Mini-tractor “Bulat”. Overview of the model range, additional details, test reports

Mini-tractor “Bulat”. Overview of the model range, additional details, test reports

The models of the Bulat mini-tractors are based on the Chinese tractors Jinma for the realities of consumers in the CIS countries. The manufacturer of mini-tractors is a joint venture (China, India) – tractor company Mahindra Yueda (Yancheng).

Small tractor Bulat

Bulat tractors are of high quality combined with a fast payback period. Due to rational use of various attachments, “Bulat” mini-tractor can be operated all year round.

Powerful models of “Bulat” mini-tractors successfully compete with large tractors, while being smaller, more economical and highly maneuverable.

Agriculture, construction, utilities – regardless of the scale, these versatile tractors work reliably in difficult conditions, paying off in one to two seasons.

Overview of the model range

Bulat” tractors are equipped with diesel engines rated at 12-40 hp, some versions have a heated cabin with the best visibility: Bulat-354.4C, Bulat-244.4C, Bulat-404C.

Bulat 244.4C compact tractor

Bulat mini-tractor features:

  • universal functionality
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants
  • High maintainability and accessible maintenance
  • Long service life.

The price of tractors Bulat starts from 120 000 rubles, depending on the configuration of the mounted units, the availability of cabin and other improvements. Excellent mini-tractor Bulat T-354S with a cab can be purchased for about 400,000 rubles.

Bulat T120 and T150

Bulat T120 and Bulat T150 mini-tractors are novelties developed on the basis of a diesel two-wheeled tractor with water cooling. They have comfortable steering control, ergonomic seat, electric starter, improved harvester and plough. In terms of overall dimensions, they are only slightly larger than a two-wheeled tractor, but due to the 4 wheels and low weight, they are very easy to control.

Mini-tractor Bulat T-120 Mini-tractor Bulat-150

Due to a number of technical improvements, the Bulat T-120 Lux mini-tractor is rightly considered a leader in the group of special equipment of this class.

Bulat mini-tractor features:
  • Sliding hubs: front axle 780-1300 mm, rear axle 800-1330 mm.
  • Innovative transmission with hydraulic lifting-folding mechanism.
  • Split brake pedals.
  • Ergonomic instrument panel.
Manufacturer: Bulat
Power: 15 HP.
engine volume: 998cc
Number of cylinders: 1
Drive: 4X2
Weight: 540 kg
Differential lock: Yes
Adjustable caterpillar: Yes
ground clearance: 240 mm
cutter width: 120 cm
Transmission: Cutter 120 cm, plow


Mini-tractor Bulat-DF404 is the most powerful model of the group and is designed for processing large areas up to 1 hectare.

Energomash BP-37: technical description, use and safety equipment

Compact tractor Bulat-404

engine 4-cylinder diesel, 4L23BT, 2.31L
Power, hp (kW) 40 (29.4)
Fuel Consumption, g/kWh 278
fuel tank capacity, l 27.5
transmission (4+1)x2
speed, km/h 1.7 – 26.0
Front/rear wheel size 6:5-16; 11.2-24
tractive force, kN 7,7
load-carrying capacity, kg 660
wheelbase, mm 1770
ground clearance, mm 290
Dimensions, mm length x width x height 3303x1460x1996
weight (kg 1470

Bulat T200, T240, 264E, 254

For the models Min and Aktors Bulat T200, T240, 264E, 254, are characterized by rational technical parameters, the machines are multifunctional, ergonomic. They differ from each other by engine power, some design features, specific improvements and purpose.

Bulat T-200 Mini Tractor Bulat T-240 Mini Tractor Bulat 254 Mini Tractor Bulat 264E

Comparative characteristics

Features of Minitractors Bulat T150 Bulat-240 Bulat-354 Bulat-404
Engine power 15 HP. 24 PS 35 PS 40 PS
transmission (3/1) X2 (4/1) X2 (4/1) X2 (4/1) X2
fuel tank capacity, l 12 10 21 27.5
Drive unit rear full full full
Unlocking, mm 180 330 265 290
Rear differential lock no Yes Yes Yes
wheelbase, mm 1300 720 1800 1770
load-carrying capacity, kg 250 420 578 660
weight (kg 580 1200 1250 1470

Unassembled equipment

With Bulat mini-tractors it is possible to rationally use different attachments. Some versions of minitractors Bulat-195, T150, T120, T150 Lux are originally equipped with a plow and harrow, other attachments from different manufacturers can be purchased separately.

Harrow potato belt two-rice cultivation front leaf Sämamer Grain seeder vegetable plow 2 fuselage pl5

With the equipment of mini – tractors with powerful hydraulic suspension, you can not only for tillage, planting and weeding, but also for snow removal, spreaders, for transportation of all kinds of cargo on the trailer and trailer adjustments perform a variety of other works.

