landscaping of urban areas where large vehicles cannot be located;
  • Clearing wooded parking lots, livestock and agro-industrial facilities from debris;
  • Forage harvesting;
  • For ground application of fertilizers, stains and insecticides;
  • Tractors, carts, cars with a capacity not exceeding 1.5 tons.

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Here is how the processing of the field with the mini-tractor takes place:


Mini-tractor equipment of Japanese manufacturer has a number of undeniable advantages, which are actually regulating factors of demand for their goods not only in their homeland, but also in a number of European highly developed countries, including Russia:

  • The components, units and equipment are all of high quality workmanship and meet international requirements for this type of product. This allows the tractor to fully work out the engine life, declared by the developers, and additional repair service is not required;
  • unpretentiousness to fuel – a very important argument in favor of buying this particular model, because given the constant dynamics of price increases in the world markets, you can save on buying more expensive raw materials.
  • excellent mileage – guarantees greater maneuverability in comparison with analogue models, while maintaining good mobility in a small area;
  • low weight – despite the seeming insignificance of this indicator, it is considered a very important point when it comes to soil, ground and landscape work. The technique maintains the integrity of the external soil cover, does not damage the structure of the soil, which will allow the formation of high yields of crops in the future.
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List of disadvantages of Kubota B6000 mini tractor

Devices without flaws do not exist, and the model considered in the article is no exception. The main disadvantages include:

  • Price – compared to analog versions, the cost of the mini-tractor is an order of magnitude higher. This is especially discouraging for potential buyers, whose business is in the initial stage of development, and the high cost of materials they can not afford;
  • The specifics of control devices – you need to get used to working with the device – it is more modern and multifunctional, and therefore more difficult to use. Of course, it will take some time to master the basic skills.

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The main technical characteristics specified by the manufacturer for this type of equipment:

  • engine type – diesel;
  • the number of cylinders is 2;
  • power output – 14 hp
  • tank capacity – 25 l;
  • maximum load capacity – 300 kg;
  • average speed – 13 km/h;
  • ground clearance – 21 cm;
  • weight – 470 kg;
  • rear wheel profile – 750 – 840 mm;
  • transmission – mechanical.

operator workstation

A comfortable workplace is another pleasant aspect of the machine’s design. Excellent visibility allows you to minimize stress during work, and the modern design of the interior turns the operator’s work into a modern technological process, which for the most part involves almost fully automated work.


Injection pump, 2-cylinder engine Kubota ZL600

Refers to the type of two-cylinder engine. It is directly manufactured by Kubota, the manufacturer of mini-devices. It has forced water cooling and lubrication. The block is four-stroke.

Power rating is 12 kW, fuel consumption is about 1 liter per hour of work. Allows for winter starting, which is important for the users of regions with low temperature fluctuations.


Power is connected directly to the engine through the clutch discs. The transmission has 12 levels of efficiency. This makes it possible to select the ideal speed start of the mini-tractor, taking into account the load placed on it.

By selecting the right gear ratio, you can work with attachments with an outreach of up to one and a half meters and increase the plowing depth to 20 cm.

The gearbox offers a three speed drive of the pipe shaft, which encourages you to increase the functionality of attachments and mechanically driven devices.


The Kubota B6000 is one of the few economical small machines in its class in the field of traction, equipped with all-wheel drive. The peculiarity of its design presupposes high reliability and resistance to high operating loads, small Venderadius and availability of autonomous control of braking devices.

Additional equipment

High functionality of the tool is achieved due to the possibility of installation of additional devices, compatible with this model version of devices of Japanese manufacturers:

Cubota B6000 loader

  • Mower – segment-like device with a handle width of about 1 m;
  • Boden cutter – allows you to work the soil to a depth of more than 22 cm with a working width of 140 cm;
  • Refr also – prevents crumbling of stones, qualitative and at the same time crushing of large spots and splinters;
  • Plow – reinforced design, has a support wheel and cast frames;
  • Front loader – shovel volume varies from 0.25 to 1.5 cubic meters.

Service features

The maintenance features of the unit do not differ from standard maintenance and involve:

  • Timely maintenance that increases the service life of the machine;
  • Checking of main assemblies and units for integrity and performance;
  • Regular replacement of oils and other technical fluids recommended by the manufacturer;
  • inspection of TPE;
  • Timely preparation for seasonal operation in autumn-winter and spring-summer periods.

The average cost of the mini-tractor in the configuration provided by the standard version of the Japanese manufacturers is about 290,000 rubles.

With occasional or not too much work, it is advisable to buy a used machine – with a relatively low depreciation of the track the machine can be purchased for half the price of a new one.


In the service area under consideration, the following options can be considered analogue models among small-capacity minitractors:


Reliable and durable Japanese machines Cubota – they are not only multifunctional and powerful, but also quite expensive devices that require a certain skill and professional experience. Everyone has to decide for himself what all this outweighs.

If you are interested in the model discussed in this article or you are already a user of it, you can share your review in the appropriate section – and maybe this information will be useful to someone.

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