Makita EM 2500U. Review, specifications, reviews

Makita EM2500U gasoline trimmer

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Reviews about the Makita EM2500U gasoline trimmer

Pros: weight, the ability to mow with a knife and fishing line.

Cons: The blunt roller in the kit.

Comments: Weight was important My mother-in-law (60+) mows regularly. I use the fishing line to trim near flower beds, houses, gates, etc. and then pick everything up with the self-propelled mower. Did not like the four-blade blade from the kit, replaced the blade (similar to the circular saw blade) – and immediately began – then the grass, then a small bush. Anyway, every visit to the country is in progress (since June). The only thing I haven’t quite figured out is how and how much grease to add to the gearbox.

Pros: 4 years of operation, easy starting, 92 gasoline, power at its best, the line is better or a triangle or a square, the rest is nothing, my reel of the old model is very durable and reliable – can withstand heavy hitting on the rocks and bumps I beat it on the ground, from this worn out plastic line reel, I was forced to buy a new and fill the voids with epoxy with balls airsoft – now the plastic is worn out at second, but the connection damn all holds. At year 4 the engine began to accelerate and fail – it turned out that the fuel hoses rotted and flew inside the filter – a simple solution – 100 rubles for a Chinese set of bag filters cork-2, just a native filter was installed. everything works fine for hooray. Conclusion – I recommend excellent trimmer, be prepared that after 4 (.) years of hard mowing on the rocks and gullies have to change the wearing parts – trimmer head assembly and fuel hoses.

Pros: A well-known company. A good company.

Cons: The line head was made by a man who never put it in the head. It’s unrealistically hard and difficult to refill the line. The day after the first mowing I bought a new head for 500 rubles and was happy.

Comments: Everything is fine, except for the problems with the line.

Pros: Has been in use less than a month, updates as needed

Cons: Has not shown yet

Comment: I used to ride a 4-stroke Honda (7-8 years old), so I can only compare with it. Not that there were any flaws, but let’s just say in terms of comfort, or if you want innovations compared to the Honda, I noticed: for mowing you have thicker stems from the factory (softer in my opinion) To gas give full power, add oil to gasoline before filling (according to the seller’s recommendations) pour 20 g per liter (Stihl oil), the Honda also has a metal “spool”, so the grass was mowed deeper, it was easy to cut to the ground, the Makita has a plastic “spool” with a semiautomatic line feed, ground clearance is higher, so on average remains approx. 4 cm of grass, for more mowing the trimmer is turned at an angle (well, it’s again a matter of taste if you want). That’s all for now, I’ll update my impressions as I use it.

A beautiful lawn as far as the eye can see! The best remedies for grass loss after winter

Pros: reliable, lightweight, handy, mows well

Cons: No serious problems.

Comments: 4 years in a row. No maintenance/cleaning. After 9 months of winter storage, starts on first or second turn of cord on last year’s gasoline. It is used for cutting the grass along the curbs, between the bushes, between the paths and behind the garden plot, where the surface is uneven and everything grows (one tank – one and a half gasoline for one session). Before that, there was a partner with the same power – spit. No problem with this one. Replaced the line for twisted, so it tears less (perhaps the regular line was old – when you touch the chain link it was torn and it was quite tedious to disassemble the reel to pull it out by hand). I think the reel is very handy, it is designed to eject grass, not wind it up, automatically lengthening the line in normal mode. When mowing dry or dense grass, it is not very powerful and not very handy. The disc has never been used, but if you take a small line the grass is not winded and does not dry out (unlike Partner. For a garden plot if you do not run a lot of grass in the old age (the height is not very important . ) – I recommend In open areas trimmer is not very suitable by definition – it is better to carry it as a carriage.

Pros: Very light. Starts up from the first time, the engine runs smoothly and quietly.

Cons: Terrible coil in the kit. The belt needs to be replaced right away. In operation, when winding grass on the bobbin, spontaneous unscrewing of the bobbin / left thread /. The reel is filled with line very long and difficult.

