Making a chainsaw Sturm: description, characteristics and rules of use

Storm chainsaws (attack)

Storm chainsaws are designed for everyday life and construction. The models of this brand are produced with solid performance, efficiency and low noise level. Each Sturm chainsaw is equipped with a proprietary anti-vibration system that allows the tool to be used successfully at heights and in hard-to-reach places.

Sturm GC99502 chainsaw – model description

This chainsaw is the most powerful in the list of Sturm models. It is designed for intensive work with dry and wet wood, gardening, cutting tree trunks into boards, cutting large volumes of dry and wet wood for heating from a stove.

The basic package of this attack model includes a Hardy 2-stroke engine with a 49.3cc cylinder and two compression rings. The engine is controlled by a forced-air cooling system. A long-life manual starter with decompression system is responsible for starting the engine.

Chainsaw storm gc99502

The chainsaw is started by means of a solid torque. The crankshaft speed reaches 3000 rpm at idle. The entire cylinder-piston group of the ice pick is made of forged steel. The cylinder walls are coated with a protective chromium alloy.

The chain in the saw is lubricated by an automatic oil pump. Lubrication occurs only when the chain runs on the bar. To tension the chain, the tool is designed with a side tensioner, the setting of which does not require the use of a hand-held tool.

The features of this ice drill model include:

  • The power output of the standard ice drill is 3.8L. At ..;
  • Capacious available fuel tank – 550 ml;
  • Possible length of the bar used for work – 45-50 cm;
  • The pitch of the saw chain – 0,325 “;
  • Weight along with the headset is 5.9 kg.

This tool stands out for its relatively low weight and modest dimensions. This allows the chainsaw to be used in tight spaces.

Sturm GC9937B chainsaw – features of the tool

This household Sturm chainsaw is characterized by its small size and relatively low weight. The tool is suitable for garden maintenance, trimming the trunks of small trees, clearing shrubs and pruning small trees.

This chainsaw comes standard with a reliable gasoline engine with a 37.2 cm3 cylinder. The cylinder walls of the standard engine are coated with a protective chrome alloy, which gives the element the ability to resist heat and resistance to rust.

Chainsaw штор gc9937b

The chainsaw is equipped with the original Japanese Walbro carburetor. For more comfortable work, the model is equipped with an effective system of vibration damping. The latter consists of 5 shock absorbers under the engine and carburetor.

All the internal mechanisms of these saws are placed in a non-removable plastic housing. In its upper and rear parts there are ergonomic rubberized handles.

Features of the description include:

  • The power output of the standard ice pick is 2.4 L. С;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 310 ml;
  • The possible length of the bar used for work is 35-40 cm;
  • Saw chain pitch is 3/8″;
  • Weight together with a headset is 4.5 kg.

The low weight of this model gives its owner the ability to work successfully at heights and on buildings with unreliable coatings.

Sturm GC99374 chainsaw – model parameters

This model from the brand Sturm features a solid power reserve and good technical parameters. The main areas of application of the tool are gardening, landscaping in the immediate vicinity and small construction.

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The chainsaw comes standard with a reliable 2-stroke internal combustion engine equipped with a chrome cylinder and two piston rings. All engine parts are made of forged steel, resistant to rust.

Chainsaw штор gc99374

To start the standard engine, the manufacturer has provided a reliable manual starter. The use of high-quality elements in the manufacture gives the mechanism the ability to start the tool even in temperatures of e-30 degrees.

This storm saw is equipped with a reliable inertia brake. It activates when the tool is dropped or the chain hits a hard metal object.

Model specifications include:

  • The power output of the standard ice pick is 2.4 L. С;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 310 ml;
  • The possible length of the bar used for work is 30-35 cm;
  • The pitch of the saw chain – 0,325 “;
  • Weight together with the headset is 4.3 kg.

This storm saw is equipped with a durable oil pump. It starts working only when the chain moves on the bar, which gives the model owner the opportunity to save a significant amount of oil.

Sturm GC99468 chainsaw – advantages of the tool

This chainsaw is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a working volume of 45 cm3. The engine is equipped with a chrome cylinder, two piston rings and an efficient forced-air system. The engine is also augmented with a proprietary Japanese Walbro carburetor.

