MAZ 5336 – description and properties


MAZ-5336 is one of the most common models of the Minsk Automobile Plant in the former Soviet Union. It is a universal medium-size two-axle chassis, the maximum technical load capacity of which is set at 10.9 tons. The bicycle formula is 4×2. It is successfully used for installation of various special devices and add-ons. However, the main use of the family was the use on the street on the “Lon g-Brainer” charging transport.

About the history of the model

The period from 1981 to 1988 was the time of great reconstruction of the Minsk automobile plant, during which the entire model range was completely updated. New cabins with tiltable grilles and a different dashboard; Modernized front axle, Hekbrücken, other frames and braking systems… Since the late 1980s the time of serial production of updated, upgraded MAZ families began, among which the most significant was MAZ-5336.

This model can be characterized as a successor of MAZ-5335 in the “Enterprise” lineup, which was sponsored by the automobile plant in Minsk since 1977. This is also one of the main families of the enterprise, so its changes were developed especially carefully. The new MAZ-5336 is already fully compliant with modern standards T.I.R. International customs system corresponds to the transportation of goods in transit, including the street.

The main differences from its predecessor are: a number of more powerful engines, upgraded, softer suspension, increased capacity, better fuel economy, improved vibration and intoxication, a spacious cargo area and increased, changes according to the time. In addition to availability, MAZ-5335 finally ceded its place in the fundamental set of the sunscreen Ya. 1990 to the MAZ-5336 family at the Minsk Automobile Plant.

Technical specifications in numbers.

  • Length – 8.6 m; Width – 2.57 m; Height – 3.16 m.
  • Wheelbase – 4.9 m;
  • Freedom of street – 230 mm;
  • Minimum turning radius – 9.1 m;
  • Platform area – 14.35 sq.m;
  • Internal dimensions of the platform – 6.1 m x 2.42 m x 2.330 m;
  • Standard volume of the standard platform – 34.5 cubic meters.
  • Weight of the equipped wagon – 8.2 tons;
  • Fully permissible carrying capacity – 9.8 tons;
  • Permissible gross weight of the street car – 40 tons;
  • Permissible gross vehicle weight – 18 tons;
  • GVW Distribution: front axle – 6.5 tons; Rear axle – 11.5 tons.
  • Maximum speed – 100 km/h;
  • Acceleration time to 60 km/h – 50 seconds;
  • Acceleration from 60 km/h to zero – 36,7 meters.


All modifications of MAZ-5336 trucks were equipped only with diesel engines YMZ produced by Yaroslavl Power Plant. Units installed on this model consisted of four-stroke v-shaped eight-cylinder, 14.86 liter, liquid-cooled, direct-injection diesel engines (except for a).

On the “classic” MAZ-5336:

  • On MAZ-53362 – YAMZ-238b diesel, rated at 300 hp.
  • On MAZ-53361 and MAZ-53363 – YaMZ-238de diesel engine, rated power – 330 hp.
  • On MAZ-5336 6-YaMZ-238M2 diesel engine, rated power – 240 hp.

On the “MAZ-5336” XXI century:

  • On “MAZ-5336A3-320″/”MAZ-5336A5-320”-new 330-hp turbodiesel “YaMZ-238da2”, “YaMZ-6582.10e3” (Euro-3), with a new gearbox “YaMZ- 2381 (8). “
  • On “MAZ-5336A3-321” / “MAZ-5336A5-321” – new 250 hp diesel engine “YaMZ-6562.10e3” (“Euro-3”), also coupled to the gearbox “YaMZ- 2381 (8)”.

In addition, a small part of “MAZ” oo of 5336. This family (index MAZ 533632-321) was produced in the early 2000s with 245 hp diesel engines made in Germany Deutz BF 6M1013 FC (Euro 3). These engines work with gearboxes “ZF 9S75”.

Fuel consumption

Average fuel consumption for MAZ-5336 at a speed of 60 km/h is 21.8 l/100 km. At speeds of 80 km/hour the index increases to 29.6 liters. On the street at 60 km/h for 100 km a truck requires 33.2 liters, at 80 km/h 40.1 liters.

