Makita PLM 4620n Lawn Mower. Rating, features, reviews


Before you buy a Makita PLM4620 at the lowest price, check out the specifications, video ratings, advantages and disadvantages of the model, and customer reviews.

Makita PLM4620 video reviews

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Makita PLM4620 Specifications

General features *
Recommended mowing area 1200 sq.m.
Type mower
Grass catcher Yes, soft, capacity 60 l
Mowing width 46 cm
Mulch Yes
Installation option Mulching nozzle
Grass In the grass catcher box
Cutting height adjustment Yes, number of levels – 5
Cutting height 20-75 mm
Engine *
Engine type Gasoline, four-stroke
Working volume 190 cm3
Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine Speed 2800
performance 3.16 hp.
Design *
Wheel Material plastic
Number of bikes four-wheeled
Body material steel
Handle height adjustable folding handle
Additional information *
gear Grass catcher, disc/blade
Dimensions *
Weight 29,1 kg

* For exact specifications, please check with your dealer.

I’ve had it for one month. And so far I am satisfied with everything.

Switched to it after the standard electric mower ran out boldly for many. This is my first gasoline lawn mower. When I was choosing it, I read in the ratings that it was difficult. But then I remembered the words of one of my favorite characters, Boris Razor, “Weight is reliability” and bought it. And I want to say that not once have I regretted it! Although, once I took it off the market sharply. True, this car has a peculiarity, which is told only in bowels of the engine manual: it comes in the engine without oil at all. In general, from the word no drop at all. One has to water it by himself. So be careful! The mower is also quite quiet, it does not scream.

The lawn is 20*20m. The first mower of my own, before that I used it at a friend’s house. Impressions are very good. Do not compare it and the earth and heaven (not in favor of the E-X). Having gone through an operation with the partner (I do not remember the model, but the size is the same), Makita is more convenient to operate, it is lighter, somehow softer “that,” than the front, more developed. The handle angle is adjustable in three positions, depending on the height of the mower. There is an “idiotic” LED d-dot 1-2. Horse and cleanliness. When using the grass catcher, everything goes in the pocket, nothing is left on the lawn (with a partner when charging 1/2m – some of the grass is left on the lawn). I thought it was impractical to use. It turned out to be the opposite. In her opinion, the Makita grass box fills very well for the eyes. I don’t think it is included in the kit. The oil sacking gea is near the shaft to which the blade is attached at the filler neck. It determines the height of the cut (5 stocks, I think). The height becomes by shifting the lever near the right rear wheel l.). Scheme mowed 2 times (size 20*20 m) – not yet out of gasoline. Addition – experience – 2 seasons. Impressions of the network have not changed. After the winter (stored in an unheated shed) starts without any problems (from the second pull of the starter). Starts easily, the broad stands without assistance. After what I used, came to the opinion of the greater convenience of soft grass catcher bag (about durability I can not say). I recommend to buy!

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Before I had a Viking 443.0 lawnmower: There is a minus: Makita has a soft grass catcher box. The plastic in terms of washing was much easier. I have not found any essential differences.

Before that I mowed with electric mower Boshevskaya. And there were two main minuses: 1) 50% of the time I had to move the wire from place to place, which led to discomfort. 2) Electric mower is afraid of water. That’s why it was impossible to mow in the morning during the rope and after rain. With Makita – new life! Firstly, no wires! Second – unrestrained power! Thirdly, you can always mow – even if it rains – but there is a minus, because the heavy weight on a wet lawn can put the boom down. In terms of volume – not loud electric, your ears do not get tired. Weight – 34 kg! Keep in mind! A woman doesn’t particularly need it when you have to maneuver all the time. But I knew what it would do – I always mow myself – so I was satisfied. And I recommend it!

Definitely worth the money, mows perfectly and grinds the grass completely into dust – very handy feature. Some people say that the shaft breaks when chopping stones. I have no idea what size it should be so that small rocks don’t hurt. Why are cobblestones encountered? The height of the crabs is easy and quick to adjust. Over the years of mowing mowed reeds and such.

Bought recently, tried it out over the weekend, at the stated (recommended) volume of 12 acres for 5++. In lawn areas where there are small holes, and places and flat hills, braided, small holes are not even visible from the side (the illusion of a perfect lawn), on the hills because of the possibility when this lack of Terrain sets the height of mowing and maneuvering the wheels, it is unnoticeable. The main thing is not to run over the stones and not to forget to shake out the grass container, which is at the level of 15-20 cm. The grass is clogged with 5-7 meters. I am satisfied with the purchase.

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Makita PLM 4620n Lawn Mower. Rating, features, reviews

Makita PLM 4620N lawn mower-power mower is a semi-professional garden tool and is designed to handle small and medium-sized areas. It is effective both for mowing lawns and lawns, as well as for park areas and sports fields.

It can cover an area of about 12 acres in one cycle.

The manufacturer has worked hard to develop this model, making it ergonomic, compact and lightweight, while maintaining the high performance of the Makita PLM 4620N lawn mower.

Makita PLM 4620n lawn mower

The manufacturer of non-petrol lawn mower is a well-known brand from Japan Makita. The main specialization of the company – the production of professional and household electric and gasoline tools, as well as electric motors, generators and garden tools.

Makita chainsaw Makita Gasoline Mower Makita Gasoline Mower

Founded in 1915, Makita has been conquering international markets for over 100 years. Production bases and representative offices of Makita Group are scattered around the world: Asia, Europe, both Americas, Japan, Australia, etc.

The company is known to the global consumer as a reliable and quality manufacturer and strives to further improve and perfect its products.

