Makita PLM 4110 and Elm 4110 lawn mower. Review, features, reviews

Makita PLM4110 – Reviews

Reviews Makita PLM4110

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Reviews of the Makita PLM4110 lawn mower

Comment: Immediately broke the gearshift knob. Unrealistic to repair north jibs that can’t replace the handle under warranty or after ordering. Doesn’t provide an option. But you can do without the handle and twist the speed with the whole palm of your hand. NSRI Lavine not quite and they grass, then the motor power is not enough, it starts to brake, but does not stand up. It’s hard to make sure there’s no sideways ejection. Overall it matches what I wanted to get – inexpensive and efficient.

Disadvantages: The E Lastikka handle is a plastic handle. The thing is flimsy. Impractical to operate: difficult to develop.

Advantages: it eats a little gasoline. Very little, as it seemed to me. The engine is good.

Comment: While the purchase is very pleased. Gathers easily, even starts with my woman’s hand. Was afraid that there would be difficulties with movement, because it is not self-propelled, and weighs 27 kg. However, there were no problems, the bike is big and rides fine. Of course, the net has to go on the lawn. But for 3 hours I weeded a very thick grass with the height of 40-50 cm on the area of about 4 acres. And if the grass is low, it is possible to push the brushcutter without much physical effort.

Comment: Very pleased with the work (although not long), the woman took it away and did not let me enjoy it. The site leaned a bit, before I had experience with a homemade alpine with small bikes on sockets, still pushing them uphill and downhill, not always able to choose a comfortable rhythm, four – point regulation extends, had to complete the design. Here everything is comfortable, easy to drive into the slide, hold from the slide.

Disadvantages: By the way, this can be written off on the wrong description, not only on this portal, the bag is claimed 60 liters, in fact 50 liters. However, this is quite enough.

Advantages: camp + large wheels with a clear profile + small width of the bug = easy to move and good maneuverability. Very convenient height adjustment keeps the machine at a certain level in all circumstances. Excellent performance: ergonomics, quality.

Comment: I bought my second one – for the Bronnitsy village. I am not a rally driver myself from Kosh. Very reliable engine. Just stayed in the shed all winter, took it out in the spring and drove it.

Disadvantages: No software control, otherwise I would sleep and it would mow itself.

Cons: Cheap and reliable

Comment: I bought a garden of 20 acres for the village, 4 lawns of about 5 acres. Used to mow with a trimmer, it was a nightmare, then empty, then thick, now the whole lawn is smooth, all the irregularities smoothed, very nice. I read the reviews (poor maneuverability, the plastic throttle handle broke). You have to pull the control arm down to turn the mower, the front wheels go up and on the rear wheels the mower easily turns to either side. Set the throttle grip smoothly, without jerking, then it will not break. Starting the engine depends on the instructions for the mower and the engine. Therefore, read the instructions carefully. Great model price and quality.

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Disadvantages: I haven’t found them yet. I don’t think there will be any problems, if I treat it correctly.

Advantages: The quality of processing and assembling, although China is friendly to us (some internet stores claim that the assembling is Germany, don’t believe it, China). The most important is that the American B&S500 engine is powerful and reliable, very easy to start, the mulching function (grinds the grass and leaves into flour, very well fertilizes the lawn), the basket for collecting grass, lightweight, good maneuverability, price.

The comment: 1 The gas cable has torn after a month of operation (the cable jacket has been solved, for work is not critical, but still uncomfortable) 2 Why have not developed a system for cleaning the grass catcher box? Without turning off the mower (for example, two levers, one controls the blade, the second turns off the engine), I mow an area of 8 acres, they turn off 10-15 times to clean the grass catcher box. After hibernation on the street winds up the first or second time.

The commentary: very pleased.

Disadvantages: none

Pro: satisfied, works great. The body is made of metal, everything is very comfortable.

Comment: I had to buy a good and inexpensive mower. I chose Makita, as it is a well-known brand, low price and a good brand motor from B&S. The mowing area is large, about 15 acres. Mowed and even lawn and tall weeds. On a flat lawn it happens that tears the grass and doesn’t mow, had to mow. Picks up weeds gently so they don’t get stuck, machine mows! Cuts the floor, whether it’s mole holes or ant piles, cuts off plum and lilac disc branches. Overall rating is a 4 with a “-“. I have experience with Viking, in comparison, Viking is better in mowing quality, I would rate it a solid 4 “-“.

Disadvantages: poor quality of mowing, leaves shaggy grass, you need to mow.

