Mini-tractor Fighter T15. Review, technical characteristics, reviews, video of work

Mini-tractor Fighter T-15

Mini-tractors as agricultural devices have firmly taken their niche among farmers and landowners. Such popularity is due to the fact that this equipment can replace the work of a full tractor in many cases, while their cost is much lower in terms of fuel and maintenance. One example is the Fighter T-15.


Mini-tractor Fighter T-15

Fighter T-15 – a mini-tractor, which can seriously help farmers and ordinary gardeners. Small dimensions (length – 2.4 m; width – 1.2 m) allow to work on narrow and short plots and even in greenhouses. A variety of attachments makes it not only a plow and sail agricultural machine, but also a helper in the apartment and on the homestead. The T-15 fighter can remove snow, dig trenches and rake debris. It can be seen not only in the fields and yards, but also on the streets of small towns and villages.

Technical characteristics

With the relatively small size of the mini-tractor, its technical characteristics allow it to work both in the field and on the streets of cities.


The length of the tractor body is 2410 cm, width 1200 cm, height to the steering wheel 1190 cm, ground clearance 280 cm, and the weight of the fighter is only 450 kg.


The engine of the minitractor is a single-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 15 hp. C. and a volume of 815 cm 3. The cooling system is water. It is started by means of a Z-shaped crank or an electric ignition drive.


The tractor has rear-wheel drive, and the clutch is a dual-disc dry clutch. The tractor has a total of 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

Cut in

In order that the tractor can be conveniently used as a power drive for various devices, such as a pump or sawmill, it has a pf shaft or perforated shaft. This device is structured like a head gear. It can rotate at 3500 rpm, which is enough for the needs of a farmer or small workshop owner.

The size of the bike

The wheels of the tractor are different – the rear wheels are larger than the front. This is due to the fact that the tractor has rear wheel drive and the main power goes to the rear pair of wheels. Their size is 6.50″ – 16″, while the front ones are slightly smaller at 5.00″ – 12″.

Features of the device

Mini-tractor Fighter T-15

A feature of the mini-tractor is its small but reliable engine. Thanks to it, it can carry a load of up to 1000 kg without overheating and develop a straight line speed of up to 23 km/h. The minimum speed is 2 km/h. Therefore, it can be used both for cultivation and for transportation of goods. The tractor is maneuverable enough, its Venderadius is only 3.3 m.

The presence of rear-view mirrors, two headlights with high and low beam, as well as indicators and pointers allows the tractor driver not only to salute in the field, but also on the street with heavy traffic at any time of day.

Operational features

The tractor works in different modes, due to which the fuel consumption can be from 500 g to 1.1. The tank volume is 6 liters, drum brakes. Mini tractor moves forward from 2.24 km/h to 22.78 km/h, backward maximum speed of 6.97 km/h, minimum 1.72 km/h.

The tractor works without problems with a plough 1200 mm with a working depth of 150 mm.

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Mini-tractor Fighter T-15

The reliability of tractors and mechanisms is due to their simplicity. Due to the simple and clear water cooling system and the right choice of materials for the mechanism, the diesel engine can run smoothly even in the hottest season. The tractor frame is designed for sufficiently heavy loads, so it is the smallest element of construction.


The mini-tractor does not require a lot of money for its maintenance. Fuel for it is very affordable, especially for rural areas, as it is the usual diesel fuel. The oil level in the engine and the water level in the cooling system should be checked before starting work.

Repair functions

A feature of the minitractor is the versatility of repair. It is suitable for Scout, Garden, T-15 and T-18 parts. The design of the mini-tractor is so simple that it can even be repaired directly at the workplace without the need for visiting a special workshop.


Mini-tractor Fighter T-15

In addition to the already mentioned attachments, a plow and a floor saw, which are included in the basic equipment, there are more than 50 kinds of different devices for this type of tractor. The most important of them are;

  1. Transverse rake.
  2. Hillen double.
  3. Hinged and Hillen.
  4. Rotary mower.
  5. Grabber.
  6. Double row spudger.
  7. Front panel snowplow.
  8. Freightliner.

And dozens more different types of equipment.

advantages and disadvantages

Minitraktor Fighter T-15 has several distinct advantages over other similar units. For example, thanks to the individual differential locking mechanism, you can maximize the power of the engine on any wheel. In addition, this tractor has low diesel and oil consumption, and the hydraulic cylinder has a large hub. This allows you to use a larger selection of attachments on the tractor.

