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Mini-tractor “Bulat-120”: reviews of owners

Bulat Minister: Reviews of the owner

The manufacturer of the mini-tractor “Bulat-12” is the Chinese company Jinma. Its main prototype was the Sunrise – a tractor with manual control of the same manufacturer. “Bulat-12”, which turned into a miniature tractor and surpassed its counterpart in all technical and operational qualities and design features, is asking for Russian expanses and is used in farms and dacha farms. Performance indicators have initially become a priority for the developers of this compact machine. This is confirmed by the ability to perform truly colossal tasks.

Using the Bulat 1220 mini-tractor, you can plow, sow, dip, plant plants on hills, plant and dig potatoes, mow grass, carry loads, clean and clean up the territory. Low cost and high productivity ensure the ever-growing popularity of this type of equipment in Russia and the former CIS countries. Minitractor Bulat-12 should not even be compared with a hand tractor, because with the same small size its functionality is much wider, and the tractor itself is much more practical in use. The high maneuverability of the Bulat-1220 is an additional plus when working in the country. The mini-tractor must be certified and ready for use immediately after purchase and delivery to the agricultural business.

Creation history

He received the sonorous name “Bulat-1220” from the Chinese manufacturer Mahindra Yueda Tractor Company LTD (Jinma), which has been producing this mini-tractor for the Russian market since 2013. Judging by the reviews of owners, the work of this little helper is very effective, the model is versatile and promises fast depreciation. Jinma is headquartered in Yangsheng, in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, on the coast of the Yellow Sea, one of the most economically developed areas where industrial and agricultural products are produced. It is a joint venture, one of the largest and best known companies in China.

Navesnoe mini-tractor

Let’s turn to the history. Jinma was established by China Jiangsu Yueda Group Co. founded, which includes a group of companies specializing in various industries (textiles, etc.) and located in Yancheng City, as well as from the Indian machinery group Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.) M&M is a multinational company. The company was founded in 1945 and since then has been constantly evolving. Mahindra & Mahindra LTD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors and one of the ten leading industrial companies in India.

Technical Specifications

Bulat-12 mini-tractor model in the line from the Chinese manufacturer Jinma is the weakest in performance, so it uses a rear-wheel drive system. Full drive is not planned.

Among the most important technical indicators should be noted the following:

  • R195NDL or K195XOT single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with 8.83 kW or 12 hp. С.
  • Specific fuel consumption in the range of 188 g/kWh.
  • Clockwise rotation speed of the engine crankshaft is 2300 rpm.
  • Nominal speed is 1.68-17.08 km/h forward and 1.29-2.22 km/h reverse.
  • Maximum speed is 22.78 km/h forward and 6.97 km/h reverse.
  • Fuel tank volume is 5.5 liters.
  • The minimum design weight is 400 kg.
  • Wheel configuration 4✕2 with lightweight tires 4.00-8 in the front and 5.00-12 “herringbone” in the rear.
  • Manual eight-speed transmission.
  • The engine is started by a battery-powered electric starter, with a manual start option in emergency situations.
  • Features two-way drum brake system with foot-operated brake system.
  • water cooling system.
  • Pressurized oil system.
  • Small dimensions, length✕width✕height – 2140✕905✕1175 mm.
  • The driver’s seat is horizontally adjustable.
  • Steering with a worm gear allows you to control the tractor without much effort.
  • Hydraulic system for hitching attachments and trailers.
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The main difference between the minitractor and “walk behind” tractor is the ability to work a piece of land with a variety of attachments thanks to the hydraulic system, sitting in a comfortable seat. The use of horizontal V-belt transmission has greatly simplified and reduced the price of “Bulat-120” design. When working with the towed equipment it is possible to transport loads up to 1 000 kg at a distance of 20 km. The mini-tractor is usually equipped with a rotator and a mounted plow.

Dimensions and weight indicators

Due to its small size, “Bulat-120” can easily fit in any garage. Good maneuverability allows you to use the mini-tractor on any small construction site.

parameter name value
length, mm 2140
width, mm 905
height, mm 1175
weight (kg 410
distance, mm 180

Be aware that due to low ground clearance (driveway) significant obstacles, such as a tree trunk or ditch, can damage the mini-tractor suspension.


The Bulat-120 mini-tractor is equipped with a R195NDL or K195XOT 12 hp (8.83 kW) water-cooled horizontal single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine. With a small cylinder volume of 0.632 liters and a crankshaft speed of 2,300 rpm at maximum load, diesel consumption is low at no more than 1.66 liters per hour. The engine is started by an electric starter powered by a 12 V battery, with a manual start option. The water cooling system handles the heat load well.


