Makita Elm 3800 lawn mower. Review, specifications, reviews

Makita Elm3800 lawn mower

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Reviews on the Makita Elm3800 Lawnmower

Advantages: Adjustable cutting quantity, recessive mowing

Disadvantages: Expensive blades, closes.

Comments: Apparently those who write bad reviews are lucky. I have worked for 2 seasons. The action is all inclined. I purposely took a mower with the highest possible mowing height. When I mowed, the first season I bumped into knots, wires and stones. I even once or twice hit a piece of the iron pipe, which was sticking out of the ground. It was nothing. The only knife. Of course, it swung away from that kind of work and even bent back easily. The cost of the knife is now 1,167. I myself bought a mower last spring for 5500.

Before –

Disadvantages: Not yet

Comment: It feels like the participants paid Makits for discrimination :) Well, or I just got lucky. EML3800 is in its second year, location not much + mowing the tendency to bypass the grave behind the fence. With these rains, I haven’t been out in the countryside in a long time. As a result, the grass is above my knee. Took the grass box off to keep it from clogging and clogging up the front. Sometimes it’s hard on her, slips (riding through the belt), but it’s the opposite of protecting the engine. So I can’t understand why the improved design (the belt doesn’t allow that ride or wave bend is overloaded) has so many bad ratings. Either I got lucky or the ratings are bought.

Advantages: Price in 2015 was attractive

Disadvantages: life span

Comment: Worked the first season well, but only suitable for perfectly level areas. We have a wooded plot, sticks tree roots on 1/2 of the plot, had to buy a second trimmer as a result of the second season mowing, only every 9 acres, as Makita poked 1 acre in 2016, to live long! First year warranty of course ended. First it went smoke and smelled like something, then it stopped turning on, then it rested and worked for a while until it stopped altogether! Don’t buy it. Categorically not advised! A new motor costs about 4000 rubles + for work. I myself bought for 6500-7000 (I do not remember exactly). And the point of repair if a new engine, too, for 1 season?

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Advantages: lightweight, cutting height adjustment is convenient.

Disadvantages: Quickly begins to catch fire, though the load is low on hardness of a grass, I worked with 5 mowers for a season with 3 hundred parts. Diagnosis result – engine wedge as a result of Pergerev. By the way it screamed very hard from the beginning but mowed.

Comment: The Chinese are better practiced after the number – there was a certain junkyard mowing with torn wiring and a broken commutator, the machine fell through to three seasons and did not die after the death of this season. Plowed.

Comment: People, don’t repeat my mistakes. This miracle of machinery killed my excellent opinion of Makita. This division was purchased for the future on May 25, 2015, as at that point laid down a prepared lawn. At the end of July, the lawn was done and the mower was put to work. It started out pretty nice, the mower mowed, the grass cut on 3 acres of flat lawn spun very leisurely on 3. After work the mower is rinsed out, dried and put away. All mowing is done only on a sunny day in the afternoon, the grass is dry. In such a miracle, the machinery runs until the end of September, and suddenly the engine in it starts humming. When I was on duty, I was approached with a question by soldiers on payroll for their service, “What did you do to the mower?” I had to answer honestly, “It’s mowing the lawn! What’s mowing?” The answer was shocking: “It’s rotted, we haven’t seen any rust!” Nevertheless, in honor of the service was a warranty repair – replacement of the engine to the assembled in November 2015 camp. After the service, the net in its native packaging was reinstalled on the native lawn in time for spring and May 10. Well, it happens, I thought, now the engine is new and will last at least a few years. And here was the bummer. After running for exactly 2 months and 1 week, the engine spurted and stalled. When I showed the service once again, I almost sat down on the floor with the question: “And what did you mow with? A feeling of deja vu seized me: “They’re rotting, we haven’t seen such rust”, – the soldier informed me and kindly offered to install a new engine because of the last expiration of the warranty period for the price 500 more than the price of a new mower. It is clear, that I have politely refused and now with pleasure I will sell the mower “as it is” on disassembly in the first complete set for 2-3 thousand roubles, but for myself for a long time already I should bypass the present Makita tool.

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PS: I think that after reading this review, it would be a matter of honor for you to highlight your product.