Owner’s Manual

Consider the price level, availability of service, availability and interchangeability of spare parts and consumables with previous series models. In this respect the characteristics described in the “Bulat” minitrailers are very much in demand in comparison with other Chinese models.

First start

A new Bulat tractor or after a major overhaul should undergo a professional running-in, which allows to extend its service life to a great extent.

Before the first start-up, the following assemblies and mechanisms are checked:

  • The presence of lubricant, fuel, coolant, reliability of moving locks and tire pressure are checked.
  • Check operability of power selection shaft for 5 minutes at different speeds (low, medium, high).
  • Check the hydraulic system by raising and lowering the mechanism one after the other for leaks, blockages or other errors.
  • Then for 20 minutes, the same manipulation with the articulated implement corresponds to the plow.
  • Next, the minitractor is started with a load and gradually increased in different modes. The operation of the steering system, brakes, clutch and gearbox must be carefully checked. Running-in with load takes 48-50 hours.
  • After completion of the current running-in, maintenance is carried out before putting it into operation. For this purpose, oil is changed in the engine crank, air cleaner sump. Check presence of grease in all movable joints.
Plants to repel uninvited guests

When the field work is over, conservation is carried out: the tractor is dried, dried out, wiped down and cleaned of fuel, lubricated to prevent corrosion, covered and placed in a dry place.


Maintenance of the Bulat mini-tractor is performed in accordance with the preventive maintenance plan, which is given in the operating instructions. It is necessary to carefully observe the stages of work to check all tractor systems in order to meet the maintenance requirements during preservation or prolonged parking of the tractor.

Sae 85W-90 Platin Sae Gold Sae 80W-90

The manufacturer recommends Silver Sae 85W-90, Platinum Sae, Gold Sae 80W-90 for gears and axles. For the engine – mineral or semi-synthetic oil. High quality diesel fuel is used as fuel.

Main violations and possibilities for their elimination

The main malfunctions during the operation of BULAT mini-tractors can occur due to the malfunctions in the fuel system, the circuit, low compression, low pressure in the lubrication system and high oil temperature.

The manufacturer recommends a detailed list of possible irregularities and specific instructions for correcting them.

Poor braking:

  • Increased pedal play (set position);
  • Brake disc or cover has failed (replace affected parts).

Gearbox overheated:

  • Small gearbox or stock (adjust);
  • Insufficient or poor quality oil (top up with the correct amount of oil for the model);

Starter not working:

  • Broken or poor wire contact (solder or mating);
  • Weak battery (charge the battery);
  • Short circuit (replace or clean manifold surface);
  • Poor magnetic switch contact (turn the switch bushing 2-3 turns).

To avoid premature breakdowns and defects, the owner should carefully read the manual, because Bulat tractors, like any kind of machinery, have characteristic design features and specific differences in operation.

Friendliness of Bulat mini-tractors is high, spare parts and service are widespread.

When operating a mini-tractor it is forbidden:

  • Do not leave your foot on the clutch pedal for long periods of time.
  • Do not use the one-way brake on steep turns.
  • It is forbidden to stop the engine immediately, it is necessary to work for some time at low revolutions until the water cools down to 65-70 °С.
Kamaz 54115: construction and device. Technical and operational characteristics of the machine

Video review

Checking the mini-tractor Bulat T-1220 Lux

Review of the minitractor Bulat with an overdoser

Reviews of owners


“The tractor Bulat-12 is an excellent modern equipment. The future is behind such units, everything in it meets today’s requirements – quality, design, performance and price”.

Sergey, Podolsk:

“I recommend the Bulat 354 to those who have an agricultural enterprise or a large plot, a tractor with manual control is no longer enough, and a large tractor is still too much. Works perfectly with any attachments, maneuverable, the technology can be called flawless. I have already had it for 2 years without any major breakdowns.

Victor, Penza:

“I bought the minitractor Bulat-404 with a cab 3 years ago. I work all year long. I like its efficiency, large fuel tank, decent charging capacity, large bikes. Controls are very simple, at first I thought it would take a long time to learn. When adjusting the depth of tillage, I recommend learning the train resistance setting. That way the plowing depth will be what it should be, and it becomes safer for the machinery. “

Minitractors “Bulat” – Chinese units with Russian soul

Small tractor Bulat

The well-known Mahindra Yueeda Tractor Company LTD, a Jinma brand concern, offers one of the most budget-friendly and functionally cheap agricultural machine variants to landowners. The products are called Bulat and have already managed to win over the fans not only because of the pleasant price, but also because of practicality and high performance.

It is worth noting that Bulat is the result of joint cooperation of the Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra LTD and the plant Jiangsu Yueda. Today the organization is among the top 500 companies in the country and offers users a variety of high quality spare parts.