Advantages of the Makita 4620 lawn mower
  • Simple operation.
  • Reasonable price with high quality of assembly and accessories.
  • Possibility to mow an area of up to 12 hectares at a time.
  • Adjustment of a mowing mode centrally.
  • Handles are rubber-coated, demountable and foldable.
  • The special design of the lawnmower allows to work on fences and curbs.


The Makita PLM 4620N gasoline lawnmower is a four-wheeled non-autonomous device powered by a four-stroke carburetor engine of the famous American brand Briggs and Stratton. Its power is 3.4 hp. The power unit is started with a manual starter. There is an automatic gas gas pedal. Protection against air overheating. Recommended type of fuel: gasoline AI-92 and higher. Lawn mower is equipped with an emergency stop of the engine.

For greater reliability, the manufacturer has equipped the Makita PLM 4620N lawn mower with a durable stainless steel housing with a metal thickness of 1.5 mm.

The special shape of the mower, the position of the wheels and the safety bar on the side of the device allow you to mow even along a fence.

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Makita gasoline lawnmower

The wheels on ball bearings are made of robust plastic. The front and rear wheels are different sizes, e.g. the rear wheel has a diameter of 20.3 cm and the front one 17 cm. Such design features are beneficial to the Makita lawnmower’s path of travel.

The ergonomic folding handle is rubberized and protects the operator from excessive vibration.

When transporting or storing the Makita lawnmower, the handle can be removed and folded away without taking up extra space. For collecting grass residue, a 60-litre grass catcher box is included. The grass catcher box itself consists of fabric with a plastic cover.

Storing and carrying a Makita lawn mower

The lawn is cut using 4CUT technology, the cutting height is adjustable in five positions (from two and a half to seven centimeters). The grass is collected in the grass catcher box or is mulched with a special plug and distributed on the lawn as a fertilizer.


Type of performance petrol
Power, kW 2,2
Engine capacity, cc 150
Cutting height, mm 25-70
Working width, mm 460
Grass box, l 60
Mowing area, sq.m. 1400
Weight (kg 27.6

Instruction manual

Each Makita brand lawnmower model includes an owner’s manual. This manual fully covers the following points:

  1. The design and assembly process of the Makita PLM 4620 lawn mower in diagrams and descriptions.
  2. Technical data of the selected model.
  3. Mowing safety recommendations.
  4. Prepare the lawn mower for the first start-up.
  5. Starting, turning on the engine.
  6. Maintenance of the PLM 4620n.
  7. Possible malfunctions.

We suggest you read the information that is disclosed in some of the above points.

First start up

Before starting the mower for the first time, it is necessary to properly prepare the machine for operation. To do this, you need to perform a number of basic steps:

  1. Fill the Makita lawnmower with high-quality gasoline (then fill up regularly before each start-up).
  2. Pour in high-quality engine oil 30, then check the oil level, bringing it up to the proper mark if necessary.


The break-in time is 5 hours. At this point the mower runs at half power, all moving parts are taken out and enter the furrows, the operator checks the operation of systems and controls.

At the end of the entry time, the engine oil is changed from used oil to fresh oil.

The engine, gearbox and other mechanisms are hardened for five hours, which increases the engine life of the entire unit.


The Makita PLM 4620n lawnmower is easy to use and unpretentious to wait on. Just perform the following steps in a timely manner and the unit will last a long time.

Maintenance of the lawnmower includes:
  1. Keeping the filter clean.
  2. Keep an eye on the sharpness and condition of the cutting elements (disc or blade).
  3. Check the power unit regularly, clean it of dirt, etc.
  4. Clean and wash the mower immediately after use.
  5. Change the spark plug every 100 hours of operation.
  6. Dissolve after insertion and change every 25 hours of operation.
  7. Properly prepare the mower for long-term storage.
Preserve the mower for long-term storage:
  • Disconnect the E/A cable from the spark plug.
  • Remove and fold the handle;
  • Drain fuel and oil;
  • Clean and wash the Makita lawnmower;
  • Lubricate the mechanisms;
  • Remove the cutting element and wrap in paper soaked in motor oil, put it away for storage.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

Let’s list the most common malfunctions inherent in Makita mowers.

Uneven patch of grass:

  • The grass is too high;
  • Incorrect mowing mode set;
  • The blade is blunt.

No mulching occurs:

  • Low engine speed;
  • Grass is not dry;
  • Incorrect cutting mode;
  • Blunt blade.

Lawn mower motor diagram

Engine won’t start, stops:

  • Check fuel in fuel tank.
  • Check oil level; may be running low;
  • Poor quality oil or gasoline;
  • Carburetor not adjusted.
  • Dirt has entered the carburetor;
  • You need to clean or replace the filter.
  • Dirt on carburettor has entered; Filter needs to be cleaned or replaced;
  • No compression;
  • Plug failed, smoked, or disconnected tip;
  • Clogged flaps.

Video review

Checking the Makita lawnmower in action

Owners reviews

Sergey, 21 years old:

“Works properly, it is anticipated to half-run, a little noisy, but there is no connection with the network. Eats gasoline moderately, leaves a cut evenly. I have no complaints. Mowing grass for my parents on the weekends. “

Anton, 30 years old:

“Makita spoiled, I really expected from it the quality, for example, hand-held power tools. There was no such thing… It didn’t work for a week – its crankshaft bent – I gave it in service, I suffered a lot, didn’t want to take it, waited even longer for repair. Of course, the grass it mows, but the assembly is weak for Makita. “

EVOLOD, 56 years old:

“The mower is simple, does not drive itself, lightweight, well packaged, complete device. Turned around, ran up, everything should be there. Mows great, goes light, but the grass regularly flies out of the pocket and scatters across the lawn. Certainly not fatal, but for the kind of money I paid, everything should have fit perfectly – that’s my opinion! “

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