Maschinenmakita power source: description, characteristics and rules of use

Features of Makita electric saws

Features of Makita electric saws

Makita is a Japanese company with a century of experience in the production of professional tools for repair and construction works. Drills, rotary hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches, chain saws and laser devices are produced under the Makita brand. The equipment runs on electricity, gasoline and battery power. There are more than 350 types of tools and more than 4,500 accessories.

brand features

Makita Corporation products come in thousands of items of all kinds of construction and repair equipment. Each of them has a wide model range, which is in well-tested demand among consumers around the world.

The equipment, produced by Japanese brand Makita is of impeccable quality, functionality, efficiency and comfort. Japanese specialists have established this production in Germany and China, and then opened plants around the world.

Makita devices are characterized by high performance and excellent operating characteristics. They are productive and very efficient.

The electric chainsaw produced under the Makita brand is particularly popular. It is valued for its reliability, affordable cost and quality performance. The design of the electric saw is such that it is convenient to change the spare parts yourself, without going to the service center. And all accessories for working with this tool are always freely available.

features and device

Electric chainsaws – a good replacement for gasoline-powered devices. They are characterized by quieter operation, the absence of harmful exhaust gases and ease of operation, the low temperatures that paralyze the work of gasoline counterparts, do not affect the effectiveness of electric saws.

The powerful motor is made in the frame of the electric saw body. It is attached through a gearbox to the bar, on which the chain is stretched. The motor can be located longitudinally along the body or transversely. There are also buttons on the body for starting and locking. There is also a screw there that secures and adjusts the chain tension.

In front of the front handle, the saw is equipped with a safety shield. It serves as a hand brake for the chain – in case it gets twisted or breaks, it prevents damage to the hand holding the tool.

Another important component in the design of the device is an oil reservoir with a pump that lubricates all parts of the grinder. The lubrication system prevents premature wear of the parts of the power saw. However, when replacing the gear and armature, you have to change the working components of the tool.

advantages and disadvantages

The company Makita does not fall from the leading positions, largely due to its quality products. Electric saws of this brand have a number of essential features that both professionals and amateurs will appreciate:

  • low weight and dimensions;
  • stability of traction characteristics;
  • operation at minus temperatures;
  • Reduced noise level with minimal vibration;
  • Ergonomic handle design;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Available repair.

From the minuses, judging by the reviews, it is worth noting:

  • Some models consume a lot of oil;
  • Oil leakage in non-functioning state;
  • Insufficient length of the mains cable.

However, all of these shortcomings can be easily remedied by using an extension cable, freeing the housing from oily traces and using waste oil to save money.

What are the types?

When machining metal or wood surfaces, there is often a need for an even cut to a certain degree. An ordinary sander without some experience and skill will not cope with this task. It is better to use a metal separating saw for such purposes.

This electric tool consists of a motor, a cutting disc, a frame with screw clamps for the workpiece to be cut, a swivel joint (for adjusting the disc) and a protective cover.

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In the production of metal structures it is necessary to cut blanks of a certain size. For example, steel angles, profile pipes, etc. Angle grinder masterfully copes with this work, but it is not suitable for a perfectly vertical cut (especially if you need to make several dozen such cuts). In this case, the assembly saw is an indispensable tool.

Mounting saws (pendulum saws) are a small-sized mobile machine for cutting metal products at any angle. This is a popular type of tool, which is often used in construction and for repair manipulations. Characterized by mobility and simplified device. The pendulum mechanism creates only rectangular cuts without changing the degree. For the convenience of work in the design of such tools uses a belt drive, with which you can work smoothly and evenly.

A pendulum saw with an electric motor for metalworking is almost no different from a similar tool for wood. The only difference is the type of wheel used.

