Mechanical snow blower Patriot Arctic. Description of the model, video work, reviews.

Patriot Arctic – snow plow functions. Description, specifications and user ratings

The snow blower Patriot Arctic is a versatile mechanical snow blower for home use in winter. The mechanical snow blower Patriot comes up perfectly with a small layer of snow and can also be used on small areas. His main advantage over automated counterparts is the low weight and the affordable price in combination with the snow clearing function.

Snow mill Patriot Arctic

The mechanical snow plow Patriot Arctica is used for:

  • Cleaning garden paths;
  • Throw snow;
  • Cleaning smaller, recently covered with snow.

The machine is ideal for cleaning fresh snow, not for the room of ice crusts or icy thick snow cover. The functional principle of a snow blower is very simple: when driving forward, a knife begins to rotate on the front of the machine body that lifts the snow. The snow dissolved from the sign falls on the plastic part of the snow blower and is thrown to the right at the moment of rotation.

Video about the mechanical snow blower Arctika Patriot

Technical data from the Mechanical Snow Made Patriot Arctic

Technical properties of the mechanical snow plug Patriot Arctic:

  • Device weight is 3.82 kg;
  • the maximum height of the snow cover, optimal for cleaning – 12 cm;
  • Width of the snow clearing strip – 60 cm;
  • Snow sewing – to the right;
  • Total dimensions in mm – 600*230*1250;
  • Snail diameter 18 cm;
  • The screw is made of plastic;
  • There is a rubber polster on the handle that makes it easier to control the snow blower.

Patriot Arctic in action

The Patriot Arctica snow cheat package contains the following components:

  • User Guide;
  • Package;
  • Body of the snow blower;
  • Upper and underside of the handle.

Characteristics of using the Patriot Arctic snow plow, operating instructions and maintenance

Basic rules for the operation and maintenance of the snow blower Patriot Arctic:

  • Do not use the machine to work on a hardened, icy blanket – a layer of snow that is too dense can damage the snail.
  • Assemble the snow blower according to the instructions, use them for the intended purpose;
  • It is forbidden to use the device for the purpose of cleaning other natural materials except snow;
  • After completing the work with the snow blower, clean the surface of the device of adhering snow residues.
  • Store the car inside at a positive temperature.
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Video overview of the work of the mechanical snow blower Patriot Arctic

Owner reviews of the mechanical snow blower Patriot Arctic

Gennady, Omsk:

“A snow blower is ideal for home use. First, it is mechanical, inexpensive and secondly it is very comfortable and light. You can easily clean the paths near the house and the space near the garage and in front of the gate so that the car can drive out safely. I only have the second season, this winter I also hope for a successful use. I read reviews that it is bad when the plastic snail. If you don’t try to scratch the ice cream from the farm, nothing will break in my opinion.

Oleg, Dnipro:

“I hope my review helps those who have not yet decided to choose a snowman. I bought the Arctic patriot when the budget was limited and to be honest, I thought it would not take long. But now I have used two winter in the personal territory, mainly for cleaning snow near the house so that you can walk freely through the farm. The car worked perfectly and has paid its value for a long time. I am satisfied with quality. “

Patriot Sno w-offers evaluation

Patriot Snowoffers evaluation is a list of the best models of Top10 from 2022, based on users and specialists. In our article you can familiarize yourself with the properties and prices for every model. Compare the prices and quality of Patriot Snowbrush and make your choice!


  • 10. Patriot PS 921
  • 9. Patriot PS 901
  • 8. Patriot Arctic SB 61c
  • 7. Patriot PS 700
  • 6. Patriot Pro 650
  • 5. Patriot Siberia 60
  • 4. Patriot PS 2220 E
  • 3. Patriot Pro 655 E
  • 2. Patriot Sibiria 68e
  • 1. Patriot PS 888 S

10. Snowman Patriot PS 921

The Snowmaker Patriot PS 921 has an assessment of 4.0 in 1 user ratings.

Signs: October 17-24

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot PS 921 Snowman, about which users wrote in your reviews.

Patriot PS 921

A worthy replacement for a shovel! Simple start. Cleaning his 35 Tyr. Just great. There are no additional bells in the form of a starter, light bulb and a battery (huge +for me).

However, the price is clearly overrated as most goods. All trusses and levers are made according to the adjustment limit. , the newly assembled bite the rotating platform of the thrower when you turn the lever to the left. Raw, cervical snow clogs a screw and a thrower. The wheels on the frozen snow are axis (however, the operating conditions were hard). After 30-40 minutes, the fingers got tired.

I bought it for cleaning the area after leaving the wet snow with a shovel (I cleaned the way to the bathhouse.) I cleaned 25-28 meters for 2 hours. I took over this device two weeks later. After reading reviews about snow milling, I decided on 9 hp. The underdogs did not trust. And made it right. In general, I would take 11-14l.s. on rails, the case if electricity is needed (if not for the price x 2). If you plan to remove the snow that has just fallen (a day or two), this device solves this problem for 5 S +. Attention ! After snowing rooms, be sure to clean the snail and the inner housing of the deposit. After a test run on wet snow, it frozen at night and I suffered from breaking off the ice in the housing for about ten minutes to loosen the turning bike. Snow with a ceiling height of 10 centimeters more than a bucket was more than a bucket in 40 minutes, where it would have been pierced for 5 hours with a shovel. Throw in an even layer without making large snow drifts. Go along the path that I shoveled two weeks earlier. removed the rest of the layer (frozen) for 20 minutes and then went through a few times in the width. It is impossible to overcome such a height of frozen snow in one round. Current traces in the area of ​​shovel cleaning disturbed the smooth cleaning, but still managed to clean almost to the paving stones. Frozen snow – I don’t mean ice cream, but snow that is frozen after 2-5 days of thaw, above is an ice crust on the bottom of lump and loose enough to crumble, but not flaky snow. I complement after the season. I cleaned the snow, but after a while it got very bad to clean it. Snow is not thrown by 6-8 meters as before, but only by 2 meters. The reason was found in the summer after the exam. The snail drive straps are made of a kind of polymer and everything is torn and crumbled. The roller feather is broken. decided to buy a spring and got conventional straps from the domestic auto industry. They are more reliable than Chinese.

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Properties of the Patriot PS 921:

Snow clearing system

Type of the cleaning system tw o-stage recording width 62 cm intake height 51 cm snail material Metal shape of the snails (toothed) Maximum rotary angle of the snow outlet 185 ° material of the snow drain metal adjustment of the position of the snow drain mechanically, from the control panel of the wheel metal

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