Makita UC3520A chainsaw: description, specifications and rules of operation

Makita UC3520A chainsaw: review, characteristics and reviews

Electric saws are not yet very popular both in the professional sphere, and among ordinary cottagers, who regularly have to cut firewood. This is due to the obvious limitations in the operation of such models, although their advantages are highly appreciated. When modifying the Makita UC3520A, only the characteristic advantages of electric chainsaws were concentrated in the basic equipment. The model is not cheap for its segment – 7.5 thousand rubles, but the working qualities can justify such an acquisition.

Makita UC3520A

General information about the electric saw

The model is a full-fledged version of an electric chainsaw. At the background of other modifications of electric saws, it may seem large, but compared to gasoline models, the difference will not be so noticeable. At the same time, the weight of the device is not felt at all compared to conventional saws – only 4.4 kg. As practice shows, an experienced user can work with it even with one hand. But, of course, this is forbidden by safety regulations.

As for the other advantages of the Makita UC3520A electric saw, you can highlight the low noise level and the presence of safety systems. Japanese designers have provided the model with the necessary list of modern safety systems that protect the inner stuffing of the saw from overheating, as well as protect the operator from injury. However, here are the above-mentioned limitations for the operation of this model. Like all networked devices, this device is also dependent on a power outlet, which can be a problem for workers on a remote construction site and for the same cottager.

Makita UC3520A chain

Technical Specifications

The electric saw has average operating parameters. For its class, they organically complement each other, which makes the model versatile – of course, if you do not take into account the Makita UC3520A connection to the mains. In general, the main characteristics can be presented as follows:

  • Power of the electric motor – 1800 watts.
  • Power plant voltage – 220 V.
  • Length of the saw blade – 35 cm.
  • Chain pitch – 3/8 inch.
  • The width of the chain groove – 1.1 mm.
  • Number of cutting elements of a chain – 52 pieces.
  • Oil tank capacity – 200 ml.
  • Speed of rotation of a saw blade – 13 m/sec.
  • Weight – 4,4 kg.
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model features

The low weight became possible largely due to the compact engine, which at the same time demonstrates high performance for its class. To facilitate maintenance processes, the designers also used several systems with automatic lubrication. In particular, this applies to the gearboxes, which are considered the weakest link in the design of tool motors.

Makita UC3520A electric planer

The technological features include protection of the same motor against overheating and overload. This means that the system automatically shuts down the device when it reaches a critical temperature. The Makita UC3520A chain also has its own features, which can be replaced without the use of special tools. Both the replacement and the setting of the bar is done manually by simple manipulation. For the chain, there is an external star – with its help you can quickly tension and remove the saw chain. The motor inertia brake deserves special attention. It provides an instantaneous stop of the chain and disconnects the saw from the power supply. According to the manufacturer, it stops in 0.1 second.

Maintenance considerations

Carrying out preventive measures should be continued only after the electric motor mains are disconnected. Next, you can clean the outer surfaces of the structure. Cleaning the chain for the Makita UC3520A should be carried out both before operation and after a work session, but no drastic changes can be made to its design.

Makita UC3520A price

If necessary, you can replace consumables. These include extensions, carbon braces, chain elements and insulating coating parts. Don’t forget to lubricate the Makita UC3520A. The instructions specify that the oil level can be checked by a special technological window, and it is better to lubricate the mechanical elements with a syringe-mile. With the storage of the saw bar and the regulating power station you have to handle yourself.

positive feedback

The model in many experienced users evokes initial confidence, because the Japanese manufacturer is associated with the quality of the element base. And disappointed reviews regarding the reliability and endurance of the design almost never occur. The owners of the unit also contribute to the ergonomic advantages. Here you can note the comfortable handle and the low weight of the saw as a whole, as well as the ease of adjusting manipulation. In particular, the Makita UC3520A is praised for its convenient chain disassembly mechanism and its independent tensioning. In this respect, the manufacturer follows the latest design solutions in the class of electric chainsaws.

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Makita UC3520A reviews

Negative reviews

There are not many negative impressions when working with this saw, but they also have their place. Perhaps the most common criticism refers to the oil tank. There are complaints that the technical liquid slips right under the lid when watering. Other users point to the presence of drips during operation or after a session is over. In addition, the criticism is not so much directed at the lack of narrow and poor lubrication of the Makita UC3520A chain. Checks are not so critical with regard to small constrictions, because, unfortunately, this is also a common mistake, even in models from major manufacturers. Especially often such flaws are found in gasoline units.

