MAZ 5440 – description and properties

MAZ-5440 and 5440M9 – an ideal ratio of reliability and price.

MAZ-5440 front end

MAZ-5440 is a cross-country truck, which is produced at Minsk Automobile Plant since 1997. During the production of the car, the model was constantly upgraded, and in 2008, the car also underwent a restoration, during which the exterior and interior appearance of the heavy-duty vehicle was improved.


Design and modifications

The appearance of the Belarusian semi-truck is in line with modern automotive fashion: stylish aerodynamic body kits and cladding, a roof fender, a new modern look for the head, an upgraded grille and a beautiful color. However, the truck retained its recognizable features.

MAZ-5440M9 front end

Despite this, the modification MAZ-5440M9 should be highlighted. The modification is produced since 2018 and has a fundamentally new design of the cab – in the front there is a headlining in the form of lentil-shaped headlights. In the middle is a massive black radiator grille with silver MAZ lettering and bison logo – a new recognizable sign of Minsk automobile plant. Slightly deeper, under the air intake grille, there is a level that allows the driver to easily maintain a massive windshield.

Warning. Restyled trucks and numerous truck modifications have a huge windshield for a perfect view of the road. For the convenience of drivers over the windshield there are large adjustable mirrors and exterior sun visors.

MAZ-5440 cabin

The truck is equipped with two types of cabins – short and long. The second is equipped with sleeping berths and installed on trucks to transport goods over long distances. However, there is enough space both in short and long cabins.

The interior of the cabin is made of plastic in dark shades of gray, the seats and some elements of the interior cushions are made of tactile pleasant fabric. The driver’s and front passenger’s seats are equipped with springs, which makes sitting pleasant and allows to spend a lot of time with the truck without fatigue. The seats are adjustable in height, range and angle.

MAZ-5440 cab

The vehicle comes standard with:

  • three-point safety belts;
  • autonomous heating of the cabin;
  • The unit preheater;
  • Digital on-board computer;
  • Cruise control.

For extra cost, the car is equipped with:

  • Air conditioning;
  • ABS system;
  • Independent air heater;
  • Radio.

The MA Z-5440 cab has a high quality workmanship, pleasant design and high rates of passive safety – the panels have rounded edges. The interior is ergonomic – in addition to high-quality design materials and excellent assembly, the location of vehicle controls and additional equipment has been thought out. Despite this, it is worth noting the dashboard – dash ads are perfectly readable even during the day, and the backlight is moderately bright and does not dazzle the driver.

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Warning. Thanks to the stylish appearance, comfortable, functional and ergonomic interior, the car is popular in the GUS countries and in Europe.

MAZ-5440 and MAZ-5440M9

engine and gearbox

Features Performance
Top speed, km/h 100
engine Turbocharged diesel
Working volume, cm3 11115
Performance, PS / RPM 250/1900
RPM, nm / rpm 1128/1100-1300
Combined consumption, l per 100 km 32.0
Gearbox Manual, 9 gears
Drive unit rear

Depending on the modification, the truck is equipped with the following types of diesel units:

  1. MAZ-544004 is equipped with an 8-cylinder unit YAMZ-238de. Working volume of the engine is 14.86 liters, power – 330 hp. The engine meets Euro-2 environmental standard;
  2. MAZ-544008 / -5440A8 models are equipped with 8-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines JAMZ-7511.10 (Euro-2 environmental class) and JAMZ-6581.10 (Euro-3), both engines have power of 400 h.p;
  3. MAZ-5440A9 / -5440B9 is equipped with a 6-cylinder serial engine JAMZ-650.10 with an engine volume of 11.12 liters and power of 412 hp. The engine meets Euro-3 standard;
  4. MAZ-5440V3 and 5440V5 are equipped with 6-cylinder 6.65-liter engines JAMZ-5361.10 and JAMZ-536.10. Both engines meet Euro 4 standards. Power of the first engine is 270 hp, the second – 312 hp;
  5. MAZ-544087 and 5440W8 are equipped with 8.9-liter 6-cylinder engines Cummins Isle 375-30 (Euro 3) and Cummins Isle 400-40 (Euro 4). Power of the first engine is 375 hp, of the second – 400 hp. Both engines have a displacement of 8.9 liters;
  6. MAZ-544019 / -5440E9 / -544018 are equipped with 11.95 liters 6-cylinder V-shaped OM 501la engine. Depending on the modification, the engine meets Euro 4 or Euro 5 standards. Power of the engine is 435 hp;
  7. MAZ-5440M9 is equipped with a German Mercedes-Benz OM471 engine with an output of 475 hp.

MAZ-5440M9 rear end

Attention! All engines of the Belarusian truck are equipped with turbocharging, Common Rail injection, charge air cooler and liquid cooling.

Depending on the modification of the truck, 8-, 9-, 12- and 16-speed gearboxes of foreign and domestic make are used for powertrain.

Running gear (suspension, brakes, steering).

The model has an integrated steering mechanism, which is equipped with hydraulic booster. The suspension of the rear wheels of the model is pneumatic, and there are small-sheet parabolas in the front.

