Makita Elm 3711 lawn mower. Review, specifications, tests

Makita Elm3711.

Before you buy a Makita Elm3711 at the lowest price, study the specifications, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the model, and customer reviews.

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Makita Elm3711 Specifications

General features *
Grass box Yes, soft, capacity 35 l
Type mower
Recommended cutting area 500 sq. m
Mowing width 37 cm
Cutting height 20-55 mm
Cutting height adjustment Yes, 3 levels
Mulch no
Grass Into the grass garbage can
Motor *
power input 1300 W
Battery operation no
Engine speed 2900
Motor type electric
Design *
Number of bikes four-wheeled
Body material plastic
Handle height adjustable folding handle
Wheel material plastic
Additional Information *
gear Grass catcher, disc/blade
Dimensions *
Weight 14 kg

* For exact specifications, please check with your dealer.

We’ve been cutting grass since we were two weeks old. Including wet. We take everything. Twigs, cones. Unwanted, but succeeds, I am a crime. Service time is not long, but during this time it has proved excellent.

I noticed some damage during assembly – it was damaged somewhere during shipping, but otherwise everything is fine.

Put this miracle on its side after the first time, cleaned the blade and deck of grass. The plastic bends slightly and the knife clips. Neighbor Al-Co puts it on the side with 1.4kW and the deck is three times thicker.

Don’t take it. Scrap metal.

The fact that the machine moves forward hard for the third year. Slightly rolls back and it’s almost impossible for a woman or elderly person to drive forward. Bad technology. Would not recommend for purchase.

I bought it because of the asynchronous motor. After reading the reviews about its “plasticine character”, I began to think how to avoid the wedge. I had the idea to replace the blade on a metal head for gastropick with a fishing line (the price of such a head about 200-600 rubles, depending on design), so as not to hit obstacles. The head turned out to be good (it was necessary to sharpen the apron on the mounting nut). A 3 mm fishing line was used (square cross-section). RPMs are not trimmer-like, of course (6000 instead of 11000), so I have to take a head with four lines to increase the frequency of cutting the grass (in one turn it hits the trunk four times instead of two). Wild grass and vegetation are tolerated. The lawn, of course, is only combed out. But the engine does not get stuck. We tested it on an ordinary relief garden plot with bumps. When encountering bumps there is a column of dust. It is necessary to attach a kind of filter to the holes of the engine air intake (but not to reduce air access – it will overheat). In general, you can use this option as well. Now gathering dust in the shed and waiting for the season.

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All in all, a very good thing. Yes, screws fly out, bolts get lost – screw in a new one, fix it and forget it. I have a mowing area of about 15 acres (village). Garden-garden – about 3, the rest – the shoots. I used to agonize with a scythe – all overnight for a week and mow early – the grass is too fine + grass – where mush, where the saut√© and 2 3 weeks – an ant heap + canals, who knows the strange waves – waves 10 times and into the ground. Now my runs look like a golf course – the lawn has strengthened. The bumps are no bigger than the wheelbase of the mower. It’s all about the mowing technique. Further instructions 1. First, lay the grass knee-deep with a large trimmer mower – this shows rocks and large irregularities, which is like death for a mower. 2. Hang the grass box on the hook and attach the back cover (wire) to the floor at a 45 degree angle to the floor. 3. Set the maximum height for the first time. 4. When the mower is sluggish or the grass is somewhere under the knee – use the following trick – raise it to 45 degrees on the rear wheels – move it forward and down, pull it back (ie, high grass or a bump in two) If you apply violence, the plastic apron, in which the knife rotates and the edges of the knife grinds it. 5. Let the grass throw if the plot is uneven – in a season grass fertilizer will do its job – the lawn will begin to level out the grass at home 7. Something like that, now I need 2-3 hours for 12 acres, now But the vegetable garden even as much in the garden – there is a need to attach grass catcher to the beds are not polluted + with trimmer on the corners, which is inevitable

Last year at the cottage planted a good lawn. Several times mowed it with a trimmer, but it was inconvenient to collect the grass, and to mow evenly did not work. We chose a lawn mower. We took this one and were not satisfied. The grass catcher bag is soft, the fabric is stretched over a plastic frame, though it is small (35 liters), it is enough for us, for large areas need a serious device, but there and the price will be higher. There is something similar to a full grass bag at the lawnmower, when filled, the valve goes up. I really like the way the socket on the handle is made. It’s comfortable to use and the extension cord doesn’t get in the way. My recommendation. You won’t find anything better for the price.

