Mini-tractor Fighter T22. Review, characteristics, instructions

Mini-tractor Fighter T22. Overview, features, features of operation

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The T22 Mini Tractor is the second model of the Fighter brand. It has a 20 hp diesel engine. Engine life is about 4,000 hours. Compared to counterparts, service life without repairs is greatly increased.

Fieter T22

Fighter T22 can work on a small area due to the gearbox with a planetary differential, and the wear and tear of the tires is minimal. For example, when turning, the wheel can be turned in the opposite direction.

The hydraulic system of Fighter T22 mini-tractor has 4 positions for attachments: raise, lower, lock and “floating”. It should be noted that when the last position is selected, the reinforcement repeats the surface relief without digging up. The design of the mini-tractor provides the use of two mounted implements at the same time.

Features of the diesel minitractor Fighter T22:

  • Wide selection of budget attachments;
  • diesel engine;
  • It comes with a hoe with a working width of 140 cm;
  • tire size 7,5-20;
  • Wheelbase is adjustable from 110 to 140 cm;
  • Seat height can be adjusted to suit the individual owner.

Fieter T22

Mini-tractor Fighter T22 is designed to cultivate arable land from 5 to 3 hectares and allows you to automate many works on tillage, cultivation and harvesting, transportation of goods, mowing grass and making hay, clearing snow, ditches, etc.

Technical features

basic configuration

When you buy a diesel minitractor Fighter T22, a set of tillers is included in the gift, as it is the most popular attachments. The unit will also come with an instruction manual and a self-propelled machine passport.

To maximize the use of the Fighter T22 from the early days, the manufacturer recommends purchasing additional attachments in the form of a digging plow, mower, trailer, cultivator, harrow, etc.


Fieter T22

The Fighter T22 mini tractor is equipped with a diesel engine, which is considered more economical than a gasoline engine, as it can provide more power to the device, while consuming less fuel.

Fighter T 22 can move on public roads, because it has all the necessary sound and light equipment.

High ground clearance and wide tires allow the Fighter T22 to be used even in the most difficult terrain.

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The hydraulic booster allows you to dig holes with a bucket.

Owner’s Manual

New owners of the Fighter T22 Mini Diesel Tractor are strongly advised to read the owner’s manual. It contains information about the technical characteristics of the device, the rules of its maintenance and running-in, as well as assembly photos and schedules of technical inspections.

Before the Fighter T22 is used for the first time, the engine is run-in. This is to ensure that the engine parts are lubricated and run in to each other.

If you are not running, excessive friction occurs and the likelihood of the engine running becomes noticeable. Running-in should be done by running the engine at minimum performance. This procedure usually takes about 8 hours. The engine oil should be changed after the T2 2-Mini has completed its current run.

If you wish to use the machines for digging holes with a bucket, appropriate precautions must be observed.


Before starting work on the T22 Feite r-Miniter, you must make sure that there is sufficient oil and fuel, that there are no strange noises or unclear noises from the engine, that the steering and braking systems work properly and that the hydraulic Drive works properly. These are the safety rules that allow you to work on the T22 Firetite without damage to machinery and human health.

A detailed video review of the Mini Vecto r-Feater T22:

The instruction manual states that the air and fuel filters are checked and cleaned regularly because they tend to get clogged. If not cleaned in time, there is a possibility of failure of the entire system.

If necessary, it is recommended that the spark plugs be separated for several months and run through the oil and gasoline for several months (during this time, water gets into them and they deteriorate). Afterwards, wash the tractor, oil all parts to prevent corrosion, cover and store in a dry place.

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Video review

Using the T22 as a bulldozer and excavator for digging holes and trenches:

This video review shows the operation of a-Fitler T22 mini tractor with SoiloFreza:

Owner Reviews

Below you will find some reviews of owners of T22 Feiter Mini Tractors from thematic forums:


Quality equipment with Russian soul. I don’t have any complaints about the work. Though ego, though the plough in a floor on 15 sm, is pleasant also possibility of installation of the trailed device at the front. The hydraulic package works properly. But they didn’t think about the safety of this model, there is no arc or CAB.