An advanced manual starter is responsible for starting this storm saw’s engine. It is equipped with a decompression system that allows you to start the saw in any weather. To transfer power from the crankshaft to the headset, the chainsaw is equipped with a reliable clutch system.

Saws gc99468

In the device of this Sturm model, the manufacturer has provided an effective chain brake. It activates by inertia when the tool is dropped or when its saw headset hits a hard object.

The internal parts of this Sturm model are housed in a standard plastic case. It provides easy access to the filters and other frequently replaced saw parts.

The tool’s saw headset is represented by a brand-name bar and chain. The side adjusting screw is responsible for the chain tensioning, and the automatic oil pump is responsible for its lubrication.

The features of the Storm chainsaw include:

  • The power of the standard internal combustion engine is 3.4 hp. С..;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 550 ml;
  • The possible length of the bar used for work is 35-40 cm;
  • The pitch of the saw chain – 0,325 “;
  • Weight together with the headset – 6 kg.

This Sturm model comes standard with a brand-name bar and chain, a safety guard, repair instructions, and assembly and service tools.

Sturm GC99522B chainsaw – model features

This powerful semi-professional Sturm chainsaw is equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a working volume of 52 cm3 and a maximum power of 2900 watts. The engine is completed by a Japanese oversized Walbro carburetor, a long-life air cleaner and a manual starter with decompression system. An effective air recirculation system is responsible for cooling internal combustion engine parts.

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Sturm gc99522b chainsaw

The engine design includes 2 piston rings and a chrome cylinder. All engine parts are made of forged steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and rust. Under the engine and carburetor are 4 metal shock absorbers to which engine vibrations are distributed.

The own bar and chain are responsible for cutting wood in the device of the chainsaw Storm. For lubrication, the manufacturer has provided a reliable oil pump, which promotes oil only when the chain moves on the bar. A reliable inertia brake is responsible for stopping the chain in case of a jam.

All elements of the model are protected by a multi-layer plastic housing. It provides free access to frequently replaced parts and mechanisms. This makes it easy to repair the chainsaw in the field.

The characteristics of this chainsaw are as follows:

  • The standard internal combustion engine output is 3.9 hp. С;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 550 ml;
  • The possible length of the bar used for work is 40-45 cm;
  • The pitch of the saw chain – 0,325 “;
  • Weight together with a headset – 6.5 kg.

This model of the stormers can be equipped with a serrated notch, which increases the accuracy when sawing wood. Country of origin of the tool is Germany.

Sturmstein SS 109 chainsaw – tool description

The advantages of this Sturm model include an improved starter with the proprietary ergostart start system and a durable mesh air filter. Another plus is the metal teeth of the regular flywheel, which are present in the unit instead of the standard plastic teeth.

The basic package of this saw includes a reliable engine with a 52-cfm cylinder displacement and a maximum output of 3,500 watts. The engine is complemented by a sturdy crankcase made entirely of forged steel. For fuel and oil refueling, the manufacturer has provided roomy tanks with wide necks.

Sturmstein SS 109 chainsaw

To protect the internal elements Sturm equipped the tool with a multi-layer plastic body. Strong engine heat and minor mechanical damage it will withstand without problems.

To lubricate the regular chain, the device of this Sturm model contains a long-lasting automatic pump. If necessary, it can be adjusted so that it works under certain conditions.

Features of the chainsaw include:

  • The standard internal combustion engine has a capacity of 4.7 L. С;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 550 ml;
  • Possible length of the bar used for work – 45-50 cm;
  • The pitch of the saw chain – 0,325 “;
  • Weight together with a headset – 6.8 kg.

This professional drill model is used for demanding industrial tasks. It is designed to remove large branches, pulling trunks into boards and felling trees.

Sturm GC99376 chainsaw – model properties

This brand of Sturm is characterized by small dimensions and relatively low weight. It is well suited for occasional felling of small trees, debarking of a garden plot, for splitting trunks of small trees into boards and for making a small amount of firewood for heating the stove.

Durable 2-stroke central power engine is included by default. The walls of the engine’s operating cylinder are coated with a protective chrome alloy, which increases the element’s resistance to rust and high temperatures.