There are many different opinions and facts about the transverse and longitudinal arrangement of the motor. But both types of chainsaws demonstrate efficiency in operation. However, there are some nuances to consider when choosing. First of all, you need to focus on the purpose for which the saw will be used. For tile cutting, you need a diamond saw. A compact narrow petrol saw with a longitudinal motor is more suitable for cutting branches of trees and bushes, especially if you are sitting in a tree. It is maneuverable and is designed to work in any angle and at any level. It’s a perfectly balanced tool that doesn’t “lead” sideways while working. But it does sometimes tip to the side with a slight jerk when starting.

It’s worth looking for a tool with a soft start system.

For sawing tree trunks, it is better to use a saw with a transverse motor. Any combined model will do. It is not as compact, but it is much more powerful, reliable and cheaper than a similar tool with a motor located in the longitudinal direction. Productive operation of the tool with minimum back load due to its low weight is the undoubted advantage of free sawing of massive assembly workpieces. Despite the offset balance, this type of saw has better speed and performance.

Model evaluation

The Japanese brand allows you to choose the best and most suitable, including a variety of electric chainsaws. They are divided into professional and household tools. Below is a small list of models with good reviews. They have the most clear design and controls, making them most suitable for private use.


The model of Romanian assembling. Designed for residential use.


  • Electric drive – 2 kW;
  • Cutting unit – 40 pcs;
  • weight – 5.6 kg;
  • comfortable grip;
  • Extended-life oil pump that automates the lubrication process of the system;
  • longitudinal fire machine and perfect balancing;
  • safety of operation in humid environment due to increased insulation of conductive nodes.

The device is used in the construction of various wooden structures with sawing logs, chopping firewood.


Power tool with power of 1,8 kW with 40 Lcode bar and weight of 4,5 kg.

Characterized by:

  • Easy self-tensioning of chain;
  • comfortable grip;
  • High quality assembly.

The large pitch couplings allow the saw to be used in construction or domestic applications. Due to its low weight, it is convenient to use it with electric saws when performing high jobs. In reviews, users complain only about a small disadvantage of the tool – generous smear consumption.


The 2 kW electric saw weighs 4.4 kg and has a bar length of forty-four. It is assembled in Romania. A quality cut is provided by the large pitch in the chain. Feedback from owners note the quality of wood sawing and the process of work itself.

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This is due to several parameters:

  • high performance in a modest size;
  • automatic shutdown in case of a sharp bite in the chain;
  • Strong knots that withstand metal;
  • High-speed brake will stop the chain in seconds;
  • Reduced performance when mains voltage is unstable.

To prevent oil overspending, the right consistency must be chosen. Grease that is too thin will use up faster, and overly thick will cause difficulty in operation.


Standard model with 1.8 kW, weight of 4.4 kg, typical width of 40 inches. With this tool it is easy to handle wood in large quantities (even logs with a section of 40 cm).

Characterized by:

  • low weight;
  • high productivity;
  • economical oil consumption;
  • Convenient chain tensioning.

There are rave reviews about this electric saw model. The design and characteristics give no reason to criticize the tool for quality and performance.

Additional tools

All the accessories necessary to ensure the high performance of Makita electric saws are available for sale. The manufacturer has made sure that tool guards, tank covers, clutch cups, plastic wedges, bars, bar chains from 16 to 74 cm and files for quality chain sharpening are available.

Special gear lubricants, silicone pastes and engine oil are available to ensure smooth running and high sawing performance. With mounting tools and fuel and oil canisters, chainsaw kits, depth gauges, radial rings and guides, spark plugs and filters, and operation is easy.

Owner’s Manual

In order to use your electric saw safely, you need to follow the recommendations in the appliance manual. The rules of operation are usually not complex requirements and precautions.

  • Use the saw intermittently. If the tool heats up, it is time to avoid overheating and breakouts.
  • The tool should be chosen consciously, depending on the purpose for which it is purchased. Do not use the saw inappropriately. For example, weak models are not designed for sawing forest plantations.
  • The chain is also selected for certain jobs. A wide pitch makes for a faster cut, but it also increases oil consumption and energy costs. A smaller pitch slows down the process, but makes it more economical.

