Mini-tractor Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD ECO-Line. Model Review

Compact tractor CATMANN MT-242

The compact tractor CATMANN MT-242 is a high-performance special equipment of the small class of the CATMANN range. This model uses a diesel generator set brand KAMA, capable of developing a rated power of 24 hp or 17.6 kW. The engine is liquid-cooled, equipped with a battery and an electric starter. The main feature of the engine used is its incredible endurance, as it can work flawlessly throughout the working day and without interruption. Initially, the model was designed to work on large areas, but in fact, the machine was distinguished by a fairly good maneuverability, which allowed using the technique on small construction sites. The Katman 242 mini-tractor comes standard with an active rotary cutter and a side-shift adjustable rotary plow. The lighting equipment includes two halogen headlights, which provide excellent visibility even when working at night. The manufacturer provides for the installation of a mass of different attachments, which positively affects the expansion of the volume and range of work.


With the help of this mini-tractor model, you can perform a large number of different tasks in a relatively short time. The technique is traditionally used in agriculture, where it performs all kinds of work, namely, plowing, loosening the soil, cultivation, harrowing, hilling, tillage before sowing, sowing, harvesting, transportation of crops and other various loads, fertilizing, growing root crops, mowing dry vegetation, as well as leveling the field and removing various debris. Often this model can be found in utilities, farms and private gardens. This is due to the fact that the technique has excellent maneuverability, maneuverability and wide functionality.



There is a fairly wide range of additional attachments for this mini-tractor, with which you can use the technique to perform any tasks, both in agriculture and in utilities. The units are controlled by means of a rear PTO and a three-point linkage. In addition, a special front hitch is available, which allows combining the model with different types of front dump trucks and graders.

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Total for the Katman 242 mini-tractor is available such additional equipment as various rakes, several types of graders, various semi-trailers and folding bodies, as well as many other types of working equipment.

Technical Specifications

Engine specifications:

  • The type of engine installed is diesel, in-line.
  • The engine brand is KAMA.
  • Number of cylinders – 3 cylinders.
  • Maximum power – 24 hp / 17.6 kW.
  • The maximum speed of the crankshaft is 2400 rpm.
  • Total cylinder volume is 1120 cubic meters.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Type of injection system – direct injection.

Transmission characteristics:

  • Type of mounted gearbox – bevel gearbox.
  • Type of drive – all-wheel drive.
  • Differential lock – mechanical.
  • Number of forward gears – 6.
  • Number of reverse gears – 2.
  • Type of clutch – dry, two-plate.

Characteristics of PTO shaft:

  • Type of PTO installed – independent.
  • Number of PTO gears – 2.
  • Control – mechanical.
  • Lowest PTO rotation speed – 540 rpm.
  • Maximal rotational speed of PTO – 1000 rpm.


  • Tank capacity – 6 l.
  • Type of attachment – three-point attachment.
  • Steering type – hydraulic.
  • Size of front wheels – 6-12.
  • Rear wheels dimensions – 7,5-16.

device features

One of the main features of the CATMANN MT-242 mini-tractor is the ability to change the width of the track, both front and rear. This allows the owner to optimally adjust the technique to work on a particular site. Track adjustment is carried out by moving the wheels on the axle shafts.

This model is equipped with a lot of different control settings to make it more convenient to use. The steering column is equipped with an adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust it to the most comfortable angle for the driver. The backrest also has adjustable angle. The seat itself can be moved back and forth, making it comfortable for both short and tall people.

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A distinctive feature of the Katman 242 mini-tractor is a high quality of assembly and execution of all elements composing the construction of machinery. This guarantees an increased service life, which is undoubtedly a huge plus. The integrated gearbox has a high reliability, which allows you to use the device in the harshest operating conditions. The same applies to the power plant used. Diesel power unit is undemanding to the quality of fuel and can work properly in any climatic and weather conditions, which is especially appreciated in the Russian regions.

repair functions

Spare parts for the Katman 242 mini-tractor are widely available in Russia, thanks to which there are no problems with finding them. In addition, they have a very reasonable price, and the service “order to the house” greatly facilitates this process.