Cylindrical 8-speed 3+1✕2 gearbox allows the tractor to travel at 22.78 km/h forward and 6.97 km/h in reverse. The Bulat-120 rear axle is equipped with a double-sided drum brake system. The drive axle with non-locking differential is equipped with a planetary gear and the main gear is driven by a belt drive. A two-disc dry clutch is connected to the three drive belts. The entire transmission structure is protected from mechanical damage by a metal shield underneath.

undercarriage system

The front wheels of the units have a radius of 12 inches, and the rear wheels have a radius of 16 inches. Such a scheme greatly simplifies the management and has a positive effect on the maneuverability of the equipment. The steering scheme of the Bulat mini-tractor refers to the worm type, which fully corresponds to a passenger car. There are switches on the steering column, which are responsible for external and emergency lighting.

Start of operation

After purchasing the Bulat-120 mini-tractor and before starting its operation it is necessary to check the operability of all units and assemblies:

  • Clean diesel fuel should be poured into the tank. This is done in order to avoid possible malfunctions of the engine and to extend its service life. The fuel can also be filtered before it enters the tank. The fill irrigation can be as clean as the fuel filter and tank.
  • The chiller should be filled with clean, soft water to ensure consistent, continuous operation of the cooling system. To soften the water, it can be boiled and a little caustic soda (1.5 g/l) added. In winter, when the ambient temperature is below zero, special antifreeze or de-icer is used instead of water.
  • They should be checked and, if necessary, tighten all external bearings and bolted connections.
  • Be sure to check the oil level.
  • Wheel convergence should be within 3-11 mm and tire pressure should be at least 2.5.

The new tractor must be flush with no failures. First the engine is started. Before starting, the fuel system must be pumped with the fuel tap open. After that, all gearshifts must be set in neutral position and manual throttle in middle position, and the engine must be started by turning the button in the ignition switch clockwise. If the engine does not start within 10 seconds, you must wait at least 2 minutes before starting, and if that does not help, troubleshoot.

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It is necessary to listen to the operation of the engine and make sure that there is no extraneous noise. With the engine running for 5 minutes make a rotation of the power selection shaft (PTO) in different positions in the following sequence: 750-1000-540 rpm. This is done for grinding, after which the shift lever is set in neutral position.

To check the hydraulic system several times lift the articulated mechanism without load and do the same thing, but already with a tool with about the same weight. After the check, the fasteners of all components and mechanisms are inspected again, and all fuel, oil or fluid leaks and leaks are eliminated.

After the preliminary running-in, you can move, but not yet work in the field. Check under load and in motion the operation of the engine, gearbox, bombs, hydraulic system and steering mechanism, carefully following the readings of all control devices. At the end of work drain the oil from all systems and coolant and pour everything fresh. Now “Bulat-120” is ready for full operation.

Non-mounted equipment

The list of attachments developed and manufactured to date for the “Bulat-120” mini-tractor contains no less than ten items.

Navesnoe-Obe-Porudovanie Minitraktora-Bulat-12

By default, a hydraulic tipper with dimensions of 1950x920x450 mm is suitable.


One more model is produced under the brand name “Bulat”. There are also three analogs, which have different names.

  • Bulat-254 is a four-wheel drive mini-tractor with in-line three-cylinder engine KM385W 24 hp. C (17.65 kW). It is equipped with power steering and front towing device. There is a powerful hydraulic system with optional hydraulic dealer. Aggregates with a variety of hitchable and excludable devices. Adjustable front and rear wheel track. Trailer socket is available. Easy to operate.
  • “Kalibr MT-1220” is a twelve-wheel machine with a single-cylinder engine and water cooling. It is convenient to work on it both on a farmer’s field and in small country houses. Small dimensions allow to use the mini-tractor in cramped and uncomfortable conditions, and the low cost provides a good demand and provides a quick payback.
  • “Zubi-12e Frase” is assembled from a liquid-cooled power tiller and a special kit, with the help of which a rotary and frontal mower, as well as a moldboard shovel can be installed on the mini-tractor. The engine power is 10 hp. C (7.36 kW) with a nominal crankshaft speed of 2000 rpm, used in agriculture and local areas.
  • “Centaur DW 120C” is a new forward-looking professional-grade model with an R195ndl diesel engine that develops 12 hp. C (8.83 kW). Comfortable adjustable driver’s seat, bright lighting devices, with which you can perform work in the dark. You can perform various types of agricultural and transportation works.


Among the models offered you will find such names as “Bulat-12 Lux” or “Bulat-120 New”. Careful analysis showed that there are no differences from the basic model, except for the name.