Advantages: low price, good engine, it can mow tall grass

Technical characteristics of the Makita PLM4110 lawnmower

General properties
Type lawn mower
Mowing width 41 cm
Recommended mowing area 1000 sq. m.
Grass box Yes, soft, capacity 60 l
Mulch Yes
Cutting height 20-75 mm
Cutting height adjustment Yes
Grass In the grass box
Installation option Mulching nozzle
Engine type Gasoline, four-stroke
output 2.80 hp
Working volume 158 cc
Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
handle height adjustable folding
Cover material steel
Body material steel
Number of bikes four-wheeled
Wheel material plastic
Additional information
transmission Grass catcher, disc/blade
Weight 23 kg

Overall rating of Makita PLM4110 lawn mowers

Overall Rating: 243

The overall rating of Makita PLM4110 lawn mowers is based on 1,497 lawn mowers, using a special algorithm that is based on 7,911 real customer reviews as well as the popularity of the model.

Other products with a similar rating:

Total Score: 242

Comment: The starter broke on the first day

Disadvantages: China, unreliable unit

Advantages: None. The starter was clogged on the first day.

Comment: Now with the purchase of a drainage trimmer pump, I have grown to love this brand. The unit works great and knocks over anything that comes under the blade. In a year of use I haven’t found a single drawback.

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Disadvantages: weight, could be made lighter.

Cons: I registered online and got a 3 year warranty. Reel and knife included, didn’t have to buy more. Did not have any problems with starting during the mowing season.

Overall Review: 244

Comment: After a month and a half rather careful use the lever of grass cutting height adjustment broke off. You can tell from the breakage area that the lever was not attached to the base by no more than 20% of its area.

Comment: I had a 32 garden mower before, but somehow it didn’t mow very well, the grass was all in shreds. Took me a long time to choose, but for the money it was the best. Lawn mower is not very sophisticated, they can do without self-service, but the surcharge compared to 4617 is less than a thousand. So there is a point in buying this mower. I read the manual, not having any experience, started it only after an hour. But I am satisfied with the purchase.

Disadvantages: The collector fills up quickly, it is not very convenient to insert it.

Advantages: It mows well, turns on with half a turn, I like the self-sufficiency.

Another Makita lawnmower

I used it twice. 7 tomorrow and 3 hundred parts. The plastic is just fine everywhere. Motor is stiff, no comb, stands dead on, doesn’t hang or creak. Labor separation protection is made of thick plastic.

In the second year of use, no complaints! Started mowing at the dacha! Suggested for a long time to buy something like this for the dacha, but the last time she rested until she came to our house and tried it out.

Picked 22 acres for the house, was looking for a 4 stock (you say durable, quieter and less) and more powerful from 2 horsepower. – The lot is large + behind the fence is grass. At first the choice was the Daewoo Power Products DABC.

At the moment it is on the move. That is why I do not give more power, but it mows fine even with coarse grass. I have not regretted it even once. I bought it for just under 30k on the internet.

It is well made. I was bribed by the information in one of the ratings, as if the Makiten of this series has some kind of clutch between the blade and the engine drive, which protects the mower from the father.

I must immediately say that the machine at 5 for the same price, it is not nice to look for errors (in the neighborhood of 15,000 rubles). First of all, for a self-propelled mower in the neighborhood of 20. 30 thousand rubles, Makita and very, very, very, very looking.

I use the second season. Cat almost all used a knife, I twice used a fishing line – I like the knife better. As written above, mows even small diameter wood. Accidentally touched the metal licker.

My first gasoline mower, so nothing to compare it to. Electric mowed beforehand. The need for standalone work came up and now I bought a Makita. The assembly is made in China, but it is very well made and assembled.

I use it for the 4th season. I bought it in 2010 and it is assembled in Japan. Very, very satisfied, the main thing. Mowing every 1.5 weeks, about five hundred, no less with the ZAund charts. The power of the DV pleases.

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For about a month I was deciding on a lawn mower for a 10 acres plot. I read forums, visited stores selling garden equipment, but did not fall for the models presented. The quality of workmanship given.

Makita PLM 4110 and Elm 4110 lawn mower. Review, features, reviews

Starting my review of the PLM 4110 and ELM 4110 mowers, I would like to say a few words about the brand that produces these mowers and also add some historical facts. This equipment comes from Japan. Its founder is the entrepreneur Masaburo Makita.

Makita PLM and Elm 4110 lawnmower

The company was founded in 1915. Makita began its business with the repair and production of electrical machinery – electric motors and generators. A little later the assortment of products began to expand, other manufacturers joined the company (thus appeared concern Makita), and the popularity of the goods was rapidly growing. The world market exploded with an influx of new brand-name products and the company went international. Makita representatives and factories are located on every continent.