Choose a chain with a wide chainring for cutting medium-density wet wood, and you can do with a small chainring for drying firewood and trimming branches.

  • If the model is not moisture-proof, it is not recommended to work during rain and foggy weather.
  • Before you start work, check the integrity of the blade, the quality of the chain tension and the reaction of the brake.
  • Work with the saw in a stable position and hold the tool with both hands.
  • Not all models have a chain that automatically locks when a button is pressed. When the wood saw comes to a complete stop, it must be put away.
  • It is not advisable to use the saw above shoulder height while it is in operation.

  • For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to keep the device with existing cable damage.
  • It is necessary to control the location of the cable and not to overlap it with a functioning blade.
  • It is important to use high quality cables. Modern high-performance devices can cause old wiring to catch fire.
  • Over time, oil needs to be changed and worn parts need to be replaced.
  • Proper installation of replacement parts in their places is also important. Replacement can be done on your own. It’s also easy to fill the oil tank, tension or remove the chain.

Care of the tool

The power saw requires a certain amount of care, just like any electrical device. After finishing work and before long-term storage, the unit should be cleaned of sawdust, oil residue should be drained, the chain for subsequent sharpening, and the bar should be cleaned of dust and dirt for easy cleaning of the inside cavity.

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With frequent use, all functioning elements should be checked regularly for possible wear and damage, so that the stock and stars can be lubricated from time to time.

The condition of the carbon brushes should be checked regularly. This is necessary to maintain maximum traction in the saw’s electrical circuit. Each brush has a special notch indicating the extinguishing limit.

It is important to consider the brittleness of the carbon brushes to avoid damaging them during review or replacement.

Makita Makita power saw: Checking out the high and popular power tool + customer reviews


Electric saws of the Japanese brand Makita are characterized by high quality build, functionality and high performance.

They are popular with beginners, amateurs and professional builders.

They are suitable for a large volume of sawing: cutting firewood, logging of wooden structures and buildings, carpentry and construction work.

In order to choose the optimal electric saw, it is enough to learn about the main parameters affecting the performance and practicality of the devices.

How to choose and what to look for?

Masters recommends you consider the following parameters when choosing a Makita electric saw:

  • power – for sawing thick logs you need a saw of 2 kW or more, for simpler tasks a saw of 1.5-2 kW is enough, models up to 1.5 kW are used for sawing small parts and are used for pruning branches.
  • bar length – determines the depth of cut, is 30-40 cm;
  • chain rotation speed – the higher the index, the less time it takes to cut the material;
  • Power of the tool – the brand line includes tools with corded and battery-powered power;
  • Safety – the inertia brake stops the chain immediately after pressing the button, anti-vibration system reduces the load on the hands and increases the safety of the equipment.


Top 10 Best Models

location Name Price
Top 7 best chainsaws Makita
1 Makita UC4051AX1 10 000₽
2 Makita UC4050A 11 000₽
3 Makita UC4551A 11 000₽
4 Makita UC3541A 7 000₽
5 Makita UC4041A 7 000₽
6 Makita UC3041A 7 000₽
7 Makita UC4051A 10 000₽
Top 3 best cordless chainsaws from Makita
1 Makita DUC353Z 15 000₽
2 Makita DUC302Z 14 000₽
3 Makita DUC252Z 9 000₽

The best Makita chainsaws

Power saws from Makita are suitable for large amounts of work. They are equipped with long bars made of high-quality metal. Thanks to their simple design and operation, they can also be used by beginners. Based on the rating, you can find out which saw is best for chopping firewood, building wooden buildings, and grounds maintenance.

Makita UC4051AX1


A chainsaw with an ergonomic design weighing 5.6 kg. The body is made of durable plastic that is resistant to mechanical damage.

It is fitted with a 200 ml oil tank, a 2 kW engine and a 40 cm bar.