Operating experience, advantages and disadvantages

Choosing the Bulat 120 mini-disc for processing a personal plot or a farmer’s field, you will get an excellent helper with many advantages:

  • Good maneuverability when working in small areas.
  • High-speed features.
  • Able to work even hilly terrain.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Various connectable and disconnectable features.
  • Wide range of operations.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Adaptation to Russian climate.
  • High passability thanks to small weight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Operational reliability and dependability.
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Due to the collapse of stereotypes, not only Russian but also European farmers talk about the unreliability of Chinese machinery about Bulat-12. In terms of timely maintenance, the mini-drive can last at least three seasons before a larger repair. Its nodes and parts wear out and fail quite rarely. Of course, there are disadvantages as well. In order to plow the land more qualitatively, it is necessary to increase the engine power to at least 16 hp. C (11.77 kW). Many farmers complain about poor knots and lack of grease from rubbing knots and shares. A small amount of road throw is often the cause of suspension failure. Plastic parts can burst, the metal of some assemblies is not softened, poor painting is encountered, causing rapid corrosion.

Some owner reviews

Kursk farmer: “In our small village we have two “Bulat-120” mini-tractors. The equipment is excellent, it was brought from Ukraine, where such tractors are very popular. In our district center they also sell them, but they are a bit expensive. “Andrey: “The model is solid, though low, only 12 horses, but it pulls decently. After purchasing immediately checked the work of the cutters and connectors, which are included in the kit. No problem, even without ballast, even though my soil is naturally soft. But so far I’m satisfied. ” Alexander: “Do not deny yourself the pleasure of buying a Bulat 120 when the opportunity arises. You can not only till your own plot, but also plow your neighbors’ vegetable gardens, of course, not for free. So much for the business deal. I know owners who have already paid off Min and Aktor. Mikhail: “First of all, when I bought the Bulat 120, I went straight through all the bearings, none of which were lubricated. Unfortunately, there is no locking. So far only cleared snow, no complaints. In the spring I’ll see how it behaves in the field.” Vladimir: “Bulat 120 is still raw, I have to put my hands on it. But it’s all the time that is slowly settling in, ins brought to the business.” Alexei:

“There’s no point in praising the Bulat 120 yet, there are a lot of flaws. I understand thoughtfully and slowly. I machined the outer drive rack, for which I used a bushing, and threw away the axle and bolt. Everything in this tractor needs to be fastened. Took it because of the weight suitable for my tasks, especially since I can replicate it myself. “


Russian farmers appreciate the Bulat-120, as it is a good alternative to the already well-known minitractors and power tillers. And the main advantage is the affordable price in the range of 89-130 thousand rubles. True, these are still offers on the old stock, as in connection with the crisis and the rise in the dollar exchange rate, the price of this technique will rise. For this it is enough to look at the proposals of individual entrepreneurs, who sell Bulat-120 produced in 2014 with a mileage of 1000 km at a price of 1500-2200 dollars. Nowadays, it is easy enough to buy such a mini-tractor, as it is offered by various specialized companies.

To summarize.

To summarize, we can say that, despite some shortcomings, the Bulat-120 mini-tractor is an innovative development that will appeal to any farmer who wants to buy a reliable and durable mechanized helper. With proper operation and timely care this equipment serves for more than one year.

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Bulat mini cultivator of household level

Universal mini-cultivator Bulat-120 is a popular product of the Indian machine-building, which is part of the structure of the well-known brand Jinma. The steady demand for the compact, economical in operation mini-universal is determined by:

  • The modern characteristics of a traction fighter;
  • compatibility with different types of towed and articulated units;
  • high performance of agricultural, municipal and transportation works.


Photo: Minitor Bulat-120

The company creates all components in-house, which allows to control the quality of products. Tractor “Bulat” 120 model combines an affordable price range, reliability and durability of all units and assemblies, the ability to fully operate in difficult climatic and weather conditions.


The dimensions of “Bulat” slightly exceed the size of a powerful tractor with a crawler drive, that’s why the machine is commonly called a mototractor. However, the presence of 4 wheels and the classic layout determine the belonging of this model to the category of small tractors.

The functional and maneuverable machine can be used equally successfully in private and agricultural business, in utilities and construction companies.

Small and convenient in daily use, the mini-tractor of this model compares favorably with its analogues:

  • high traction when hitched to a trailer;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • compatibility with various types of attachments;
  • high maintainability;
  • affordable cost of spare parts and consumables.

Bulat-120 model is equipped with a cultivator and a two-row plough. For inter-row work, the manufacturer offers Bulat T-120 Lux with adjustable track width of front and rear axles.

Design features and equipment

Bulat-120 and its modified versions are distinguished by the classical rear drive, V-belt transmission of torque to the gearbox and a universal hydraulic system with a load capacity of 250 kg.