The fuel tank volume is 255 liters.


MAZ-5336 transmission has an impressive service life and is justly considered one of the most reliable elements of the truck design. The manufacturer of the gearbox is also Yaroslavl engine. The gearbox consists of a double-disc clutch with a hydraulic capacity regulator, mechanical cutoff and peripheral feathers; a 4-speed mechanical gearbox “YaMZ-2381” with a demultiplier (the total number of gears – eight). Due to the demultiplier, which increases the torque, the number of gears is increased and increases by 2 times. All gears are equipped with synchronizers, except for the rear one.

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The cardan gear is shown as two consecutive waves with a middle support, the main gear is two-level and remote. The transmission ratio of the drive axle is 5.49.

Suspension, running gear.

The suspension on the MAZ-5336 trucks. The design of the front suspension is based on semi-dependent longitudinal springs. Front suspension is also equipped with shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. Rear suspension is based on two main and two additional springs, and is equipped with a stabilizer bar.

Non-disk bikes are installed on MAZ-5336 vehicles. Tire size is “11.00/R20”. Working brake system has drum mechanisms and pneumatic drive with double circulation. This design reduces the likelihood of total brake system failure and reduces stopping distance. Of course, the design also includes a parking brake. The main trailer, which forms the street with MAZ-5336, is model MAZ-837810.

Dynamic Characteristics

  • Maximum speed of the vehicle is 115 km/h;
  • The maximum speed of the street – 100 km/h;
  • Acceleration to 60 km/h – 50 sec;
  • Braking distance at 60 km/h – 36.7 m;
  • Average fuel consumption per 100 km – with a passenger car – 21.8, with a truck – 33.2;
  • Venderadius – on the outer wheel 8.4 m, total 9.1 m.

Electrical equipment

MAZ 5336 has a 24-volt cable system, standardized with the most important modifications. Two series-connected 6-st182EM type power supplies and an AC unit with an integrated rectifier and a built-in voltage regulator were used as power sources.


Model MAZ-5336 body consists of a metal platform with hinged rear and side walls. The bottom of the body is made of wood.

The truck is equipped with an improved gearbox with a branched clutch YAMZ-238n, completed with a mechanical gearshift transmission with integrated pneumatic booster and peripheral springs. The truck is equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox with a demultiplier (a total of eight gears). The carding operations are represented by two consecutive waves with an intermediate support, the main gear is two-stage and defined.

MAZ-5336 is equipped with diskless wheels. Suspension of the front wheels of the vehicle is mounted on half-echter longitudinal springs with stabilizers and shock absorbers.

Operating brake system has drum mechanisms and dual-circuit pneumatic actuator.

MAZ-5336 platform in basic version does not have an awning. It is also installed. Other devices can be installed on the chassis.

The tractor is equipped with an enlarged cab, which can be tilted using hydraulics. This feature distinguishes MAZ-5336 from the older modifications of MAZ. There is an optional installation of two sleeping places, which means the possibility of using the truck for transportation in the country. Drivers will especially appreciate the HQ. It is cushioned and adjustable in height, length and inclination of the backrest and cushions. The steering wheel is also equipped with adjustment tools.


The cab of MAZ-5336 is doubled and tilted forward with the help of a manually operated hydraulic cylinder. In the basic MAZ-5336 model has seat belts, ABS (NP Rue Ekran), cushioned driver’s seat and engine preheater.

The driver’s seat is not only cushioned, but also has adjustable length, height, tilt and backrest. The steering column is also adjustable. The cabin for long hauls has two sleeping places. The interior is different from the previous MAZ model with more space and a lot of additional shelves. In addition, the cabin of MAZ-5336 truck is equipped with a rear protection system.

The properties of the truck weight:

  • Curb weight – 8050 kg;
  • GVW – 16500 kg;
  • Front axle weight – 6500 kg;
  • Inner axle load – 10000 kg;
  • Carrying capacity – 7,700 kg;
  • Total weight of cargo – 36000 kg.