The chain rotates at 2900 rpm.

Automatic chain lubrication, side tensioning and chain brake, as well as a lock to prevent accidental activation make it safe to work with the device. Kit includes two chains, a wrench, a bar, and a tight case.

Features :

  • power – 2000 watts;
  • the length of the bar – 40 cm
  • Power cord length – 0,3 m;
  • Dimensions: 24,5x20x45,5 cm;
  • Weight – 5.6 kg.


  • Performance;
  • build quality;;
  • direct drive;
  • Ergonomics;
  • easy removal of the chain.


  • The color peels off quickly.
  • Tools for sharpening the chain are not included.

Makita UC4050A


The device is powered, so the range of use is determined by the length of the power cord. The saw has high performance, is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for long-term work.

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The ergonomic shape of the handle and the anti-vibration system make it easy to use.

The saw is equipped with a 2 kW motor and is therefore suitable for sawing thick logs and felling trees. The chain is lubricated automatically.

Thanks to the intelligent control system, the tool is easy to use. No tools are required to tension the chain.

Features :

  • power – 2000 watts;
  • the length of the bar – 40 cm
  • Oil tank – 0,2 l;
  • Dimensions: 24,5x20x45,5 cm;
  • Weight – 5.6 kg.


  • Power;
  • fairly long tire;
  • proven brand;
  • reliable engine;
  • no gasoline required.


  • loud noise;
  • extension cord required.

Makita UC4551A


Reliable and durable electric saw with a durable 2 kW motor and a 5 m power cord. Shows high performance in wood harvesting, carpentry and construction work.

Equipped with comfortable rubberized handles and anti-vibration, which makes it easy to work.

Automatic chain lubrication is a guarantee of long service life. No tool is required to tension the chain.

The model is equipped with a large trigger switch and a lock against mistaken operation, so it is also suitable for beginners.

Features :

  • power – 2000 watts;
  • Busbar length – 45 cm;
  • Oil tank – 0,2 l;
  • Clean cable length – 5 m;
  • Weight – 5.6 kg.


  • low consumable costs;
  • Power;
  • Versatility;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Ease of use.


  • The chain scratches the plastic cover when flying;
  • Heavy weight.

Makita UC3541A


An ideal device for gardening. Equipped with a 1.8 kW motor for high cutting speeds. Thanks to the clever design, you can work with the saw for a long time.

The rubberized handles provide a comfortable grip on the saw. You can tension or change the chain without tools.

The chain is lubricated automatically. The amount of oil is determined electronically. An advertisement is provided to monitor the oil level, which prevents damage to the device.

Features :

  • Performance – 1800 watts;
  • Length of the bar – 35 cm;
  • Oil tank – 0,2 l;
  • Dimensions – 455 x 200 x 245 mm;
  • Weight – 4.7 kg.


  • bright
  • almost no noise;
  • reasonable price;
  • high performance.


  • Have to constantly keep an eye on the chain to keep it from stretching.
  • Jamming in the chain.

Makita UC4041A


The device with a reliable 1.8 kW motor is ideal for work on the construction site. It takes a minimum of time to cut wood, so you can make a lot of wood for the winter.

The powerful motor provides high torque.

The advantages of this model include easy chain tensioning and disassembly without auxiliary means and an automatic chain oiling system.

Ergonomics are guaranteed by the well-thought-out design, comfortable handles, minimal vibration, soft start and brakes.

Features :

  • Performance – 1800 watts;
  • the length of the bar – 40 cm
  • Power cord length – 0,3 m;
  • Dimensions – 455 x 200 x 245 mm;
  • Weight – 4.7 kg.


  • Medium weight;
  • High-quality plastic;
  • budget consumables;
  • minimal vibration;
  • fast cutting.


  • low-quality metal in the drive chain wheel;
  • short cable.