The comment: Before I had Champion T284 – worked for SIX years without repair. I worked with Makita for three days and realized at once, that it won’t last that long. Yes, and weak in power. Not as good as its Chinese counterpart. I bought this brand and had doubts.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, easy to start, quality materials.

Cons: low power, have to overtake several times in dense grass. Inconvenient line reel.

Weaknesses: accidentally ripped off carburetor flap when pulling reel with finger. Glued it on with cold welding, but it still falls off from vibration. They don’t sell the choke, and the carburetor costs 6000 rubles. My wife likes that the mower is light, so I bought one again. Be careful when starting the mower!

Husqvarna review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety equipment

Pros: It’s light. Cozy. Economical. Easy to use. Stopper when wrapping grass and other “horrors” triggers in time – stops and prevents something from burning out.

Disadvantages: There are vibrations when working with blades. Rol with a fishing line can melt with the nose from high grass and not paying attention. If you turn in a “difficult” spot, you will only increase the heat on the reel, which will lead to what will lead to what will lead to what will lead to its complete observation. The bar does not fold and disassemble – not convenient for transportation!

Comment: it’s a decent unit. Bought a set with my neighbor – it comes with 2 PCs. In the box. We used them for the whole season on 3 plots with 20 hundred square meters each. On one of the plots, which was abandoned for 15 years, both Makita showed themselves heroes – raspberry, plum, cherry, currant, poured briar – weeds, with hidden “surprises”: stones, iron, tears from the fence, fallen apple trees, etc. D.D. “On the Messer, all these horrors passed in two days. About 7 liters of mix was burned in both mowers. Ordinary, well-prepared plots for two, for two they did a line “till lunchtime” with breaks for beers, each with a tank. One of the Makita’s had a melted spool (see C. Disadvantages) and had trouble buying a replacement spool – the “universal” ones don’t fit the Makita. In general, I repeat, the unit is decent, fairly budget, simple, reliable and self-sufficient for processing decent lawns with uneven pavement and ordinary meadow grass, which with “processes” unnecessary garden plants (raspberries, rose hips, keuras, plans, plans, plans, plans, interspersed, etc.).

Updated: 4 years have passed. Everything also works as in his youth – and fishing and tears and moose! Starts up great! Regularly renewing the air filter (Paralon) and keeping an eye on the condition of the spark plugs (haven’t changed, just tightened the floor) for preventative care. Had a leak in the gas line – injectors cracked from age – haven’t solved that problem yet, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. Good luck and good peace!

Updated: 5 years have passed. Purchased 5 years ago, the Makita of the two bought (by a neighbor) was finally insulted by the harsh operating conditions. But it became a great donor. With mine I had to reorganize the reel drive reducer (or whatever it’s called, I don’t know exactly – the kind of thing that has equipment in it) and everything worked again. Didn’t change the cracked gas line tubes yet – well, makes light and excellent gasoline, well, that’s no big deal. After the winter, started it “from the first melon”. How I love her! And yes. young shoots, I even think sex :) You can chop it easily!

Advantages: very light, 4.5 kg, comfortable handles, a normal belt for a height of 177 cm.

Four steps to a professionally seeded lawn

Disadvantages: The reel is a diversion for this trimmer, it is difficult to refill. After some time it gives out angular fishing line. After 4 seasons it began to leave the pipe, the high grass is winded on the role (the diversion succeeded)

Comment: good trimmer

Advantages: The power is enough for any weed. You can see that it is also made of quality materials.

Weaknesses: The strap is very simple.

Comment: I have not regretted that I have chosen the low fuel mower but with a good brand. You can see that the materials are quality, the engine is a delight. Didn’t understand why not everyone likes the coils. Had a boring American trimmer for a long time, had different electrics, did not find anything more important in their reels, although I do not exclude that something can be more convenient.

Advantages: simple. Cozy. Assembled quality externally. Plastic without the comb.

Disadvantages: Chinese assembly.