Platform of the model has the following dimensions: length – 6080 mm, width – 2380 mm, height – 2540 mm.

The truck accelerates to 60 km/h in 50 seconds and the braking distance at 60 km/h is 36.7 m. Maximum speed of the truck is 100 km/h.

Internal platform dimensions

  • Length – 6080 mm;
  • Width – 2380 mm;
  • Height of the side – 700 mm.


MAZ 5336 production was launched in 1988, and during the producing period, which is still continuing, several dozens of various modifications have been developed. MAZ 5336 is used as:

  • Covered tilt-covered vehicle;
  • Moulded tipper with different payloads;
  • Trucks with extended base;
  • Trucks with all-metal and welded van.
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Over the years, various modifications of the truck were produced, which differed from each other by engine power, gearbox, loading volume, additional options and other parameters.

  • MAZ-533603-220 is a biaxial truck with 10 sq. m. platform, YAMZ engine with 250 hp (184 kW), permissible gross vehicle weight is 18 000 kg, and permissible combination weight is 36 000 kg;
  • MAZ-533605-220 – two-axle, 14.5 sq. m. platform, YAMZ engine, 330 h.p. (243 kW), permissible gross weight is 18750 kg, permissible gross weight is 44000 kg.

Various modifications of MAZ 5336 were equipped with an atmospheric diesel engine, and versions with turbochargers.

Functions and operation

MAZ 5336 has passed the test of time on a number of criteria. After many minor improvements, the truck has finally become a reliable competitor in the market of trucks for the giants of the automobile industry, such as Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, etc. in its segment. For decades the truck was equipped mainly with reliable power units from Yaroslavl Mechanical Plant. On domestic roads there are modifications equipped with German engines Deuts BF 6M1013FS. MAZ 5340 with Daimler Chlister OM501 engine with an output of 435 hp is an extension of MAZ 5336 model range. And sixteen-speed ZF gearbox. The trucks are designed to operate in regions with Euro 5 environmental requirements. Vehicles with Euro 2 engines are gradually removed from service. Modern modifications MAZ 5336 in basic version are equipped with a cushioned driver’s seat, seat belts, ABS system, heated engine, electropneumatic connections for the trailer and hitchless hitch. Depending on the field of application, modern modifications are equipped with Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 engines. Dealers offer warranty for 2 years or 200 000 kilometers. At that maintenance is performed for the first 20,000 km of run, MOT-1 – for 15,000 km and MOT-2 – for 30,000 km. Modern versions are also equipped with:

  • Interlocking between the wheels;
  • Independent fluid heater;
  • Inter-axle locking;
  • Front and rear rollover protection;
  • Digital tapograph;
  • Side protection device;
  • Items, etc.

Modern versions of the car are mostly joint developments of Minsk automakers with German and American companies. At the same time, most of MAZ 5336 truck fleet still consists of its own post-Soviet design. The high level of standardization of parts, components and mechanisms, as well as their permanent availability on the market do not cause difficulties in maintenance and repair of both major trucking companies and private persons.

MAZ 5336: technical characteristics, consumption, charging capacity, photo

MAZ 5336: technical data, consumption, charging capacity, photo

MAZ 5336 is a city chassis with a large engine with a circle of legs 4×2, which is designed for installation on various types of special buildings (commuter bus, trough, caravan, tow trucks, tanks, etc.) or as a flatbed truck. For the transport of goods (including as part of a street) … it is also adapted for operation in difficult weather and road conditions ….

Official premiere of MAZ 5336, which replaced the model with the index MAZ-5335, took place in 1988. Since then the truck has been repeatedly modernized, although currently it is in steady demand on the market.

MAZ-5336 has a two-door all-metal cab, which was designed in the style of the Belarusian manufacturer.

The chassis has the following overall dimensions: 8150 mm length, of which the distance between the axles is increased by 4900 mm, 2500 mm width and 3160 mm (in terms of cabin). Mounting length of the frame is 5506 mm and ground clearance is 260 mm. The truck with a platform on board is up to 8630 mm in length, and its height in the presence of an awning is 4000 mm.