Mini-tractor Fighter T-15

The disadvantages include a generator with low capacity, the tractor battery can not be fully charged. Therefore, the owners of such devices are forced to buy an additional charger for the battery. The disadvantages can also include the lack of protective sheets for the driver, which should protect against injury when turning the tractor, a warm cabin.

The basic model of the mini-tractor without additional equipment costs 149,990 rubles. Optionally, you can take the tractor with a plow or floor milling machine. In this case, it costs 161,000 rubles.

Reviews of owners

Mini tractor Fighter T-15 was born in China, but was assembled in Russia. Most owners note its reliability and ease of operation. In addition, it has such a simple scheme of assembling additional devices and controls that even a person who has not previously worked with similar devices can cope with it.

The tractor is small and can be stored in a small shed or garage. It does not take a lot of meta, but it is able to perform the work typical for a large, full-fledged tractor.

At the same time, the price also affects small farmers and cottagers. Many buy this tractor as a livelihood – contribute to the cultivation of the land, their neighbors for a small fee and have a stable income.

The main disadvantage most owners observe is the low quality of assembly. After buying the tractor, you are immediately advised to tighten all bolts on all mechanisms and assemblies. Replace the wiring wires with a more powerful and reliable, as the factory thin and quickly break down.

Mini-tractor Fiter T-15: Reviews of owners

Mini-tractor Fighter T-15: reviews of owners

One of the most budget, but versatile models of mini-tractors in the domestic market of garden equipment is Fiter T-15. The cost of the new T-15 is in the area of two thousand dollars. In principle, it is about the same compact agricultural equipment, which is sold among other brands: Rusich, Rustrok, Scout, Kentavr … etc. In all cases – finished tractor complexes from China are imported and assembled in our country by hand “garage” industrialists who call themselves “factories”.

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A general description of the model according to the estimates of the owners

Fiiter T-15 (“Fighter” from English translates as “fighter”) is assembled in the city of Tula and is a mini Scout. There are no exact coordinates of this assembly plant on the Internet and the official location of the manufacturer.

Fighter T-15 is a small 0.2 motorcycle-tractor with rear-wheel drive. This mini – factor is designed to perform agricultural work in gardens, vegetable gardens and greenhouses on summer cottage plots up to a hectare.

This model is in high demand, primarily due to its low price, as well as decent technical characteristics and versatility: this Min i-activator successfully works with a variety of stored and following agricultural devices. With the new T-15-fitenter mini implements, a soil grader with a working width of 120 cm and a single-hulled plow with a support wheel. The rest to preserve “Hitch” has to be purchased additionally. At the same time, the technique does not have to be picked up in the heat of the moment, other similar models are also suitable.

The operating unit of this mini-tractor is a single-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled diesel engine HT-15 with a combined system of lubrication. The working volume of the cylinder of this engine is 0.81 liters and its maximum power reaches 15 hp. The capacity of the fuel tank, which is installed under the hood, directly above the engine is 6 liters.

The T-15 Fieter Minitor engine is started with an electric cartridge. If the battery runs out on its own, the engine can be started with a manual “crooked starter”. It comes complete with a mini actuator in a plastic case (along with a replaceable seal for the motor cylinder). Speed of the mini-drive can vary from 2 to 23 km / h.

General description of the model, according to the owner (2)

Diesel XT-15 has a horizontal position and is aggregated by a mechanical gearbox driven by the cylinder passage. The gearbox is also equipped with a reduction gear (three forward and one reverse, plus the same number of “downshifts”). The clutch is a dry multi-disc type.

Transmission from the engine to the transmission is by means of a V-belt transmission (double V-belt).

The chassis table of this mini-vehicle is classic i-4×2, with rear wheels driving and drum-type brakes. The final gear is cylindrical, straight-running.

Continuity of the mini-tractor and its directional stability allows to block the differential mechanism, chevron tunnels – “herringbone” wheel tires.

The front axle of the fighter is a beam axle, the design of this compact tractor does not provide for the use of shock absorbers. The frame of the mini-tractor is reinforced, welded.

The brakes are two-sided, dry (mechanical drum brakes). The steering mechanism is of the “snail” type. Axle drive: single-stage head gear.

The on-board hydraulic system includes a high-performance gear pump, a tender cylinder, and a four-position slide valve switch.

The Fighter T-15 mini-tractor has 5.0-12 bikes on the front steer axle and 6.5-16 bikes on the rear drive axle. The rear axle of the mini-tractor is equipped with a forced differential lock.

