MAZ-6303 – description and specifications

MAZ-6303 relativity of the time.

A picture of MAZ-6303 from the front

Belarusian Maz trucks even before the USSR collapse had a reputation as a reliable, unpretentious and powerful heavy vehicles. MAZ-6303 was not an exception. The truck, despite its outdated design, relatively low level of comfort, and “poor” configuration of the interior is still actively involved in many areas of human activities of construction and cargo transportation. “The secret of success” of the machine lies in the low price, excellent maintenance, unmanageable and economical to maintain, power and reliability.


history of creation

The backstory begins in 1965. At that time, the first developments appeared aimed at creating three-axle wagons with increased load capacity.

The first prototype of a new type of truck was implemented in MAZ-516 model, as well as truck tractors MAZ-520 and MAZ-515. A little later, MAZ-514 left the assembly line of Minsk Automobile Plant. However, the trucks were quite promising, but not without many drawbacks. For example, it was found experimentally that increased carrying capacity of the vehicle demanded modernization of engine and running gear, improvement of rear suspension etc.

MAZ-6303 in working condition

An updated improved MAZ-516 was produced in 1969. Various modifications of this truck were produced until 1981. Models 515 and 520 were not included in serial production, but a number of developments, such as a concept of steering, were smoothly “transferred” to MZKT-6515.

During the next 10 years designers of the Minsk Automobile Plant created versatile, multi-purpose and powerful trucks, so by the early 90-ies of the 20th century Maz could boast a whole series of successful new generation trucks. Thanks to this company not only survived the collapse of the country, but also managed to set up and enter the markets independently. The plant was competitive, and the production of a new flatbed truck Maz-6303 at that time was an extra proof of that.

Attention: The truck was designed in accordance with European quality requirements. Due to this heavy vehicle was sold not only in the former Soviet Union, but also in European countries.

Cargo platform and wheel formula

The truck had the wheel arrangement 6×4. Subsequently, on its basis were created special equipment vehicles Maz-63168 (6×4) and Maz-6317 (6×6).

MAZ-6303 on the truck

As for the truck platform, it can be used universally. For example, on the base are created lumber trucks (model MAZ-630326), as well as truck tractors to transport complete road trains with a maximum capacity up to 67 tons.

MAZ-6303 is equipped with flatbed, awning and flatbed trucks. Different variants of Furgons platforms based on cargo chassis are installed on the truck. There are mounted cranes of increased carrying capacity (maximum 25 tons), multilifts, dump platforms for metal transportation, tank trucks, wreckers, toilet areas and other equipment.


Machines are equipped with large and small cabs. The first is installed on long-haul trucks, semi-trailers and vehicles for long-distance cargo transportation. The cabin has two sleeping places. The small cabin is installed on special vehicles and trucks to transport goods over short distances.

Model MAZ-6303 has a cabover design, to access to the engine, the driver must tilt the cab forward. This process is facilitated by a hydraulic system.

The cabin of the 6303.

The truck has a fairly spacious and roomy cabin, which provides an excellent visibility of the street space, the interior is not susceptible to vibration and noise. Thermal insulation is also at a high level. The disadvantages of the truck’s interior are the low quality of finishing materials and imperfect workmanship.

The standard cabin is equipped with cushioned seats for driver and front passengers, seat belts, main and independent heating. It is easy enough to turn the steering wheel and turn the pedals, which means the truck can work for a long time without fatigue.

Attention! The design of MAZ-6303 truck implies the presence of a heating tap under the cab. For this reason, the inclusion of heaters is quite inconvenient – the driver has to get out of the truck, raise the cab and unscrew the tap to let the heat into the cabin.

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engine and gearbox

Specifications Performance
Vehicle model MAZ-6303A3
Engine model YAMZ-6563.10 (Euro-3)
Engine power, kW / hp. 184 (250)
Transmission (number of gears) YAMZ-2381-06 (8)
wheel size 12.00r20
car base, mm 3810
Fuel tank capacity, l. 200

The truck is equipped with a 4-stroke 8-cylinder V-shaped power plant YMZ-238. Depending on the version of the engine its power is from 170 to 400 hp. The engines are quite economical. During a mixed driving the engine consumes 27.5 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. When driving in the city this figure increases to 40 liters, on the highway it decreases to 25 liters.