Advantages: unpretentious to use – handles with one hand, reliable, easy to wait and makes a well level area with dignity.

Disadvantages: the plastic case scratches, the cable is constantly in the way (but it is all electrics), the knife is dull (but easily sharpened), the small volume of the grass catcher.

Comment: Hello all! I rarely write reviews, but here I could not resist – this model goes to the animal shelter (worked and burned 2-3 hectares. over the winter corrosion ate it), perhaps you have a falsification or something with my hands. Look more closely here, there are real reviews, and I put a magic wand or armature to not use a weedkiller, and it’s not practical to put out paddocks to lay out. But I have 3 tomorrow every week or every 2 weeks for 30-40 minutes. Mowing height is adjustable, but 35-40 mm and that’s it. I remove 1-2 times during the summer as a layer of 1.5 cm of sticks, yes, you have to have a knife (soft hurts. Excellent product for its price – maybe I was lucky, but in the store (I use 5 years) in which my salesman (professional) recommended only a proven product and each brand has bad and good models.

Makita Elm 3800 lawn mower. Review, specifications, reviews

In this article, we will tell you all about the Makita Elm 3800 lawnmower: the properties of the model, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the ratings that our visitors wanted to leave. But before we move on to the description and technical specifications, I would like to address a few words to the brand under which these garden tools are produced.

Makita Elm 3800 lawnmower

The Elm 3800 electric non-self-propelled lawnmower from Makita is manufactured by the world-renowned Makita brand. The manufacturing company was founded in 1915 by Mr. Makito (Japan). The history of the company, which has managed to conquer the West, East, America and, finally, the whole world, already counts more than a hundred years. The main specialization of Makita concern is generators, electric motors and hand-held electric tools. However, this has not prevented the leading engineers to develop garden tools, working with both electric and gasoline engines.


Makita gasoline lawn mower Makita mechanical lawn mower Makita EM 2600 u

The same Elm 3800 is not particularly refined – simple and light, maneuverable and affordable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. It is designed for small lawns, lawns and residential plots with an average size of about 4-5 acres. The main prerequisite for the operation is free access to power supply.

Main advantages of the Makita Elm 3800 chain saw
  • Low weight (13 kg), maneuverability, control accessibility, easy assembly.
  • Affordability.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Environmentally friendly and no emissions.
  • Effortless maintenance.
  • Indicator of load basket for collecting grass.
  • Safety.
  • Removable, adjustable, rubberised handles.
  • Engine brake.
  • Motor protection against overheating.
  • Quiet operation.
Disadvantages of the Makita Elm 3800
  • Lawnmower made of plastic.
  • Connection to the electric mains.
  • The possibility of getting the wires under the knife if you are not careful with the mower.


This lawn mower is not self-propelled but it does not cause difficulties to work thanks to its lightweight design (only 13 kg). The special design of the wheels and the position of the grass catcher box allows maneuverability. The Makita Elm 3800 lawnmower is equipped with a powerful electric collector motor (made by Makita) with 1400 watts of power.

The battery is not included, so the electric mower is powered from 220 V via an extension cable.

Special clamps prevent the disconnection of the extension cable from the mower plug. The percussion blades of the electric motor force the cold air and thus protect the electric motor from overheating. With the EASY start system you can operate the mower in a temperature range of 5 to 40 degrees.

A device from a Makita electric lawnmower

For emergencies, obstacles etc., the EASY STOP lever is the emergency stop lever for the electric motor. To transfer the torque to the rotors a gearbox and belt transmission is used, the time of the blade exit is reduced due to the presence of an electric brake.

Other use: collecting leaves and garden debris – Makita Elm 3800 lawn mowers can also work as a garden vacuum cleaner.

The material from which the body of the Makitra ELM-3800 rotary lawnmower is made is durable and lightweight polypropylene. The wheels are also plastic, the diameter of the front pair is 12.7 cm, the rear pair is 17.8 cm. Such a solution, and even the grass box, which is placed on the rear of the mower, is one piece. It is important to note that the bikes themselves do not protrude over the body, so that the mower can be used for mowing grass along fences and curbs. The grass catcher box has a volume of 40 liters, the bag itself with a plastic lid is a bag fill indicator. Handles with increased safety: rubberized, folding, removable.

