MAZ 4370 – description and specifications


Production of MAZ-4370 began in 1999 at the Minsk Automobile Plant. In 2003 the truck was recognized as the best in its class. This model received the nickname “Zubrenok”. German truck MAN L2000 was taken as a basis for the development of this truck (while capacity of Minsk model is twice more). Originally MAZ-4370 was equipped only with foreign-made cabins and chassis. But later it created its own chassis. 5-ton truck differs from its analogues with a low body frame, which makes loading and unloading easier. The model is designed for regional, suburban and urban hauling.

Reviews of MAZ-4370 Owners

Reviews of the owners of the Zubrenk are mostly positive. Car owners praise flat bottom, which MAZ-4370 inherited from the German ancestor, comfortable and spacious cabin and a comfortable driver’s seat. All this allows making even long trips with the truck.


Due to its high popularity, MAZ-4370 is available in two modifications. The difference between them is a slight difference in carrying capacity and wheelbase length. The truck is used not only as a means of transporting various loads. MAZ-4370 is used as a chassis for wreckers, dump trucks and other road-building machines. The truck has medium size and excellent maneuverability. Turning radius of the model is only 8000 mm, which allows feeling confident in cramped city areas and on busy roads.

“Zubrenok” is distinguished by low cost and high quality, which makes the truck especially popular on the domestic market. In Russian conditions MAZ-4370 feels itself very well and malfunctions are very rare. The chassis and cab of the truck received high marks, and the money invested in the purchase of the vehicle pays off quite quickly.

The popularity of the Zubrenok is also due to the fact that it is not inferior to its foreign counterparts in terms of technical characteristics.

Among the problems, it is worth noting the most convenient gear shifting. However, the drivers quite quickly get used to the inconsistency in steering.


Technical Specifications

MAZ-4370 has a compact dimensions:

  • length without a trailer – 5500 mm;
  • length with a trailer – 8200 mm;
  • width – 2550 mm;
  • height – 2850 mm.

For a medium-duty truck MAZ-4370 has fairly large wheels.

Weight of the truck does not exceed 4900 kg, which is a major advantage, since many level crossings and road structures are not designed for heavy weight. 35% of the weight is on the front axle and 65% on the rear axle. The rear axle wheels are paired with each other, as they carry a heavy load. The permissible weight of the truck is 10100 kg.

Internal volume of the Zubrenka body is 35.5 cubic meters. The truck uses R17.5 or R20 tires.

MAZ-4370 has the wheel arrangement of four by two. Even fully loaded, the truck is able to accelerate up to 90-110 km/h.

fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of basic version MAZ-4370 per 100 km is 18 liters, and a fuel tank holds up to 130 liters of fuel.


MAZ-4370 appeared long ago, but the manufacturer has repeatedly upgraded the power plant, which allowed it to compete with counterparts. In different periods, the truck was equipped with different units:

  1. MMZ D-245-540 (“Euro-1”) was supplemented by a 5-speed gearbox “ZIL-659D”;
  2. MMZ D-245 E2 (“Euro-2”) with “manual” SAAZ-3206;
  3. MMZ D-245 E3 (“Euro-3”) used with SAAZ-3206 gearbox;
  4. DEUTZ BF 4M 1013FC – imported engine (“Euro-3”), supplemented by a foreign manual gearbox ZF S5-42.
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Today the Zubrenok is no longer fitted with Euro-1 and Euro-2 engines. Minsk Automobile Plant uses only engines that meet the standard “Euro-3”.

The most common four-cylinder diesel power unit is MMZ D-245.30 E3, developed by Belarusian specialists. This power unit has a high maintainability and reliability. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger, and the cylinders are located vertically.

Technical characteristics of the engine MMZ D-245.30 E3:

  • weight – 450 kg;
  • rated power – 157 hp
  • maximum torque – 580 Nm;
  • rpm – 1500 rpm;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 205 g/kWh.

MAZ-4370 is also equipped with DEUTZ BF 4M1013FC, which is similar to MMZ D-245.30 E3. Engine parameters:

  • weight – 560 kg;
  • displacement – 4,8 liters;
  • rated power – 170 hp;
  • rpm – 1500 rpm;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 205-209 g/kWh.

DEUTZ BF 4M1013FC also has a number of additional options that ensure smooth and quiet operation. These include an improved cooling system, supercharger and electronic speed control. The cylinders in the powertrain are arranged in a row and vertically.


MAZ-4370 is equipped with two types of transmissions:

The latter is stiffer and has lower gear ratios. On the ZF S5-42, gear shifting is done without a sharp crackle and is quite soft.

The car has rear-wheel drive, which, given the specifics of work and the purpose of this additional equipment, creates additional advantages.