A photo of the YAMZ-238 engine

The engines also boast an excellent acceleration dynamics of the truck. For example, MAZ-6303 can accelerate up to 100 km/h with the speed limiter turned on at 85 km/h and without the speed limiter. Engines are reliable, unpretentious, easy to maintain and meet Euro-3 environmental standards.

Various modifications of YMZ-238 transmission are installed for the truck. Gearbox modification depends on the modification of used engine. The truck is equipped with an 8-speed manual gearbox and synchronized front wheel. The model is also equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission. Such units are also equipped with a dual-range planetary for increased torque.

Warning. Dual-range planetary demultiplier is used in the design of heavy vehicles that operate in difficult road conditions. The device extends the standard functions of the installed transmission and allows you to increase the number of gears without changing the design of the gearbox.

Chassis (suspension, brakes, steering)

The front part of the MAZ-6303

MAZ-6303 is equipped with:

  1. Dry double-disc friction clutch with pneumatic clutch actuator;
  2. Suspension of the front wheel consists of two longitudinal springs and shock absorbers with telescopic bushings. The mechanism also includes a stabilizer bar. The rear wheel suspension, built into the model, is compensated by springs;
  3. The vehicle is equipped with a two-stage steering mechanism, which is equipped with a gear pair, built-in distributor and screw gear.
  4. The vehicle is equipped with pneumatic brakes, with a separate drive for each wheel. The trailer or semi-trailer of MAZ-6303 truck has a two-wire engine, the manufacturer provides installation of electronic ABS system, the parking brake is equipped with a pneumatic actuator, the rear wheels drive is operated by the spring-loaded electric accumulators. The design of auxiliary brake consists of a compression mechanism, which is equipped with movable flaps in the exhaust system of the truck.

Excellent technical characteristics, reliability, maintainability and efficiency make the vehicle very popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. With all its positive qualities, the model has a low price, the basic version of the new truck costs from 1.9 million rubles.

A picture of MAZ-6303

Used cars are a bit cheaper – depending on the year of manufacture, technical and external condition, modification and configuration, it is possible to buy a new truck for the amount from 250 000 to 1 million rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of MAZ-6303

  • Low price;
  • Safety of operation;
  • Powerful power source;
  • High fuel efficiency;
  • Compliance with European requirements of environmental safety;
  • University truck chassis;
  • Relatively comfortable interior;
  • Availability of the cabin with two sleeping places;
  • Maintainability.

The disadvantages of the truck include:

  • Outdated appearance;
  • Non-ergonomic location of the heating valve;
  • Poor paint quality;
  • Uncomfortable interior, the use of cheap materials in the finishing and low quality of processing of the interior panels.

The truck has been produced since the early 1990s, but has kept its relevance, primarily due to its merits and low price. Even used cars are quite durable and can last more than one year. The disadvantages of the car are, first of all, the low quality of painting, low-quality installation of interior panels and the use of cheap materials when finishing the interior. MAZ-6303 can hardly be classified as a premium vehicle, but it is an inexpensive, versatile, unpretentious, economical and reliable working beast, which can easily cope with the tasks assigned to it.

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MAZ-6303: technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of MAZ-6303

MAZ-6303 is a vehicle, which still causes ambiguous feelings of both drivers of the old school and professionals of the new generation. This idea of Minsk automobile plant can not boast a stylish external elongation, as, for example, a BMW or Volvo truck, and the interior of the cabin remained at the level of Soviet minimalism. However the lack of external seriousness is fully compensated by excellent technical and operational properties of this model – this is one of the most powerful and durable truck in the series of three-axle MAZ, which is designed to operate on medium and long routes.

History of MAZ-6303

The history of MAZ-6303 model began in 1965. At that time Belarusian designers began to take the first steps to create full-fledged three-axle trucks with increased payload. The need to create such vehicles was caused by the rapidly growing volume of cargo transportation, as well as low quality and insufficient street connectivity at that time.

