Makita chainsaws: reviews by owners. Makita chainsaw reviews

The 10 best Makita chainsaws

Chainsaws are equipped with a gasoline engine, which operates in a two-row mode. The advantage is the use of the tool in places with a lack of electricity. The range is represented by domestic class models for beginners and amateur carpenters. Professional woodcutters and builders choose the right saw that meets the requirements – power, reliability and high performance.

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Makita chainsaws

Macita’s Best Domestic Series Chainsaws

Chainsaws for occasional use in the garden, in the cottage, the farm. They are characterized by low weight and compact overall dimensions. Equipped with 25 cm.~45 cm. Gasoline engine capacity in the range of 32~39 cm³, power up to 2 kW.

They are conditionally divided into “Hobby” and “Farmer” classes. In the group they differ in the length of the bar, power, working shift duration and additional options.

Makita DCS232T-25 – the smallest and lightest

Makita DCS232 T-25 - the smallest and lightest

A very simple and compact tool among chainsaws. The low weight and small dimensions were predetermined in advance.

Thanks to its mobility, you can be on a motorcycle, on scaffolding and on the steps. Despite its small size, the device is equipped with basic options: there is an automatic oil supply for the chain, inertia brake is built, easy start is provided.


  • Compact size, very lightweight.
  • Convenient to work with the tool and stay on top.
  • Provides a bracket for attaching the operator’s harness.


  • Very high price for the private user.
  • Application for help processes.

The Makita DCS34-35-ApehInexpensive within a budget.

Makita DCS34-35 - inexpensive at home

Moderately powerful, moderately weighty, inexpensive chainsaw, confidently copes with thinning forest plantations, trimming knots and branches. Prepare poles for the fence and make firewood for the winter.

The chainsaw has an automatic oiling system for precise oil dosage. Built-in electronics ensure reliable starting. The tool is equipped with an effective four-speed anti-vibration mechanism.


  • Affordable price for many.
  • No vibration in handle.
  • Easy motor start.


  • No consumers noted.

Dolmar PS-340-optimal option in the garden

Dolmar P S-340 - optimal in the garden

Proven saws from a reliable German manufacturer working under the Makita brand – concerns. Motor saws are needed in the garden and vegetable plot, when pruning trees and removing old or unnecessary branches and limbs.

It will help to make firewood when you go to the countryside out of town. Compact size and light weight keeps it mobile when working at arm’s length. Provides fuel pre-pumping for electronic starting.

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  • Convenience and ease of use.
  • High quality workmanship and build.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Very difficult to find parts, have to wait for months.
  • It is impossible to buy electronics for the saw.

The Makita EA3202S40B – for a small household

Makita EA3202S40B - for small households

A power saw with an extended power saw life. Functions for starting are expanded and combined on one lever: start for cold mode, work mode and stop.

A simple motor restart option has been added. Effective mechanism is used for damping of vibration loads. Stronger materials have been used for the working parts of the chainsaw. Use of extended bar allowed to cut enough thick trees and tree trunks.


  • Lightweight and economical budget saw.
  • A powerful tool for your company.
  • Good value for money.


  • The location of the stop button is not finalized.
  • Difficulties with spare parts on the periphery.

Makita EA3503S40B – the strongest in the consumer series

Makita EA3503S40B - the most powerful in the household series

Reliable and powerful saw in the household chainsaw series. Suitable for professionals and gardeners. In addition to cutting small trees and firewood, it helps build small wooden structures such as baths and cattle pens.

The saw is equipped with additional options: a brake brake, vibration protection, automatic chain lubrication, starting pump and quick start function.


  • Excellent performance at low weight.
  • Easy spring start.
  • Profitability.


  • Buyers don’t note any.

The best professional saws from Makita

Professional series chainsaws are used for felling trees on wood. They are used in private households for cutting firewood and maintaining tree plantations.

They are used to build a log home or outbuildings. 8 is capable of working~10 hours without interruption. The engine power reaches 4.6 kW with a volume of up to 78.5 cm³. Tire size 35~70 cm All models of the series are equipped with anti-vibration protection.

The Makita DCS4610-40-for tough jobs on the construction site

Makita DCS4610-40 - for long hours on the building site

A reliable tool for the garden or farm. In addition to maintaining green spaces, it has the power to cut medium-sized trees, tackle tough branches and dry out thick limbs.

The chainsaw is easy to maintain. It is equipped with an inertia brake and an effective starting system in summer heat and extreme cold.