The Zubrenok suspension is somewhat stiff, since the front and rear use conventional stacked leaf springs. Its main advantage is simplicity. The service life of the leaf springs is 300-400 thousand km.

MAZ-4370 uses a drum brake system, which includes two main working elements – a drum and brake pads. These are actuated by a pneumohydraulic system.

The Zubrenk’s body has a low frame, which allows it to carry large and high-altitude loads without permission. Installation of an awning and other equipment is possible. Minsk Automobile Plant offers MAZ-4370 with platforms equipped with manipulators, concrete mixers, cranes and other special equipment.

Special attention should be paid to the MAZ-4370 cabin, which has a special configuration. It is spacious and comfortable. The truck is equipped with a 3-man cab (without a sleeping bag) and 2-man cab (with sleeping bag). The latter allows you to make the road more comfortable. The sleeper is foldable and can be retracted to the rear of the cab if necessary.

Another important advantage of the Zuvornok is the equipment with an electric heater. This equipment makes the machine convenient for winter transport. Thanks to the low location, it is quite easy to get into the cab. Additionally there are handrails, which allow getting inside quickly and easily.

By most technical parameters MAZ-4370 is not inferior to foreign competitors. At the same time, the model has cheaper and more accessible spare parts.

Price of new and used MAZ-4370

The cost of MAZ-4370 is determined by the region of purchase, dealer and configuration. The average price of the model is 1.5 million rubles. Used running models (2002-2006 production year) can be bought for 300-500 thousand rubles.

Renting a truck costs 900 rubles per hour.


Maz-4370 has analogues as Hyundai HD65, Hyundai HD72 and Kamaz-4308.

MAZ-4370 Zubryonok: technical characteristics

MAZ-4370 “Zubryonok” is a medium-duty truck of Minsk Automobile Plant. Class N2, category MCV, produced by Maz at the beginning of the 2000s (in the 2010s it was replaced by MAZ-4371 “Zubryonok-2”). The truck is designed for intracity and suburban transportation: it is soft, roomy, maneuverable and very comfortable, with the benefit of a low frame for loading and unloading. “3ubrenk” is the unofficial name of the model. Although there were rumors about its introduction as the factory name of the truck – in those years, when the “3-Dubrenk” was still competing with ZIL “Bychok” and GAZ “Valdai”.

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A brief history

The first samples of a new medium-duty class A truck, which was very much in demand in the new Russian market, was created by M3 in the late 1990s together with the Gorky Automobile Plant. Despite the fact that the Soviet Union ruled for a long time, the economic ties developed over the decades remained strong for a long time. But in the future, without bringing the project to completion, each manufacturer went its own way. Minsk Automobile Plant unilaterally refused to supply gas for the gas-powered Maz-5336. And it took German Man 2000 as a basis for creation of its own medium-duty “Raznarik”. It remained to add to it the ability to pick up equipment, and in the summer of 1999 the first MA3-4z70 “3ubrenka” drove out of the hardware gates.

Brief history

A serious lift and a spacious cabin were the undeniable advantages of this truck: by these indicators the Bychk and the Valdai were left behind. The Zubryonka cab, inherited from the “adult” Maz, was much more spacious and comfortable, and the load with similar size and maneuverability M3-4Z70 could carry much more than the “Valdai” or “Bychka”. We may say that for a long time no worthy competitor was available on the local market. Until 2007, KAMAZ-4308 “Kamazenok” (also unofficial name) never appeared.

In the 2010s came a new generation of medium-duty trucks from Minsk Automobile Plant. MA3-4Z71 “Zavornok-2” got rid of many disadvantages of the first model, it is equipped with a new, up-to-date cabin and more modern and environmentally friendly diesel engines.

Scope of the machine

The main purpose of the model MA3-4Z70 “3Ubrenok” is transportation of various cargoes, including trailers, on intercity, suburban and regional routes. Although the presence of a mobile sleeper in the cabin implies a certain “long range”. But certainly not on a national scale: a small car is not suitable for that. Its main element is the delivery of goods to various retail chains.

Scope of application of the vehicle

Low frame design helps to transport total and heavy loads, makes loading and unloading of the structure easier and faster. The basic version of the vehicle is a flatbed wagon with an awning installation. However, the MA3-4Z70 design also allows installing a variety of special equipment on the chassis of this vehicle. “Bison” is often equipped with cranes, lifting towers, wreckers, compact concrete mixers and tankers, hollow formers, vans or refrigerators. Good maneuverability in heavy traffic and medium size allows using it in utilities and industrial applications.


There are four basic modifications MA3-4Z70 “3Ubrenok”. They differ in engines and drives, which are installed on them.

