Makita electric saws: Makita cordless chainsaws video reviews, reviews, instructions

Electric saws Makita: Overview of the model range. The main advantages and disadvantages of the brand

Makita Electric Works was founded in 1915 in the small Japanese town of Nagoya. Its founder, engineer and designer Masaburo Makita, began his activities in a garage. At that time, the company was engaged in the production and repair of lighting equipment and transformers. Times were difficult, the company was close to bankruptcy several times, but it still managed to survive. The real success came to the young entrepreneur in the mid-1920s, when Makita products were sold throughout Japan. However, Makita Electric Works could gain a foothold on the world market only in the 1970s. By this time the company was producing dozens of different types of tools, among which the important place belonged to the Makita chain saws, both gasoline and electric.

Today, a Makita is a few thousand workers who work at the eight major factories of the company. More than a thousand items of power tools, gardening equipment and industrial equipment are being produced under the Makita brand. Concern plants are located not only in Japan but also in Germany, China and other Western European countries. Before coming into the stores, all products are subjected to strict quality control, tested for reliability and durability of each unit. No matter what country a product is from, it is manufactured in accordance with global ISO 9002 quality and safety standards, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.

Makita has a reasonable pricing policy that drives demand for its products. Today, a Makita electric saw can be ordered on the manufacturer’s website for prices ranging from $190 to $300. However, prices will be reduced by 20-50% on some models as part of the company’s promotion.

  • High-quality components and assemblies;
  • Compact, ergonomic housing made of high-quality materials;
  • Reliable and long-lasting engine;
  • Long warranty period;
  • Sufficient information support from the manufacturer and a large number of service centers.

Makita electric saws: Overview

In the company’s catalog you can find several dozen models of electric chainsaws, most of them, for one reason or another, are removed from production. Despite this, a sufficient number of electric saw models are produced. You can get acquainted with some of them in more detail in our review.

Makita UC3041a

The electric rotary saw is equipped with a 1.8 kW motor, which allows you to use a bar size of 300 millimeters. The model has a balanced drop and ergonomic handles with cushioned pads. The Makita UC 3041 A electric saw has a gear shift tensioner, an emergency brake that shuts off the motor and stops the gear shift. This electric saw can be used for all types of household chores, including cutting and sawing firewood, repairing and building homes and outbuildings. The UC 3041 A electric saw sells for $190 on the company’s Web site.

Makita UC3541a

This electric saw has similar features to the previous model. However, it is equipped with a 350-millimeter guide bar, which extends the scope of its application somewhat. Note the high reliability of the engine and the effective anti-vibration system with rubberized grips. For the operator’s convenience, the oil tank is equipped with a window to monitor the oil level in the automatic lubricator. The Makita UC 3541 A has an advertised price of only $130.

Makita UC3551a

Semi-professional electric saw is designed to work in intensive mode and perform complex works. Despite its low weight (5.5 kg), the electric saw is equipped with a powerful 2.0 kW motor that accelerates the saw chain to a speed of 870 m/min. The Makita Makita UC 3551 A electric saw has a mechanical chain travel brake, a brake for emergency force and engine shutdown, and a tensioner without a retractor. The electric saw has a balanced body and is very comfortable to use. This power saw is available today for $275.

Makita UC4051a.

Compared to the previous model, the Makita UC 4051 A electric saw is equipped with a 400 millimeter bar, which allows you to make cuts of 355 mm out of 355 mm. The two-kilogram motor will easily handle most repair and construction jobs, cutting and sawing firewood, and other household tasks. Like all Makita electric saws, this model can be used indoors without ventilation, as it does not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere. The Makita UC 4051 a power saw has a promotional price of $185 today.

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Makita UC4551a.

This power saw has a 4500 bar that allows you to make rubber up to 413 mm. This semi-professional model is designed to work in intensive conditions and can be used both in the home and in construction or repair work on large sites. Note the stylish, ergonomic body of the electric saw, the presence of a racing and emergency brake, the non-designed chain tensioner. The automatic lubrication system does not require additional adjustments, and the transparent window in the oil tank helps you monitor and control the oil level. Makita’s UC 4551 A is on sale today at a significant discount, costing $195.