By default, MAZ-5336 is equipped with a body with a capacity of 10 cubic meters with an inner length and width of 6080 mm or 2380 mm and a side height of 700 mm.

Fully loaded “Belorus” weighs from 7000 to 8700 kg, depending on the modification and payload is from 7800 to 11000 kg. Gross vehicle weight is between 16500 and 18000 kg (of which 6500 kg on the front axle and 10000-11500 kg on the rear axle) and 36000 kg on the road.

The cabin-5336 is two-seat, with simple but well-designed ergonomics. On the driver’s side there is a sagging seat and a steering column in two planes. In addition, two sleeping “shelves” are organized in the truck.

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Two diesel engines are available for Belarusian “bogatyr”:

  • MAZ-5336A3/-320/-321 from V-shaped SIX-cylinder units YAMZ-236be2 (Euro-2) and YAMZ-6562.10E3 (Euro-3) with a working volume of 11.15 liters with turbocharger, fuel compressor with common rail drive, liquid cooling and charge air cooler:
    • The first generates 250 hp (184 kW) at 2,000 rpm and 1,078 N – M of torque at 1,200-1,400 rpm;
    • The second generates 250 hp (184 kW) at 1900 rpm and 1128 N – m of peak output at 1100-1300 rpm.
    • The first’s output is 243 kW at 2,100 rpm and 1,225 N – m of torque at 1,200-1,400 rpm;
    • The second version has 330 hp (243 kW) at 1900 r/min and 1274 N – m at 1100-1300 r/min.

    All versions are equipped with 8 speed “mechanical” YAMZ-2381 and dry dual-clutch, which sends all power to the wheels of the rear axle (with internal differential).

    The car can reach a maximum speed of 95 km/h, and the “destruction” of fuel does not exceed 20 to 25 liters (depending on version) per “hundred” kilometers.

    At the heart of MAZ-5336 is a frame construction of ladder type, made of high-strength steels.

    The truck is equipped with dependent suspensions on both axles, which are suspended on longitudinal leaf springs with a semi-elliptic structure (front – with stabilizer bars and telescopic shock absorbers).

    The truck is equipped with a steering system with integrated hydraulic booster.

    The base model is equipped with a pneumatic dual-circuit brake system, drum machines on each wheel, ABS and 350-liter fuel tank (all versions).

    In Russia, the cost of MAZ-5336 starts with the brand as of 2017~2 million rubles. In standard configuration, the Belarusian has: power steering, ABS, driver’s seat suspension, radio, digital trip sheet, engine preheater, three-point seat belts and some other equipment.

    MAZ 5336: technical data, flow rate, loading capacity, photo

    For Sale MAZ 5340.

    MAZ-5336 fuel consumption per 100 km.

    One of the most popular models is Maz 5336 truck, because it is a discussed specimen in the post-Soviet space. The secret of popularity of such a porter as MAZ 5336 is simple and clear. It is the undeniable and proven by years of processing quality, as well as reliability and versatility.

    Moreover, there is noise insulation and high loading capacity – up to 10.9 tons. The technical properties of MAZ 5336 provided a huge demand.

    The history of the model

    The flatbed truck was put into production at the end of the 1980s. Production began at the Minsk Automobile Plant.

    After the errors and shortcomings of its predecessor MAZ were made up, specialists brought the improved model to serial production under the number 5335. At that time, the truck with serial number MAZ 5336 met the requirements and standards of the International Customs System.

    Increased efficiency and cost, upgraded suspension, more powerful engines, increased payload and improved sound insulation. All this distinguished it from its predecessor, and the presence of a special sun visor in the basic version was a plus.

    The platform truck conquered the market in the 1990s and displaced the previous model.


    The truck is ideal for transportation on paved roads – suburban, intraurban and national.

    The two-axle chassis is suitable for construction tanks, aggregates, and construction and local equipment. This truck is also often used to install wreckers and firefighting equipment. It is often used as part of freight trains to transport goods over long distances.

    This extends the company’s profile and shows all its versatility. The design of the vehicle is suitable for long trips. There are also some additional modifications of MAZ, including a sofa designed for the driver.

