Makita rbc 411u gasoline trimmer. Review, features, reviews

Makita RBC411U.

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Comment: It cuts the fishing line. (Taste). First native twisted, then “WESP” 2.4 mm. No difference, near bushes and cherry trees the round one is better. Sat for 3 hours with smoke breaks. Not because of any problems, just took my time). The poster is perfect! Impressions, twice as fast as Sparta. Listening like everyone else. Because of the power and convenience, the Cosba process is basically not stressful. I did not really feel the vibration. It seems to be there, but I do not feel it. The consumption is more than in Sparta. It is natural, but not fundamental. The housing is large and spacious. The grass flies, but Sparta flies much more. The weight with the utensils is not felt. Sparta with a belt felt heavier). Conclusion: I have paid 15 000 thou for everything (mower, reaper, oil, 10 liters of 92 gasoline). I want to order more glasses with the network. Who used it – is it worth it? First impressions – a very good choice. I evaluated for a long time, because Kosba me not enough))). P.S.S. Next week I will take page #2. With the knife. I will add when something goes wrong or if I forget. Questions – in person! The model is from 2013, not crucial because the new ones don’t use braids, carbon, titanium, etc either. This net is in the Makita catalog. You need to download the catalog. There are only new models on the site.

What seeds can be planted in August?

Spit out the details in the discussions. It did not fit here.

Advantages: the brand and the price.

Disadvantages: Maybe I’m not used to it yet, but the handles after the quiet seems uncomfortable.

Comment: Bought in the fall, stayed in the garage all winter until 05/07/19. In operation (no discomfort and unused handles) impressions are positive, powerful, such that you do not have to send them to TOG and have to mow everything at half throttle. Didn’t pay attention to the vibration. Overall, I like it. I recommend it.

Advantages: They are hard to find as the Japanese did not look for one.

Disadvantages: There are some defects

Comment: The scythe itself is very good, powerful, just like the stick and weighs comfortably on the shoulder, even its heavy weight is not felt. But there are some flaws. How can you take hold of the handle to turn it, and moreover, in all directions!!! What can you think about at this point! Even as a museum exhibit, not to put into words, I picked it up easily and the handle turned. When warmed up, it starts to stand and if it lies out of the carburetor (or wherever) it looks like oil. If you turn it, it leaks from the tank, but you can tolerate that (you’ll wear it straight and clean) or you can’t. What kind of Durimar?! I don’t think Babina Shtlevsky understands. The knife is competently made, but it is already expendable. And so she started with the second season on a hurrah.

Advantages: power. Having a competent knife D

La Virgin Lands. Enough adjustments to customize the grip. Comfort on startup. Slow speed setting. Availability of fuel tap.

Possibility to install gas at startup. Fuel rating of 1:25 oil on gasoline – longevity of engine.

Disadvantages: Extremely uncomfortable handle under the left hand when you are taller than 180 cm and shoulder size 54 or more. Group only through the handle. Can not say that it is not comfortable, rather unaccustomed.

Comment: extremely positive. I wish you complete happiness, take instead of the belt local hunger suspension. Instructions and specifications in Russian.

Detailed properties

General properties


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Gasoline engine, two-stroke, 2 horsepower. Engine location upper Engine brake upper Engine speed 10 000 Fuel tank 1,1 l

Makita rbc 411u gasoline trimmer. Review, features, reviews

Makita rbc 411u gasoline trimmer. Review, features, reviews

Trimmer gasoline makita rbc 411u. Overview, features, reviews

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Gasoline trimmer makita rbc 411u

The makita rbc 411u gasoline trimmer is a lightweight, portable tool for mowing grass, small shrubs and single young tree growth on medium-sized plots. It is a semi-professional device that is used for both personal use and for service programs and forestry. The Makita RBC 411U brushcutter is easy to operate, high performance and reliable.

The manufacturer of the Makita RBC 411U brushcutter is the Japanese Makita brand, which was founded by Mr. Masaburo Makita in 1915 of the last century. Back then, the company was repairing and manufacturing electric motors and generators, became popular and reached the international market. In the 1990s, the company became a problem and spread its offices and companies around the world.

Makita atomizer Makita atomizer Makita atomizer Makita atomizer Makita atomizer.
  • At the moment Makita brand makes more than 1000 items of various equipment, including electrical machines, hand-held electric and gas tools, garden tools. The company’s engineers develop and improve the production, introducing new technologies and expanding the range of application. But quality always remains the same!
  • Advantages of Makita RBC 411U power tillers:
  • Reliability.
  • Mobility.
  • Independence from a power source.
  • Great durability.
  • Professional technology.
  • Designed to handle medium to large areas.
  • Upgraded engine.
  • Environmentally friendly, reduced exhaust emissions.
  • Vibration damping system is built into the design.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Variety of cutting heads available.
  • Economical use with low fuel consumption.
Delicate cutting along fences, curbs.
  • There is a shrub shear function.
  • Disadvantages of Makita RBC 411u Makita:
  • Relatively large weight (7.3 kg).
  • Haste while working.
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The use of non-material substances.

The cost of a chainsaw.