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Sturm gc99376 chainsaw

To start the engine, the manufacturer has included a long-lasting manual starter. All parts of the starter mechanism are made of metal coated with an anti-corrosion compound. A proprietary air system is responsible for the forced cooling of the engine.

The kit of this attack model includes a proprietary saw and chain. The headset is lubricated by an adjustable oil pump, and the chain tension by a separate side screw.

Technical features of the tool include:

  • The standard ice pick’s power output is 2.3 L. С;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 315 ml;
  • The possible length of the bar used for work is 35-40 cm;
  • Saw chain pitch is 3/8″;
  • Weight together with a headset is 6.7 kg.

This model shows high speed in all weather conditions. It is notable for high maintainability and modest fuel consumption.

Sturm GC99372B chainsaws – tool parameters

The basic package of this tool includes a branded gasoline ice with a 37.2 cc cylinder and a maximum power of 1900 watts. The engine’s cylinder piston group is made entirely of forged steel, making the engine more durable and heavy-duty.

Sturm gc99372b Sturm chainsaw

To start the engine, the unit is equipped with a reliable manual starter with decompression system. The manufacturer also equipped the tool with a manual fuel pump.

The sentence of this attack saw contains sturdy top and rear handles. They are made of metal and covered with a nice rubberized material. The saw’s life is slightly extended to protect the hand when the chain breaks.

Features of the chainsaw include:

  • The power output of a standard ice pick is 2.5 L. С;
  • The capacity of the available fuel tank is 210 ml;
  • The possible length of the bar used for work is 35-40 cm;
  • Saw chain pitch is 3/8″;
  • Weight together with a headset – 5.5 kg.

This company model is equipped with a quality oil pump, the operation of which can be adjusted depending on the operating conditions.

Sturm chainsaws: a review

Household appliances brand storm can reasonably claim the status of the most reliable and durable in operation of products for various purposes. All of the above applies to the line of chainsaws, which is represented in the world and European markets by a large number of amateur, rustic and professional classes.

Ataka chainsaw in various modifications and versions has proven its worth in regions with difficult weather and climatic conditions in private households.


Design and performance properties

The Sturm chainsaw fits into your concept: simple to use and easy to regulate:

  • Affordable price level with perfect manufacturing;
  • High performance;
  • Modern industrial design;
  • Comfort of operation and safe sawing at all levels of difficulty.

Production of the most popular models of the German brand Storm is successfully implemented in Chinese enterprises, which makes it possible to keep selling prices of all models within the capabilities of mass users.

Features of production


Chinese manufacturer uses high quality and durable materials, modern devices, high-precision assembly and installation technologies. Measures to improve technical and operational features of new developments are also successfully implemented. In particular, improving the efficiency and reliability of assemblies and units, expanding the inter-repair life of the brand’s chainsaw equipment.

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Specialists of the company took advantage of wear-resistant chrome coatings, automatic lubrication systems of the sawmill, new models of economical diaphragm carburetors.

Operational advantages of the model area

The company’s catalog features a large selection of domestic and professional models that differ in functions of use, electrical units and technical devices.

  • In each option, a compact mini drill and a powerful professional-grade tool create a given overhaul resource with a large rim.
  • Owners especially appreciate ataca chainsaw maintenance. With the available costs, it is possible to restore the performance of a failed tool with a small outlay of material resources.
  • For the most part, they mostly do tool maintenance and uncomplicated repairs with their own hands, for most.

Leading in sales value, popular Sturm models deserve a separate check.

Sturm GC9912.

Sturm GC9912

Installation opens up the lightweight and compact GC9912 series chainsaw. Product features are geared toward small sawing jobs for gardening, firewood, and home maintenance.

Small, reliable and quite productive chainsaw atak with a 25.4 cm3 cylinder and 1.6 hp power. Practical to transport. Therefore, it is often included in the mandatory list of expedition, travel and special equipment.

Despite its small size, the saw is equipped with a quick start system and a full vibration center. The 12-inch saw head is long enough to cut wood up to 250 mm in diameter.

Sturm GC9937B.

