Makita Elm 3311 Lawn Mower. Review, features, test reports

Makita Elm3311 Lawn Mower

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We show all the advantages and disadvantages of the Makita Elm3311 Lawn Mower that have been identified through user use. We don’t hide anything and we publish all positive and negative honest customer reviews about Makita Elm3311 Lawn Mower, as well as suggest alternative counterparts. The purchase is worth it – the decision is yours alone!

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Makita Elm3311 Lawn Mower Reviews

Advantages: it’s a great machine. That’s right, after 6 years it was no longer satisfying. The lever that pushes the switch broke. Found the problem.

Advantages: lightweight, easy to mow. The grass is very high, it does not crumble and does not mow.

Disadvantages: the bag fills up quickly. But it is not so critical. It is possible to do without mowing.

Advantages: Low weight comparing with the petrol mower – low grass mowing is quite good The plastic is qualitative Plot unevenness does not interfere with the mowing, as many say quietly and calmly

Drawbacks: I have to carry the cord with me

Comments: Ordered online – received incomplete (lacked back wheel). All claims were denied as I lost this wheel myself. Check everything down to the screw. I had to buy extra parts myself to use it. Of course, I didn’t expect that.

Advantages: Simplicity (no belts, tensioners, gears, clutches, stock. The blade rests on the engine wave, nothing to break). MOUNT! Practical switch for every hand. Fail-safe when switched on.

Disadvantages: The inner body of the blade is made of soft plastic. Mow with care. When you encounter a serious obstacle, the body flexes and the knife cuts it. It is not critical, but annoying.

The comment: It really crushes tall clover, but with a dexterous maneuver it still cuts half a meter. Mowed wet clover and thistle, bag clogged immediately. You can mow without the bag, but I needed the silage as well. The mower passed all the tests with flying colors. I recommend it.

The good points are: good price, simple and practical design, nothing extra. The delivery set includes a key for removing the blade for sharpening.

How do you prepare your vegetable garden for the new season?

Disadvantages: The machine works on the principle that the failure of individual elements leads to the purchase of a new unit. I’m talking about the soft bag. The hard one could be wrapped with duct tape and used, and the derailleur broke quickly. The bike had bad threads and was not standing properly. Replaced it with a wheel from its predecessor.

Comment: I have used the 3300 for many years. Of course, can’t do without minor repairs with my own hands, but the machine plowed great until the engine had to live long from natural wear and tear. I chose this model as my old receiver. Hopefully it will last a long time as well.

Advantages: Plows and plows for years, they even tip every blade of grass up to my hip and onward. The engine is something, great protection against overheating and combustion.

Disadvantages: rear wheels are so-so.

came out on one axis, but there is room (thanks to the developers): unscrew the nut and go! The pocket in the back is useless, taking it out is a torment, it fills up in no time, I have been cutting without it for a long time.

Comments: Would buy again, great model for 6 acres.

Pros: Good reliable mower. We mow about 3 acres every 2 weeks.

Cons: Doesn’t work on the lawn because. It knocks down tall grass and doesn’t mow.

Pros: Convenient controls, power indicator light. Handles tall grass, easy to move, large enough grass catcher box.

Disadvantages: Back wheels protrude beyond the mowing base, it is inconvenient to mow along the fences and flowerbeds. At very moderate use (15 hundred square meters) on the second season the engine mounts have crumbled, have repaired, on the third season the engine has burnt down.

Comment: Despite the well-known and respected brand, the quality is very mediocre.

Pros: Good compact mower for small lawns

Cons: On the fourth season of operation the engine burned out, the cause was never understood. The replacement costs 60 % of a new mower.

Commentary: Possibly just bad luck

Pros: Lightweight. Little noise. Price.

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Cons: None for me.

Comment: Has been working perfectly for two years. Lightweight, no fatigue. 10 mornings in 3 hours is easy. Cuts burdocks, stinging nettles and weeds behind the fence, just don’t let the weeds grow to human height. And you get used to the wire. You start mowing from the socket and beyond, and everything is great, no mess underfoot.