Comparison with competitors

Quite close in price and brand level to the Makita model is the development of the German designers Bosch – AKE 40 seconds. The power potential of this version is similar to 1800 watts, but the length of the bar is 40 cm, which increases the working area of possibilities. In addition, the weight of this saw is 4.1 kg, which is 300 grams less than the weight of its Japanese counterpart. However, the chain rotation speed in this case is about 13 m/s, lower – 9 m/s.

If you add another 1-1.5 thousand to the price of the Makita UC3520A, you can count on the purchase of a fairly productive semi-professional “horse” Hitachi CS35y. This is a saw with a 2000-watt motor and similar chain parameters – 35 cm long with 52 working elements. This time the weight is increased by almost 1 kg, but the chain rotation speed increases – up to 14,5 m/sec. Such a variant may be suitable for the builder who regularly performs typical, but simple tasks of sawing wooden building materials.

Makita UC3520A instruction manual


Once again, the Japanese company has shown an example of an organic combination of functionality, productivity and ergonomics. Therefore, your proposal can find its place both in the private sector, and, for example, in the inventory of a worker of public utilities. True, in both cases, it is important to assess the power of the Makita UC3520A saw before buying.

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The price of 7.5 thousand can be argued, as it is most likely in the segment of semi-professional devices of the lower level. At the same time, its capabilities correspond to the budget class. Nevertheless, the design quality, reliability and durability justify such a price. Even with the correction of some developers’ miscalculations – both in terms of the oil tank and chain lubrication. These shortcomings are compensated by the practical mechanisms of the saw blade span and the ergonomic design of the chain tensioner.

Makita UC3520A chainsaw

Makita UC3520A chain

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Keyless chain tensioning adjustment

Busbar length (custom)

Battery power

12 months

Oil tank 0.2 l
Keyless chain tensioning adjustment да
Gross weight 5.6 kilograms
Weight 3.5 kg
Bowden cable length 0.25 m
Busbar length (custom) 14
Battery power no
Engine location transverse
Vibration damping system no
Country of Origin Japan
Chain division 3/8 ”
Number of chain links 52 pcs.
Constant Speed Maintenance no
Soft start no
Specialist да
Manufacturer’s product codes 146925
Chain thickness 1.1 mm
Speed of chain 11.8 m/s
Tire lubrication unregistered
brushless motor no
Performance, W) 1800 W
Busbar length (cm) 35 cm
Tool sound Your browser does not support the audio element.
Instruction manual

The Makita UC3520A chain saw combines performance with a compact design for those who prefer the comfort of electric saws over gasoline-powered ones. The tool-less chain maintenance system, oil tank inspection window, chain brake system and inertia return brake, and good performance make this saw an indispensable helper, especially considering its attractive price.

Technical Specifications

  • Power output: 1800 watts
  • Saw length: 14″ (35 cm)
  • Chain division: 3/8 “
  • Saw blade width: 1.1 mm
  • Net Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Compact and powerful motor with high torque
  • Lubricated gears and sealed bearings
  • Sawmill overload protection
  • Tool-free sword and chain change and installation
  • Comfortable rubber grip in back
  • Ergonomically positioned front handle
  • Practical viewing window for checking oil level
  • Double insulation for operator safety
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If you’re primarily comfortable when choosing a saw, then it’s worth considering then buying the Makita UC3520A electric saw as an option. What is useful for the user is the fact that it first of all weighs little – only 4.4 kilograms. Of course, you can’t work with it with one hand, but that’s not recommended for safety reasons either. It also works quite quietly, so that even prolonged use does not cause special nagging. Amateurs and professionals choose Makita chainsaws for the power combined in them, a full set of safety features and a design that is virtually maintenance-free. Like all electric saws from this manufacturer, the prized Makita UC3520A has a saf e-t o-safe inertia system and stops the chain turning in a fraction of a second. The electronic chain brake also allows you to switch from one task to the next faster and work at maximum productivity.

The sawing process with the Makita UC3520A is simplified with a feature such as automatic chain lubrication. The capacious oil tank has a window to check the oil level to make sure it is optimal and that all the functioning parts of the saw are well lubricated. At the same time, the relative ease and ease of use of the Makita UC3520A does not compromise the quality of your business, as is often the case with electric saws from some other unscrupulous manufacturers. This model’s saw makes excellent cuts in hardwood without any hassle. For the user, this means that there is no fatigue when using the Makita UC3520A chainsaw, allowing you to get the job done for long periods of time. This saw is equipped with a 35-centimeter bar and an 1800-watt motor. It belongs to the class of medium saws and is one of the easiest to work with and most functional models of its class, of course.

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