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The general description of the model, according to the owner

Ground clearance of this mini-tractor is 240 mm. Fighter T-15 can pull a trailer weighing up to a ton.

Fighter T-15 is equipped with rear-assembled system and plug-in hydraulic system with floating mode. With this feature it is possible to aggregate all kinds of agricultural devices.

Tail wave – PTO is used to connect and drive various additional devices: cultivator, local brush, as well as various stationary agricultural devices and machines.

Standard speed of the mini-tractor cones is 540 rpm. You can also set it to 1176 rpm.

In addition, the drive belt panel mounted on the engine of the mini-tractor can also be used to connect another type of mower – the front mower.

On the dashboard of this mini-tractor the following announcements are located: ammeter, coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, operating hours counter. There is a klaxon, the lighting system provides two headlights with high and low beam, rear brake lights and dipped beam lights, as well as direction finders.

What the owners of the T-15 Fighter refer to the merits of this mini-tractor

Most owners of this model do not hide the fact that the decisive factor in choosing this special mini-tractor was an affordable price. In this regard, this property should be put at the first place in the list of its merits.

If choosing between the “Fighter” and “Uralts”, these models, in fact, are similar in their professional qualities, but the price of “Uralts” is more than twenty percent more expensive. In addition, the statement that “Uralts” are German minitractors is not true. In fact, it is China, only the Russian counterpart.

The 120 cm rotator and body plow, which come with the “Fighter-15”, are quite acceptable quality and can be used for more than one year to work the land on the farm. However, it is recommended to carefully check the complete set of the redoubtable plow. There may be missing blades, missing gripper, etc. The hedgetrimmer is delivered in a disassembled form, packed in a box, which is covered with linen on top.

What the owners of the Fighter T-15 attribute to the merits of this mini-tractor

The second place in the list of FAR T-15 advantages is the exceptional simplicity of design, ease of use and direct control. Even an inexperienced and untrained person can easily understand the peculiarities of operating it and its additional equipment without a manual. The Mini contract is very compact and does not take up much space; you can easily find a place to store it. It can be used freely in greenhouses, gardens and small vegetable gardens under limited conditions. This is important for a small personal household.

The traction functions of the 15 hp diesel engine are effectively realized by a dry single-range clutch and two linear gears. No one has any complaints about the diesel: it is really reliable and works equally consistently for temperature conditions. And it consumes very little diesel fuel, almost at the level of conventional heavy-duty diesels.

Mini-I moves freely on the road with articulated equipment as the hydraulics help to raise the additional equipment to the desired height.

What Fighter T-15 owners attribute to the merits of this mini tractor (2)

The hydraulics work equally well with a plow or grinder, brush or equipment for clearing and accounting for snow on the lot. The hydraulic system of this mini-tractor has 4 positions:

Raising; Mandatory lowering; “Floating” mode; Ash state in a certain position. “Floating” mode is well suited for tillage in difficult and heterogeneous terrain in the fields.

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Another questionable advantage, which is invariably noted by owners of T-15 fighters, is the ability to adjust the width of its lanes in the design of mini vectors on the front and rear axles. You can choose this wheel spacing from one to 1.4 meters.

You can operate the T-15 Fititer on a wide variety of soils, including moisture-specific and clay soils. It has good cross-cutting ability.

Most parts, including consumables, match other similar mini tractors, making it much easier to find the necessary parts and consumables.

This mini-tractor is very easy to maintain and repair. Its maintainability is extremely high. Despite the unimportant quality, it is undoubtedly worth its money and in skillful hands will work long and bring significant benefit to the farm.

What disadvantages do the owners talk about

The main drawback reported by almost all owners is the disgusting quality of the sebum assembly. The assembly was done very carelessly. You just need to check and tighten all the connections on this mini’s drivetrain, clutch, throttle and hand throttle, brakes, etc. before you start. – think again.

The wiring is no good at all – the wires are thin, “rotten”, easily frayed, and unprotected. In a good way, it has to be redone completely.

It is very difficult to change gearbox speeds, and it takes a long time to adapt and adjust it.

As the disadvantage is that it is necessary to put under the belts more calm, otherwise they will hit the body even in the stretched state.

What disadvantages do owners talk about?

In front it is necessary to install a homemade or purchased counterweight, because under load (when working with a plow or even when towing a heavily loaded conventional trailer “Zhiguli”) the front part of the mini-tractor rises, and it tends to “stand on its hind legs”.

