Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw: specifications, description and rules of use

Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw – Japanese model made in China

Branded products of the Makita brand are in consistently high demand in the domestic market. In official and popular sales reviews, the affordable, lightweight, economical and durable Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw ranks among the top products in everyday use.

Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw - Japanese Made in China model

Photo: Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw

This model is characterized by:

  • Lightweight;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Excellent performance for its power class;
  • intuitive operation;
  • simple and time-saving maintenance.

design features

Classic component layout is harmonized with modern solutions. Provides easy engine start at low temperatures, effective spring damping, automatic chain lubrication, easy access to adjustment points and settings.

Power of the driving mechanism and length of the bars allow to use Makita EA3202S40B chain saw for felling and sawing of trees up to 300 mm in diameter, for commercial wood processing, for maintenance of ornamental and fruit trees.

performance values

The chainsaw is designed for a long service life. Depending on the points of routine maintenance and the use of recommended consumables, the tool develops the motor life specified by the manufacturer with a large margin.

The chainsaw handle design provides a strong and secure grip. Productive work is promoted by the excellent balancing of the product and the convenient location of the speed regulator and other adjustment and control elements.


The tool weighs 5.89 kg and is characterized by good usability and small dimensions. Dimensions of the saw in the range of 417 x 276 x 315 mm meet the requirements of current regulations and standards.

The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke carburetor engine. The power unit has a working volume of 32 cm3 and produces 1.8 HP. The 0.4 l fuel tank capacity provides several hours of power.

  • Thanks to the well-developed finned cylinder, the saw can work for a long time without stopping for cooling.
  • The cam clutch transfers engine torque to the drive sprocket with minimum power loss.
  • Easy start system allows reliable engine starting without much effort.
  • Built-in automation provides full chain lubrication in various operating modes.

The engine is controlled during cold and warm starts in run and stop modes by a four-position Touch&Stop paddle switch.

model Makita EA3202S40B
Manufacturer Makita
manufacture (assembly) China
motherland Japan
visible class Farmer/household
Power, hp (kW) 1.81 (1.35)
bar length, mm 400
chain pitch, inches 3/8
bar groove width, mm 1,3
engine type gasoline
engine volume, cm3 32
fuel tank capacity, l 0,4
Oil tank volume, l 0.28
noise level, dB 102
weight (kg 5.89
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With a groove width of 1.3 mm, the length of the bar is 40 cm, which is enough for cutting long wood of various densities. This part of the chainsaw is made with high quality wear-resistant steel, which has a positive effect on durability.

The lubricating oil is supplied from an integrated 0.28-liter tank. The configuration of the steel saws ensures that the tool is securely locked in the working position. The spring-loaded muffler does a good job of blocking the entire high and low frequency range of the saw.

Makita EA3202S40B

Pros and cons of chain saw

The Makita EA3202S40B has been manufactured in the PRC under Japanese license since 2013. During this time, the chainsaw has proven itself from the best side. Users praise all the technical and operational characteristics of this tool.

In particular, they state:

  • reliability of the saw’s operation in high and low ambient temperatures;
  • stability of traction parameters during the whole service life in case of long overtaking;
  • low fatigability when mastering large amounts of sawing work;
  • wide functionality of the control lever;
  • Availability of Light Recovery technology memory initiation.

In negative reviews there is an unpleasant chain, in some cases it comes off when sawing wood in a horizontal position. Also fixed the sensitivity of the “stop” button, which turns off the engine even if accidentally touched.

The design of the drive sprocket, which will have to be replaced after it is worn out along with the clutch drum, is recognized as unsuccessful.

The cost of the chainsaw in different regions ranges between 9,500 and 10,000 rubles. During seasonal promotional sales, you can buy a chainsaw of this model at a discount of 7 to 10%.


Chainsaws, which are identical in power and cost, are included in the product line from well-known foreign brands. These are Echo CS-270Wes-12, Husqvarna 135 X-Torq, Champion 55-18″, Solo by Al-Ko 636-35 and a number of others. Domestic analogues are mainly represented in the budget groups.

Reviews of owners

A brand new Makita last year was given to me for my birthday. The chainsaw is one for the whole village, so the work of cutting firewood is fully loaded. During this time, the tool has practically paid for its cost. The machine is light and easy to work, the fiber starts, but sometimes not enough power. In the winter, while fishing accidentally lowered the saw into an ice hole, pulled it out, dried and the engine after several unsuccessful attempts to start again. Sasha

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By profession I work with construction wood, so a chainsaw is my main tool. For cutting big-diameter logs I use a three-kilowatt professional model Husqvarna 254, weighing about 6 kg. For other cases the light, compact Makita, unpretentious about fuel and gauge, helps me, but in three years it has never had any serious failures. I change tires and chains as they wear and stretch. The maintenance of the engine consists in an inconstant adjustment of the carburetor and checking the condition of the air cleaner. The disadvantage I consider not fully successful chain tensioning chain. This node requires constant control. Ivan Nikolaevich.

Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw – review, features, reviews

Household chainsaw Makita EA 3202S40B was released on the market in 2013, but is still in great demand among villagers and homeowners. The tool is designed for medium-intensity work and cannot be used for professional field logging. You can work and cut firewood, do construction and repair work, mow gardens and hedges with this gasoline-powered saw.

The device is equipped with a 1.9 horsepower motor with motor. And a 400 mm bar, which is the most optimal when performing the tasks for which the chainsaw is designed.