    On the basis of this design personal buses are assembled, which confirms the versatility and uniqueness of the car model by this fact.

    The truck

    • Engine;
    • Bowl mechanism of spherical nut, control handle and spring device;
    • Transmission;
    • Brake system (drum type with internal caps and front diaphragm chambers);
    • Electrical instruments, the color scheme of which is specified in the instruction manual.

    Despite the large number of options for the use of the chassis, now on board is the in-demand version. It is not only on the streets of the Post-Sowjet, but also in Eastern Europe.

    Technical Specifications

    Consider MAZ 5336 and fuel consumption under various operating conditions:

    • Fuel consumption per 100 km at an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour – 21 liters;
    • Fuel consumption at a distance of 100 km at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour – 29 liters;
    • If considered with a tractor and trailer, at a speed of 60 km/h – 33 liters;
    • In grouping on the street at a speed of 80 km/h – 40 liters.

    The body in MAZ 5336 consists of pages, which are on the sides and a solid metal platform. The floor is made of durable wood. The basic version of the truck produced by MINSK trucking company does not have an awning. This innovation is also installed, but it is possible to replace the equipment on the chassis.

    Design of the vehicle

    • The truck is equipped with an eight-cylinder diesel engine JAMZ-238 with an output of 300 hp.
    • The ecological class Euro-3 and higher is used;
    • Four x-speed mechanical transmission, hydraulic oil seal;
    • Spring suspension is equipped with shock absorbers and stabilizers.
    • Fuel pumps with different pressures are used;
    • Double hitch;
    • Total weight of the machine is 18 tons;
    • Weight of the machine as a part of the street is 40 tons;
    • 50 seconds is enough to reach speeds of up to 60 km/h.
    • The wheels are n e-coated;
    • Braking distance from 60 km/h to 0 – 36.7 m.

    Additional Features

    Full platform area 14.3 square meters.
    Vehicle clearance 230 mm
    Maximum speed of the vehicle 100 kilometers per hour
    Fuel tank volume 255 liters
    Formula of a motorcycle 4×2

    The package provides a special enlarged 2- or 3-place cabin with seat belts, heated engine and ABS system in the tractor. The cabin can be tilted back with the help of a hydraulic drive. This detail distinguishes MAZ 5336 from the previous trucks.

    Also there are two places in the cabin, so it is comfortable for the driver and his assistant to cover long distances. It is worth noting that the cabin is equipped with special rear protections and improved sound insulation system.

    The lower driver’s seat is coordinated in length and height, as well as backrest and cushion. The steering wheel is equipped with all types of adjustments.

    Platform dimensions
    • The height of the platform is 700 mm.
    • The length of the platform is 6080 mm.
    • Platform width is 2380 mm.

    The model has a 24-volt electrical cable system, which is similar to the main car models. The power sources are two batteries, which are connected one after the other, and a generator set with alternating electricity.


    This car has surpassed the quality and time possible criteria. Over the years, MAZ 5336 has experienced many improvements, changes and innovations on the market. However, the machine is still relevant in many countries due to its availability and price-quality ratio.

    Spare parts for this model are easy to find. Due to its popularity and relevance in the automobile market, you can buy parts and make repairs with your help anywhere in Russia.

    Depending on the country and even region, where MAZ 5336 is operated, the requirements are also changing. That is why vehicles are equipped with Euro-3 to Euro-5 engines. Trucks with a Euro-2 engine can easily leave production.


    Since the release of the model by the Minsk Automobile Plant for a long time – since 1988, several dozens of versions have been developed. MAZ-5336 is operated as a truck, all-metal and welding tracked truck, as well as a dump truck, truck with a closed awning, etc.

    Over 31 years, various modifications of the truck have been produced with different engine power, volume and area of u200bu200bt truck body, types of transmissions or additional options.

    For example, MAZ-53366-A two-axle model with YAMZ-238M2 engine and carrying capacity of 8.28 tons. 53361 – basic version. And 62 and 63 models differed by engine power of 300 and 330 hp.