A Makita sprayer Makita chainsaw Makita Mechanical lawnmower

Today in the market you can find not only generators, but more than 1000 household and professional electric tools, as well as functional garden equipment: lawn mowers, trimmers and much more.

In this article, we will focus specifically on Makita lawn mowers, which are available in two lines:

  • electric;
  • gasoline.

Makita ELM 4110 lawnmower

Capable of mowing up to 6 acres at a time, this self-propelled electric lawnmower is designed to mow lawns, garden lawns, and areas along fences, curbs, and fences. The basic conditions for operation are access to electricity and dry grass.

Makita Elm 4110 lawn mower

Advantages of the Makita ELM 4110 electric lawnmower:
  • Lightweight.
  • Compactness.
  • Environmentally friendly, no exhaust emissions.
  • Easy and good care.
  • Simple ergonomics.
  • Removable handle.
  • Increased safety in the workplace.
  • Quiet, no noise.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Reliability.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Indicator of a full tank.
Disadvantages of the Makita ELM 4110 electric lawnmower:
  • Connection to the electric mains.
  • No possibility of mulching.
  • Less power compared to gasoline lawnmowers.


The weight of the mower is 23 kg. The manufacturer installs a powerful electric motor (own production) of 1600 watts. The power plant works only from the mains, the battery is not included.

The package includes an extension cable 10 m long.

A special clamp is used to securely connect the extension cord and the Makita ELM 4110 lawnmower cord. The electric motor is cooled by an impeller with powerful blades. A special lever is provided for emergency stop of the electric motor.

Makita electric lawnmower

The body of the Makita ELM 4110 electric lawnmower is made of stainless steel, the four plastic wheels have ball bearings. For better maneuverability, the rear wheels are larger in diameter – 20.3 cm, the front ones – 17.8 cm. The grass catcher bag is made of fabric, the upper part is made of plastic, the capacity of the bag is 50 liters. Handles are rubber-coated, removable, fold for transportation. The controls of the Makita lawnmower are located on the handle. The mulching option is not provided.

Makita lawn mower

The cutting blades have a special shape, which, when rotated, creates swirling streams, pulling the cut grass into the grass box. Length of the blade 41 cm The possibility to adjust the height of cut (central) in five positions from 2 to 7,5 cm. Uses 3Cut mowing technology.


type of performance electric
power, kW 1,6
cutting height, mm 20-75
Chamfer width, mm 410
grass catcher box, l 50
mowing area, sq. m 600
weight (kg) 23
grape acidity

Makita PLM 4110 lawn mower

The main advantage of the Makita PLM-4110 gasoline lawnmower is its independence from the power source, as the lawnmower works not on electricity, but on gasoline. Four-stroke carburetor engine Briggs and Stratton 2,8 h.p. This is quite enough to process up to 10 hectares of lawn, sports ground, parking lot etc. at once.

Makita PLM 4110 lawn mower

Advantages of the Makita PLM 4110 lawn mower:
  • Independence from the power source.
  • High power output.
  • Possibility to process the middle and big areas.
  • Easy control.
  • Large basket for collecting the grass.
  • There is a function of mulching.
  • Stability and reliability of the device.
  • Quality of assembling and accessories.
  • Reasonable price.
Disadvantages of the Makita PLM 4110 lawnmower:
  • Emission of exhaust gases.
  • Noise.


The gasoline unit is manually started, a simple start system is installed, there is an emergency lever for the engine. A single weight of 27 kg. The body and mower of the Makita PLM 4110 lawnmower are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm. All four wheels are made of wear-resistant plastic and equipped with ball bearings. The in-built wheel design allows mowing around curbs and hedges.

Makita lawn mower along the fence

The handle with its controls is rubberized and can be folded down or removed completely if necessary. The combined grass catcher box has a capacity of 60 liters. The mulching function is supported by a special mulching wedge.

Makita lawn mower

In this case, the grass collection basket is removed and the shredded grass residues are distributed over the lawn and processed into a fertilizer. If desired, the cutting height can be adjusted (2 to 7.5 cm) with a central adjustment lever.


type of performance petrol
horsepower 2,8
Engine displacement, cc. 158
cutting height, mm 20-75
Chamfer width, mm 410
grass catcher box, l 50
mowing area, sq. m 1000
weight (kg) 26.8

User manual

Whatever Makita lawn mower model you choose (electric or gasoline), the following information is sure to be included:

  1. The design and step-by-step assembly of the Makita lawn mower (diagrams and drawings are included).
  2. Technical features of the lawn mower.
  3. Safety requirements.
  4. Preparing the device for starting.
  5. Getting the Makita lawnmower on the market for the first time.
  6. Starting up the power unit (for gasoline models).
  7. Peculiarities of maintenance.
  8. Typical problems for the chosen version of the lawnmower.