Pros: Easy, convenient.

Cons: If you don’t mind it, it’s a good mower.

Commentary: I have been using it for 8 years now. The motor burned out after a cable break while using it. Short circuit, motor is smoking. Will have to buy a new one. I think this is the same model. I recommend it.

Pros: First of all, it is a well-known brand! Second, asynchronous motor! without a belt! third, a lot of heavy metal parts! Also: a convenient handle, power indicator – green light turns on when plugged in, good knife, Makita brand, thought-out grass throwing – compared with several mowers – Bosch and Gardena I got from the neighbor! Mowed with it 2 times, I thought what to take for myself! If to look from below on the chute, through which the grass is thrown in the collector, it is clear that Makita has wide and smooth ejection window and large! The other manufacturers have a chute with some bulges that definitely slow the grass down, plus it’s small and clogs quickly even with an empty grass catcher box! Makita is cooler!

Cons: Haven’t found any yet.

Makita Elm 3311 Lawn Mower. Review, features, test reports

Makita ELM 3311 lawn mower. Review, specs, reviews

The Makita ELM 3311 electric lawnmower is used for mowing lawns, lawns and other outdoor areas that have direct access to power. Despite its small size and lightness (only 11.5 kg), this non-self-propelled mower is able to cover an area of about 4 hectares.

The manufacturer of the Makita Elm 3311 lawnmower is the Makita Society of Japan, which was founded in 1915 by Makita-san. This company is known to the world community for its unique generators and multifunctional hand-held power tools.

Makita gasoline lawn mowers Makita lawn mower with Makita 2600 U engine.

The company management does not rest on its laurels, conquers new horizons, seeks its realization in new projects, such as the production of electric and gasoline lawnmowers and doughboys, as well as other functional garden tools.
  • Benefits of the Makita Elm 3311
  • Attractive design, easy to manoeuvre, easy to operate.
  • Environmentally friendly, no fuel emissions.
  • Economical and carefree.
  • Great performance.
  • Ergonomic rubberized handles that not only fold away but can be completely detached.
  • Slow running, minimal noise.
  • Availability of sensor for floor attack protection.
  • Affordable price.
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The quality of all components of the lawnmower.
  • The disadvantages can include the following:
  • Dependence on the connection to the electric network.
  • Constant monitoring of the cable (so as not to get under the rotating knife).

The body is not steel, but plastic.


The Makita Elm 3311 is not a stand-alone unit that is maneuverable and lightweight. The electric motor installed on the lawnmower has a power of 1100 W and is driven from the mains (220 V) through the mains cable (the manufacturer does not provide a battery).

The cable is connected to the Makita lawnmower with a special device that prevents the plug from disconnecting from the socket.

Makita ELM 3311 lawnmower

The electric motor is equipped with a large impeller, which cools the power unit, and an easy start system, which starts the electric motor in the temperature range from +5 to +40 degrees Celsius. A special lever is provided to control the operation of the motor.

Makita mowing along the fence

The Makita Elm 3311 electric planer is made of durable polypropylene, the bikes are made of polyamide. Four wheels do not extend beyond the body, so you can mow along fences, curbs, buildings, etc. to improve continuity and maneuverability 12.7 cm), the rear one is larger (diameter 17.8 cm).

The grass catcher box is small, only 27 liters, equipped with an indicator for filling the bag with plant debris. Convenient (folding) handles reduce operator fatigue during work.

The Makita Elm 3311 In the fall leaf cover can be used as a garden vacuum cleaner.

The special blade of the Makita Elm 3311 rotary mower is 33 cm long. Thanks to its specific shape, it is possible to create an additional spine flow, which cuts the grass into the grass box. The 3CUT technology is used for high-quality lawn separation. Adjustment of cutting height is not centralized (above each bike) and allows the operator to make the optimum cancellation mode in one of three positions (from 2 to 5,5 cm). Grass clippings are collected only in the grass catcher box, which has no mulching.

