Maneuvered cultivator Kama-7 by Patriot. Technical characteristics, functionality, consumer reviews

Motoblock Patriot Kama 7. Features of the application, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Patriot Kama 7 is designed to perform soil processing and other agricultural work. The advantage of the model is the presence of a gasoline engine with a capacity of 7 hp. However, the weight of the unit is only 64 kg, which its transport light is sufficient.

Motoblock Patriot Kama 7

The four-stroke engine is cooled by air, so you can save on the maintenance of the cooling system. The modern engine is efficient as it consumes an average of up to 1 liter per hour. The start is carried out in manual mode.

Motoblock Patriot Kama 7

The classic range of all technical characteristics was reflected in the Patriot of Kama. The gearbox has 2 front speeds and 1 rear. In the kit supplies strudel, which provide a width of up to 85 cm. Protective wings protecting the lands flying out of the clumps.

Technical characteristics

engine patriot
The number of engine cylinders A cylinder
engine type Petrol, 4 stroke
Engine volume, cubic meters. 198
begin Manual
engine power, L.S. 7
engine power, Tue. 5100
Fuel tank capacity, l. 3,6
type of gearbox Chain
type of liability Belt
number of speeds 2 forward/1 before 1
Processing latitude, see up to 85
Grinding mill diameter, see. 30
Processing depth, see 24
steering column adjustable
The capacity of the engine crankcase, l. 0.6-0.8
weight (kg. 64.1
country of origin* China

usage characteristics

A detailed description of all the functions of startup, operation and maintenance can be found in the instructions for the link

An important factor in the further work of the Wal k-Behaviou r-Patrio t-Katrio t-Kama is the conduct of the run before the first use. As a rule, the entire period of the runner lasts no more than 8-10 hours. However, at this stage it is necessary to carefully inspect the device for leaks or possible malfunctions.

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Overview of the model area of ​​the Walk behavio r-Tractorpflugman. Features, reviews

In order to extend the life of your gasoline walkabout Patriot Kama 7, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Therefore, hypoid oil should be used for the gearbox and expert SAE 10W-40 or specific SAE 5W-30 oil should be used for the Supreme HD SAE30 engine.

Before and after work it is necessary to clean the fuel filter and tighten all bolted connections.

After completing field work, the tractor must be cleaned for a walk, lubricated with lubricant to prevent corrosion, drained fuel, covered and stored in a dry place.

Video assessment of work

Below are video reviews of the Patriot Motoboblock, where cultivation is clearly demonstrated

Reviews of the owners

Many owners note in their reviews that the motoblock does not lack weight. Therefore we need to buy weight elements.


The modest and small machine has become an excellent assistant on our website. I have such a force, the Motoblock Patriot Kama is clearly not enough weight, so I had to buy soil in the area and weighting. It has been in operation for a year, but nothing is broken. We only spend on consumables during the planned maintenance. The consumption is slightly higher than in the instructions.

Maneuvered cultivator Kama-7 by Patriot. Technical characteristics, functionality, consumer reviews

Recommend: 50%


Technical parameters of the model

Patriot Kama-7-Zelongs to the class of light motlocks with a petrol four-stroke engine.

It is a modification of the Patriot Kama walk.

Technical indicators, the weight and the type of engine for Kama and Kama-7 are identical, the difference is only in the tank volume with gear oil (in the CHAP the refueling volume is 1, 45 liters for Kama-7-1 4 l). Engine power – 7 hp.

The engine volume in two modifications is the same – 208 cm3. Start the motor manual, cool – air.

The weight of both modifications to the Walk behavio r-patrio t-Kama is 65 kg.

Motoblock ant. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

The depth of soil processing with installed 6 mills is 30 cm, the width of 85 cm.

The main purpose of Patriot Kama-7 Patriot Patriot Kama-7 is the cultivation of land plots.

The device is not used for industrial purposes, but only for household purposes.

Fuel consumption per hour with the active operation of the unit – 0.75 l/hour, with a nominal tank capacity of 3.6 liters.

The number of speeds 3: two front gears, one back.


Engine power 7 PS
The width of recording 85 cm
transmission Chain
speed 2 forward /1 before 1
The diameter of the grinding cutter 30 cm
The weight 64.1 kg


  1. Instructions for use;
  2. a set steel mill;
  3. Soshnik;
  4. Block from a voucher;
  5. right, left wing;
  6. Candle key;
  7. two pneumatic bikes;
  8. Front support wheel;
  9. Motoblock, packed in a box.

Advantages and functions

The remarkable characteristics that emphasize the Patriot Kama-7 under analogue include:

  • rear speed;
  • Turning the control handle to the pages;
  • Steering wheel adjustment for the growth of the operator;
  • Gas lever, switch and clutch lever are placed directly on the steering wheel.
  • Factory engine, powerful, with a high torque;
  • reinforced strong mills;
  • the presence of a drainage bolt;
  • Protective wing, thanks to which you may not be afraid that dirt will fly out during work during operation;
  • Economic consumption of petrol.

Technical service

Use for your walk tractor with high oils and lubricant s-Damit extend the lifespan of the engine and the gear.

The manufacturer Patriot recommends the use of petrol petro l-ai 95 or 92 for all petrol engine and breeders as a fuel.

Oil must be chosen of high quality, preferably the production of Patriot or similar in composition of the brands HD SAE30, SAE 10W-40, SAE 5W-30.

Use the Hypoid Patriot from the oil gear or another from the same class for a gear.

4x 4x stubble sem i-synthesi s-specific oil 4x emphasized sem i-synthetic expert 4x clock mineral upper transmission oil hypoid

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Data and rules of technical inspections for petro l-block Patriot:

  1. Run in 5 mothers after Öler set;
  2. Every 25 hours – clean the spark plugs out of the ground;
  3. Express every season – drive belt;
  4. Every 50 hours – a complete exchange of gears and engine oil;
  5. When installing a walk for storage and with its longer inactivity, let the oil and fuel out of the tanks.
  6. Do not have any dirt on the knives, cylinder ribs and the outer part of the engine and on the starter grille.
  7. Clean the above parts of the han d-led tractor with a wide brush with bristles or a compressed air cylinder.
  8. Change the oil filter every 10-50 hours (the time of the change depends on the dust concentration in the air during operation and gasoline quality).

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Patriot Kama-7 received many positive feedback in the forums.

Owners notice its functionality, versatility when working with additional attachments and performance.

Sometimes the device does not have enough weight for the processing of complex soils, but this is a small minus that can easily be remedied by adding weights.

Dmitry, Kazakhstan: “I chose the Russian han d-led tractor because foreign devices are more expensive. To be honest, I had no great hopes for the patriots, I heard a lot of him, but until I was convinced myself, everything was not okay. Tested and given my father for working in the garden. I can conclude that Kama-7 is really worth the money paid for it. And although it is modest and compact on the outside, it actually turned out to be very powerful and clever. All maintenance is carried out by the father, but so far he has not said that something is broken.

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