May in the garden – calendar of work

Calendar of holidays to work with preschool children for the month of May

On May 1, 1886, workers in Chicago and several other American cities staged a strike to get their masters to enforce an eight-hour workday. Several people died during the strike.

In commemoration of this event since 1890, May 1 is celebrated as a day of workers’ solidarity. Before 1917, on this day, workers usually went on strike or served to get better working conditions. After the revolution, the holiday became a state holiday. May 1 and 2 are days off.

During the Soviet period, cities and villages held demonstrations of solidarity with all the workers of the world in honor of the holiday.

In 1992, May 1 was called the holiday of spring and labor, the demonstrations were canceled, although a number of public organizations held their marches and services on this day.

In dozens of countries, May 1 occurs under different names. In most states, the holiday is referred to as a workday.

Solar Day (May 3)

In order to expand renewable energy opportunities, Solar Day has been held every year since 1994 in about 14 countries.

The formation of the solar system occurred, according to the most common theory, after one or more supernovae exploded. The Sun is the star of Earth, all others are immeasurably farther away. For the Earth, the Sun is a powerful source of cosmic energy, which forms the most important properties of the Earth’s atmosphere and generally determines the ecology of our planet. Without it, there would be no air, heat and light necessary for plant and animal life.

On Sun Day there are races of the first cars on “solar collectors”, competitions and shows of different models, which are organized with the use of solar energy and other interesting events

Victory Day (May 9)

One of the most important holidays in our country is Victory Day. On this day in Moscow was brought an act of handover to Germany, which was made the day before by representatives of the German High Command in Berlin. The Great Patriotic War ended, and this event is celebrated in our country for over 70 years.

On May 9 Russians congratulate veterans of war and labor, and since 1965 in large Russian cities held military parades, and congratulations begin in the evening. In addition, on Victory Day, wreaths and flowers are justified to the monuments that are dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

The holiday is celebrated not only in Russia, but also in some republics from the former Soviet Union and in Israel.

International Day of Family (May 15)

The International Family Day, celebrated annually on May 15, was proclaimed in 1993 by the UN General Assembly with A/Res/47/337.

The purpose of its establishment is to draw public attention to the many problems of the family. According to the UN Secretary-General, when the basic rights of the family are violated, the unity of the entire human family, of which they are members, is threatened.

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As one of the basic institutions of society, the first stage of human socialization, the family develops and changes with the outside world, responds to the demands of time, responds to social needs and shapes itself.

Many countries around the world have developed entire strategies for demographic development. During this holiday there will be various educational, social and celebratory events – concerts; Meetings of couples with great experience of family life; Charity events for foster families with children and children from large and low-income families; trainings for young families; Theme seminars and conferences, radio and TV programs, newspaper publications and programs devoted to family issues and other events.

International Museum Day (May 18)

Every year on May 18, museum workers around the world celebrate their professional holiday. And, of course, those of us who are looking forward to another visit to the local history museum of our city or meeting with rare exhibits of the Hermitage or the Louvre, are also involved in today’s holiday.

International Museum Day appeared in the calendar in 1977, when at a regular session of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) it was approved by the Russian organization to create this cultural holiday. Since 1978 International Museum Day has been celebrated in more than 150 countries.

According to ICOM definition museums are institutions in the service of society and its development.

Every year since 2001, International Day for Biological Diversity has been celebrated on 22 May.

International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May)

This Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in 1995 by a special resolution (No. A/RES/49/119) based on recommendations of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) which was held in 1994. Initially it was recommended to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity on December 29th – the day of entry into force of the Convention on Biological Diversity, however due to a great number of holidays celebrated at that time of the year, many countries faced difficulties in planning and holding events to celebrate the Day and it was decided to change this date for May 22nd.

Biodiversity is the overall diversity of life on the planet, which is rapidly declining today. Plants are dying out, animals and forests are disappearing from the face of the earth… Much of this is the fault of active human activity. And the fear for the future of biological diversity on our planet was expressed in the fact that at the UN Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, it was proposed to the whole world community to pay attention to the preservation of biological diversity – both of living species and ecological systems.

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Saints Methodius and Cyril Day, Slavonic Writing and Culture Day (May 24)

Every year on the 24th of May all Slavonic countries celebrate the Day of Slavonic writing and culture and glorify the creators of the Slavonic writing, saints Cyril and Methodius – Slavonic teachers. As we know, Saints Cyril and Methodius came from a noble and pious family and lived in the Greek city of Thessaloniki.

On May 24 the Church commemorates St. Cyril and Methodius. The brothers were Orthodox monks and created the Slavic alphabet in a Greek monastery.

Scientists believe that the Slavic alphabet was created around 863 in the 9th century. The new alphabet was called the “Cyrillic alphabet” after one of the brothers, Constantine, who became Cyril after becoming a monk. And his older brother Methodius helped him in his charity work to educate the Slavic peoples.

Two alphabets were created – Glagolitic and Cyrillic. In addition, Greek brothers translated the Gospel, the Apostle, and the Psalter into Slavic.

The feast day was celebrated in Bulgaria in the 19th century as a day of Slavonic literature and culture, and later this tradition spread to other countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Nowadays there are scientific forums devoted to this holiday.

The All-Russian Day of Libraries (May 27)

The All-Russian Day of Libraries, celebrated in our country every year on May 27, is the professional holiday of the Russian librarian – the Day of Librarian. This professional holiday was introduced by the Decree № 5 of the President of the Russian Federation B. N. Yeltsin. N. Yeltsin Decree № 539 of May 27, 1995 “about the establishment of the All-Russian Library Day”.