A few years ago, the company’s 8hp engines were especially popular. S., but today many advanced farmers have switched to mini tractors, which are more advanced and sophisticated.

Grape treatment for diseases and pests

Bulat-Minister: Identifying common models and showing the reasons for the popularity of the product in the post-Soviet dream

Motor Bulat T-1220.

The specified model is a suitable choice for owners of small dacha plots, as it is not designed for processing large areas. The device is complemented by a small plow, with which you can plow the floor and the floor, which contributes to better work on sandy floors.


Motor tractor Bulat T-120

  • Engine – R195ndl;
  • Fuel – diesel;
  • Crankshaft position – horizontal;
  • Power – 12 hp.
  • Cooling type – water;
  • Engine displacement – 0.632 liters (632 cm3);
  • Electric starter/manual start;
  • Transmission type – manual gearbox, combination type;
  • Steering – gear type;
  • Weight – 410 kg.

Motobucket is equipped with a comfortable cabin, has powerful 4 bikes and offers owners additional attachments. It is always worth remembering about the small release, which requires a subtle attitude.

The model does not have all touring bikes. Thanks to the trailer attachment, you can carry loads up to 1000 kg. The unit can travel at 22.78 km/h and 6.9 km/h.

Bulat T-150 engine

This model is very similar to the Bulat-12, but features an improved engine and increased power. Now the owner of such a unit has 15 hp.


Bulat T-150 Power Tractor

  • Cycling formula – 4×2;
  • Capacity of the fuel tank – 12 liters;
  • Model of the engine – WL15ndl;
  • Type of engine – horizontal, 1 cylinder, diesel;
  • Number of gears – (3+1) × 2;
  • Volume of lift body – 1,5 liters;
  • Mass – 600 kg.

The object has a very advantageous manual control (steering), a seat that is comfortable for the back, as well as a wide range of additional devices. Bulat-T150 is designed to perform the processes of plowing the soil, sowing various crops, transporting goods, cleaning and clearing areas. The mini-activator has a high mobility.

Bulat 254 motorcycle.

The device is known for its productivity with low fuel consumption, inexpensive spare parts, 3 drive belts, endurance and stable large wheels. The clever design allows you to do both field work and high volume loading and repair work.


Bulat 254 power tractor

  • Engine model – KM 385 BT;
  • Power – 24 hp. С;
  • Weight – 1120 kg;
  • Cooling type – water;
  • Transfer – equipment;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 17 liters;
  • Number of cylinders – 3;
  • Maximum capacity – 320 kg;
  • Dimensions – 2600*1470*1330.
Tractor T-15. Overview, characteristics, features of application

The creators have tried and done everything to make it easy to operate the device. They equipped it with a comfortable driver’s seat, a remote control and a three-point hitch. Special attention should be paid to the equipment of the device.

Bulat 224 compact tractor

This device is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 22 hp. С. Water cooling is used for protection against overheating. Starting is done by means of an electric starter, the nominal speed of the crankshaft reaches 2200 rpm.

Other technical characteristics:

Compact tractor Bulat 224

  • engine oil type – mineral oil;
  • Brake mechanism – drum type;
  • Fuel pump type – piston;
  • Check point – (3 + 1) x2;
  • Type of pump of hydraulic system – gear type;
  • Weight – 950 kg.

Special counterweights for rear wheels are included. Manual transmission allows the driver to move forward with 8 speeds, and 2 reverse speeds improve maneuverability in small areas.

Bulat T-200 compact tractor

The machine is new in 2017 and is therefore equipped with an innovative alternator that allows you to charge the battery anywhere and anytime, powerful 12″ and 16″ wheels, a direct-drive motor and an 18 hp 4-stroke engine. С.


Bulat T-200 compact tractor

  • Engine model – ZS1105NDL;
  • Transmission type – non-synchronized mechanical;
  • Brakes – pads;
  • Engine crankcase volume – 1.8 L;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 8 liters;
  • Working volume – 995 cm3;
  • Mass – 710 kg.

The specified mototractor contributes to a significant saving of fuel and, as a consequence, money of the owner. In addition, this option is ideal as the first “technical assistant”, as it can be operated intuitively. Everything is simplified and understandable.

Profitable cost, reliable assembly, the use of only quality parts and a representative appearance were able to conquer connoisseurs of quality. Before its release, the device passed serious tests and received the approval of many experts.

Excellent financial conditions for the purchase of machinery are very pleasing to farmers, who never cease to be amazed by the achievements of modern engineering. Successful owners note that Bulat mini-tractors can work for 2-3 years without breakdowns and replacement of parts, but such a result can only be achieved with a responsible approach to operation and maintenance.

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