Minitractor CATMANN MT-242 has a very reasonable price, because for a new model will have to pay from 190 000 to 240 000 Russian rubles. The price of machinery is formed taking into account several factors, including the year of manufacture, configuration and version of the modification. The manufacturer may also offer several types of mounts as additional options, which also affects the final cost. When purchased from an official dealer, the mini-tractor comes with a 3-year warranty.

On the market for used special equipment this model has a price from 110,000 rubles and up to 150,000 Russian rubles. The price of this option is determined by such factors as year of manufacture, number of operating hours, general technical condition of a mini-tractor and additional attachments. It is worth noting that the latter can be purchased immediately with the technique and separately, as many ads are now moving to the sale of assembled units.

Minitractor Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD Eco-Line. Overview, features, operating features

Recommendations: 50%


Review of the Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD Eco-Line minitractor

Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD ECO Line

This is a representative of the powerful models of Katman mini-tractors. It is equipped with a professional 20 hp Japanese diesel engine. The design of the Catmann 242 4 × 2WD Eco-Line small tractor includes an electric starter to start the engine. Thanks to the improved water cooling, the engine can run for 10 hours without interruption.

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Due to its manoeuvrability, the Catmann 242 with ECO line is used on medium to small plots.

  • The minitractor is not only used in agriculture, but also in the work of local and construction companies.
  • The Catmann 242 4 × 2WD is equipped with an active cutting unit and plough.
  • The minitractor has all necessary safety features and markings to be able to drive on public roads.
  • The Catmann 242 Eco-Line can be paired with a variety of attachments.
  • Depending on the work to be done, the wheel spacing can be set between 1-1.4 m.

Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD ECO Line

To make the operation of the Catmann 242 4 × 2WD minitractor easier, the steering wheel and seat position can be adapted for each machine owner.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Catmann
performance 20 PS
Wheels 4 × 14 и 7,5 × 16
Weight 630
Type of start Manual + electric
Tank Capacity 6
Number of speeds 8 (6 forward, 2 reverse)
Side drive role
hitch Dark
Engine type diesel
brake Yes
Installed installation Да
Cutting width 100

Application Features

The Catmann 4 × 2WD minitractor is compatible with virtually all types of attachments.

The entire clutch is connected to a hydraulic pump, which has a float mode. It is especially useful when owners are working an uneven area, as the attachment follows the surface and does not dig into it.

Owner’s Manual

The Catmann Eco-Line Owner’s Manual is a must-have for every owner. It helps to understand the kinematic diagram of the machine, the device, technical features and skills of working with the mini-tractor.


Only high quality components are used in the production of Catmann mini-tractors, which can withstand high loads for a long time.

The Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD ECO-Line transmission has 8 steps.

Maximum depth of the attachment can reach 35 cm, which is especially convenient when plowing new land, when fertile layer of soil is lower.

Election Fall.


For Catmann MT-242 4 × 2WD ECO-Line small tractors to serve as long as possible, regular maintenance is required. The schedule is listed in the operating instructions.

TAP-15V Gear Oil Engine Oil 10W-40

Engine oil should be used after 80 hours of operation (semi-synthetic 10W-40), gear oil once after 1000 hours of operation (you can use the usual TAP-15V), pour diesel oil and without any other impurities.

Video review

The video review shows the Catmann MT-242 4×2WD Eco-Line working with soil tillers:

The following is a general video review of the Catmann MT-242:

Owner Reviews

Here are opinions on the forums about the Catmann’s operation:


A quality machine that can do a great job with the soil. I use the Katman to till potatoes. The hydraulic system handles potato buildup and backhoe work with no problems. I put the potatoes in and off I go. History. There are problems when working with the KUHN. It doesn’t stick to the surface and doesn’t rotate, but not critical.

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