The truck is equipped with separate brakes for front and rear wheels. Effective braking is also guaranteed by a number of electronic systems, including ABS. In addition to the main brakes, the truck is equipped with record, backup and auxiliary brakes.

MAZ-5440M9 rear axle

The model has a reinforced suspension, due to which MAZ-5440 can be used in difficult road conditions.

Coupling device

The coupling device of the train is a swivel mechanism that connects the tractor and tractor-trailer. This part functions as a pivoting device.

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The fifth wheel recess is adjustable in diameter. In addition to the towing mechanism, the vehicle is equipped with a trailer hitch.


The car is an unpretentious, stylish and reliable machine. However, it is not without flaws. According to drivers’ estimates, the frame, cab and bumper are covered with rust almost immediately after the purchase and commissioning of the car, so it is recommended to sound the car. Headlights also cause complaints. After a year of driving they practically stop shining – it looks like the lenses are burning through and need to be replaced.

MAZ-5440 front end

Due to the fact that a number of models are usually equipped with a motor, gearbox and externally produced body elements, these units are practically “indestructible”.

Attention! During the hauling on MAZ-5440, rear axle shock absorbers, clutch stabilizers and rear gear sector stabilizers are replaced.

The cost of a new truck, depending on the configuration and equipment, is from 3 to 4 million rubles. The trucks produced before 2008 cost a bit cheaper – depending on the technical condition, equipment, appearance and mileage, such a truck can be bought within the range of 700 to 1.5 million rubles. Models with mileage in 2008 cost from 1.5 to 2 million rubles.

MAZ-5440 is popular not only at home in Belarus, but also in other countries – Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States and in European countries. This is due to the attractive appearance of the car, comfortable cab, reliability and low price of the truck. The car is not without its disadvantages, but it shows good serviceability and economy.


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MAZ-5440: Technical Features

MAZ-5440: Technical features

MAZ-5450 is the first long haul truck of Minsk Automobile Plant. It is a large family of highly loaded trucks designed for local and international trade. The advanced technical characteristics, modern design, reliability and compliance with international environmental standards are main qualities that contributed to the great popularity of this truck line not only in its homeland, but also in Russia and many countries in Eastern Europe.

History of MAZ-5440 creation

The beginning of the 90’s of the last century, when the Soviet Union collapsed, was a crucial time for all automotive enterprises, and the automobile plant in Minsk was no exception. In the former Soviet Union the demand for trucks, which were produced in large quantities, fell dramatically, and they were not much quoted abroad. The plant management decided to bet on the European market, but for that it had to develop brand new vehicles, which would meet the high demand of foreign customers.

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And such vehicles were created quickly, although Maz worked on this not by itself, but in cooperation with the famous German truck manufacturer – man. Already in 1996 a pilot batch of MAZ-5440 trucks rolled off the assembly line of Minsk Automobile Plant. Numerous tests showed excellent technical and operational features, so it was approved for serial production of a new model range.


“MAZ-5440” 90s model year.

The first debut of “MAZ-5440” was a long haul truck with the index 54421, released in March 1997, and at the end of the same year appeared models with MAZ-54402 and 544021. These novelties are fully compliant with European standards of that time heavy trucks, designed for international transportation.

The year 2000 was marked with the release of A8 model, which became a true favorite among semi-trailers. This vehicle combined affordable price, high reliability, good cross-country ability, simplicity, ease of operation and comfort, which made it very popular in many countries.

In 2008 MAZ introduced a newly designed model under the index 5440A9, which received an improved cab and a number of new technical solutions. Since then, the new platform trucks and tractors of MAZ-5440 range became known as Prostor. All models are certified in Russia and are one of the top trucks.

In 2014, for its 70th anniversary the Minsk Automobile Plant released a unique model MAZ-5440M9. This semi-trailer meets the Euro-6 standard and has an exciting cab design inspired by the new Mercedes-Benz Actros and Volvo FH trucks.

MAZ-5440 technical characteristics

MAZ-5440 belongs to the class of long haul railway trucks with 4×2 wheel configuration. The machine is designed to be used as a part of a road train with a total weight of up to 44 tons.

MAZ 5440A8 drive tractor

MAZ-5440 A8 truck tractor as a part of the load.

Weight indicators

  • The unladen weight is 7,600 kg;
  • The gross weight is 18,000 kg;
  • The payload – 10 000 kg;
  • Max. Vorder axle – 6 600 kg;
  • Max. load on hinterland – 11,400 kg.


  • Tractor length – 6 000 mm;
  • Width – 2 500 mm;
  • Height – 3 180 mm;
  • Wheel stand – 3 600;
  • Floor clearance – 250 mm.

MAZ-5440: Technical features of MAZ-5440

Dynamic properties The maximum speed for trucks without limiter is 100 km / h, with a limiter 90 km / h. Fuel consumption

Despite the high payload of MAZ-5440 truck, its fuel consumption is quite modest – only 32-35 liters per hundred kilometers. Of course, the “appetite” of the truck is affected by factors such as time of year, road conditions, traffic jams and driving style.