First start-up

This procedure is similar in gasoline and electric models of Makita lawnmowers, but there are differences, let’s understand this topic.

General preparation:
  • Check the strength of the fasteners;
  • Lubricate the shaft, put the blade on and secure it properly.
  • Put on and attach the grass collection basket;
  • Select the desired cutting mode.
Prepare the Makita gasoline lawnmower for operation:
  • Fill the lawnmower with fuel (lead-free gasoline AI-92 or higher);
  • Pour SAE 30 engine oil into the tank, the oil must be of high quality;
  • Make sure there is contact on the spark plug. To do this, first disconnect the high-voltage cable and then reconnect it.
  • After starting the lawnmower for the first time, get in immediately.

Preparing the electric counterpart:
  • Checking the mains voltage;
  • Eliminating voltage losses, if any are detected;
  • Connecting to the mains with an extension cable (we use special terminals to protect against disconnection during operation).


The run-in time for Makita units is 5 hours. Entry is an economy mode, retracting rotating and moving assemblies and mechanisms, checking the function of levers, etc.

Entry allows you to prepare the unit without loads for further operation.

At the end of the entry time it is necessary to change the oil in the system.

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Let’s compare the features of the electric and gasoline “Makita”.

Maintenance of the gasoline lawnmower:
  1. Maintenance of the filter.
  2. Inspection and maintenance of the engine.
  3. Clean the lawn mower immediately after use, flush and oil it.
  4. Replace the spark plug every 100 hours of operation.
  5. Change engine oil in a timely manner: immediately after startup and every 25 hours of operation.
  6. Proper mower maintenance

Lawn mower gasoline schematic diagram

Maintenance of the electric mower:
  • Check the mains voltage;
  • Check continuity of mains cable (extension cord)
  • Clean air intake and housing of mower and grass catcher box of grass residues.

General points: Timely sharpening/replacement of cutting blades.

Gasoline lawnmower preservation:
  • Separate the wire from the spark plug.
  • Drain technical fluids;
  • Clean, wash and lubricate the unit;
  • Remove the blade
  • lubricate;
  • Wrap knife with oiled paper:
  • Loosen the handle, fold it down.

Main malfunctions and remedies

Typical problems with the gasoline lawnmower:
  • No fuel in the tank;
  • Oil level is below normal;
  • Filled with low-quality fluid;
  • Incorrect carburetor adjustment;
  • The carburetor is clogged and needs to be cleaned;
  • Cold lines are clogged;
  • Ignition magnet has failed;
  • Fuel lines are clogged; filter must be cleaned
  • Filter must be cleaned;
  • High voltage cable breakage;
  • Ignition not aligned;
  • Spark plug is out of order;
  • Lack of compression in cylinder.

Lawn Mower Engine Diagram

Problems with electric mowers

Electric motor won’t start:

  • The mains cable is not connected;
  • No mains voltage;
  • The engine is blocked;
  • Motor has burned out.
  • No voltage to mains;
  • The air intake holes are clogged;
  • Incorrect high grass cutting mode.
Common problems with gasoline and electric lawn mowers

Mower is buzzing and cutting element no longer rotates:

  • The blade is blocked;
  • Blunt blade dull;
  • False displacement mode is set.
  • Knife needs to be sharpened;
  • Select correct cutting mode.

Grass is not cut

  • Grass on grass;
  • Blunt blade dull;
  • Low engine speed;
  • False displacement mode is set.

Mulching nozzle does not work:

  • Blunt blade dull;
  • Grass is wet;
  • The blade is rotating at a low speed;
  • Cutting mode set incorrectly.

Mower vibrates heavily:

  • Deformation of the blade;
  • Enlarged cutting element;
  • Loosen fasteners.

Video review

Makita PLM 4110 petrol lawnmower in a test drive

Review of the Makita Elm 4110 electric lawnmower

Owners reviews

Ruslan, 41 years old:

“I have a Makita PLM 4110, bought a year ago, still works, used 7 times. Simple and lightweight model with no frills. To make everything work, you can not start the lawn, the grass grows – begins: hum, brake, clean knife. By the way, the grass collection basket has less than 60 liters.”

Dmitry, 56 years old:

“My Makita is a chainsaw, the engine is great, but everything else is not so… Bumped into a rock in the grass – the shaft bent, the knife in general had to be replaced, everything flies out of the pocket, the cutter either tears or does not work. But the height adjustment is practical. There are even better mowers on the market. “

Nicholas, 30 years:

“Definitely – did not like it, returned after the first breakdown (a week after purchase). Question to the manufacturer: Is this the same praised Makita? And what about the quality of machining and other nonsense?

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