  • MAZ-4Z7040 – with EMZ D-245.9-540 engine and gearbox ZIL-695d (Saaz);
  • MAZ-43704 – with engine MMZ D-245.30 (Euro-2) and gearbox Saaz-3206.70;
  • MAZ-437043 – with engine MMZ D-245.30 (Euro-Z) and gearbox Saaz-3206;
  • MAZ-437030 – with Deutz BF4M 1013FC (Euro-3) engine and gearbox ZF S5-42.
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In addition, produced modifications may differ in length of wheelbase (3 m; 3,7 m; 4,2 m); The presence or absence of reverse clutch to pull the trailer.

Engines MA3-4Z70 “3Ubr.

The most widespread engine was certainly not German Deutz, but cheaper diesel engine of Minsk MMZ D-245 MINSK, which was converted by Belarusian specialists first to Euro-2 standard, and then to Euro-3 ecological level. “. This is a well-known, proven” tractor “four-cylinder diesel engine. It is good for its reliability, simplicity, endurance and high maintainability. The MA3-4Z70 engine is equipped with a turbocharger, the cylinders of which are arranged vertically in series.

Technical parameters of the diesel engine MMZ D-245.30 E3:

  • Working volume – 4.75 liters;
  • Rated speed – 1500 rpm;
  • Compression ratio – 17;
  • Power – 95 kW or 157 hp;
  • Gross torque limit – 580 Nm;
  • Consumption of diesel is 205 g/kWh or 17-18 liters per 100 km;
  • The dry weight of the engine is 450 kg.

Engine MMZ D-245.30

Deutz BF4M 1013FC engine has a number of additional options that ensure more uniform and quiet operation with less noise and vibration than D-245, in particular, this is an improved cooling system, more advanced turbocharger and electronic motion control controller. In terms of technical characteristics the Deutz MMZ is similar. Technical parameters of the Deutz BF4M 1013FC diesel engine:

  • Working volume – 4.8 liters;
  • Rated speed – 1500 rpm;
  • Compression ratio – 17;
  • Power – 170 PS;
  • Gross torque limit – 580 Nm;
  • Diesel fuel consumption – 205-209 g/kWh;
  • Engine dry weight – 560 kg.


Existing modifications with MA3-4Z70 are equipped with a mechanical drive Saaz-3206 or ZF S5-42. Producers of these units are planned Saransk unit and German company ZF. All gear variants are five-speed. The single-disc friction clutch mechanism transmits torque from the engine shaft to the pinion. The disc is 34 cm or 36 cm in diameter and the rear axle is driven. It has a wheel gear and a locking transverse differential.


Running gear. Brake

The heart of the vehicle is the conductor frame with two U-shaped stems and transverse U-shaped and tube profile holders. The MA3-4Z70 has a front spring suspension of a dependent type, equipped with hydraulic amortisers with stabilisers. The front axle is an I-beam with attached drive wheels. The rear axle suspension is a leaf-spring design. At the rear there are semi-elliptical longitudinal springs in the form of sets of steel strips. The suspension has a very simple and reliable design. Its trouble-free service life, provided that the vehicle is not overloaded, is about three hundred thousand kilometers.

The brake system on all motorcycles is drum. To control the brakes a dual-circuit pneumohydraulic actuator with independent cycles of the rear and front wheel pairs is used. The rear tires are equipped with a battery-operated parking brake. Some vehicles were equipped with disc brakes rather than drum brakes, but this is rare.

Chassis. Brake

“Bison” with an extended base.

The MA3-4Z70 “3Ubrenok” is equipped with steel wheels and 235 / 75R17.5 tires. The wheels are paired on the rear axle. First, Continental tires were installed on the model, since we do not produce tires of the right size. Then Minsk Automobile Plant began to cooperate with Yaroslavl, which began to supply its partner with Y478 tires. They became the most important for Bison.

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Electrical equipment .

The electrical system of this model works at 24 V. The power sources are two batteries series 6-ST-1111 and alternator type 3232.3771.10. Starter ST-230R with electromagnetic mechanism starts the engine.

Information in numbers

Technical specifications in numbers

  • Dimensions
  • Length: 5.5 to 8.2 m.
  • Width: 2.55 m.
  • Height: 2.85 m.
  • Bicycle options: 3 m; 3.7 m; 4.2 m.
  • Weight parameter.
  • Empty weight: 4,9 т.
  • Gross weight: 10.1 t.
  • Allowed front axle load: 3.75 t.
  • Maximum rear axle load: 6,35 т.
  • Standard justification: 5 tons.
  • Internal volume of standard 3Ubr. body with stretched awning: 35,5 м3.
  • Bicycle formula: 4×2.
  • Tank volume: 100, 130 or 200 liters.

