Mini loader Amkodor 211 – description and properties

Mini-loader Amkodor 211

The Amkodor 211 is a special kind of equipment that has been designed to carry out loading and unloading and excavation work. Production of this mini loader is in the Belarusian holding company Amkador, which for many decades has established itself to its customers as a high-class manufacturer of special equipment and a reliable partner. This division has modern design knowledge, experience of engineers and craftsmanship of workers. AMCADOR 211 is constantly improving, which is characterized by the emergence of various technologies, which have improved power, increased productivity and expanded scope of application.

Planned assignment

Mini loader AMCADOR 211 combines the functions of such units as a bulldozer, excavator and grader. As a result, it can be effectively used to perform the following types of work:

  • Moving holiday and bulk materials;
  • Loading and unloading of various categories of cargo;
  • Small trenches for laying communications and pipelines;
  • Development of excavations for the installation of strip foundations in them;
  • Planning of construction sites characterized by a small area;
  • Creation of earth waves and embankments with small volumes of soil;
  • Creation of small pools and artificial ponds;
  • Cleaning of roads from debris;
  • Cleaning of various places and landfills from snow.

This special machine can be successfully used in industries such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture and forestry.

Technical Specifications

AMKODOR 211 and its technical properties are represented by the following values:

  • Operating weight – 3.8 tons;
  • Payload – 1.2 tons;
  • Bucket capacity – 0.59 m3;
  • Breaking capacity – 2.4 t;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 75 l;
  • Radius of rotation – 2,5 m;
  • Speed of movement – 12 km/h.

Overall parameters of the machine:

Technical dimensions of the AMKODOR 211 skid steer loader


The loader has a four-cylinder engine D-243, which was developed by the Belarusian enterprise Minsk Motor Plant. This unit has the following parameters:

  • Power – 60 kW;
  • Volume – 4.75 liters;
  • Mass – 430 kg;
  • Speed of rotation – 2200 rpm;
  • Torque – 258 Nm;
  • Number of booms – 4.

Fuel consumption can be 5,5-7,5 liters, depending on the mode of operation.

cabin .

Due to the FOPS and ROPS systems, integrated in the cabin of the mini loader, AMKODOR 211 guarantees an increased safety to the operator. It increases the stability of the machine and reliably protects it from overturning. Wide viewing angle is achieved due to the panoramic glazing of the main part of the cabin. A heating system is provided for heating in the cold season. The interior of the vehicle is spacious enough and equipped with a chassis that can be used to adjust the seat height and side tilt angle. Explore the cabin of the Amkodor 211 can be seen in the photo below:

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Interior view of the cabin of the AMKODOR 211 skid steer loader

Design of the cabin of the Amkodor 211


The all-metal frame is the main supporting element of the loader. All technological elements of the machine are mounted on it: cab, power unit, transmission and folding devices. The fuel tank is located on the right side of the machine, hydraulic tank on the left side. The loader is equipped with a modern onboard computer that allows controlling the main mechanisms of the machine and effectively controls the engine modes, which contributes to significant fuel savings. The Amkodor 211 is equipped with an overload control system, as the working equipment is reliably protected from damage. The chassis is controlled by engaging onboard gears. To access the main components of the machine, there is a convenient and easy-to-open hood.

Design of the Amkodor 211

Advantages and disadvantages

Amkodor 211 loader has a number of impressive advantages and differs from its competitors in the following characteristics:

  • high productivity;
  • higher lifting capacity;
  • high lifting height of the bucket;
  • small dimensions;
  • good cross-country ability;
  • stability on weak soils;
  • improved transmission;
  • significant fuel consumption;
  • reliable warranty.

The only disadvantages are the insufficiently comfortable cab and low wiring. However, this is the problem of almost all vehicles produced after the “Sevjet”. In other respects, it is safe to say that Amkodor mini loaders are of excellent quality and high operational reliability. In this case, the price of this product is quite democratic.


Reviews of owners and drivers of the loader “Amkodor 211” are presented in the comments below:

  1. The loader is reliable and inexpensive. It has good maneuverability and excellent lifting capacity. Logical in maintenance, there are almost no problems with it. All spare parts are readily available and easy to find.
  2. Service and warranty service is a hallmark of this company. Within a day, a representative of the company will provide an original part to replace the failed one.
  3. The machine is not only productive, but also very economical. Fuel consumption is about 15% less than that of their foreign counterparts. The disadvantages include the low quality of domestic rubber.

pinion .