Comment: After 2 hours of use there was a terrible vibration with the hard drive. Broke the camp. Although I mowed very carefully, took a 15 minute break every half hour.

Advantages: light, comfortable, easy to maneuver, good quality.

Disadvantages: Not many.

Comments: Good trimmer for the money. First of all I liked that it is very light, you can work with it all day. Starts from the knee with 1-2 times and without gas and a bunch of buttons, on/off button. The volume for moving is small, it works very smoothly. Of course, his power is not great, but it really is enough, if there is dense grass, it takes 90-100% power, this is enough for a small area. And if the thickets on the site, there is a knife, and it cuts everything like a Jedi sword))Of the minuses protection is composed of two parts, one for the knife and a large for the fishing line, and so the fishing cord when working on small protection, head is not very comfortable, a small gas tank, no practical tank lid, included no cup for petrol-oil mixture, but all not too bad! It is definitely worth its money.

Makita EM 2500U. Review, specifications, reviews

Makita Freibneider 2500 gasoline mower is a lightweight garden tool for mowing grass, weeds, small bushes and young trees. This modification is used to work on small to medium-sized areas that are suitable for private use and public facilities. The Makita EM 2500U trimmer is distinguished by its reliable construction, simple assembly and unpretentious maintenance.

Makita EM 2500 U basket

Makita 2500U gasoline trimmer is the idea of the famous Japanese brand Makita. The company has reached its popularity and fame in the last century. Its history began more than 100 years ago, in 1915, when the entrepreneur Masaburo Makita decided to open a small repair shop and manufacture of electrical systems: electric motors and generators. The enterprise was so successful and in demand that other companies soon began to join it.

A Makita chainsaw A Makita chainsaw A Makita mechanical lawnmower.

The Makita Group was thus founded and expanded around the globe – Makita factories and subsidiaries were spread all over the world. Today the company not only produces electric motors and generators, but is also known for its hand-held power tools, garden tools, etc. (more than 1000 articles).

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The advantages of the Makita EM 2500U lawn mower:
  • Reliability and professionalism.
  • Lightweight, compact, mobile.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Suitable for medium-sized plots.
  • Do not depend on mains supply.
  • Delivers more power than their electric counterparts.
  • Equipped with new generation of two-stroke engines.
  • Vibration damping system available.
  • Fuel mixture is economically spent.
  • Trimmer can be used with knife and fishing line.
  • Easy maintenance and operation.
  • Delicate shaving.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • Excellent balancing.
Disadvantages of the Makita EM 2500U:
  • Noise.
  • Price.
  • Handling of flammable liquids.


The weight of the lawnmower is 4.5 kg. At the top of the straight beam is a low-emission, 1 hp, 2-stroke robin gasoline engine. The engine starts with a Kickstarter, and a primer, a fuel pump, is planned to make starting easier. Membrane carburetor.

Starting a gasoline trimmer

Non-contact ignition, reduced speed corner gears. Boom is straight, one-piece, drive shaft is rigid. Comfortable bicycle handles and shoulder strap protect operator from quick fatigue during long work.

Makita shoulder belt

The trimmer is equipped by the manufacturer with a vibration protection system. As a cutting element in the lawnmower can be used a knife (disk) and an automatic mowing head (plate) with a fishing line. As fuel is used a mix of oil 2T-two-stroke and lead-free gasoline AI-92 in the ratio 1 to 25. Fishing area is 23 cm with a plate, and 40 cm for the plate with the line.


Type of performance gasoline
Capacities, cwt 1,0
Engine capacity, cc. 24.5
Cutting width, cm 0.5
Fuel tank capacity, l 1,1
Line thickness 2.0
Dimensions (L*b*h), cm 177*62*41
Weight (kg 4.5

Instruction manual

The Makita EM 2500 petrol lawnmower is always supplied with an owner’s manual, which provides full information about the machine:

  1. The design of the lawnmower and how to assemble it (diagrams, descriptions).
  2. Properties of the EM 2500U model.
  3. Conditions and rules for safe operation of the Makita gasoline trimmer.
  4. How to prepare for work.
  5. First start-up, enema.
  6. Maintenance of the Makita EM 2500U trimmer.
  7. Typical mistakes when working with the 2500U model.