Features Type of power
Electric 1,1
Power, kW Grass box height, mm
20-55 330
Special width, mm 27
Grass catcher, l 400
Area of movement, sq. m Weight (kg
The most popular spring blooming flowers


Instruction manual

  1. The Operator’s Manual is a constant companion to your Makita lawnmower, no matter which model you choose. This document provides complete information on the design, operation and maintenance of the lawnmower and is divided into several sections:
  2. Design and step-by-step assembly of the Makita Elm 3311 lawn mower (there are programs and descriptions).
  3. Mowing technical features of the purchased mate model.
  4. Safety requirements (preparation for work, operation and maintenance).
  5. Preparation for the first start of the electric motor.
  6. The order of starting.
  7. Stages of maintenance of the makita electric lawnmower.

Typical of electric lawnmowers.

Let’s briefly pass on some of the sections.

First start-up

  • This is a very simple and unpretentious equipment. It is enough to perform a few simple steps and you can safely put the device into operation:
  • Properly install the cutting blade, having previously lubricated its shaft;
  • Check if fasteners are tightened firmly.
  • Choose the correct turn of the mower (depending on the height of the mowed grass);
  • Install the container;
  • Check that the mains voltage is available.

Connect the Makita mower to the mains using an extension cord of the desired length.


Maintenance is performed by the owner of the mower to correct minor and major malfunctions and ensure a long, trouble-free life.

  1. Maintenance on electric models is simplified and boils down to the following steps:
  2. Check the mains voltage before starting maintenance work.
  3. Check the integrity of the mains extension cord, the condition of the socket and plug.
  4. Control the condition of the knife, timely hide it, if necessary – change it.
  5. Before installing the cutting element, lubricate the wave with appropriate oils.
  6. Clean the air record of the electric motor from plant residues.
  7. Clean the lawnmower of vegetation residue and dust after each operation.
  8. Replace the brushes in the electric motor.
  9. Grind the gear and mowing shaft in a timely manner.
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Makita electric lawnmower

During maintenance:
  • Preservation of the lawn mower includes:
  • Clean the garden power tool;
  • Removing the blade;
  • Wrap the blade in oiled paper and store it in a dry place.

Lubricate the nodes and mechanisms of the lawnmower.

The main problems and methods of their elimination

Electric devices have only characteristic problems.

  • The electric motor does not start:
  • Check the mains connection;
  • Check the condition of the extension cable;
  • There is no voltage in the mains;
  • Motor has been primed.
  • Low voltage in the mains;
  • The shearing machine is clogged with vegetable residue;

Motor overloaded due to incorrect shearing mode.

  • Mower is buzzing, knife has stopped:
  • Mains voltage is below normal;
  • cutting element is blocked;

Grass is high and cutting height is incorrect.

  • Mower vibrates strongly:
  • The blade is out of order, deformed;
  • The blade is out of balance;

Fixing screws are loose.

  • Mowing is uneven:
  • The blade needs to be removed and sharpened;

Select correct cutting mode.

  • Grass is not being cut:
  • The grass is too tall; The blade of grass is too high; The blade of grass is not cutting;
  • The grass is too high;
  • Knife must be hidden;

Knife rotates at low speed.

Video review

Makita Elm 3311 lawnmower review

After a month of use, the Makita Elm 3311 lawnmower has had an impact review.

Owners reviews

Eugene, 19 years old:

“Sveta, entrusted the lawn to my grandfather. The cut is even, easy to operate and, the main thing is that it is almost noiseless, doesn’t hit my ears. The main thing is to keep an eye on the wire, so that it does not go under the knife. “

Sergey, 29 years old:

“The main advantages – the price and compactness. I use it to mow the lawn in front of the house, I take it with me to the village to my parents – it does not take much space, unpretentious in care. Paid my price.

Alexei, 37 years:

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