Review of the Minito r-Fiter T22. Purpose of the machine, features, equipment and maintenance

T22 Feiter minitractor is one of the popular models of diesel minitractors. The predecessor of the 22nd model is the T15. In contrast to the previous models, the T22 has an increased service life of 4,000 motor-hours. The mini-tractor is equipped with a diesel engine ZS1115, its power is 18 hp.

Minito r-Fiter T22

The device has sufficient endurance and extremely wide functional and technical possibilities – it provides a wide range of connecting devices. Like its predecessor, T-22 fitting is very versatile in repair: most spare parts from medium-weight minitractors and about 90% of spare parts from Scout-Mini actuators fit to it.

Minito r-Fiter T22

Technical characteristics of the machine are impressive: Thanks to the progressive engine model, the Faiter T22 can work 8-9 hours without interruption, which means that it is allowed to use the device from 10 acres on several hectares.

Reviews of this model show that the mini excavator is unpretentious, maneuverable, and also copes well with work on waterproof country with a large addition of sound. It is also suitable for working on light sandy floors, black earth.

The Mini T22 fire tractor is used for these purposes:
  • Agricultural tillage, fields, draches, orchards (they can dig, plant and harvest plants and crops);
  • Gardening activities;
  • Tractor functions;
  • Transportation function;
  • Passenger Transportation;
  • Public works (snow removal, hay picking, leaf and twig picking, round-brush cleaning);
  • Auxiliary site work (watering, fertilizing, and others).
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Basic configuration of the T22 fan-fan

The basic configuration of the T22 fan contains the following components:

  • Mini-Fitter, ready to work;
  • Four wheels;
  • Driver’s seat;
  • Grounds in disassembled form;
  • Mini-Fitter service documentation;
  • Warranty card.

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Technical features

Dimensions Minito r-Fiter T22: length 2500 mm, width 1300 mm, height 1300 mm. Exit: 28 cm. Weight of the machine without additional equipment – 670 kg. The size of the bikes in the back: 9,5-16, in the front-5-12. RUT size is adjustable and set from 1050 mm. to 1400 mm. Available floor depth and cheating in the ground: 12-17 cm. Number of blades on the cutter: 24.

Minito r-Fiter T22

Simultaneous transmission type. Belt drive, belt type for this model is B3150. Rear drive, 4×2 wheel arrangement. Transmission is manual, the operation mode consists of four programs, one of which is rear. There is a forced differential lock of mini vector. To work in the evening, the tractor is equipped with a lighting system including dipped beam, driving beam, general and turning lights.

On the mounting plate of the T22 fighter are installed sensors: voltmeter, coolant temperature, oil pressure and the number of engine hours. Dual circulation hydraulic dealer, no steering hydraulics. Minimum turning radius of 2 meters, which is available to the driver.

The engine on the device is horizontal. The number of cylinders is one. Engine is cooled by coolant.

Minito r-Fiter T22

Features of application and maintenance

Characteristics of Minito r-Fitter T22:

  • Hydraulic system with a dealer that offers four positions: lower, elevated, solid and floating;
  • reduced turning radius that protects the wheels from wear;
  • the ability to use two folding units in the front and rear;
  • maintenance, a large number of suitable spare parts;
  • Powerful factory-assembled diesel engine;
  • High quality materials of body and main engine components;
  • Ability to work with any folding equipment, even bulldozer type: bucket, shovel;
  • Load capacity up to 1000 kg;
  • High traction, endurance;
  • Stability of mini drive on every floor;
  • Adjustable crawler track;
  • Rational fuel consumption (thanks to the distribution nozzles, the fuel is completely burned in the chamber).
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Video evaluation of the work

Video through T2 2-FPI T-Min i-Trato r-Device works with the Uralets Min i-Vector bulldozer bucket. We made sure that the brackets to connect the excavator system were specifically updated by the Mini actionor owner for the T22.

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Owner Reviews

Sergey, Novosibirsk:

“Good mini-tractor! More than three years have passed since I bought it – I can say nothing against this machine. All work in the garden, transfer, watering and fertilizing the area I do with it.”

Advantages: Almost all the joints fit, the engine has never gone bad since purchase. Good durability and speed!

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