Mighty Motokos Stihl FS130. Technical parameters, completeness, video and reviews

Trimmers shtil (stihl) 130

Popular among gardeners, the STIHL FS 130 is distinguished by high reliability, endurance and reinforced working resource. The model can be used successfully, both for work in small areas of the house and in garden areas with an area of ​​u200bu200bup to 30 hectares. Simplicity in daily operation makes it possible to start using the model to almost every novice gardener.

STIHL FS 130 Motokos device

The Stihl FS 130 Motokos is characterized by a balanced design and a good selection of components. The basic equipment of the trimmer includes a 2-stroke 1-cylinder ice developed under the 4-mix system. It significantly reduces fuel consumption by forced burning of the entire volume of fuel. At the same time, Motoko’s Shtil FS 130 emits less harmful emissions and seems much calmer than other similar models.

To start the engine in the braid device, a ready-made manual starter is provided, which, due to the built-in automatic decompression, releases less resistance when pulling the cable. To facilitate the introduction of the engine in the winter, the manufacturer equipped the trimmer with a manual pump for preliminary swinging fuel.

Trimmer Stihl 130

For the comfortable operation of the braid, the manufacturer provided an improved anti-vibration system in its device. It consists of several metal springs at different points of the engine. When working, the engine fluctuations are evenly distributed over the shock absorbers, which significantly reduces the vibration on the handles.

The Shtil 130 trimmer is equipped with an adjustable stainless steel bike handle. Both structural handles are covered with anti-link rubberized material that improves grip and increases accuracy when working with the tool. On the right handle of the motorcycles, the inclusion button and the ignition clamp and the gas trigger are taken out. This simplifies the operation of the model when working in limited space conditions.

Motokosa Stihl FS130

The engine’s power is transmitted through a hard drive to an all-metal gearbox. The latter is characterized by a simple device and access to unhindered lubrication.

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The internal details and mechanisms of the pigtails are protected by free access to free access where worn spares can be quickly replaced. A wide neck of the fuel tank allows you to fill the required amount of fuel mixture without spilling fuel.

Technical characteristics of the model

From the market analogues of the gas cream, SHTIL FS 130 is characterized by improved technical parameters. This gives the models the ability to effectively fight against wild vegetation in conditions where other bikes are powerless.

The main features of the Stihl braid are:

  • The power of the built engine is 1.4 liters. With.;
  • Maximum engine speed – 8500 rpm;
  • The capacity of the standard fuel tank is 53 ml;
  • The maximum allowable detection diameter when mowing with a fishing line is 42 cm;
  • Catch diameter when cutting with a knife – 23 cm;
  • The working mass is 6.1 kg.

Motokosa Stihl FS130

Motoko’s Shtil FS 130 is released in small dimensions. The length of the trimmer rod is 180 cm and the width of the bike handle is 45 cm.

Trammer Supply Kit

Buying a Stihl braid, the customer gets almost everything you need for independent assembly and operation of the model.

The market set of the trimmer includes:

  • equipment for assembly, maintenance, repair;
  • Mowing head with fishing line 2mm thick;
  • 2-lobed metal knife;
  • shoulder strap;
  • Protective plastic lenses.

If necessary, the manufacturer can equip the Stihl FS 130 trimmer with a housing, oil for lubricating 2-stroke engines, as well as various cutting knives and discs.

Rules of operation for Motokos stihl fs 130

In order to increase the service life of the STIH L-Motorcosa, its owner should adhere to a number of important rules.

Your list includes:

  • mandatory running before the operation of the trimmer begins;
  • the use of high-quality gasoline and company oil for 2-stroke engines;
  • the use of effective oil to lubricate the gearbox, its timely replacement;
  • Avoid shock when working with a trimmer in an open area;
  • regular cleaning of the cylinder and adjustment of the carburetor;
  • Temporarily flush or completely replace air and fuel filters.
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Owner's Manual Stihl FS 130 Lawn Mower

Compliance with these rules reduces the risk of premature breakdown of the mechanisms of the STIH L-Motorcosa and gives its owner the opportunity to save on consumables from garden tools.