Makita chainsaws: the range in review

Despite the various technical and operational differences, all Makita chainsaws are consistently in high demand. For many owners, a Makita chainsaw has become synonymous with quality, operational safety and consistent performance.

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This is borne out by the testimonials of users who have been using Makita chain saws for years for a wide range of applications and challenging weather and climate conditions in the northern regions.

Makita chain saw

Design fundamentals

The Makita series has proven in practice to comply with official documentation and current industry and operating standards. The design of household, agricultural and professional sowing machines is as follows

  • valuable experience from past models;
  • the latest achievements in the field of structural design and ergonomics;
  • In-house developments by the company’s in-house design office;
  • The feedback and suggestions of the many users of Makita saw products.

Design features

Virtually every new model outperforms previous tools:

  • Improved user-friendliness;
  • Improved reliability of the smoothed units and assemblies;
  • Improved starting systems, fuel supply, elimination of noise and vibration effects.

In the market of home appliances the assortment of the brand’s chains is represented by several dozens of models, which by many parameters are superior to the best analogues of the well-known European brands.

Makita brand saws were among the first to feature designs:

  • manual and automatic dosing of chain oil fed to the headset;
  • multistage air cleaner and carburetor heater;
  • the most advanced spring dampers in its category;
  • Wear-resistant ceramic and nickel-chrome plating on the cylinder bore

information support

The manufacturer’s official website, which is regularly updated with new information, offers detailed information about the technical parameters of each model in the line.

There is also an extensive catalog and prices for branded spare parts and consumables, which are timely and in sufficient quantities supplied to sales organizations and service-repair structures.

Comparison of the features will allow potential owners to make the right choice of saw according to the features of the future operation.

Technical and performance characteristics

A brief overview of the most popular Makita chain saws, ranking at the top of the sales rankings.

Makita EA3202S40B

Makita EA3202S40B

Despite the fact that the Makita gasoline chainsaw belongs to the tools of the household group, it is effectively used

  • At private sawmills;
  • home construction;
  • Felling and bucking wood in a garden.

The Model EA3202S40B series cost from 10,000 rubles has an economical and easy-to-maintain 32-cc 1.8 hp engine, the Easy-Start system and a saw headset 400 mm in diameter, a device for chain lubrication in automatic mode.

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Among its many advantages, it is worth noting:

  • the modern design of the body and the excellent balance of the center of gravity of the tool weighing 4 kg;
  • easy access to the chain adjustment mechanism;
  • the power adjustment function of the oil pump that feeds the chain lubrication to the headset;
  • Motor control with a three-position lever;
  • MPI hot-start technology.

Autonomous operation is ensured by the availability of fuel mixture and chain oil in the service tanks of 400 and 280 ml.

Makita EA3203S40B

Makita EA3203S40B

The Makita semi-professional chainsaw is identical to the earlier EA3202S40B series in its basic characteristics.

The new model has been improved by adding:

  • an auxiliary pump;
  • improved starting and electronic ignition systems;
  • Mechanism for tool-less chain tension adjustment;
  • Placement on the rear handle of the engine speed control button and lock against unauthorized starting.

The 32 cc/cc internal combustion engine, which drives a high-performance 400-mm bar, is slightly more powerful (up to 1.81 hp). Operator safety in case of kickback or other injury situation is guaranteed by Safety Matic emergency stop system.

Makita EA3503S40B

Makita EA3503S40B

Makita multi-purpose chainsaw with price level of 16,000 rubles and more has advanced features, which allows to fully use the working properties of the tool.

Convenient, reliable and safe in operation, the EA3503S40 series model uses the pulling characteristics of a 2.3 horsepower 35 cc gasoline engine equipped with a primer, an easy start spring device and an optimized control system.

Sawing equipment included:

  • 400 mm guide bar;
  • saw chain;
  • Emergency stop mechanism with inertia activation;
  • metered chain lubrication system.

The 4.5 kg utility class has features typical of higher class models. First of all, these are:

  • Three-pressure centrifugal clutch;
  • Winter-summer changeover;
  • Touch & Stop motor control system.

Makita EA4301F45C

Makita EA4301F45C

Makita 2.95 hp semi-professional petrol saw. It has a productive saw mechanism with an 18-inch guide bar, which allows the tool to cut wood up to 400 mm in cross-section.

The saw’s list of performance advantages includes:

  • Increased to 43 cc working volume of the economical freezer;
  • spring starter;
  • Robust magnesium-aluminum body;
  • Side-mounted clamping device;
  • Three cam clutch mechanism and easy access to the chain drive sprocket.