MAZ-4370 cab and management

MAZ-4Z70 “3UBRENOK” is equipped with a three place cabin (without a sleeping bag) or two place cabin (with a mobile sleeping bag, which can be folded). As already mentioned, the “Zurbrenok” is very spacious for a medium-class truck, because it was borrowed from the “adult” MAZ.

Sleeping place Mobile-Oatmeal, which in normal conditions is just a shelf in the back of the cabin behind the seats. Due to the huge internal volume of the cabin, as well as flat floor, three adults of any size can easily fit without causing problems to each other.

Cabin and controls

The driver’s seat, though it cannot be called comfortable and modern, is air-suspended and equipped with a number of adjustments. State numbers are generally the same as in the “adult” Maz.

Numerous complaints are caused by the unimportant quality of assembly, which is endowed with interior details, as well as the very materials from which the interior is made. Cheap and unpretentious plastic and dermatin evoke warm nostalgia for Soviet Union, but it is inappropriate for a car in XXI century. About cracks in fingers and often at joints of rubbers in general – simply there are no words.

Reviews of drivers and owners of the Zaberty

The demand for medium-duty M3-4Z70 “3ubrek” in the 2000s was great, and at one time they were very popular in the expanses of the former USSR. Therefore, our people have studied this model well and described it in detail in their reviews. According to these reviews, there are four main advantages and trumps. These are the cheap price (in comparison with new “classmates” of European manufacture); simplicity, serviceability and relative cheapness in service and repair; large, for the car of such class, carrying capacity; and small expense of diesel energy It is known: the car goes quietly and even at the maximum load there is no breakdown.

There are also enough disadvantages and outright minuses. Claims from drivers and owners arise to the heating system of the cabin. In real Russian frosts the heater heat is enough to heat the windshield, but the side woes are frozen and no heating modes can save them. In winter on the road drafts begin to move freely through the cab, and the drivers have to insulate it in every way and plug up the cracks.

The top open shelf, designed for documents, has not finished its functions – the paper regularly sheds along the way. A driver of average height has to push the seat almost to the back wall of the cabin to sit comfortably behind the wheel. On a new car, the back of the seat is not yet close to the back of the cabin, but over time this construction stretches and the back of the seat starts to rub against the cabin wall and tear the upholstery. You can move the seat closer to the steering wheel, but then the steering column will be between your legs – it’s uncomfortable.

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The discomfort is caused by the pedal assembly. Namely the high position of a clutch pedal. In addition, it is necessary to make considerable efforts to move it. The cabin does not have enough rigidity. If it is tilted back, it is no longer possible to open or close the doors. So if you need to lift the cab, be sure to take out everything you need. It’s also important that cab doors can be opened with almost any key, even if you have a regular door lock. Drivers get out of the situation by hammering a wooden wedge into one of the lock cylinders, and the other door is automatically locked when the alarm is activated, with the door lock cylinder not involved in either the opening or closing process of the door.

The designers of the machine have a bad word for the fact that the plastic shelves in the cab are not defined as in most trucks, but by the author’s frame. If the trucks have a normal cab rises and the access to the engine is free, but on the “3-Ubranoq” they stay in place. And they make access to the engine systems very difficult.

The D-245 tractor engine is upgraded to fit passenger cars, it is still too loud, and increased vibration pollution from its operation is canceled even after normal. To replace the oil filter, the air tubs must be removed. Otherwise, replacing the filter will not work. This is a design cost when the turbocharger was installed on a tractor engine with a block unit and was not adapted for turbo – rentals. It (the turbocharger) interferes with manipulation of the coarse fuel filter. The filter cup is attached to four screws behind the turbo, and you really have to show snake-like flexibility to deflate and unscrew it.

The painting of the machine leaves much to be desired. The color on the sides and on the side opposite the rods becomes flaps straight, the cabin after the first years of operation turns into a “cauldron” of small roscherd. In winter, ice collects in the awning on the flat roof and you can get a nice block of ice on the roof of the cabin when braking sharply in the underhood space. An important point: the M3-4Z70 “3Ubrenk” does not like reloading: it pierces through.

The cost of MA3-4Z70 “3Ubrenk” truck

Many used MA3-4Z70 “3Ubrenk” trucks appeared on the secondary market in the 2000s. The price range is from 350 to 900 thousand rubles, depending on the year of manufacture, mileage and a particular technical condition.

In general, the M3-4Z70 “3Ubrenk”, despite all the shortcomings, has established itself as an inexpensive to buy and easy to maintain car that quickly pays off and begins to make a profit.

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