May – gardening calendar

Lunar Gardener’s Calendar for May 2022, 2022

In May the forests dress up, summer awaits.

May Lunar Calendar.

May gives us open pointed plum and cherry blossoms. The cheapest time to plant most plants and protect fruit and berry trees and shrubs against all possible pests and diseases. At the beginning of the month, cold-resistant plants are planted in the open ground: carrots, beets, radishes, garlic feathers. In the middle of the month, seeded onions, beans, beets and potatoes are planted. Pumpkin seedlings are grown. Depending on weather conditions, seedlings of different types of cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, celery, onions, spices and medicinal plants are planted in the open air, under the film or in greenhouses.

Folk omens about the weather in May: There are two omens in May: if the bird cherry blossoms and when the oak blossoms. If it rains a lot in May, then in September there will be very little rain. Wet May is followed by dry June. Cold May is a year of bread.

Based on an interesting folk sketch, let’s try to make a weather forecast for 2022, one of the main tasks of which could be to plan the work of the upcoming gardening season of 2022

Examples of thematic calendars-tables from the main universal gardener’s calendar:

● Lunar Gardener’s Calendar for May 2022 – vegetable garden. Plant tomato seeds, saw cucumbers

● Lunar Florist Calendar for May 2022 – flower garden, indoor plants and flowers. Plant flowers and sow.

● Lunar Gardener’s Calendar for May 2022 – garden work, planting seedlings

WARNING: Our Lunar Gardener’s Calendar is based on Moscow time. (Calendar can be used on the whole territory of Russia, because of the difference with the local time *)

Lunar Calendar

Garden and vegetable garden, plant care measures

04/30/2022 23:28 Moscow time – start of the lunar month, signs of the zodiac – Moon in a body sign.

Grape leaf diseases treatment

Beginning of the New Moon phase 04/30/2022 00:05 Moscow time ± 5 min (the Sun illuminates less than 1% of the visible Moon surface), end of the New Moon phase May 01, 2022 23:45 Moscow time ± 5 min (the Sun illuminates more than 1% of the visible Moon area according to the selenometric model of the Moon shape).

May 6 (23:04 St. Stil) – St. George the Victorious, Egorius (Yuri) “Veshny” in Egorievsk week Schwalbenankunft “

May 9, 2022 – Victory Day

You can see a description of our method of planting tomatoes in the greenhouse and a video of preparing holes and planting tomato seeds by clicking on the picture to the left.

May 13 (04/30/) – Yakov Apostol “Clear sunrise or warm evening and starry night – thunderstorm and warm summer crops”

May 16, 2022 07:14 MSK – Astronomical Full Moon (mid-lunar month, zodiac sign: until May 16, 2022 14:50 Moon in the sign of Scorpio, then in the sign of the Arrow).

The beginning of the full moon phase on May 15, 2022 11:05 MSC ± 5 minutes (the Sun illuminates more than 99% of the visible lunar surface), the end of the full moon phase on May 17, 2022 02:50 MSC ± 5 minutes (the Sun illuminates less than 99% of the visible lunar surface). The calculation was carried out on the basis of the selenometric model of the shape of the Moon.

Click on the picture to see the place of formation and to see a video of the stepgrass (stepgrasses are just one of your formation processes, which is necessary for many varieties).

May 27 (May 14 Old Style) – Sidor Gurkeh. From this day, Lenya cucumbers are sown. “When Sidor is cold, all summer will be cold.”

The beginning of the new moon phase on May 29, 2022 13:40 Moscow time ± 5 min (the Sun illuminates less than 1% of the visible Moon surface), the end of the new moon phase on May 31, 2022 15:00 Moscow time ± 5 min (the Sun illuminates more than 1% of the visible Moon surface according to the selenometric model of the Moon shape). Lunar Calendar of Iconoclast Gertner for June 2022 Continued Table: Lunar Calendar of Iconoclast Gertner for June 2022

Excavator EO-3323A - description and properties

The Lunar Calendar Table for Gardeners and Gardeners for May 2022 was completed on April 15, 2022.