In basic configuration loader is equipped with a standard bucket and a hydraulic device for quick change of attachments. The buyer can order the adaptation of working tools made by other manufacturers. In addition, the following types of equipment can be installed on the machine:

  • Hook;
  • forks;
  • mills;
  • bread machines;
  • road brushes;
  • jaw gripper;
  • hydraulic waste;

Design of the Amkodor 211

Cost of new and used

You can buy a new Amkodor mini loader for 2 million rubles. This is the average cost of the machine in the standard configuration. If the buyer intends to buy additional equipment, the purchase price increases significantly. Machinery produced in 2011 and 2012, is worth about 1.5-1.8 million rubles. Those who want to rent a machine need to know that an hour of work will cost an average of about 1.2 thousand rubles. A full shift costs about 7,000 rubles.

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The analogues of the Ampodor 211 include the following machines: Bobcat S530, Changlin ZL15H and New Holland L 225. Their technical characteristics are given below:

Amkodor 211 analog


Amkodor 211 trucks are most in demand when producing small amounts of work and can be used with high efficiency in areas adjacent to roads and railroads, as well as in densely populated urban areas and near communication networks. Managers of construction companies or industrial enterprises, buying the loaders of this brand, provide their production with such equipment, which will help them to quickly and accurately perform their tasks. This type of machines occupies the average segment of the domestic market and is the best solution in terms of technology and cost.

Mini loader Amkodor 211

The main purpose of the loader is to carry out installation and adjustment works, working with the ground and other materials. The functions performed by the Amkodor 211 are loading, unloading and moving various kinds of cargo.

The loader found its application in other types of works – repair, road, agricultural, water ports, airports.

Amkodor 211 mini loader

Mini loader Amkodor 211

Small working space does not interfere with the work of the Amkodor 211 loader. It can easily work in warehouses, be used for cleaning and perform a number of other tasks with attachments of various types. The ease of installation of replacement equipment allows the technique to be used universally for any activity. In addition, new developments have made implement changes not only easy, but also quick.

features and benefits

The main advantages of the skidder tractor include increased lifting capacity, new and improved cabin and transmission. Increased capacity has expanded the range of equipment and increased productivity. The driver’s cab was more ergonomic and comfortable. The transmission included Bondioli hydraulic motors and pumps. These innovations also had a positive effect on the tractive effort of the units.

Due to the modernization of the operating elements, the “Amkodor 211” can now work with equipment with a high load. The increase in ground clearance had an impact on cross-country ability. It is now larger. The width has also changed in comparison with the previous model – it became larger, which gave the machine more stability.


The loader is represented by the following modifications:

Amkodor 211 basic model
Amkodor 211 0001 Basic model with increased hydraulic flow (30 l/min)
Amkodor 211 0002 Basic model with roof fan
Amkodor 211E Base model, but more eco-friendly (engine – Deutz TD 2011 L04i)
Amkodor 211T Tropical version (without door, cabin heating, without side windows)
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technical characteristics and dimensions

Among the main technical characteristics of the Amkodor 211 are its payload and bucket capacity. With a capacity of 0.59 m3 device is able to lift a weight of 1.2 tonnes, the width of the cutting edge of the bucket is 2.14 m, tearing force – 2.4 tons, this is taking into account the height of unloading 2, 4 m to the power of the machine.

The performance of devices with such parameters allows us to conclude that they are in great demand and are used in many types of activities. The dimensions of the Amkodor 211 loader give the same effect.

parameter value
transport length 3.5m
transport width 2.1m
Transport height of driver cabin 2.45m
operating weight 3.8t
Turning radius of the vehicle 2.5m
Fuel consumption of AMKODOR 211 per hour 5.5-7.5 LR
Fuel capacity 75 l
Angle of unloading 42 degrees
Maximal speed 12 km/h
Payload 1.2 T
Main shovel volume 0.59 m 3


The engine has a 4.75-liter engine of Belarusian manufacture with a German fan. The engine cooling system consists of water and oil radiators, which cool the engine itself and the hydraulic system. To combat engine heating a fan has been developed, which provides the necessary air intake. The weight of the engine is 430 kg.

The torque is 258 Nm. There are two options for controlling the engine: the accelerator pedal, which limits the fuel supply, and the handle, which stops the power unit. The handle is located on the control panel on the operator’s right side. Engine output is 60 kW or 81 hp.

The cylinder diameter is 110 mm. A closed circuit hydraulic system is also part of the D-243 engine. Pumps and hydraulic motor are connected in the system. The engine is not connected in the final drives, but the engine torque is transmitted. The compression ratio is 16.