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I used this mower for 2 seasons, the area of 10 hundred square meters, no beds, so 6-7 lawns for 10 hundred square meters. For you such a load is not a problem, for me it is more difficult. Works well, no problems. Just make sure that the nuts do not spoil.

I couldn’t go in and not write a review. The mower is literally indestructible. I use it for the 3rd season, a plot of 30 acres, I mow once a month, it takes about 6-8 hours a month to mow. There are irregularities on the plot, all mowing is perfect. Mows even knee-deep grass, and sometimes even waist-deep, takes away the grass and continues to mow. Yes, it works even with chippings, but it is sometimes that chippings fly aside or fall down. I’ve changed only one blade for the 3rd season, the previous one is kind of worn out from rocks, mowing and sharpening. The hacksaw blade is tucked away and continues to mow, I wouldn’t say it’s bad material. The motor? I always lubricated it after disassembling the garbage, after what and how and with what. I don’t regret the mower, I’m waiting for it to die so I can buy a benzo, because With an electric mower, 30 acres is just agony because of the wires.

Makita Elm 3711 lawn mower. Review, specifications, tests

The Makita ELM 3711 electric lawnmower for high-quality uniform mowing in small areas (up to 5 acres). Direct access to the mains electricity is a must. This self-engineered lawn mower is characterized by small dimensions and low weight – only 13 kg.

Makita Elm 3711 lawn mower

The manufacturer of the mower is the famous company from Japan Makita, founded in 1915 by Masaburo Makita. The company began its activities with the repair and production of electric machines (generators and electric motors), later expanded, increased its range: professional and household power tools, garden equipment, etc.

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Makita atomizer Makita atomizer Makita atomizer Makita atomizer Makita atomizer.

Today the Makita brand is known worldwide as a manufacturer of quality and reliable products. Makita representatives are scattered throughout the world, and there are manufacturing points.

Benefits of the Makita ELM 3711
  • compact, lightweight, easy to operate;
  • manoeuvrability, ability to work on horizontal surfaces;
  • environmentally friendly, no fuel combustion products;
  • ergonomic, stable;
  • Easy-to-use, adjustable, rubberized, folding handles;
  • Easy to service and maintain;
  • No noise;
  • Indicator of grass catcher box filling;
  • Build quality:
  • reliability of construction;
  • Price.
Disadvantages of the Makita lawnmower:
  • Constant need for a power source;
  • If you circulate carelessly, the mains cable may be damaged.


The Makita ELM 371 not self-sufficient electric lawnmower weighs 1-13 kg. The power of the Makita electric motor is 1300 watts. The electric motor is powered by 220V, the battery is not provided by the manufacturer. The impeller of the improviser is upgraded and equipped with more massive blades for better cooling of the motor.

Using special clips, you can securely fix the power cord (extension cord) and prevent the plug from flying out of the socket during operation.

The engine is easy to start and an emergency stop is available.

Diagram of an electric lawn mower

The body of the Makita ELM 3711 electric lawnmower is made of durable polypropylene, the wheels are also plastic, but the grass box is combined: the top – plastic, the bottom – cloth. The design is four-room, the wheels are specially recessed in the body of the mower, so it became possible to work on mowing the grass along the fence or curb.

Makita mowing along the fence

Diameter of front and rear wheels is different, 12.7 cm and 17.8 cm respectively. For the collection of cuttings there is a 35-litre grass catcher box. There is no mulching function, with the grass catcher box removed, the grass clippings are thrown back onto the freshly mowed lawn (they can then be removed with a normal rake).

The Makita has a grass catcher box fill indicator and can operate like a garden vacuum, sucking up dead leaves and small debris into the grass catcher box.

The handles are folding, rubberized and easy to remove for transport or storage. Not only the body of the Makita ELM 3711 lawnmower has a special shape, but also its blade, which is 41 cm long: as it rotates, the blade creates turbulence, which directs the flow of cut plants into the grass box.