Its first developments in the segment of three-axle heavy trucks engineers implemented in MAZ-516 platform with rear axles suspension, MAZ-520 and 515 truck tractors and MAZ-514 long haul truck with a middle platform.

As tests showed, despite promises, these experimental models were far from being perfect. Particularly, increasing of carrying capacity required more powerful engines, improved suspension of rear wheels, new configuration of the chassis, etc.

These models went through many changes in the following years, but the fate of each of them was different. For example, the first batch of improved MAZ-516 left the assembly line in 1969. From 1970 to 1981 the production of improved MAZ-516A and 516B trucks was continued. MAZ-515 and 520 never went into mass production, but the concept of steering of the latter was later used by designers during the development of MAZ-6515. MAZ-514 was tested in 1969, but the capacity of six-cylinder engine JAMZ-236 for the model, which was to run in a straight line, was not enough, so the first production batch with 270 hp engine JAM Z-238e was produced only in 1974.

In the next 10 years MAZ designers successfully worked on developing of powerful and multi-purpose trucks, and already in the early 1990s the company had in stock several fairly successful models of the new generation of heavy trucks. This fact helped the plant to not only survive the economic crisis, caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also to continue developing and producing new vehicles, which were so necessary at that time to maintain the competitiveness of MAZ.

Creation history of MAZ-6303.

One of such striking and fresh model was a powerful three-axle MAZ-6303 flatbed truck, which featured an original technical solution in the form of 6×4. This truck was originally designed for European requirements and as they say, was condemned to success. The novelty was so successful that virtually all future 3-axle trucks of Minsk Automobile Plant had a certain “kinship” with MAZ-6303.

Such special trucks as MAZ-630168 (6×2), MAZ-6317 (6×6), a powerful wooden transporter MAZ-630326, big truck tractor with a capacity up to 67 000 kg and other modifications were created based on this model.

Technical characteristics of MAZ-6303

MAZ-6303 heavy trucks have all necessary features of modern trucks. They are durable and reliable, efficient and productive, economical and inexpensive to operate, very dynamic and maneuverable despite its considerable size and weight. Because of 6×4 wheel configuration and an impressive ground clearance (more than 26 cm), these trucks are not afraid of unpaved roads and the most difficult terrain.

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MAZ-6303 engine

Modern MAZ trucks are mainly equipped with diesel engines of Yaroslavl motorcycle 238 series, which has various modifications with different performance characteristics. The choice of a particular version is determined by the purpose of the vehicle.

The YaMZ-238 line contains 4-stroke 8-cylinder V-shaped power units in nomenclature. The power of the engines ranges from 170 to 400 hp. There are several valves per cylinder. The total displacement of the cylinders is 14.86 liters, and the diameter of each cylinder is 130 mm. RPM is: at rated power, 2,100 rpm, maximum 600 rpm.

The engine is located at the front in the longitudinal direction. All versions of the units are liquid cooled and equipped with a special heating system, which simplifies their startup in freezing temperatures and meet environmental standards “Euro-3”.

YaMZ 238D2-1000186 engine.

YaMZ 238D2-1000186 engine.

Despite the fixed power ratings, YaMZ-238 engines have a fairly economical fuel consumption. This figure is per 100 km: in mixed mode – about 27.5 liters, in the city – 40 liters, and on the highway – about 25 liters.

Powerful and reliable engines offer MAZ-6303 heavy trucks and decent dynamic performance. With a high speed limiter the truck can run up to 85 km/h, and without it – up to 100 km/h.


MAZ-6303 trucks are equipped with different modifications of the modernized mechanical 238-series transmissions in accordance with the modification of the installed engine. These units are 8-speed units with a front location of the gearbox with synchronizers. The gearbox design consists of a four-speed main gearbox and a two-speed auxiliary gearbox – a dual-range planetary demultiplier, the main termination of which is an increase in torque.

This is a very important feature for heavy vehicles operating in difficult road conditions. You can expand the functions of the basic box, in particular the number of gears, without disturbing the design.