Mighty Motokos Stihl FS130. Technical parameters, completeness, video and reviews

Benzoko’s shtil FS130 belongs to heavy machines because they are equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a power of 1.9 hp.

With the technical characteristics of this professional model, you can easily mow grass on the site up to 20 acres.

Thanks to this power, a gas station will cope not only with mowing small vegetation, but also with a small shrub. The petrol engine starts manually.

The trimmer’s fuel tank contains 0.55 litres. Gasoline, so you can work with a trimmer for a long time without being able to refuel.

The 4-mix STIHL engine combines the advantages of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Less exhaust fumes, oil replacement, quiet working noise are not required. Great traction effort and big torque.

The STIHL FS130 gas station is equipped with a vibration return system that prevents the operator from tiring quickly.

A system for attaching the mower to the shoulder strap is also provided, evenly distributing the mass of the device, which is 5.9 kg. The handle is adjustable so you can choose the optimal incline.

serial equipment

  • 4 mix STIHL petrol engine;
  • manual fuel pump;
  • Automatic decompression;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • multifunctional handle;
  • The ability to adjust the height of the handle;
  • Handle with two handles for convenient operation;
  • Safety goggles;
  • The shoulder strap to facilitate the use of a car vehicle FS130.

A manual fuel pump allows you to manually and your finger press to pump the fuel into the carburetor. This allows you to reduce the amount of starting wear after a long operation. Divine shoulder strap of excellent quality. It is included in the basic configuration of many motos. The presence of soft linings makes work easier, especially long-term

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Technical characteristics

Working volume cm³ 36.3
standard cutting tool Grass knife, Ø230 mm, 2 blades
perfomance 1.4/1.9 kW/hp.
weight kg (1) 5.9
tank volume l 0.53
Sound pressure level with plastic instrument DB (a) (2) 95
Sound power level with plastic instrument DB (a) (2) 108
Sound power level with a metal instrument of dB (a) (2) 108
Vibration level left/right with a plastic tool m/s² (3) 4.5/3.7m/s²
Vibration level left/right with metal tool m/s² (3) 4.4/3.9m/s²
overall length(4) 180cm
cutting diameter 420mm

(1) Without fuel, without cutting tool and protection (2) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB(A) (3) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s² ( 4) Without cutting tool

usage characteristics

The mower runs on a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. The consistency should be based on a ratio of 1:50 (oil to petrol).

For refueling, it is advisable to choose only high-quality AI-92 gasoline and special Stihl engine oil.

Details on the concentration and composition are described in the instructions.

Observe safety precautions while operating the cutting portion of the lawn mower.

The two-hand grip makes the mowing process anatomically natural. It completely repeats the movements of mowing with a regular scythe.


The advantages of Motokosa can be distinguished:

  • Total autonomy of the lawnmowers in operation;
  • lightweight trimmer;
  • User friendliness;
  • Powerful petrol engine that can also cope with dense thicket of grass;
  • Significantly more economical, more manoeuvrable and more functional than a lawnmower.

User Guide

Детальнее ознакомиться с инструкцией мотокосы можно по ссылке—>

Video review

Below is a video review of the launch of the Stihl FS130 gas mower

A short video review of the Calm FS130 mower

Motokosa at work

owner reviews

Nikita: “First I wanted to buy a lawn mower, but then I decided on a Stihl FS130 mower. I’ve been using it for 5 years and I’m not very satisfied as it handles mowing in seconds. During the entire period of operation there were no breakdowns, so gasoline was not drained for the winter. I risked it, of course, but in the spring, after pumping, it started from the second jerk. Only after 5 years did the carburetor malfunction, so I had to sell it. But now I plan to buy the same model.

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Andrey: “My evaluation is only positive, because the lawn mower has fully met my expectations. I use fishing line and it does a great job with grass up to 50cm tall. The design pleases with its impeccability, as with a shoulder strap you don’t get tired at all while working. Washing and cleaning is not difficult. During the entire period of operation (and that is 4 years) nothing had to be repaired.

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