    New versions with additional features

    • intercooler and understanding unit;
    • flow restrictors;
    • liquid independent heating;
    • digital tachograph;
    • protection devices.

    Modern production facilities of the Minsk Automobile Plant most often have German or American machinery. However, most of the fleet remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Like any vehicle, the Maz-5336 has its pros and cons in operation and maintenance.

    1. The main advantages of the two-axle chassis include high maintainability.
    2. The Kielom machine averages about 1 million kilometers before the first major repair, and minor malfunctions are fixed instantly.
    3. The machine is adapted and geared for demanding conditions. It is adapted to fuel that is not of the highest quality.
    1. Per 100 kilometers is a very high consumption of the necessary fuel.
    2. With prolonged use – little comfort of operation.

    purchase and prices.

    It is easy to buy MAZ-5336, because the model is available both when buying in used condition, and when buying an absolutely car.

    If the buyer is coveted, he will have to pay from 450-500 to 700-850 thousand rubles for the model, the release of which came in the period of the late 90s and early 2000s.

    A car from 2010 will cost over a million rubles. The price varies and directly depends on the year of manufacture, configuration, mileage and overall technical condition.

    A new car will cost the buyer approximately 1.5-2 million rubles. It is also possible to rent a car – the average price is 2,000 rubles per hour.

    MAZ 5336: technical data, flow rate, loading capacity, photo

    Tons in Russia #54 Review of Maz 5336 Kupava. Maz Petrovich.

    Chassis / flatbed truck MAZ 5336.

    Look at the photos of Maz 5336. Does it seem to you that you have never met such a Maz? Most likely, you are mistaken or just did not pay attention to the trucks you meet, because this Belarusian car has a lot of useful things. Perhaps such a machine produces products in the store – where you go shopping. Maz 5336 can be used as a tow truck, a tanker and even a fire truck. In general, this truck has few applications.

    Other trucks on

    Buy Maz 5336.

    An important advantage of this Belarusian truck is its price. Only two or three years old Maz 5336 are sold for $20,000, and for $5,000 you can buy a Maz 5336 made in the early 90’s.

    The MAZ 5336 is often used as part of a cargo lift that pulls a trailer. Own weight of the chassis 5336 itself is 7,300 kg, and the payload of the truck in flatbed version is 8,280 kg, and the same amount can be absorbed by the trailer. Gross weight of Minsk truck is 40 tons. Loading platform sides can be folded down not only from the rear but also from the sides, and the bottom of the loading platform is lined with wood. Length of the chassis is 8600 mm, wheelbase of 2-axle Minsker is 4960 mm and length of the loading platform is 6100 mm. With a total width of the Minsker truck of 2500 mm, the width of the platform is 2420 mm.

    Sprung seat of MAZ can be adjusted both longitudinally and in height, the steering wheel is also adjustable. Due to the presence of two sleeping berths MAZ can be used for long journeys.

    MAZ 5336 Specifications

    The performance of MAZ 5336 with JAMZ-238B engine is good enough. With a capacity of 14.8 liters this turbo-diesel V8 develops 330 hp and 1225 Nm of traction. This colossus accelerates up to 60 km/h in 60 seconds, and on a highway an empty truck can reach 115 km/h. At 60 km/h the Yaroslavl Turbo Diesel consumes 22 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km, at 80 km the consumption increases to 29.6 liters. Fuel consumption with a loaded load may reach 40 liters per 100 km. It should be noted that the same engine is installed on a street truck MAZ 64229.

    MAZ 5336 is also equipped with a weak engine Yamz 238m2 without turbocharger, which develops 240 hp and 883 Newton thrust.

    The strongest turbodiesel V8 engine has a power of 400 hp and 1715 Newton pulling power. It is the most respected and honored among the drivers.

    MAZ is equipped with an engine preheating system and its fuel tank holds 255 liters.

    The cab of the Minsk truck with a hydraulic drive is back – it distinguishes the model 5356 from the old MAZ trucks.

    The low price of MAZ 5336 makes the purchase of this truck attractive not only for companies, but also for private owners who have a large property.

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