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Makita mowing along a fence

The shape of the lawnmower blade is also unusual. The blade creates an additional flow of air that directs the cut grass directly into the bag. Thanks to the 3CUT technology, the mower ensures the smoothest and smoothest cut possible. The cutting height can be easily adjusted (2.5 to 7.5 cm) because there is a lever with 6 positions. Mulching is not provided; the trimmings are only collected in a bag.


Type of power Electric
Power, kW 1,4
Height of delay, mm 25-75
Special width, mm 380
Grass box, l 40
Area of movement, sq.m. 500
Weight (kg 13.0

Owner’s Manual

Instructions are always included in the configuration. A description is given in the following sections:

  1. The design of the Makita electric gas saw, the steps of its bending assembly.
  2. Properties of the ELM 3800.
  3. Conditions and algorithm for safe operation and maintenance of the lawnmower.
  4. The first start of the engine, preparation.
  5. Maintenance.
  6. Malfunctions of the Makita electric lawnmower.

The first start-up

The Makita ELM 3800 electric lawnmower has no operating experience. However, these simple steps will help you get your mower up and running:

  1. Install the grass catcher box.
  2. Put the blade on the wave, fasten it securely (you need to oil the shaft before doing this).
  3. Check the tension of the fasteners.
  4. Evaluate the volume of work and set the desired cutting mode.
  5. Check the mains voltage and clear any breaks.
  6. Check the extension cord for breaks and damage.
  7. Connect the Makita ELM-3800 lawnmower to the mains.
  8. Service the electric motor.


No complicated manipulation – just simple steps and attention:

  1. Timely cleaning of the lawnmower, motor and aerator of dust and grass residue protects the electric motor from overheating, the lawnmower from premature write-off.
  2. Particular attention is paid to the blade – sharpening, balancing and lubrication of the shaft.
  3. Do not forget to check again the degree of tension of the fasteners that hold the blade. Loosening of the blade is possible.
  4. Lubricate the gears.
  5. Replace the brushes.
  6. Preparing for Long-Term Storage
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Storing and carrying a Makita lawnmower

Preparing the lawn mower for long-term storage includes:
  • Cleaning;
  • Degreasing the assemblies;
  • Disconnecting the blade and placing it in oiled paper for storage.

Major malfunctions and troubleshooting

Let’s list the most common malfunctions occurring in electric lawnmowers of this brand.

The electric motor does not start:

  • Shut off the electric motor;
  • The cord is disconnected or torn;
  • The lawnmower is not plugged in;
  • No voltage.

Mowing the lawn is uneven:

  • Mowing mode set incorrectly;
  • Knife needs sharpening.
  • Aerial view is clogged with grass;
  • Mains voltage is lower than normal.
  • Incorrect setting of the greeting height.

Strong vibrations during operation:

  • Knife unbalanced;
  • Knife deformed;
  • Knife holder must be tightened.

The knife has stopped rotating, the motor is humming:

  • Low mains voltage;
  • Select correct high grass cutting mode.
  • The blade is blocked by grass or other objects (rags, wire, etc.).

Lawnmower is not cutting the grass:

  • High grass;
  • Select high grass mode;
  • Low rotor speed;
  • Blunt blade.

Video review

Makita Elm 3800 lawnmower assembly association

Checking the operation of the Makita Elm 3800 lawnmower

Owners reviews

EGOR, 55 years old:

“I liked the Makita Elm 3800 mower a lot! Slowly mows, from time to time I stop to release the blade (the adjustment lever on the upper level). The motor near the end of the summer died – as they said in the middle – wrong outreach, all rotted out…. Replaced under warranty, rejoiced, but it was not there … after 1.5 months The same story, I spat and decided not to return to this mower! “

Yuri, 42 years old:

“I was lucky in this matter, such problems as Egor did not arise. I would like to say a few words in defense of the Makita. Makita Elm 3800 Mitch works up to the second year, and properly, I do not let the lawn overgrow. The electric motor starts in half a turn, but it is difficult to clean. “

Igor. 35 years old:

“And want and prick … people, how do I choose …. So many different reviews, thought about buying the Makita Elm-3800, I have all the power tools, now confused…. I do not want to throw money away . So, who has to say what? Pros and cons, so to speak? “

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