Dial-Up Batteries

The company devotes considerable attention to this segment of the garden tool market. Today, the manufacturer has 13 tools, three of which have already been discontinued. Also expected to be new in 2018 will be the Makita Duc204z model. It is worth noting that some of the models come without a charger and batteries – they must be ordered separately. All saws of this manufacturer are divided into two categories: with batteries for 18 and 36 volts. About the other characteristics of chainsaws Makita we will talk about below.

Makita Duc 122 Z

Super-light (2.6 kg) compact cordless electric saw is designed for cross and longitudinal cuts in wood. It can be used for garden trimming, backyard maintenance and landscaping. The motor is equipped with an accidental start interlock system. An emergency brake engages when the chain is running. The automatic lubrication system improves performance and durability of the saw head. Makita’s DUC 122 Z sells for a promotional price of $215 today. No batteries or charger are included in the basic package.

Makita Duc252z

The unit is powered by two 18-volt batteries, which increases power and extends run time on the load. The saw is equipped with a 250 millimeter bar, which allows you to perform various construction and repair work on homes and outbuildings, landscaping, pruning trees and providing hedges. Two 5 Ah batteries. Gives the ability to make up to 120 cuts of 40 millimeters on one load. The saw is equipped with a safety system brake and has a discharge indicator. The Makita DUC252Z chain saw costs $405 without batteries.

Makita Duc 302 Z.

A battery protection system against overcharging, overheating and overcurrent provides long battery life and increased motor power. The model runs on two 18-volt batteries, has a weight of 4.1 kilograms and can be used for repair and construction work, for cutting and sawing firewood and other budgetary needs. For the operator’s convenience, the Makita DUC 302 Z electric saw has a chain tensioner, a battery discharge indicator, and a window in the tank to monitor the oil level. The manufacturer offers this tool for $415 on its Web site.

Makita Duc 353 Z.

One of the most popular and sought-after cordless saws from this manufacturer. The tool is equipped with a 350 millimeter bar and has two operating modes: normal and turbo. In turbo mode, productivity increases, but power consumption increases and battery life decreases. The model has a compact, well-designed body and a small weight of up to 5.2 kilograms. The stated price of the tool is $470. In the DLXMUA353 configuration (with battery charger and batteries), the advertised price of the unit does not exceed $480.

Makita Duc204z.

The company recently announced sales of a new saw. There is no information on the manufacturer’s website about the cost of the batteries, but the specifications and features are known. The device has a compact size and low weight – only 2.8 kilograms without batteries. The model is equipped with a direct-drive rush, which greatly saves battery power. The main purpose of the Duc204z Makit model is construction and repair of various premises, garden trimming and landscaping work.

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Unpacking and preparing for work

  • When buying the electric saw, check the delivery set and make sure that there are no visible damages or malfunctions. If any are found, ask your retailer to have them repaired.
  • Conduct a test run with the electric motor in the presence of the dealer to verify that it is working and in good condition;

The new owner has 14 days to request a refund or replacement in the event of a factory error.

  • The Makita electric saw comes pre-assembled; the new owner must assemble the saw set, insert the batteries (if it is a cordless electric saw), and fill in the automatic lubrication system.

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Putting on and taking off the chain on a Makita chain saw

Most Makita saw models are equipped with a keyless chain tensioner. In this case the saw is assembled in the following order:

  • Dismantle the guard by unscrewing the outer mounting washer;
  • Put the guide bar shaft in its seat, put the chain on the drive sprocket and on the bar;
  • Assemble the guard and secure it with a lock washer.
  • Adjust the chain tension with the inner tension nut;
  • Tighten the outer nut as far as it will go.

Important: If the tension is correct, no link should sag under its own weight. If so, the chain should rotate easily on the bar without making excessive noise or stopping;

Pour oil into the automatic chain lubrication reservoir. Use a special chain oil with the appropriate viscosity index for this purpose. It is not recommended to fill the system with conventional motor, diesel or transformer oils.

Important: After refilling the automatic lubrication system, check the housing of your Makita electric saw for oil spots. If a leak is found, find the cause and repair the leak.

Possible malfunctions and remedies

symptoms Possible malfunction Remedy
Makita electric saw motor does not start when the start button is pressed Defective outlet, power cord or extension cord

Machine does not start

Line voltage is low

Use a different power source, replace the power cord or replace the extension cord.