For example, the car is moving at the desired speed in the gearbox, but the engine is running overdrive and it’s impractical to shift to 3rd gear because of the high speed. Demultipliers help solve this problem. By shifting to a lower gear, the optimal gear ratio for the given conditions is generated.

Gear shifting on a gearbox with a demultiplier has its own characteristics. Therefore, it must be strictly performed in accordance with the algorithm of the unit operation, prescribed in the technical documentation.

MAZ-6303 cargo platform

MAZ-6303 is a universal model, which is produced in various modifications. From the factory assembly line these trucks take the wheel arrangement 6×4 as a cargo chassis, and depending on a specific area of operation or individual customer’s requirements an appropriate equipment or a cargo platform is installed on the frame of the vehicle.

That is why delivery of MAZ-6303 model with open flatbed, awning and curtain type cargo platforms is possible as well as with different variants of platforms. MAZ 6303 chassis can be also equipped with carriages (up to 25 tons), toilets, multi wagons, dump trucks for metal transportation, truck tractors, wreckers and other devices.

Truck crane MAZ 6303 Galician.

Truck crane “Galichanin” KS 55713 6 on the chassis MAZ-6303R.

Truck crane with crane manipulator on the chassis of MAZ 6303A8 328.

Short wheelbase timber carrier with manipulator on MAZ-6303A8 chassis 328

Refueling at the bottom of the MAZ-6303A3

Fuel tank on the chassis MAZ-6303 A3

Measurement and measure

Most technical parameters of MAZ 6303 differ, which is due to the functional purpose of this or that modification. For comparison, the most important dimensions and dimensions of some closest “relatives” of this model are shown in the following table:

chassis board

Common features MAZ-6303 for all modifications:

  • Clutch is dry, two-plate, friction, there is a pneumatic clutch release booster.
  • Suspension design of the front wheels consists of two semi-echiptic longitudinal leaf springs, telescopic double-acting shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar for transverse stability.
  • Rear wheel suspension is compensated spring suspension.
  • Steering mechanism – two-stage, with gear pairing, screw transmission and integrated distributor.
  • Braking system – pneumatic, front and rear wheels – with separate drive, trailer (trailer) – with two-wire drive. ABS is available.
  • Parking brake is pneumatically actuated, rear wheels brakes are actuated by spring energy accumulators.
  • Compression-type auxiliary brake with movable flaps in exhaust system.
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MAZ 6303 cab: overview of the workplace

MAZ 6303 trucks can be equipped with one of two types of cabins – small or large. The first option has no place to sleep, so cars with a small cabin are usually used to transport goods for short distances.

The large cabins with two sleeping places are equipped for vehicles designed to work long distances. These “rooms” on wheels have all the prerequisites for a good recreation of the drivers during the trip lasting several days.

Both cabovers are of the Cabover type, the TK. Access to the engine is through the hydraulic cab.

The interior of the vehicle is quite spacious, but, unfortunately, is not distinguished by a refined interior and leaves much to be desired in terms of ergonomics. However, the MAZ 6303 cab has some important advantages, which smooth out the unpleasant impression of the lack of comfort. These advantages you notice only on the road.

For example, the cabin is characterized by excellent visibility from the front, rear and right side down, which gives the driver a feeling of safety when driving in a busy city traffic and when approaching the curb on the right side. The manufacturer also took care of the emotional state of the drivers – there is practically no vibration and noise inside the car, which are the most important disturbing and fatiguing factors, especially on long trips.

The standard interior features two seats – the driver’s and the front passenger’s. The driver’s seat is cushioned, with a pedal for height adjustment, and equipped with seat belts. At the same time, not only the driver, but also the passenger is offered a pleasant seating position. His seat is equipped with an air suspension. It should be noted that not all trucks have this option.

During driving, the functions of shifting, turning the steering wheel or pedals do not require additional effort, so the driver does not feel physical fatigue of the limbs even on long trips.

Maz-6303A3 cab

Some difficulties in driving the car may arise in drivers with no experience with MAZ 6303 models due to the unpleasant scheme of switching gears and the lack of its graphic display. It should be noted that this disadvantage significantly slows down the process of getting used to the car.

