Makita DCS4610 chainsaw: description, characteristics and rules of use

Makita DCS4610 chainsaws

Makita DCS4610 chainsaw

Makita DCS 4610 chain is designed in Japan, assembly is carried out in factories in Germany, England and Romania. Therefore, there can be no doubt in the reliability of the unit.

Makita DCS4610 chainsaw applications

Semi-professional unit is suitable for a wide range of works – it is used on household plots, private and charity. The functionality of the saw can be significantly expanded if you use special attachments. It can become a winch, egg cooker and other useful tools.

The Makita DCS4610 is equipped with an upgraded UM chainsaw with domestic tasks of varying complexity.

Areas of use for the unit:

  • Cutting trees up to 40 centimeters thick;
  • Trimming of bushes and drying;
  • Sawing logs and boards for repair and construction work;
  • Storing firewood for the winter period.

Chainsaw kit

Basil is factory-equipped with the saw, guide bar, cutting set, protective cover, universal key and instructions for use. The functionality of the device can be significantly expanded with special attachments.

Working with the tool was comfortable and safe. It is recommended to buy personal protective equipment:

  • protective helmet;
  • Special clothing and shoes;
  • Goggles;
  • Earmuffs;
  • gloves.

Air for the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw

Jig for the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw:

  • Two-stroke engine. Runs on gasoline and motor oil. Easy to start in plus and minus temperatures with electric ignition.
  • Brake of inertial type. Works in manual and automatic mode, providing safe work with the tool.
  • Anti-vibration system and ergonomic handles provide less strenuous work;
  • Circuit breaker stops the chain if it breaks. Prevents equipment breakage and operator injury.
  • Bus and chain are consumables. Parts that fail can be replaced by hand according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that the parts are the correct size when you buy them.
  • Automatic chain winding. The oil is fed while the chain is rotating, which has a positive effect on oil consumption.
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Benzo tool basic parameters

The device is characterized by small size and weight with a fairly powerful engine. Such parameters ensure convenient and reliable work, regardless of the area.

Technical characteristics:

  • cylinder volume – 45.1 cm3;
  • Cylinder diameter is 43 mm;
  • Maximal power is 9000 rpm;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 370 milliliters;
  • Capacity of the oil tank – 250 milliliters;
  • Fuel consumption at maximum load – 0,94 kg/hour;
  • Tooth pitch – 3/8 inch;
  • Number of teeth – 6 pcs;
  • Bus length – 35, 40 centimeters;
  • Weight – 4.75 kilograms.

Features of the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw operation

To ensure that the tool does not require frequent repairs, it is necessary to follow the chainsaw, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Makita recommendations:

  • Proper initial start-up of a gas-powered tool. The saw should run for almost two minutes without recharging, after which you can continue cutting thin branches.
  • The unit is fueled with high-quality gasoline (AI-92 brand) and branded oil (for two-stroke engines of well-known manufacturers). The mixture is made in a 1:50 ratio – 20 milliliters of engine mixture are diluted in one liter of gasoline;
  • Lubricate the chain only with a proven oil;
  • If the chainsaw is stored for a long time, the remains of the oil mixture will melt.

By following these simple tips, you can increase the time you can use your DCS4610 without having to make regular repairs and replace parts.

Makita DCS4610: A complete model review

Makita DCS4610 chainsaw

Without exception, all Makita models are high-quality and reliable garden tools with a perfect design and many useful extras. A good example of this is the Makita DCS4610 model, which has earned great popularity among both beginners and professional woodcutters.

Makita DCS4610 chainsaw – model description and benefits

Makita chainsaw in this modification is in high demand due to a number of important advantages. First of all, all chainsaws of this well-known brand are characterized by high reliability. The design of the model is well thought out to the smallest detail, as evidenced by the successfully selected orientation and the presence of a large number of useful options.

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The starting device is responsible for the smooth and quick start of the chainsaw Makita DCS4610. The model has established itself as a simple and convenient tool, which was achieved through an ergonomic design, convenient location of the rubberized handles and the control switch.

Other advantages of the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw include modest fuel and oil consumption and reduced exhaust. The model’s design includes several remote shock absorbers, which make the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw one size more comfortable to operate with its low weight.

The advantages of the model include ease of operation and repair with your own hands. The model does not require special maintenance, so it is well suited for use by beginners.

Technical features of the Maketti Makita DCS 4610

Makita DCS4610 chainsaw

This model from the brand Makita enters the market in two variants: the modification DCS4610-35 is equipped with a 35-cm tire, and Makita DCS4610-40 comes in a set with a tire length of 40 cm. There is no difference in the length of the guide bar. Both versions have the same design parameters, to which they should be singled out:

  • Power – 2.3 hp /1700 W;
  • Saw chain pitch – 3/8″;
  • Fuel tank – 370 ml;
  • Lubricant filling capacity – 250 ml;
  • Weight with bar and chain – 4.9 kg.

Good technical indicators of the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw modification make the model stand out against its market counterpart with much lower parameters.

Applications of the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw

Makita DCS4610 chain saw repair do it yourself

Reliable spare parts, well thought-out design and excellent design parameters allow you to use the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw to solve the most difficult budgetary tasks. The model is still in active use today:

  • For felling trees with a shoot thickness up to 40 cm;
  • For pruning shrubs and small branches;
  • For precisely sawing protocols and boards for repair and construction purposes;
  • For cutting large quantities of tree trunks for heating private houses or huts.
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The high performance and excellent endurance of the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw allows it to be actively used by urban pensioners and rescuers.

Makita DCS4610 chain saw instruction manual – rules and tips

Spare parts for a Makita DCS4610 chain saw

To repair a well-known model as infrequently as possible, you need to observe the operating instructions. Makita recommends:

  • Properly operate the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw. To do this, let the tool run for about 2 minutes without load, and then cut wood using thicker branches.
  • Use gasoline of a grade not lower than AI-92 and brand-name 2-stroke engine oil made by reputable brands to make fuel. The ratio of gasoline to oil should be 1:50. In other words, 20 ml of engine oil must be diluted with 1 liter of gasoline;
  • Use only high-quality chain lubricant. Drain the remaining oil regularly before storing your chain saw.

By following these simple guidelines, you can extend the life of your Makita DCS4610 chainsaw without having to replace parts regularly.

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