Long-lasting comfort is enhanced with a standard vibration chain and muffler, and the use of the Touch & Stop drive control system.

Makita EA6100P53E

Makita EA6100P53E

The volume of powerful professional saw 46 000 rubles with industrial workpiece Business Wood.

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The status of a professional tool is confirmed by:

  • ergonomic design;
  • traction characteristics of the 4.5 powerful 61cc engine;
  • the versatility and performance of the branded 530 marmot headset.

The 5.9-kg model’s list of technical devices includes:

  • motor control mechanism;
  • pump pump;
  • Efficient air filter with simplified maintenance;
  • Adjustable oil pump capacity;
  • The ignition coil has been modified for improved reliability.

Increasing the fuel and oil tanks to 0.8 and 0.4 ml allows for longer, continuous off-road operation.

Makita EA3501F35B

Makita EA3501F35B

Semi-professional model of medium-capacity 2,3 hp chainsaws is in steady demand in private households, construction and garden supply structures.

Traction parameters of the frozen 35 cow with a solid crankcase realizes the drive of the branded headset with a standard 350-millimeter guide bar.

The list of devices includes:

  • full automatic lubrication of the saw mechanism;
  • easy start of the engine;
  • Winter and summer mode changeover;
  • Free access to the main adjustment units.

You can set up the chainsaw yourself with a standard set of tools and with a minimum loss of working time. Design features include a three-clutch inertia clutch, external drive sprocket arrangement and Touch & Stop Engine control unit.

carburetor adjustment

The design scheme of Makita brand saw products allows you to carry out maintenance or repair the saw with your own hands. In the instruction manual, a separate section is dedicated to the adjustment of fuel devices.

The adjustment of the carburetor is aimed at returning the engine to work at maximum power and saving fuel and lubricants.

  • The tuning technology describes the preparation of the air intake and ice, which is heated to operating temperature.
  • The adjustment is made by turning the quality and quantity screws in a certain sequence.
  • If the adjustment did not give the desired result, most likely the cause lies in the carburetor itself. Most often it is the presence of water in the float chamber or clogging of jets.

If the engine does not start or runs only sporadically, check the spark plug contact gap and the condition of the high voltage cable.

Advantages of a proprietary installation

The high-tech installation of the popular Japanese Makita brand chain saws is done in Germany at state-of-the-art facilities with high industrial capability.

Stable demand for Makita’s entire product range is based on the use of high-quality industrial raw materials, new manufacturing and assembly technologies.

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Makita saws are identical in all properties to the best designs from leading European manufacturers. Feedback from private owners and professional sailors gives grounds to assert that the entire range of amateur and professional models from Makita can claim to be the benchmark product in its segment.

The series of models became the basis for the development and production of counterfeit saws, which are sold in the markets at a reduced price.

Even the highest quality knockoffs are an order of magnitude inferior to the branded products:

  • In the quality of the materials used in the production and the perfection of their processing methods;
  • By the level of safety of complex sawing operations;
  • In terms of safety of operation and service life.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

Analysis of consumer reviews and service center statistics shows that there are virtually no significant defects in the Makita saws in operation, layout and design.

Nevertheless, there are high cost of spare parts and consumables, small number of service centers with modern repair equipment, and practice of warranty repairs with cheaper, but low-quality spare parts made in China.

Most failures and malfunctions are:

  • Inevitable consequences of illiterate operation and superficial maintenance;
  • Use of the tool for purposes other than its intended use;
  • Saving on fuel and lubrication systems with low-quality consumables for fuels and lubricants.

Feedback from owners

An interesting feature of Makita saws is the almost simultaneous wear and tear of all individual parts and assemblies, so that there is almost nothing left for spare parts. My Makita EA3202S40B has faithfully worked for at least a resource and a half. I will not repair it, the spare parts are expensive, and finding a specialist near me is a big problem. Of the shortcomings – the sensitive motor off button, even when sawing dense wood sometimes not enough power. Artem

Makita EA3503S40B is my first saw. I bought it on the recommendation of a well-known expert. The assembly is excellent, the fuel consumption is within the norm. I have no problems with starting in summer, in winter it only lasts for 6-8 jerks. The car is lightweight, easy to operate and maintain. The chain is in it’s third, tire is still in good condition. Gasoline with a low octane number is noticeable because of the drop in performance, they need to be rebuilt preferably at a branded gas station more expensive. Anton

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