Oil line is broken or clogged.

Repair or replace oil pump

Locate leak and restore tightness in oil line

Clean debris from oil line

Short-circuit in Makita electric saw armature winding

Contact your service center or an experienced electrician.

Main advantages and disadvantages of a Makita electric saw


  • Rugged, reliable motor;
  • Ergonomic design and low weight;
  • High-quality components and assembly;
  • Outrun brake and emergency stop brake;
  • Locking the engine against unintended starting;
  • High eco-friendliness of Makita electric saws;
  • Autonomy of the tool (for cordless saws).


  • Relatively high cost;
  • Not all cordless models come with batteries and chargers;
  • Limited autonomy (cordless saws).

Video reviews of Makita electric saws

Makita DUC254 cordless chainsaw owners review and evaluation:



Makita uc4051A power saw reviews:



Which Makita saw to buy – gasoline or electric:



Makita chainsaw: rating of owners

Alexei Komarnitsky, 43, Krasnodar region:

I took the Makita UC 4551 A chainsaw on a special offer, it cost me a little more than 12,000 rubles. Quality engine, with a 450 mm bar, works well, the power is enough. Under load, well holds the speed, with the chain tensioner had no problems (sometimes complain). After the chainsaw, it is both easier and quieter to work. Of course, there are problems with autonomy, but for that you do not need to carry a can of gasoline and think, start or not.

Sergey Mironov, 52, Novgorod region:

For a long time I wanted a cordless saw, and here I see the action, Makita – a good tool, rich equipment – I decided to take it. Yes, Makita Duc 353 Z is not cheap – I had to pay about five hundred dollars, but considering the equipment it is not much. There are no complaints about the work of the tool. Power enough for my needs: repairs, mowing the garden, fishing trips, sometimes wood for the sauna/fireplace. I fill only proprietary oil Calm, pay attention to the chain to not blunted. The disadvantages – the battery lasts 25-30 minutes of intensive work, but there is no other.

Advantages: ergonomic housing, high-quality workmanship, rich equipment, saws well;

The disadvantages: the price, low battery capacity.

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Makita brand chainsaws: an overview of the model range

Makita chainsaws are manufactured at Makita Japanese company factories, which are located on different continents in different countries: in Japan, USA, England, Romania, Russia, Germany. Masaburo Makita registered his company in 1915, which has been producing and repairing compressors, electric motors and generators.

Makita UC3520A chain in action

Today the Makita brand is known primarily for the high quality of its products around the world. Today the company is known for the production of high quality hand and power tools, as well as garden products. Representatives “Makita” are open in 120 countries around the world and this is not the limit.

How to recognize a Makita chainsaw original or fake?

How do you know if the chainsaw in front of you is the original or a Chinese knockoff? Sometimes the nuances are so insignificant that only an experienced tool owner can recognize a fake, which the average consumer must do. Do you want to buy a certain modification of the chainsaw?

We recommend reading just two points that will help the future owner of an electric saw to 100% rule out counterfeiting:

  1. Check the suggested marking of the power saw on the official website of the manufacturer of this device. The presence of additional letters and numbers or the complete absence of changes in the Makita electronic catalog indicates a 100% counterfeit.
  2. It is not superfluous to check the tool by the bar code – combinations of numbers indicate the country of manufacture, no matter what the seller says.

Review of “Makita” chain saws

The manufacturer of chainsaws Makita produces two variants of this power tool:

  1. Cord-powered electric chainsaws.
  2. Cordless electric chainsaws.

Makita electric chainsaws

The Makita range of electric chainsaws is represented by the following models:

  1. Makita UC4051AX1 chainsaw.
  2. Makita UC 3530 A/5m chainsaw.
  3. Electric chainsaw Makita UC3041A.
  4. Makita UC4020A chainsaw.
  5. Makita UC4551AX1 electric chainsaw.