Let’s briefly go over some of the sections.

First start-up

When preparing for the first startup of the power plant, it is important not to miss anything and correctly follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • Assemble the Makita lawnmower according to the instructions.
  • Pass the position of the shoulder strap to the operator;
  • Place the blade on the spindle and secure it to the fasteners.
  • Attach the plastic housing;
  • Connect the high-voltage cable to the spark plug.
  • Make sure that the spark plug has contact (separate the E/A cable and then reconnect it).
  • Check the bolts and screws for tightness;
  • Fill up the fuel mixture;
  • Start the power plant;
  • Check the operation of the cutting element at the plant and at idle;
  • Check correct operation of the controls attached to the handle.

Immediately after starting the lawnmower, it must be retracted.


The Makita lawnmower has a run-in time of about 5 hours. It works in gentle mode with half the trimmer’s capacity. During this time, all parts of the lawnmower run-in and the engine power increases. The fuel mixture must be changed after the entry time or, even better, the fuel mixture must be completely used up.

How to care for trees and shrubs after leaf fall?


Makita gasoline lawnmowers are characterized by their unpretentiousness in maintenance. The most important thing its owner should know:

  • The spark plug is replaced after 100 hours of operation;
  • The air filter is cleaned every three hours;
  • The trimmer is cleaned of dirt and grass residue every day after operation;
  • Blades are replaced every 3 hours of operation;
  • Before preservation, the fuel mixture is drained, the wire and blade are removed, and the trimmer is cleaned and lubricated.

Gasoline trimmer device

Major Problems and Solutions

Let’s list the main problems of the EM2500U model.

Engine stalls, won’t start

  • Fuel mixture is exhausted;
  • Poor quality oil or gasoline;
  • Gas supply malfunction;
  • Fuel line or carburetor is clogged;
  • No compression;
  • High-voltage cable is broken;
  • Overfilled fuel mixture;
  • No contact on spark plug;
  • Spark plug is burned out, fouled, tip is wet;
  • Kickstarter doesn’t work.

Components of a chain saw trimmer

Engine won’t shut off:

  • There is a malfunction in the electrical system;
  • Plug is not plugged in.

Mower vibrates strongly during operation:

  • The blade blade is deformed;
  • The blade was unbalanced;
  • The screw fasteners are loose.

The grass has stopped spinning:

  • The fishing line has run out;
  • Blade slicer or shareknife.

Blade blade stopped spinning:

  • Blade or blade guard blocked by vegetation;
  • The drive shaft has broken;
  • Fasteners are sore.

The knife slowly stops:

  • Drive has failed;
  • Knife rotates at high idle speed;
  • The throttle cable is torn or separated.

Video review

Evaluate the Motokos Makita EM 2500U

Testing the Motokos Makita EM 2500U

Owners reviews

Alexey, 31 years old:

“Overall, the impression of this trimmer is positive – mows both grass and bushes, goes well along the curb. The blades vibrate a little, the balance is excellent, the belt (aka belt) is not very comfortable. Watch the screws carefully and threaten to unscrew at the most opportune moment. “

Oleg, 29 years old:

“Mowers, although Japanese, most likely assembled in China. Bought two sets with my brother – his still works (passed 2.5 years), mine broke at the first mowing! Took it to service, did something there, returned it, shared it three times…. Not a Cosb, but a torment. Parts and consumables are expensive. Now it’s lying quietly in the shed, on parts from my brother’s net, which by the way both are missing without breakage! “

Andrew, 40 years old:

“The engine makes an impression, relatively quiet, starts right away without a string. The belt is disgusting, immediately changed (from the old braid), the coil also goes: then breaks off, then melts… now I put a knife one. Duped it fast, pulling it myself. He may be ready, working on a motorcycle. “

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