Mini tractor Fighter T-22 – description and properties

Small tractor Fighter T 22


Mini tractor Fighter T 22 is a budget model of the Chinese manufacturer. This development is designed for agricultural work on an area of up to 3 hectares. Fighter T 22 has nothing extra. The machine is suitable for tillage as well as for hauling. Large selection of attachments significantly expands the possibilities of using the tractor.

With the Fighter T 22

It is worth starting with a powerful engine. It is he who provides the ability to work for a long time under full load in a network with neighboring units. In addition, it can not be left without attention:

The advantages of the model:

  • Mass activation key;
  • Front pulley with additional places for belts;
  • Tail light;
  • New rear wheel gearbox!
  • Area for optional alternator;
  • Wide fenders;
  • Cheap battery – easy access;
  • Well-organized workstation;
  • Cushioned driver’s seat;
  • Compact vehicle;
  • Large ground clearance;
  • 16-inch wheels;
  • Forced limited-slip differential.

Looking for the best option for agricultural or private use? Buy the Minitraktor Fighter T 22 from Auto Specialty Equipment LLC right now. This mini tractor will meet all expectations.

  1. Place an order online or simply call a consultant: 8 (800) 700-25-65;
  2. Coordinate and clarify the details of the transaction. Note that we have been in sales since 2000. With many years of experience in this area, our specialists can best advise you.
  3. After completion of the deal you can come to our warehouse in Samara and pick up the tractor there or order delivery anywhere in Russia.

The new Fighter T 22 is already waiting for its owner!

Technical characteristics of the Fighter T 22

Engine type diesel
Engine power, PS 18
Type of drive Belt
Formula of motorcycle 2×4
Type of clutch Dry single disc
gearbox manual
Number of gears 6 forward, 2 reverse
Parameters of tires and wheels
Front wheel size 6.0-12
Rear wheel size 7.50-20
Width, mm 1050-1400
Ground clearance, mm 300
Minimum user radius, cm 200
Electrical equipment
Lighting system Parking lights, high and low beam, indicators
Rear electric lift options
Pfw drive type mechanical
Hydraulic directional control valve 2-part floating
Number of hydraulic outputs Two pairs
Brake system type double-sided dry brake (mechanical drum)
Key Features
Construction weight, kg 780
Type on wheels
model Junge T 22 aircraft
Engine drive V-belt pair B3250
Differential lock Yes
instrument panel Voltmeter, oil pressure indicator, coolant temperature indicator, hour meter
Steering actuator (power steering) no
Cockpit heating no
PSM (self-steering car passport) no
available Y
Overall dimensions: length/width/height, mm 2500/1300/1300
Manufacturer fighter
Manufacturer China / Russia
warranty 12 months
Growing Reton grapes

You can ask any question about the product or the company.

Fighter T-22 mini tractor


Purpose of Fighter T-22 mini-tractor This is a small special equipment, which differs from competitive models by modern design, high engine life and competent development of the design of all mechanical units.

Availability of the lock for attachments significantly expands the possibilities. Planters, plows, seeders, re-cultivators, trailers, etc. can be used as additional equipment.

Mini-tractor Fighter T 22 is suitable for agricultural work of varying complexity: harvesting, tillage, mowing the lawn, plants, hills, cultivation and spraying of crops, cleaning areas, transportation of goods. Fighter T22 is well-proven in the municipal sector. It is a multifunctional machine, designed for year-round use.


  • The length is 2.5 m,
  • Width 1.3 m,
  • The height of 1.3 m.
  • Equipped with belt drive, 4-speed manual transmission.
  • The type of grooving for this unit is B3150.
  • Wheel arrangement – 4 on 2, drive of rear wheels is adjusted.
  • There is a lighting system, which facilitates the operation of the unit in the evening.
  • On the dashboard are gauges for coolant temperature, operating hours, oil pressure and a voltmeter.
  • There is no power steering.
  • The hydraulic manifold is double-acting.
  • Horizontally mounted engine has a cylinder.
  • Cooling is done with coolant.


  • The mini-tractor is fully prepared for work;
  • driver’s seat;
  • four wheels;
  • disassembled drawbar;
  • Warranty card;
  • Operational documentation.


The mounting units of the T22 multifunctional tractor Fighter can work with a variety of attachments. The choice of additional units to work is great.

For example, the T 22 Fighter can be used as a counterweight to the T-15 model with a side scoop.

Having carefully studied the assessments of the owners through the Fighter T 22, we can conclude that this machine can be used for almost all types of agricultural work.

  • Rake;
  • Serpore cutter;
  • Plow;
  • Grabber;
  • Brush;
  • Sprayer;
  • Rototiller;
  • Mower;
  • Harrow;
  • Potato planter.

Device Features

Features of the device Has a mini tractor Fighter T 22 with similar technical characteristics as the less powerful T-15. The frame well withstands heavy loads. The durability of the construction is guaranteed by high quality welds, which are additionally checked in production. Large front/rear wheels provide a high degree of passability.

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Thanks to the extended functionality, the Fighter T 22 mini-tractor can be used regardless of the type of terrain. The floating mode allows you to repeat the terrain without digging over. Functionality is increased by the fact that the front and rear attachments can be used simultaneously. The device is not equipped with a full-fledged cabin. But the work area is arranged in such a way that the driver can fully control all the work he does.

Belongs to the category of basic models with a simple design. The manufacturer recommends to drive the machine before starting work. It is necessary to clean the filters regularly. Otherwise, the entire system can fail. Before long-term storage, the parts are lubricated with a special oil.

pros and cons

  • Extended basic equipment;
  • Wide-section tires, which also allow movement on heavy terrain;
  • adjustable track width;
  • affordable price;
  • Large selection of additional functional elements;
  • Comfortable driver’s seat.
  • Limitation of functionality due to the small weight of the machine (some operations cannot be performed without the use of an additional fee);
  • probability of breakdowns due to the use of not always high quality additional devices;
  • the lack of a full-fledged cab for the driver reduces comfort in the event of snow or rain.

Price Minitractor Fighter T 22 is a model of agricultural machine, affordable to most buyers. Belongs to the category of the cheapest options for the small class. It can be used with inexpensive additional devices, which extends the functionality of the machine. If you are interested in the price of the MiniTraktor Fighter T 22, reviews or specifications, you can contact the experts before buying.

On average, the price of a new MiniTraktor Fighter T 22 ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 rubles. Used models can be bought at a more attractive price. For such a unit will have to pay from 100,000 to 150,000 rubles.

Is it necessary to register a tractor? Moving on public roads on machines of this class is prohibited by law. Therefore, when you buy a mini-tractor, it can not be registered or not registered.

What to do with grass clippings?


Use in full Service must be cancelled in advance. The Fighter T 22 mini tractor is no exception. The entry process, which is done in a timely manner and in accordance with all regulations, avoids excessive friction in the engine, which positively affects its resources.

The entry process is carried out taking into account the following simple rules – oil, diesel fuel is poured and the engine is started with the lowest possible output. It should run a little more than 30 minutes.

The tractor is then turned off and left in this state for several hours. Then the process is repeated. On average, the start-up time for a new model takes about nine hours. After commissioning, the engine oil must be changed. And the unit can be operated as usual.

Since the Fighter T22 tractor is most often used for seasonal agricultural work, it must be properly prepared for long-term storage. It is necessary to drain all liquids, remove dirt from the body and motor blocks and wait for the tractor to dry. It can then be securely covered before wind, rain or snow.

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