Benefits of Makita electric chainsaws:

  • Lightweight;
  • runs quietly;;
  • unpretentious;
  • Aut o-Gym chains and gears;
  • Easy access to carbon brushes;
  • Convenient trigger with locking mechanism;
  • double insulation;
  • splitting clutch;
  • accidental start lock;
  • Motor and chain brake;
  • guard, granulated;
  • possibility of sawing in space;
  • chain extends without the help of additional tools.
  • Dependence on power supply;
  • Performance is lower than that of electric;
  • the area of action is limited by the length of the mains cable.

We suggest getting a better look at the characteristics of electric saws:

Makita UC4051AX1 electric saw

Semi-professional electric saw has a weight of 5.6 kg, the electric motor operates at 220 V voltage from the mains and provides power of 2000 watts. The electric motor is placed longitudinally in the body. The start is push-button, and there is protection against accidental start.

Electric Makita UC4051AX1

Uses a 40 cm hoop saw, 56 link chain with ⅜ inch pitch. Includes electric saw, two chains, guards, bars and instructions. Chain voltage drops. Purpose: gardening, construction, fueling.

How much can this little thing cost? Depending on the store – from 12 to 13 thousand rubles.

Makita UC 3530 A/5m chainsaw.

Weight of the professional unit – 4.4 kg, the length of the mains cable – 5 m. The electric motor is placed longitudinally in the body, its power – 2000 W, it is started from the button with a lock, protection from accidental switching on the saw. It uses a 14-inch (35 cm) guide bar and a saw chain with 52 teeth.

Makita UC 3530 A/5m electric chainsaw

The chain is tightened without tools, the oil supply to the headset is automatic. The operator can set the optimum amount of lubrication. The ball bearings are sealed and the electric motor has an inertia brake that replaces the brushes.

Characteristics and instructions:

weight (kg 4.4 power, W 2000
chain pitch, inch 3/8 bar length, mm 350
bar width, mm 1.3 chain speed, m/min 800
number of links 52 power supply voltage in 220
cable length, m 5.0 overall dimensions, mm 842 (length)
gross weight, kg 5.96 Dimensions in package, ММ 550x210x230
Automatic chain lubrication Yes Electric motor brake Yes

See the instruction manual for more information about the electric chainsaw.

Makita UC3041A electric chainsaw

The cost of the product ranges from 7-8 thousand rubles. Electric saws have a mass of 4.6 kg and are used for sawing wood in construction.

 Makita UC3041A

The power of the electric motor is 1800 watts, the power supply is from the mains 220 V. It uses a 12-inch (30 cm) guide bar and a chain with 46 links. Lubrication is automatic. There is a handbrake, gearbox, button lock, inertia brake. The tension of the chain mechanism does not cause problems.

Makita UC4020A jigsaw

Weight of the compact saw – 3.4 kg, the electric motor produces a power of 1800 watts. The tool, a braking system, protects the hands of the operator.

Makita UC4020A Electric chainsaw

The saw consists of a bar 40 cm and a chain of 56 links. The lubrication system is automatic. Chain tensioning is tool-free.

Makita UC4551AX1 chainsaw

The price of chain saw ranges from 12 to 14 thousand rubles. The weight of the electric saw is 5.7 kg, the electric motor power of 2000 watts is long coveted. A 45 cm bar with a 62-tooth chain is used.

Electric Makita UC4551AX1

Chain lubrication is automatic, it is possible to regulate the supply of oil. The handles are rubbed with protection, there is a Zeeper brake system. Chain tensioning without the use of tools.

Makita frame power stations

The line of cordless chainsaws “Makita” is represented by the following models:

  1. Makita Duc353z cordless chainsaw.
  2. Makita Buc122z cordless chainsaw.
  3. Makita UC250DZ cordless chainsaw.

The advantages of cordless chainsaws are:

  • Lightness;
  • Mobility;
  • Compactness;
  • No ties to the power supply;
  • quiet work;
  • ability to work indoors;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • pleasant chain tension;
  • the possibility of choosing the battery of the required capacity;
  • Increased safety for the operator.

The disadvantages include:

  • High price;
  • Lack of battery and charger;
  • Durability – the battery is weak and needs to be recharged.

We suggest you learn more about Makita cordless chainsaws.

Makita Duc353z cordless chainsaw

The saw has a weight of 4.7 kg, the brushless motor is located longitudinally and is powered by two 36 V batteries. The practical start button is equipped with a lock, overheat protection and protection against unintentional starting.