  • Informative Russian-language manual;
  • Modern design and ergonomic, well-designed housing;
  • Multi-point vibration elimination system with four steel springs;
  • Robust, economical air-cooled motor;
  • High quality construction and components at a reasonable price;
  • Tool warranty extended to five years if purchased from an authorized dealer.

Brand, price and basic chainsaws

Makita Electric Works was founded in the small Japanese town of Nagoya in 1915 and is named after its founding engineer, Masaburo Makita. The first production facilities of the new company were located in an ordinary garage, the main production was lighting equipment and transformers.

Makita Electric Works has successfully developed through high quality products and use of new technologies. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of garden equipment and hand-held power tools. The company’s plants are located in Japan, China, Germany and some other European countries. Makita chainsaws are manufactured in factories in Germany and China. To find out where this or that saw was manufactured, it is advisable to carefully study the markings on the body of the units. This is especially important, as there have been a lot of fakes on the market lately that do not match the quality of the original Makita products.

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The high quality and production of Makita equipment is combined with a well-thought-out pricing policy. The company does not tend to overprice its products. Today, the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw can be purchased for between $220 and $24.

When you buy a Makita chainsaw, you get a basic package:

  • Cardboard packaging in a branded style;
  • Reference book, product pass in Russian and warranty card;
  • Gasoline engine housing;
  • Guide bar (400 mm);
  • Saw chain;
  • Protective boot for guide bar;
  • Universal assembly wrench;
  • Screwdriver for carburetor adjustment.

Technical features and details of the Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw

Description and specifications of the Makita EA3202S40B chainsaw in the instruction manual in Russian:

Unpack and prepare it for use

  • When purchasing the tool, check its completeness and inspect the chainsaw for visible damage and malfunctions. If they are found, demand that the seller repair the defects or replace the product with a similar one.
  • Require the seller to run a test version with the engine to check its service and performance;

Important: After purchasing a Makita chainsaw, you have 14 days to replace or return the unit. However, it is better to check the maintenance of the tool carefully right at the time of purchase.

  • Read the manual carefully, and read the operating instructions and safety precautions for chainsaws. Remember that most tool failures are due to improper use and maintenance.

Your Makita chainsaw has been delivered. The new owner must reassemble the saw system, fill the engine, and pour oil into the automatic lubrication system:

  • Remove the guard by loosening the two nuts on the saw body;
  • Reinstall the guide bar shaft in its seat and clutch;
  • Slide the saw chain onto the drive posts and install it in the guide bar slot;

Attention: Make sure that the cutting edges of the teeth point in the direction of rotation of the drive chainwheel.

  • Install the guard and secure it with the fastening nuts;
  • Use the adjusting screw (between the mounting nuts) to set the correct chain tension and tighten the nuts as far as they will go.

Important: A correctly tensioned chain should rotate slightly on the rail without making any disturbing sounds, but neither limb should sag under its own weight.

Power and Lubricants

Your chainsaw is equipped with an air-cooled 2-stroke gasoline engine. These engines are lubricated by oil in a fuel mixture that the operator prepares before starting.

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The fuel mixture consists of two components: gasoline and engine oil. It is important to use high octane gasoline A92-95. Do not use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 95 – it can harm your engine. It is also important to buy high-quality engine oil for two-stroke engines. It is strictly forbidden to use other oils – this will inevitably lead to engine damage.

The fuel mixture for the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw is prepared in an oil/gasoline ratio of 1/50. In this case, you must first pour gasoline into the measuring cup and then add the oil. It is strictly forbidden to mix fuel in the tank while the engine is running.

For the lubrication of the saw it is recommended to use special chain oils with the appropriate viscosity index, which reliably protect parts and assemblies of the saw at any temperature. Do not fill the spindle tank or use waste fluid as lubricant.

The Makita EA 3202S40B chain saw does not require any special start-up time. You can start using the device immediately after filling up all systems.

Important: The first 7 to 9 fillings should be done sparingly. At the same time it is not necessary to overheat the engine and to cut thick trunks of trees.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw


  • Primer for easy cold engine starting;
  • Patented power signing technology with memory for easy engine restart
  • Inertia brake instantaneous safety chain stop;
  • Control lever with three positions: start, run, stop;
  • Adjustable oil pump, with which you can make optimum settings of oil flow;
  • A metal spiked tip that makes the operator’s job easier when sawing large trunks.


  • There are no windows in the tanks to monitor fuel and gasoline levels.
  • Consider quality power and lubricants.

Chainsaw inspection video

Unpacking and checking the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw:

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Presentation of the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw:



Instructions on how to start a Makita chain saw:



Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw: owners’ reviews

Alexei Serebryakov, 34, Ivnevo district:

I have the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw for the fourth year. I use it for logging and sawing firewood, built a bathhouse, repaired the garage – they all helped. Never had a problem with the factory one. But I had to switch it on a few times – there is a control lever with three positions: I have to get used to it. The engine power is enough for my needs, the rubber is still native, the chains (of course) have already changed. Breakages and significant expenses on the saw has not been, its value has worked long ago.

Yakov Kuznetsov, 40, Primorsky Krai:

I have had the Makita EA 3202S40B chainsaw since 2015. It says on the body that it is made in Germany. Although the reviews talked about a different assembly. Very easy to start, the engine starts in any weather. Quality anti-vibration system, quite economical. Had no problems with the automatic lubrication system. Changed the guide sprocket – worked out, changed the chain: the teeth were quite worn. Unfortunately, the sprocket is not collapsible. Had to change it along with the stock – a little pricey. There were no other problems.

Advantages: price, stylish design, high-quality assembly, durable economical motor;

Disadvantages: The star was not disassembled, the others were not displayed.

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