Belarusian manufacturer equips cars of this series with fuel tanks of 350 or 500 liters.

MAZ-5440 Engine: Modifications

MAZ-5440 trucks are equipped with units, which are produced at the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. In the basic configuration is installed an engine YAMZ-650.

Fermer FM 909 MSL engine working. cross, properties, ratings

This is a V-shaped 4-stroke 8-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharging and liquid cooling system, which meets Euro 4 environmental standard. The working volume of the power plant is 14.8 liters and nominal power is 400 “horses”.

YaMZ-650 engine

When observing the rules of operation and timely maintenance, the engine life specified by the manufacturer is 800,000 km before overhaul. Thanks to the modern cooling system developed by engineers of Minsk Automobile Plant, the unit maintains optimum temperature mode, and a built-in heater provides trouble-free start-up at sub-zero temperatures.

Another modification of the engine used is an 8-cylinder V-type diesel engine 330-PS-YAMZ-6582.10 with turbocharging, liquid cooling, direct injection and air cooling of the load. Its displacement is 14.86 liters, and emissions comply with Euro-3 standard.

The next modification is YAMZ-651-10 diesel engine with rated output of 420 hp, which meets Euro-4 environmental standard. This modification is a licensed version of the Renaut Trucks engine.

Some modifications are equipped with foreign engines: Renault, Mercedes Benz OM471 and MAN D2866 LF15.


MAZ-5440 is equipped with different types of manual transmissions. As a basic option a 9-speed gearbox of Yaroslavl Motor Plant is used. In addition, some versions of trucks are equipped with gearboxes ZF Ecosplit 16S and LiAZ.

It should be noted that, despite the reliability, Yaroslavl-made gearboxes require special treatment. In particular, it is not recommended to “roll forward”, because otherwise you can easily “burn” the gearbox. Also be careful when towing and do not use the demultiplier at the speed over 20 km/h. It is also forbidden to install reversible overdrive, as cracks can form on the longitudinal members and cross members.

MAZ-5440 А9 truck tractor

MAZ-5440 A9 tractor truck

running gear and brake system

MAZ-5440 trucks have air suspension in the rear and parabolic leaf springs in the front. Reliable operation of the vehicle components is ensured by numerous components of European manufacture.

One of the advantages, which MAZ trucks of this line have over its foreign competitors, is exactly reinforced suspension, which allows to overcome difficult Russian roads with confidence.

To improve braking efficiency, the designers have equipped the vehicle with separate brakes. This means that separate systems are responsible for braking the rear and front wheels, which greatly increases the safety and predictability of the car in emergency situations.

In addition to the main brake system the truck is equipped with an auxiliary and emergency braking systems, as well as a parking brake.

MAZ-5440 cabin: design and construction

The first thing that immediately catches the eye when looking at the models of MAZ-5440 family is an exterior design, atypical for domestic trucks. Constructors and designers have paid a great attention to technical equipment, comfort and aesthetics of the trucks.

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Especially spectacular are the latest generations of trucks. There is nothing left of the Soviet past in their appearance – they have become a real foreign “dandy”.

MAZ-5440 of the last generation

MAZ-5440 of the last generation.

Radiator, an impressive panoramic windshield, large mirrors, distinctive lights on a powerful streamlined bumper – all this make up a single image of a modern truck, competing with their Western analogues.

Smoothly shaped cab significantly improved aerodynamic properties of the truck, making it faster and more economical. To reduce the total weight of the truck the construction of the cabin was made of high-strength plastic.

To ensure reliable protection from corrosion of the metal elements of the cab and chassis a special painting technology has been used.

interior space and ergonomics

Designers also took care to create the most comfortable conditions for the driver during long trips. The spacious interior provides plenty of space for work and rest. The pneumatic driver’s seat has a lot of additional functions, providing the possibility to regulate its height and position for any body build and height.

The cabin of MAZ-5440 A5 truck.

In addition to the driver, there is also a passenger’s seat and one or two (depending on the specific modification of the car) comfortable shelves for sleeping. Under the bottom shelf there is a decent space, which can accommodate, for example, a small refrigerator, heating or luggage. In addition, the cabin is equipped with several storage compartments.

The modernized control panel resembles a remote control of a spaceship. Despite the large number of modern sensors and buttons, it is not difficult to find the desired function, because the shape of the panel itself and the location of the keys to it are so clever and ergonomic that even a person who has never had it, is unlikely not to get confused in it. 5440.

The steering system has also been improved and electric windows have been installed. Additional amenities include a computer, audio system, climate control, and tachograph. The cabin was equipped with pneumatic (in some models – spring) suspension, which significantly increased comfort when driving on bad roads.

MAZ-5440 M9 cab

The cabin-5440 m9.

In order to bring the internal structure of the car as close as possible to European standards, the Belarusian developers used technologies and components of Western manufacturers. For example, the electronics installed in the car was made by German company Wabco.

There is an optional installation of electronic anti-wing system (ARS) and autonomous interior heating.

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