Makita duc353z chain saw

Safety is increased, there is a chain catcher, top and side guards. This modification uses 14″ (35 cm) saws and a chain with 52 limbs. Automatic chain lubrication.

Makita Buc122z cordless chainsaw

This household appliance weighs only 2.6 kg. The electric motor is located longitudinally and is powered by two 18-volt, 3.0 AH lithium-ion batteries. The battery and charger are not included.

Bucita buc122z cordless chain saw

The electric motor is protected from overheating and unintentional starting. Oil supply to the 42-limit chain is automatic. A 16 cm long small rod is used, the maximum cutting length is 11.5 cm.

Makita UC250DZ cordless chainsaw

This household device weighs 4.5 kg, the electric motor is located across the suitcase, runs on a 2.6 Ah battery with a voltage of 36 V. The handles are rubberized, there is a chain brake, hand protection, overheat and accidental start protection.

Makita UC250DZ chain saw

Chain lubrication is automatic, uses a 10-inch bar (25 cm) and a saw chain with 40 limbs. Battery and charger are not included.

Makita electric chainsaws, operating instructions

Makita chainsaws always come with an instruction manual, which is divided into sections and introduces the new owner of the device with complete information about the purchased product:

  1. Makita chainsaw, step-by-step assembly.
  2. Safety at work and in the company.
  3. Technical characteristics of the purchased modification.
  4. Techniques and working methods (how to work, what and where to cut).
  5. Preparation of the tool for work.
  6. Maintenance of the Makita chainsaw.
  7. Breakdowns, causes, repair.

Preparing the “Makita” saw for work

Electric saws “Makita” are very easy to use, so all preparation for work is reduced to the following:

  • The tool is assembled;
  • The bar with the chain is attached, the chain is tensioned;
  • The tank is filled with oil;
  • The integrity of the cable and the condition of the socket is checked;
  • The electric saw is plugged in and started by pulling the trigger.
  • Lubrication of the chain is checked (set).

In the case of battery modifications, the preparation scheme is similar, but since the electricity comes from the battery, the mains cable is no longer observed, and on the charger and battery.

Malfunctions, their causes, troubleshooting

Let’s look at the most common malfunctions of Makita electric and cordless chainsaws:

Makita electric chainsaw does not turn on:

  • There is no electricity in the mains;
  • Saw is not connected to a power source;
  • The electric motor is out of order;
  • Power cable is broken.

There is no oil supply to the chain mechanism:

  • Oil tank is empty;
  • System clogged;
  • SRCHMING feeder is not adapted.

Engine RPMs have dropped:

  • Carbon brushes are worn out.

Brake not working:

  • Brake belt is worn out.

The chain has stopped turning:

Electrical magic is vibrating hard:

  • Tool is out of order;
  • Sawdust is being drawn in.

We recommend watching a video on how you can replace the chain on a Makita electric jigsaw. First you need to properly remove the existing chain, and then install another one:

Video Review

We also offer to evaluate the work of the cordless current saw in our video:

Reviews of owners

George, 48 years old, Poltava

“Hello. I bought a cordless BUC12 2-MAKITA for the summer apartment. Compact, lightweight and charges the batteries in 20 minutes. This is more than enough to cut a branch, see the protocol in the wall, fuel for the fireplace OR cook the bath.

Advantages: lightweight, mobile. Works quietly, sings everything.

Disadvantages: batteries go dead fast, electricity costs much less than gasoline. “

Alexander, 39 years old, Peter

“Bought Makita UC4530A – the tool is not very satisfied. Gearbox set unreliable, one immediately divorced that plastic – in the service you are told – buy consumables for your money, and you say the engine at all….. Oil burns more than normal, adjustment does not help, of course the price of the original oil is three times higher.

Advantages: Only good for household chores – cut wood, trim panel.

Disadvantages: The assembly is worse, the gear is plastic, and this is higher than the standard, with a motor power of 2 kW, the cover flies, oil consumption. “

Maxim, 43 years old, Akhtyrka

“Bought a power plant. Makita all the tools for the house of this brand. The capacity of 2 kilowatts is enough for everything. At first you get used to the expansion cable, but in general – the tool is not bad.”

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