An electric dud allows the engine to be started even at e-30 degree temperatures, which is especially important in the northern regions of Russia. There is also a heating and clutch clutch. The latter is inserted with a lever next to the engine. These three devices make it easier to start the engine in extreme climatic conditions. The rotational speed of the unit is 2200 rpm.

parameter value
Engine model D-243
performance 60 kW (81 hp) at 2200 rpm
fuel type diesel
RPM 2200 rpm
cylinder 4
Torque 258 Nm


Transmission is defined Italian, which increases the performance of the equipment. The basis of the installation is hydraulics, its type is volumetric and closed. There is a possibility of adapting the pumps of the hydraulic system. There is no such possibility for the motors. Due to the independent page drive increases the traction of the machine, its dynamism and reliability.

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The main element of the structure is the frame on which all the contents of the machine are held: the engine and all the elements, gearboxes, cab and attachments. This is where the gearboxes and power takeoffs are installed. The fuel tank found its place on the right and hydraulics on the left. The designers are proud of their invention – a new muffler. It is located on the left side and on the right side there is an air filter. Thus, the hood is free of these elements and is much lighter in weight.

The neutral position of the control unit guarantees the driving speed. The backup and parking brakes are permanently closed and in oil. Braking takes place in the rear wheels. They are operated with pressure relief by means of springs.

A parallel circuit is used to install the switching devices. The main systems work with the hydraulic system. To avoid equipment failure due to load cancellation, the safety valve is larger than the lifting capacity of the machine. It protects the hydraulic system from restarting.

Operator’s cabin

Like all modern technology, the FOPS and ROPS systems are integrated in the AMKODOR 211. They prevent the equipment from tipping over and guarantee the operator’s safety. The view angle is very large thanks to the glazing on the sides and in front of the operator’s seat. There is also a window at the top, which is protected by a visor.

Charging cabin of the AMKODOR 211

AMKODOR 211 charging cab

The rear mirrors also have a positive effect on the view angle, and are located on the sides of the cab on the outside and in the middle on the inside. There are windows and hatches in the cab for natural air ventilation. In winter, the heating system is used to heat the cab. The equipment cabin becomes quite spacious, so it is possible to store water and other necessary not only personal items, but also safety items (first aid kit, fire extinguisher). Engine heat does not enter the cabin thanks to its cladding. It acts as a heater and prevents the air inside from overheating.

The operator’s seat is adjustable back and forth, the backrest is made in such a way as to maintain the tone of the muscles of the back. To ensure the safety of the operator during work and movement of the AMKODOR 211 mini loader there is a belt next to the seat. In addition, the machine moves only when the operator is secured.

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For comfort, the devices are controlled from the front panel. Information about the operating time of the machine is also displayed here. This is important for routine inspections. There is also an indicator of the temperature of the liquid in the cooling system, which is important when the unit is working for a long time. The degree of filter clogging is also displayed here to avoid damage to important components and parts of the machine. The board displayed on the panel ensures trouble-free operation in winter or difficult operating conditions. The fuel content monitoring is necessary to determine the refueling time and the normal operation of the units.

The rotary lever and signal are located to the left of the driver.

To simplify maintenance and repair, the designers have lightened the hood and made them extremely easy to open. The main indicators of the technology are efficiency, durability and low cost.

Hydraulic system

The pumps are located on the engine. Two lift pumps are connected to the hydraulic engine through a closed system. The model of these pumps is M4PV5045. The hydraulic motor is M4MF46. All elements are made in Italy. The limiting pressure, at which the safety valves shut off the system – 35 MPa.


The driving is controlled by the control unit. It is located on the left side of the operator. The torque is transmitted to the plate by means of wheels. The latter include the gearbox, chain wheel, rear axle and parking brake.

operation and maintenance

When buying a new forklift, you should know that after the first 40 hours of operation the equipment must be sent for inspection. It is also performed after 210 hours of operation and also applies to used AMCODOR 211.


Various attachments

Various attachments

The main purpose of the machine is to make human work easier. That’s why the choice of attachments is so wide. They are designed for street cleaning (blades, brushes), for repair work (hydraulic spools, chisels, concrete mixers, drills), for construction (hooks, buckets) and service programs (forks).

Cost of new and used

The price of the Amkodor 211 depends on the year of manufacture and mileage. New equipment costs about 2 million rubles. The machine of 2011-2012 production year costs about 1.6 million rubles. However, the price may vary depending on the attachments.

Rental of machinery costs 1100-1200 rubles per hour. This frees up a shift of 7000 rubles.


These include only the previous model – AMKODOR 208B. Another analog is a mini loader Bobcat S530.

Amkodor 211 operating instructions

Das Handbuch enthält alle erforderlichen Informationen zur Wartung und Wartung des Mini-Lader-Rukovodstvo-Po-Ekspluatacii-Amkodor-2111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.pdf.

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