Makita ELM 4613 Lawn Mower. Review, manual, reviews

Makita ELM4613.

Makita ELM4613

We’ve collected 7 positive and negative reviews for you from buyers and experts about the Makita ELM4613 lawn mower. The average rating of buyers was 3.57 points. In their reviews, users have described all the disadvantages and advantages of the Makita ELM4613 lawn mower. If you have experience with the Makita ELM4613 lawn mower – write a review and share it with other customers! Read all reviews of Makita lawn mowers

Makita ELM4613 lawn mower reviews

Performance, blade diameter and therefore productivity

This is our second mower of this model. The first one broke after 2 years of use. According to the mechanics, its electric motor failed. The repair cost was quoted at only 3p less than the cost of a new one. It didn’t make sense to repair under those conditions, and it was decided to buy one to have a set of parts (if any).

It’s heavy and runs very fast on a self-propelled gun: not everyone can keep up with it.

It works great, you can ignore the thin growl and low growl, I pull it over bumps, threshing and laying grass, I’m very happy with it. Can’t write everything, you won’t regret it!

A little heavy for a woman. All my muscles hurt from pulling, but my back doesn’t hurt like it does with a trimmer. Outside runs great. But then again, that’s the credit :-) :-) :-)

Powerful, self-propelled, been working on 4 hectares of grass for 7 years in spring and fall. Changed blades, a pebble was dropped by accident. No bending of the shaft.

Not convenient to grab. It often breaks. I have to fix it. It is not expensive to fix. Wheelbase is wider than the bucket. No grass allowed near fences or trees. A total souch.

What kind of roots do you guys have on your property? Level the lot, fill the soil evenly, remove all debris and enjoy. Lawn mowers of this type are not designed for rough ditches, they are not trimmers, I don’t understand anything about mulching. The grass rots and stinks. It’s much nicer to cut the grass straight into the compost. The lawn is clean and pleasant.

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Electric: doesn’t stink, doesn’t vibrate as much, no gasoline steaming, doesn’t stink, can be stored upright, transported in the car and doesn’t stink, requires no maintenance : no comment here Soft tank, doesn’t take up space, you can lift the muzzle up and safely walk along the wire, without fear of damaging it. Easy height adjustment

Very heavy, weight is incorrectly listed on many sides. Check the official +1kg as it is not correct there either. Not convenient to take the tank out as the handle is foldable and has a crossbar. Not enough power to mulch 15 cm of grass. In self-propelled operation and when mowing dense, high grass (20-30 cm), the power is not enough. Mower deck cannot be washed. It is impossible to fold the handle down quickly, you have to twist the thumbscrew.

Generally I was looking for an electric mower. Since I can’t stand the hassle with a gasoline mower anymore. And the price for a similar one would be 1.5 times more expensive. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The wire does not bother me. It’s easier to throw out the cord than to run it every 5 minutes.

Power, mows the grass into the salad. Convenient height adjustment Lawn is very level with one pass.

If you hit a root or a rock, the motor shaft will bend. A new motor costs ten thousand. To repair it, you remove the blade and use a hammer, which is not disassembled from the mower, to tap the shaft. It is quite soft and easy to bend. I had to do it about fifteen times. That’s the only downside…

This is the second mower of the same model. The first one ran for eight years without any maintenance. Eventually the motor caught fire.

Mows well when it works.

Plastic parts = horrible.

I bought the first time I took it out of the box, mowed about 8 acres, put it back in the box. The second time, it didn’t. Immediately the plastic mounts on the travel handle broke. Two weeks of searching, calling dealers and Makita representative office and here is the cherished spare part for 200 rubles. For the third time I took out the box. And again it was not in the set. Started to unfold the folding handle. The inverted plastic connectors broke in the middle of the handle.

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Range of motion and motor power

Don’t get this model. Don’t even think about it. There is a plastic support between the metal body and the metal motor that has already collapsed. A powerful self-propelled mower is taken to handle a large area. It caught the blade on something hard, and the shaft bent. It retracted again, and the support broke.

Prices for the Makita ELM4613

Makita ELM4613 Specifications

Type Self-propelled lawnmower, 46 cm rear drive, recommended mowing area 1000 m² soft, capacity 60 l


mulching mowing height 20-75 mm height adjustment letter, central number of levels – 8 grass end in the grass catcher box, backwards possibility to install mulching nozzle


electric power 1800 W choice of work Bit not t-competition 1800 W engine speed 2800


Height-adjustable folding handle Steel deck material Steel body material Number of wheels Four wheels Disk plastic

Additional Information

Examination and test-drive of an electric lawnmower. Makita ELM4613. Review after 3 months of work.

Makita ELM 4613 Lawn Mower. Review, manual, reviews

The Makita ELM4613 lawnmower is designed for lawn care in flat areas where there is free access to the network. The mower has a compact size, lighter, maneuverability and ease of operation, can cover a lawn area of about 8-10 acres (depending on the height of the grass).

Makita Elm 4613 lawnmower

The manufacturer of Makita ELM4613 is a Japanese company Makita, which was founded more than a century ago in 1915 by Mr. Masaburo Makita. Over the years, the company has grown into a concern, crossing the borders of Japan and conquering the international markets. To date, the Makita brand has repeatedly become a proven symbol of quality and reliability.