  • The list of the most popular attachments includes single- or double-row plows, cutters, mowers and other equipment designed for the care of vegetable and industrial crops, their harvesting and transportation to the place of storage or processing.
  • The design of the coupling device allows towing trailers and semi-trailers with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg. Driving qualities of the mini-tractor are increased due to the use of chevron tips in the pneumatic wheels.

Transport capabilities of “Bulat” are limited by low ground clearance, so the operation of the device on the sites with a difficult terrain requires special attention from the driver.

Technical Specifications

Model “Bulat” 120 is characterized by a dense arrangement of units and small dimensions. The length and width of the machine weighing 495 kg are within 2.14/0.9 meters, height – 1.17 meters, ground clearance – 18 cm.

model Bulat-120 Bulat-120 deluxe
engine R195NDL R195NDL
Type Diesel, four-stroke, one-cylinder, water-cooled Diesel, four-stroke, one-cylinder, water-cooled
Power, kW / hp 9.2/12.5 9.2/12.5
wheel formula 2×4 2×4
transmission mechanically mechanically
drive backrest backrest
Gears forward/reverse 6/2 6/2
Forward/Reverse speed 1.75 – 17.82 / 1.35 – 5.45 1.75 – 17.82 / 1.35 – 5.45
Fuel consumption, g/kW. H 293 293
fuel tank capacity, l 5,5 7
Minimum turning radius, m 1,6 1,6
Rear hydraulic lifting capacity, kg 250 250
front wheel size 4.5-14 4.5-14
rear wheel size 6.50-16 6.50-16
Minimum ground clearance, mm 180 210
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 2140x905x1175 2170x845x1150
Weight with cultivator and plough, kg 495 515

engine and gears

The mini-tractor is equipped with compact, economical and easy-to-maintain R195NDL liquid-cooled diesel engine of 12 hp capacity with electric start. When the battery voltage is low, the engine can be started manually with the hand crank.

At operating speed, specific hourly diesel consumption is 188-190 g/hp. This increases by an average of 30% when the machine is operating at maximum speed. The machine is equipped with a fuel tank of 5.5 liters.

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The flywheel torque is transmitted to the multilevel control point by means of a V-belt transmission and a permanently closed clutch. The box has six festoons and two in reverse. With the tiller the tractor can be used in various speed and traction modes. Maximum front travel speed is 18 km/h, rear travel speed is 5.45 km/h.


Bulat 12 has proven itself from the best side on the domestic tractor market. The list of indisputable merits:

  • Affordable cost of the machine itself and information about the brand;
  • The possibility of complete processing of different types of floors;
  • High level of maintenance and combination of spare parts with the brand models;
  • Ease of maintenance and the possibility of correcting operational errors;
  • Full adaptability of the machine to work in southern and northern regions.

Disadvantages of production and operation

According to some owners of minitractors Bulat, the power of the electric unit and small agricultural output does not meet modern requirements.

The design of the machine does not provide the improvement of the handle with the floor due to the body load, the possibility of changing the size of the track, which is implemented only in the modified versions.

The quality of assembly leaves much to be desired. Minimal amount of grease, not fully tightened the threaded joints in the wheel bearings.

Price of the base model Bulat-12 new and used

The average cost of a new machine, which in different regions comes complete with a milling machine and a plow, is 53-55,000 hryvnia ($2,000). This is the lowest figure when choosing imported mini-tractors, as the cost of machines of European production, identical in terms of power supply, is 2-2.5 times higher.

On the tractor market there are proposals for the sale of Bulat mini-tractors, in which a certain part of design translators are developed.

The cost of such machines ranges between 25 and 30 000 hryvnias ($ 900-1200). The price range is formed by many factors, including the technical condition, the availability of a complete set, the preservation of traction parameters of the actuator.


Minitractors with similar working properties are mass-produced by many leading manufacturers. In the proposed range of Kharkov station wagons, HTZ T-012, Belarus Zubr 12e, DW 120C autotractors, several phototypes of Garden Scout and Dongfeng.

Centaur capabilities are limited by the lack of on-board hydraulic system, other more technically advanced models are more expensive.

Owners’ reviews

I did not notice any special advantages in my Bulide. The engine for such a cubic capacity is weak, I have 32 horses in my bike, and here only 12. The power of the machine is on the level of a good recreational tractor, but these have 4 wheels. No major breakdowns, but there is plenty of time to troubleshoot minor issues. I hope that after the run-in the machine will work more efficiently. Ivan Grigorievich.

The mini-disc catcher Bulat 1220 went through almost completely with my own hands, found a few minor defects, which I eliminated myself. Increased the seat on which you can lay standard oils, rebuilt the clutch and brakes, stretched the counter – reaction in the steering rails, put halogen lamps in the headlights. The plow and grinders are unnecessary in the refinish, as they say everything is simple and nothing is superfluous. I’m planning my and polga plow alone. Fedor

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