Today in Russia there are more than 150,000 libraries, which employ thousands of qualified librarians. The national and federal libraries are among the world’s information giants and hold collections of several million books. And, of course, the largest public library in our country is the Russian State Library in Moscow. It is the National Library of the Russian Federation and the largest public library not only in Russia, but also one of the largest libraries in the world.

One of the main purposes of the holiday is to mark the great contribution of libraries in the development of culture, science and education, their major role in the life of society. In this connection in libraries, reading rooms and other educational institutions on this day are held different events, aimed at attracting new readers and strengthening the role of books in people’s lives.

The World Day to Combat Smoking (May 31)

In 1988 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared May 31 as World No Smoking Day. And every year the WHO and its partners mark the day worldwide, drawing attention to the health risks of tobacco use and asking governments to take effective measures to reduce tobacco use.

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The challenge for the global community is to make the 21st century a smoke-free era. The 21st century is here, but the problem has not disappeared. The fight against nicotine continues. And the global objective of the World No Smoking Day is to help protect present and future generations not only from destructive health consequences, but also from social, ecological and economic problems, connected with tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke.

After all, tobacco use is the greatest cause of avoidable individual death and, according to the WHO, is now the cause of one in ten adult deaths worldwide. About 6 million people die each year from the “tobacco epidemic” (more than 600,000 non-smokers die because of secondhand smoke). If nothing is done, by 2030 this number will increase to 8 million people.

On May 31st in many countries of the world different actions and events will be organized by public and youth organizations to promote the healthy lifestyle and smoking cessation.

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Methods of vine bush formation

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Educational planning for the month (April) Educational planning for the month (April) Theme: Spring Objective: To expand the ideas about spring. To bring up.

May in the garden – calendar of work

At the beginning of May, you can already see the first results of the work done so far in the garden: more types of flowers appear, and the first vegetables gradually appear on the plot. If a cold April delays your work, don’t despair – it’s not too late to take care of your plot properly. Are you wondering how to keep young plants in good condition? Learn more about the most important garden treatments to do in May.


It’s time to get your lawn ready for spring care! A font surrounds a smooth, vertical cut of the lawn to remove residual old humus and increase access to air, water and essential nutrients to the root zone. This treatment also effectively combats weeds, mosses and lichens, which cause many lawsuit diseases. Mowing should be done immediately after the first mowing and in addition to the planned seeding of fresh grass. You will need suitable devices, such as a Skruder, to demonstrate your lawn.

After the demonstration, move the lawn with a rake or pitchfork. Sprinkle a mixture of grasses over the areas where it is visibly shiny as well.

Is your lawn growing like crazy? In addition to cutting fresh grass every week, it’s worth taking care of the extra nutrition. With a mower equipped with a mulching function (e.g. Combi 48 m²), you can mow and fertilize the grass at the same time without using artificial fertilizers. In mulching mode, the mower finely shreds the grass clippings and then spreads them over the lawn. Mulch – by reducing evaporation and lowering soil temperature – also has a positive effect on the lawn and makes it intensely green, dense and disease-resistant.

An added benefit of mulch is that you don’t have to interrupt your garden work from time to time to empty a basket full of grass clippings.

Ornamental Garden.

In early May, check ornamental shrubs that were planted in early spring (e.g., almonds, currants, butternut). Remove withered and overgrown branches and considerably spruce up the formed shrubs. It’s also worth spraying each plant with compost or a multi-nutrient fertilizer. The dose of valuable micro- and macronutrients delivered to the root zone additionally nourishes the plants, accelerates their growth and protects them from the last frosts of the year (“cold gardener”).

Lawn of Al Co. mowed 34. Comfort. Review, features, owner reviews

In May, you can also plant trees and shrubs that you have kept in pots for the past few months (such as azaleas or rhododendrons). To avoid damaging the root clumps during transplanting, water the plant generously before taking it out of the container. Don’t forget to mulch the substrate with pine bark (the thickness of the mulch layer should be at least 5 cm).

Mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch.


You can still sow radishes – preferably in different places (from the open ground, then with fleece or perforated film in a low-film tunnel) at 7-10 day intervals. Thanks to this you will keep the continuity of the crop throughout the season.

Among other things, they can be emphasized, among other things: they can be highlighted:

  • Pores
  • Kohlrabi and lettuce (late varieties),
  • Carrots (medium varieties),
  • Parsnips,
  • Parsnips,
  • Buyer,
  • Chicory,
  • Buben (seeds are sown directly from each other into the floor at a distance of 20 cm).

This month you should also protect your vegetables from pests. To repel them, put garlic rods in the floor or spray vegetables with a garlic-based BI product.

Weed beds and flowerbeds systematically – May forget-me-nots are small and don’t root well, so they are very easy to pull. On the plot, they will quickly compete with cultivated plants for water, light and nutrients.

May is the perfect time to plant the seedlings they have kept at home in the past few weeks. At the beginning of the month (in film tunnels) plants for seedlings: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers, in the middle: mediu m-sized varieties of carrots and turnips with radishes and leaf petersley. After the “cold gardeners” (May 12th – 15th) you can also plant corn, green beans, zucchini and vegetables (basil). Don’t forget the celery, the leek and the salad at the end of the month.

Keep your garden in good condition in May. Check the condition of decorative shrubs and trees, mowing and fertilizing the lawn regularly, do not forget to transplant potted plants into the earth. If you continue the work you started in spring, you can soon enjoy a blooming and beautiful garden. May is the perfect time to plant the seedlings that you have kept at home in the past few weeks to have. At the beginning of the month (in film tunnels) plants for seedlings: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers, in the middle: mediu m-sized varieties of carrots and turnips with radishes and leaf petersley. After the “cold gardeners” (May 12th – 15th) you can also plant corn, green beans, zucchini and vegetables (basil). Don’t forget the celery, the leek and the salad at the end of the month.

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