The car interior is also equipped with autonomous heating systems, which provide a comfortable temperature in the cabin even in the most severe frosts. Unfortunately, the extraction of this heat is a very tedious business.

Strange as it may seem, the designers did not bother to move the function of the heating tap opening in the cabin for several decades after the existence of MAZ 6303 model, and it is still under the cabin, but only experienced drivers know this secret: “Secret”, and the beginners have to freeze for a long time. You will be looking for the calculation valve.

Of course, in this case it can’t have any convenience for the driver, because instead of getting warm quickly, he has to go out in the cold and raise the cab to start the heater.

The heater valve is located on the bottom of the cylinder block in close proximity to the coolant.

When replacing the air filter you will have to move your hands, because the cover is closed not by handy strips, but by numerous bolts and nuts.

Of course, the whole set of such faults is not good for the legendary MAZ 6303. Nevertheless, the truck meets the requirements of the TIR system and continues to take off and among private airlines.

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MAZ 6303 owners’ reviews: advantages and disadvantages

Alexander Viktorovich, 47 years old, Kaluga, I am a professional driver, spent almost a quarter of a century behind the bagel. During this time I had to work on different machines, so I know about their characteristics firsthand. In 2010 I bought a brand new flatbed MAZ-6303 A8, and before that an old ZIL. Certainly, these trucks cannot be compared to it. Although my Mazurik can no longer be called fresh and there are some problems, I am not going to change it, not yet anyway.

The main points of MAZ are easy operation, excellent cross-country ability, productivity and big load capacity. I also rush uphill when I’m full, like a young horse. The modest “appetite” of the automobile is pleasant, which is very important at the present prices for fuel.

The biggest problems during the time I had the truck were clutch and radiator – I had to replace both, but for the rest – the little things I had to fix myself. I also changed the tires more often. There are no problems with spare parts, prices are normal for you, so you can work.

The only annoying thing is that the rust is eating away at the interior. You have to sound like every winter. And even the starter heater flew, had to be replaced. As far as I know, this is a constant disease of 63 MES. In general, I am satisfied with it all, my car is reliable.

Yuri, 32, Moscow

Our company has recently purchased a MAZ-6303 logging truck, which I use now. I used to drive a Kamaz truck before, it’s not bad either, but in my opinion, MAZ is better for transportation of timber. The engine is powerful, turbocharged, 400 horses, it pulls the truck in a straight line and uphill. And the car itself is reliable, it has never let me down on the street.

Of course, I often have to dig around in the iron, but I haven’t had any serious breakdowns yet. I often travel to other regions and even if I’m driving for a few days I don’t get tired as this car is easy to drive without any effort. It’s a little frustrating to get a cab, but I plan to make it more comfortable over time. All in all, for work, it’s just what I need. I recommend it.

Prices for used models MAZ-6303

MAZ-6303 trucks belong to the class of budget models, which largely contributes to the high customer demand for them. This explains quite an active movement on the market of used MAZ vehicles. The price range for them is wide enough, which is determined by age, technical condition and equipment of this or that modification. Present prices for this model are given below.

Year of production Price range (roubles)
1994 250,000 – 300,000
1995 430,000 – 700,000
1996 410,000 – 650,000
1997 500,000 – 860,000
1998 450,000 – 650,000
1999 350,000 – 750,000
2000 420,000 – 660,000
2001 100,000 – 440,000
2003 530,000 – 630,000
2004 650,000 – 1,750,000
2005 750,000 – 1,500,000
2006 600,000 – 1,400,000
2007 1,000,000 – 1,600,000
2008 1,000,000 – 2,000,000
2009 510,000 – 790,000
2010 700,000 – 1,500,000
2011 980,000 – 1,700,000
2012 1,300,000 – 1,600,000


To summarize, we can confidently say that some shortcomings of MAZ 6303, associated with insufficient comfort and small design and technical deficiencies, pays off with its operational capabilities. It is a Truda truck, which will not let you down on a long trip regardless of weather and road quality. Important criteria such as economical fuel consumption, simple maintenance, low cost, high payload and versatility of MAZ 6303 make it a worthy competitor of American and European analogues.

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