 Nicholas, 33 years:


Makita RBC 411U trimmer

The weight of the petrol mower is 7.3 kg. Gasoline two-stroke engine is located in the upper part of the boom. Power output is 2 horsepower. The latest generation engine consumes fuel economically and produces fewer exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. The power unit is powered by a KIK starter, the ignition system is of contactless type. Heavy-duty, angular gearbox with cutterbar.

Starting the gasoline trimmer

The Makita gasoline trimmer is equipped with a vibration dampening system to make work easier, a comfortable shoulder strap distributes the load evenly and relieves operator fatigue during long hours of work.

The line is straight, inexhaustible, the wave is rigid, the bicycle handle – the entire construction is perfectly balanced. The mower is designed for ribbon grass, shrubs and young trees, the working elements are a blade or a scythe with a 2 mm line, hard drive is possible.

The cutting width is 40 cm and the height is manually adjustable. A lightweight, durable plastic blade guard is installed to protect the operator from grass debris and shavings. Features
Type of power petrol
Power, kW 1.47
Engine displacement, cu. 40
40.2 1,1
Choice width, cm 2.0
Volume of the upper part of the storm tank, L line thickness
Dimensions (L*W*H), cm 7,3


Weight (kg

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Every Makita chain saw, including the RBC 411U, comes with an owner’s manual that provides complete information about the tool:
  • Gasoline trimmer device.
  • The step-by-step assembly of the brushcutter (diagrams and descriptions are attached).
  • Table of properties of the selected model.
  • Safety requirements for operation and servicing.
  • Getting ready for the first start-up.
  • Instructions for the first start-up.
  • How to start the engine.

Servicing the brushcutter.

Problems with the petrol trimmer.

  1. The first start
  2. The following simple steps will help you properly prepare your trimmer for work:
  3. Assemble the tool.
  4. Reattach the shoulder strap.
  5. Tighten and secure the blade or dish.
  6. Attach the protective cover to the trimmer.
  7. Connect the high-voltage wire to the spark plug.
  8. Check the contact on the spark plug.
  9. Check that the fasteners are secure.
  10. Fill the fuel tank.
  11. Fill up with engine oil.
  12. Start the power unit.

Check if the blade operates correctly at idle and in working mode.

Check the operation of the mechanisms and controls.

If the trimmer is completely checked, start the engine.

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The work duration is 5 hours. During this time, the trimmer is used at half of the engine power in sparing mode. All parts are worked out. At the end of the operation period the engine oil (brand Sae10W-30 or semi-synthetic 2T) must be completely replaced.

  1. Maintenance
  2. Proper maintenance of the gasoline trimmer extends its service life and avoids frequent interventions. The Makita equipment manufacturer recommends the RBC 411U brushcutter.
  3. Engine oil change: Immediately after the current time and initially after 20 hours of operation every 50 hours thereafter.
  4. Replace the spark plug every 100 hours.
  5. Waiting and cleaning the air filter every 3 hours of operation.
  6. Clean the trimmer of dust, vegetation and oil stains after each operation.
  7. Lubrication of assemblies and mechanisms of the power tool.

Makita shoulder strap

Sharpening (replacement) of cutting elements used up every three hours.
  • Preparation for long-term storage.
  • Preservation of the trimmer includes the following actions:
  • Disconnect the wire from the spark plug;
  • Drain fuel and oil;
  • Clean the air filter;
  • Clean, wash and oil the gasoline cutter;

Remove the blade, lubricate the shaft, wrap the blade in oiled paper;

Take it out into a dry and ventilated place.

The main violations and methods of their elimination

  • Even with proper care, the trimmer can fail.
  • The engine won’t start, stands still, warms up:
  • There is no gasoline or it is of poor quality;
  • Oil level is below normal;
  • The carburetor settings have been lost;
  • The carburetor is clogged; R
  • Fuel lines are clogged with dirt;
  • No compression in cylinder;
  • R Fuel lines are clogged with dirt; No compression in the cylinder; R Fuel lines are clogged with dirt; Breakage in the fuel lines;
  • No contact in spark plug;
  • Incorrect ignition setting;
  • Fuel overflow;

spitting head

Kick starter is loose;

  • Magneto needs attention.
  • Engine won’t shut off:

Connector disconnected;

  • The electrical system has failed.
  • The trimmer vibrates heavily:
  • The blade is deformed;
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The blade is out of balance;

  • The blade is loose.
  • Grass cannot be seen:

Knife or disc is blunt;

  • The fishing line in the head has run out.
  • Knife does not rotate:
  • The vegetation has wrapped around the rotor;
  • The body is blocked;

Disk is broken;

  • Fixing screws are loose.
  • Rotor does not stop immediately:
  • Check throttle cable connection.

High idle speed;

Actuator damaged.

Video review

Review comparing the performance of the Makita 2 and 4 Tibu Motoko

Owners reviews

Nikita, 29 years old:

“Bought a Makita RBC411U gastropicker last year. Comfortable attachment strap, the weight is almost not felt, unusual top handle. Poses both grass and bushes. The engine is perpetual, starts with a half-turn, stroke adjustment is very smooth, fuel consumption is moderate. “

Sergey, 21 years old:

“Bought Makita two months ago, decided to choose not with a belt, but with a corset, mowed three times and got used to the tool, a little unfamiliar handles. At low speed works great, cuts both branches and bushes. “

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