In the future, many owners are also thinking about installing wider tires. It is because the traction of the front wheels of this mini-tractor is clearly too low. As already mentioned, this problem can be solved by adding ballast weights to the front – weighing 80-100 kilograms.

Also, owners very often note the low power of the generator for this mini-tractor. Because of its weak performance, it does not fully charge the battery in the cold season. By the way, the batteries in these mini-tractors do not play a special role. The presence of a battery charger for the mains-powered battery is a must in the household of the owner of the T-15 fighter.

An important disadvantage is the low quality of hydraulic hoses, the service life of which is not more than 2-3 seasons.

The weak point is the increased backlash of tie rod pins. Therefore, at the first opportunity, people try to install more durable “Zhiguli” tips.

The brackets of most of the linkage arms for the T-15 fighter often break because of poor quality welding. The owner has to weld new ones himself.

What disadvantages do owners talk about (2)

The seat of this mini-tractor, of course, is rigid and uncomfortable (as with all similar devices). It is not suitable for long-term operation.

In general, most of the disadvantages of this model are explained by the fact that the mini-tractor is cheap, and therefore corresponds to its price category.

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Indeed, various trade organizations promise a warranty on sale from 12 to 36 months, but practice shows that to achieve anything from them in case of unforeseen breakage during this warranty period is not easy, and often completely impossible. The advertising often talks about the presence of their own service center, as well as the constant availability of any spare parts. There is none of that at all. The service says, “Who sold it, fixed it. Almost 100% of the time, the parts have to be ordered and waited for.

Where can you use the T-15 fighter?

The main purpose of the mini-tractor Fighter T-15 is pre-sowing and autumn tillage: plowing, harrowing and cultivation. With the help of additional trailed and attached agricultural equipment it is also possible to erect intercrops, sow crops, spray and fertilize, mow grass for hay, gather crops, transport food and other household goods, clear areas of snow and debris with a homemade or purchased bulldozer blade.

Where you can use the Fighter T-15

operating characteristics

Careful handling, attentive care and regular inspections are a must for this mini-tractor, only they will prolong its service life.

Example. Clutch adjustment allows you to properly adjust the length of the bar. This procedure can ensure smooth running and normal operation of the release bearing. An important consideration in this work is the adjustment of the clutch backlash. The optimum value between the heads and legs of the release bearing is 0.3-0.5 mm.

In no case you should not immediately start full use of the mini-tractor Fighter T-15 after purchase. First of all, it is necessary to make a decontamination. It is carried out by running the engine at minimum power. This process should take the owner about 8 hours.

Technical characteristics of the T-15 fighter in numbers

  • Overall dimensions without attachments – length 2140 mm × width 905 mm × height 1175 mm. Dimensions with mounted rototiller – length increases to 2600mm, width increases to 1200mm.
  • Weight of the mini-tractor (without attachments): 410 kg.
  • Ground clearance is 180 mm.
  • Minimum turning radius: 1.8 m.
  • Wheel size: front – 4.0 0-12; rear – 6.5-16.
  • Tire pressure (transport): 140~ 200 (1.40~ 2.00 kglb/cm2); (working): 80~ 120 (0.8~ 1.2 kglb/cm2).
  • The working volume of the diesel engine is 993 cm3.
  • Diesel power – 15 hp.
  • Speed range – from 2.24 to 23 km/h.
  • Consumption of diesel fuel – 230 g/kWh.
  • Engine dimensions: 770 x 510 x 620 mm.
  • Exhaust valve clearance, cold engine: 0.25 ± 0.05 mm
  • Advance angle of diesel fuel injection: 16 ± 2 to top dead center
  • Injection pressure: 12753 kPa (130 kgf/cm2).
  • Wheel configuration – 4 × 2, rear-wheel drive.
  • Transmission – (3 + 1) × 2.
  • Tillage depth is 12-17 cm, width of row spacing is 120 cm.
  • Total weight of the cultivator is 60 kg.
  • Oil volume in the hydraulic system: 2.5 l.
  • Volume of diesel fuel in the tank: 6 liters.

The cost of Fighter mini-tractor and related models

In 2020, the new Fighter T-15 mini-tractor will cost an average of 135,000 rubles in the domestic market. On the secondary market you can buy used equipment of this model with a significant discount – 1,5-2 times cheaper than new, but such proposals are very few. A general overview of the current models of Chinese minitractors, attachments and towed equipment and prices for these compact devices can be viewed here.

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