Friends! The lunar calendar for 2022 is now being worked on. We are trying to arrange it so that it will be more convenient to plan seasonal work at the cottage. Our calendar takes into account the phases of the Moon, its position in the zodiac signs and the work is distributed on the cheapest days. Now we can take your comments into account. Please contact the forum with suggestions

Feedback from the forum:

Lunar Calendar 2022. Have been using your vegetable garden calendar since last spring, but I don’t have internet in the Dacha. It would be great to be able to download the calendar.

Download “Lunar Gardener-Gardener’s Calendar for May 2022” Word, Exel, PDF:

* In order to determine the local time of a lunar calendar event in Kaliningrad, you need to subtract in Samar e-1 hour: +1 hour; in Yekaterinburg and Perm: +2; Novosibirsk: +3, Krasnoyarsk: +4 hour. In Vladivostok: +7, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: +9 hours.

** In the calendar table on the sides of the lunar calendar in the column and describe the work with plants.

The “Lunar Garden Icon Calendar for May 2022” will be completed by May 1, 2022.

Lunar sowing calendar for May 2022 for the gardener, vegetable grower and florist

Favorable days for sowing, caring for plants, fertilizing, and doing work on the plot you’ll find in the May lunar from lunar calendar for the gardener and gardener.

Planting calendar for May 2022

Moon Phases for May 2022

The moon is the only natural satellite of our planet. In 28 days it will make a complete revolution around the Earth. Either it approaches it and then withdraws. And depending on its retreat and phases, its impact on living organisms on Earth changes.

Moon's influence on plants

Neumonde or the first lunar day. Unfavorable time to manipulate plants. The second and twentieth lunar day have the same properties. That is the day before the new moon and the day after.

What are the benefits of white grapes

The moon is rising. The thin sickle of the moon increases, attracting energy. As a result, sap movement from the root system to the above-ground part improves. This is the most fertile time to plant plants that we need the “tops” from. Greens, vegetables, fruits, flowering plants and ornamental shrubs. The calendar suggests that all manipulation, planting and transplanting, hedges and cuttings can be done.

Full Moon. No planting or transplanting is allowed on this day. It is better to treat for weeds, treat for pests and diseases. Optimal time to fertilize, as root activity begins after the new moon.

Moon cheats. This is the time when all the energy and juices rush to the roots. Which, filled with energy, are actively growing and absorbing nutrient solutions from the ground. This is the optimal time for planting, transplanting and all manipulations with tubers, bulbs and root crops.

Regards! It is better not to manipulate plants, sow or plant during the new and full moons, because the root system’s survival rate is reduced.

Influence of zodiac signs on plants

The moon from the moon of gardeners, gardeners and flower growers for May 2022 takes into account two main factors affecting the development of plants: the position of the moon in the signs of the zodiac and the phase of the moon (growth/reduction). The signs of the zodiac have a greater influence than the phase of the Moon. Therefore, under the fertile signs of Scorpio, Fish, Bull, Cancer you can safely plant almost all plants, but under the relentless Aquarius Leo Aries it is not recommended to plant something on a rising Moon or on a waning Moon.

The cheapest days for planting rhizomatous plants are when the waning Moon is under the fertile sign of the zodiac, and for plants growing above ground – when the rising Moon passes under the fertile signs.

May 2022 – Gardener’s, Gardener’s and Florist’s Calendar

Planting Calendars for May 2022


What is grapevine clematis.

1️⃣ In May, working heights in the open ground. Plants, peas, seeds, crova, beets, radishes, trough, carrots, parsley, dill, radishes as soon as possible. Heat-loving crops (cucumber, beans, beets, zucchini) are planted at the end of the month. 2️⃣ This is the time to plant seedlings in a permanent place, but under temporary film housing. Cauliflower seedlings at the phase of 5 – 6 true leaves (40 – 45 days) can be planted in a heated greenhouse or hothouse. 3️⃣ Planting of early potatoes should be completed by May 1 – 5. 4️⃣ In the fruit and ornamental garden, finish planting young plants, pruning and grafting (preferably before buds bloom).

Calendar for each day in May 2022

♉ Taurus is a highly productive, prolific zodiac sign (root days) The Lunar Outer Calendar recommends:

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