Makita UC3041A


High-quality device for quickly sawing large amounts of wood, for creating wooden spears for bathrooms and other buildings, as well as for trimming branches and various carpentry work.

The powerful 1.8 kW motor provides the performance of the model.

The saw is equipped with a chain tensioning device, so no special tools are required to change the chain. Automatic chain lubrication extends chain life.

Handle with rubber pads prevents the saw from slipping out of your hands and makes it optimal for long-lasting use.

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Features :

  • Performance – 1800 watts;
  • Length of bar – 30 cm;
  • Power cord length – 0,3 m;
  • Dimensions – 455 x 200 x 245 mm;
  • Weight – 4.7 kg.


  • Medium weight;
  • Automatic oil dispenser;
  • Easy chain tensioning;
  • Suitable for gardening and carpentry work.


  • Short cord;
  • Small manufacturer’s warranty.

Makita UC4051A


Powerful electric saw for cutting wood of different density. Can be used on private property and on the construction site.

With your help, you can quickly cut a large amount of firewood, make blanks for construction or reduce wooden construction.

The model is equipped with a 2-kW motor that provides high torque. The body consists of mechanical impacts made of steel.

No tools are required for tensioning and changing the chain. There is an emergency stop for the chain and motor.

Features :

  • Power – 200 W;
  • the length of the bar – 40 cm
  • Clean cable length – 5 m;
  • Weight – 5.6 kg.


  • Practically no noise;
  • comfortable grip;
  • Housing of durable steel;
  • Long cable.


  • Weak chain tensioner;
  • Small manufacturer’s warranty.

The best Makita cordless paste

Electric-powered ramps are indispensable if the work area is far from the power outlet. Such models are especially convenient for the elderly, who find it difficult to work with chain saws because of their heavy weight. With the help of Makita cordless saws, you can remove an area in a short time and make firewood. The rating is based on owners’ evaluations and will help with choosing the right option.

Makita DUC353Z


Compact saw with a weight of 4.7 kg will be a great helper for carpentry and garden work. The model is suitable for small diameter firewood trunks, clearing the area of trees and pruning branches.

Powerful motor provides high working speed.

The chain rotates at 20 meters per second. The saw is powered by a large 36-volt battery. Safety in use is ensured by the accidental start-up lock and the emergency brake.

Vibration is minimal, so your hands don’t get tired. Ergonomic tank handles provide comfortable operation.

Features :

  • Length of the bar – 35 cm;
  • Battery voltage – 36 V;
  • Weight 5.2 kg.


  • Convenient to work with one hand;
  • High-speed saw;
  • Brushed motor;
  • High quality assembly.


  • Continues during transportation;
  • The case greatly increases the size of the tool.

Makita DUC302Z


A practical and handy saw for long work in the garden and workshop. It measures 27 × 21.5 × 41.5 cm and weighs only 4.1 kg.

It has a 46 link chain with 9.3 mm pitch and a maximum speed of 8.3 m/s.

No tools are required to tension the chain and lubrication is automatic.

There is an accidental start lock. Oil tank holds 85ml.

The model runs on a battery with a voltage of 18 V.

The operation of the device is provided by a motor braking system.

Features :

  • Length of bar – 30 cm;
  • Battery voltage 18 V;
  • Capacity for oil – 85 ml;
  • Dimensions 27 × 21,5 × 41,5 cm;
  • Weight – 4,1 kg.


  • Power;
  • long battery life;
  • sturdy construction;
  • comfortable handle.


  • Oil leakage during transport;
  • Not suitable for sawing massive protocols.

Makita DUC252Z


With this device you can make a large amount of firewood from small diameter protocols, tidy up the site and perform various carpentry works.

The saw is environmentally friendly, reliable and durable. It is equipped with a 15 cm long bar.

Powered by a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery pack with a voltage of 28 V.

The tank contains 85 ml of oil.

No tools required for chain tensioning and changing. Powerful motor provides high efficiency.

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