The advantages of the Makita ELM 4613 lawnmower:
  • Environmental friendliness of the lawnmower, no harmful emissions.
  • The ergonomics of the device, maneuverability, ease of operation, compactness and lightness.
  • Self-propelled arms of the lawnmower – the operator makes no effort to drive and transport the Makita lawnmower to the site, just pointing it in the right direction.
  • The fill indicator in the grass catcher box lets you empty it in good time and get to work again.
  • The possibility of working near horizontal surfaces.
  • Robust body, high performance.
  • Possibility to work on medium size areas up to 10 acres.
  • Adjustable, folding, rubberized handles.
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The only disadvantage of this model is its connection to power supply.


It is a self-propelled electric lawnmower with rear wheel drive that travels at 3.6 km/h. It weighs only 27 kg. The electric motor made by Makita with 1800 W is powered by 220 V, an impressive impeller blows air and cools the power unit. An emergency stop lever is provided for the electric motor. EASY start system helps start the motor at any temperature (up to 40 degrees). The cable connection is very simple and reliable, the battery is not provided by the manufacturer.

Makita ELM 4613 lawn mower

The housing of Elm4613 is made of 1.5 mm sheet steel. Special pads on both sides of the mower allow you to protect the machine from damage if you mow near fences, piles and curbs. Four wheels of 17.8 cm diameter (front) and 20.3 cm (rear) are made of durable plastic. Material cover-aluminium alloy, combined grass catcher box: hard top, soft floor, with a built-in fill sensor, grass catcher box capacity of 60 l.

The design of Makita electric lawn mowers

46 cm. high quality specially shaped blade that creates additional spine currents, 4Cut technology is used to cut the lawn. Setting the cutting height of the central type, a special handle allows you to choose the mode from 2 cm to 7.5 cm (a total of 8 levels).

In autumn, the Makita can also be used as a garden vacuum cleaner – cleaning the area from leaves is another specification of this model.

Grass residue can be removed directly into the grass catcher box, or a mulching nozzle (plug) can be installed through the appropriate holes on the side and rear of the Makita Elm4613 lawnmower.


Type of operation electric
Power, kW 1,8
Cutting height, mm 20-75
Working width, mm 460
Grass-collector, l 60
Mowing area, sq. m. 1000
Weight (kg 31.7

User manual

In addition to the grass catcher box, blade/disc and mulching wedge, the packaging of the lawnmower must include. This document is a must-read for new owners of Makita lawn mowers.

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It contains the following device information:

  • Makita elm 4613 mower device.
  • Technical data of the ELM 4613 model.
  • Conditions for safe operation and maintenance of the electric unit.
  • Preparing for start-up, starting up.
  • Maintenance of your Makita lawn mower.
  • Typical mistakes in the operation of electric lawnmowers.

We will briefly familiarize our reader with several sections of the manual.

First start-up

Makita electric lawn mowers are unpretentious in maintenance and operation, so all preparation for the first startup comes down to a few points:

  • Checking the connecting pieces;
  • Installing the blades;
  • Selecting the cutting level;
  • Choice of cutting and ejection type (installation of grass catcher, mulching wedge, etc.)
  • Checking the power supply;
  • Connect the Makita lawnmower with an extension cord to the power supply.


To maintain the performance of the lawnmower, the owner of the unit should systematically perform the following activities:

  • Check the mains voltage before each use.
  • Check the extension cord for damage.
  • Timely check, sharpen, and replace the mower gauge if damaged.
  • Lubricate the blade shaft with grease before each installation of the cutting unit.

Makita lawn hole blade

  • Keep an eye on the condition of the electric motor, especially the air intake grilles, which can become clogged with grass debris, causing the power unit to overheat and malfunction.
  • Replace the brushes on the electric motor in a timely manner.
  • Check the mower shaft and gearbox.
  • When you receive the mower, remove the blade, lubricate the shaft, put the blade away for storage and wrap it in oiled paper.
  • Clean grass residue from the mower daily.

The main diseases and methods of their elimination

We suggest familiarizing yourself with malfunctions that are characteristic of a lawn mower with an electric motor.

Reasons why the electric motor does not want to start:

  • Cable is disconnected or damaged from the mains;
  • There is no voltage in the mains;
  • The electric motor is jammed.
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Causes of electric motor overheating:

  • Motor is overloaded; Grass is too high;
  • Grid voltage too low; Motor is overloaded; Grass too high; Mains voltage too low;
  • Remnants of grass clogged the airfoil; Impossible to cool the motor.

Strong vibration during operation:

  • Fasteners loosened;
  • The blade is out of balance;
  • The blade is damaged.

Lawnmower is humming; blade won’t turn:

  • Low voltage in the mains;
  • The blade is blocked;
  • Height of the mower is set incorrectly, the grass is too high.

Grass is not cut:

  • High or wet grass;
  • Knife needs sharpening;
  • Cutting attachment speed is slower than necessary.
  • Time-out is not set correctly; Knife needs sharpening;
  • Knife needs sharpening.

Video review

Makita ELM 4613 Lawnmower overview

Makita ELM 4613 Lawnmower overview

Owners reviews

Victor, 41 years old:

“The build is great, mows both grass and weeds. I can go right up to the fence, I’m not worried about damaging the mower. But if I run over a stone (you can’t see it in the tall grass), there’s a risk that the motor shaft will bend! Then you can’t do without a hammer (literally). “

Andrew, 25 years:

“The mesh mows perfectly, the grip is excellent, but the assembly is not ok: the plastic support turned out to be out of order after 5 remarks. The motor is expensive – suddenly it’s cheaper to buy a new Mitch from another manufacturer. Took it to service, waiting to see where the repair will lead. Would have known – wouldn’t have bought it. “

Vladimir, 31 years old:

“The mower is excellent, unpretentious, the engine works properly. In use for the first year, two mowing sessions went without problems. Many people complain about this model, I can’t say anything bad yet – only good impressions. “

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