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The use of 3Cut Technology allows a grass cut of the highest quality. The height of the slope is not centrally adjusted, but separately above each wheel. Three cutting positions from 2 to 5,5 cm.


performance type electric
power, kW 1,3
cutting height, mm 20-55
chamfer width, mm 370
grass box, l 35
mowing area, sq. m 500
weight (kg) 14

Owner’s Manual

The Makita ELM 3711 Lawnmower Owner’s Manual contains the following sections:

  1. Lawn mower design, step-by-step assembly in instructions and diagrams.
  2. Specifications for the ELM 3711.
  3. Instructions for safe operation and maintenance.
  4. Getting ready for work.
  5. Putting your Makita lawnmower into operation.
  6. Maintenance of your Makita electric lawnmower.
  7. Malfunctions and their causes.

We give a brief overview of the information disclosed in some of the sections.

First startup

The Makita ELM 3711 lawnmower is an unpretentious device, but in order to properly prepare it for operation, you need to follow the following algorithm of uncomplicated actions:

  • Check the voltage in the mains;
  • exclude its drops;
  • put on the cutting element and fix it, pre-lubricating the shaft.
  • Connect the extension cable to the network 220 V, professionally fasten it with clamps;
  • Check the screws for tightening;
  • Attach grass collection container.
  • Select a specific mowing mode using the setting above each of the four wheels.


The following simple steps will help the owner of a Makita elm3711 electric lawn mower ensure the long life of their unit and minimize the occurrence of malfunctions:

  1. Checking the mains voltage, eliminating voltage sags.
  2. Check the condition of the extension cord for mechanical damage.
  3. Lubricating the rotor shaft.
  4. Fix cutting element.
  5. Check sharpness of knife or cutting disc and sharpen them in time.
  6. Clean grass residue from mower, electric motor and air intake.
  7. Evaluate the condition of the electric motor, gearbox and other important components.
  8. Correctly preserving an electrical appliance.

Storing and carrying a Makita lawn mower

Maintenance of an electric lawn mower includes:
  • Clean the machine;
  • Remove the cutting element;
  • Wrap it in paper soaked in motor oil;
  • Lubricate the cutting elements with suitable substances;
  • Remove and fold down the handle.
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Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

From time to time, despite proper maintenance and operation, the unit breaks down. Let’s take a look at some of the problems common to electric lawn mowers, using the Makita lawn mower as an example.

Uneven mowing of the lawn:

  • The cutting element is blunt;
  • Incorrect mowing mode.

The blade does not rotate, the mower hums:

  • Select high grass mode;
  • The blade is diseased;
  • Check to see if the blade is clogged.

Grass has stopped cutting:

  • Blunt knife;
  • Weak cutting element speed;
  • Nassa of grass;
  • Incorrect cutting pattern set; grass is probably too high.

Strong vibration of the lawnmower during operation:

  • Raise the blade mounts;
  • Check that the blade is staggered.
  • Cutting element has been deformed.
  • The cutting element is clogged and requires aeration;
  • Motor overloaded; Reason – Cutting mode does not match tall grass;
  • Mains voltage drop.

Electric motor doesn’t start:

  • Stopped electric motor;
  • No voltage in mains;
  • Line cord is damaged or separated.

Video overview

Review of the Makita Elm 3711 electric angle grinder

Owners reviews

Andrew, 34 years old:

“The Makita Elm 3711 lawnmower will scold its manufacturer! Periodically, the blade stalls on the first mowing, in grass over 10 cm. Knocks down, slows down. The grass catcher box is too small, I have to clean it all the time, the grass flies in all directions from the slots. Mode setting – Mockingbird: Take off each wheel and turn it to the right height. Yes, they also fall (bikes) while working! Looked at both, it’s called! I regret the purchase, sorry, bought it in the fall and didn’t try it out, now the warranty is over, no one will take it off. “

Kirill, 21 years old:

“Makita Elm 3711 Mket Primitive, everything is simple. The engine is easy to start. Koshu race every 1.5 weeks, otherwise it starts to slip. The blade is weak, I sharpen it before every taper. Doesn’t pull for its price. Borders are really listenable, don’t happen and spill out, everything is smooth and neat. Doesn’t roar like gasoline. “

Sergey, 42 years old:

“Bought the Elm 3711 and have no regrets, the plot is pulled once a month, low output true, but I didn’t rush anywhere. I work with pleasure. The indicator does not always work, but the handles are comfortable, although the mount is not very. “

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