Sturm GC9937B

The tool is equipped with a two-stroke carburetor unit, 37.2 cm3 and 2.4 hp. Traction properties of the engine provide a full drive of the productive saw with a length of 400 mm.

A feature of this model with increased adaptation to low temperatures, the engine starts without problems and works in a 30-degree frost.

Problems of cold start are eliminated by the presence of a primer. The safety of complex saws consists in the minimum speed of the mechanism of the emergency stop of the saw chain.

Structural advantages of this model include chrome coating of the cylinder level, automated cooling and lubrication system of the headset, maximum low vibration level and noise pressure.

Sturm GC99372B.

Sturm GC99372B

Working properties and experience of comprehensive operation of the predecessor model are taken as a basis for a more advanced version of the Sturm GC99372B series saw.

In order to increase reliability, the chain drive elements of the saw were reinforced. The manual starter was changed, the designers found reserves to increase the engine power up to 2.6 hp and decrease the weight down to 5.6 kg.

The capacity of gas tanks 550 and 260 ml is enough for autonomous work of the saw for more than an hour.

Sturm GC99374

Sturm GC99374

SEMI – professional working parameters have been created taking into account requirements and wishes of the users for further improvement of household chainsaws of household group.

Structurally, the Sturm GC99374 series chainsaw is a versatile tool with a standard 2.4 hp carburetor drive. The saw with a wide operational functionality is oriented on a wide range of voluminous and labor-intensive works associated with sawing wood of different density and purpose.

The saw can be used for felling and sawing of forest stands up to 300 mm in diameter. The compact bars with a diameter of 350 mm determine enough comfort to work in hard-to-reach places from various positions.

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Storm GC99452B.

Sturm GC99452B

The higher performance class lineup is represented by the GC99452B Series semi-professional chainsaw. The peculiarity of the device is the high torque reserve of the 3.26 hp unit, with which you can perform most works at economical nominal rpm.

Design features worth noting are:

  • The presence of an adjustable oil pump of the lubrication system of the headset;
  • comfortable operation of the vibration damper;
  • Minimal reaction time of the emergency stop mechanism;
  • Easy access to the engine air intake filter.

Storm GC99522B.

Sturm GC99522B

The semi-professional model expands its capabilities by increasing engine power to 4 hp and installing a 450 mm heavy-duty saw headset. The semi-professional class saw has a good reputation among users. Despite the increased cost, the demand for this model has stabilized at a high level.

carburetor adjustment

The performance-determining traction properties of chainsaws depend largely on proper fuel system adjustment.

The average carburetor adjustment is done right at the factory.

Additional adjustment of the air/gasoline emulsion composition is required:

  • at significant temperature fluctuations;
  • when the tool is working with high loads;
  • After refuelling with gasoline of a different octane number.

The sequence of system adjustments is clearly indicated in the owner’s manual. There are three screws on the carburetor, the rotation of which brings the engine to the optimum operating mode in terms of fuel consumption and traction parameters.

Adjustment of the carburetor is ineffective if the jets are clogged, if there is water in the float bowl or if the check valve is loose.

advantages and disadvantages

Feedback from owners of the entire model range is mostly favorable. Users highly appreciate the operational characteristics of semi-professional chainsaws Storm, in particular, the increased reliability and long service life of the component equipment.


  • Smooth start and stop of the saw units;
  • error-free operation of automatic chain lubrication systems;
  • interchangeability of spare parts with models of the same brand;
  • inexpensive maintenance;
  • absence of problems with winter starting, typical for budget saws.

Negative reviews most often mention the more than moderate quality of the plastic fairing, the greater weight compared to similar models, the low availability of starters and the high cost of maintenance.

owners’ reviews

On the recommendation of the seller was bought a relatively inexpensive and unpretentious chainsaw Sturm GC9937B. The tool faithfully worked for two and a half years, then in the middle of work the piston jammed. It turned out that pure gasoline was accidentally poured into the tank. It took two weeks to find the right part, but the self-repair was three times cheaper. The car is quite unpretentious in maintenance, with intensive operation for even wear of the drive chainwheel is recommended to change the chain on a regular basis. Valera

For the fourth year, a half-powered chainsaw storm provides faithful service. No manual, I get useful information from the Internet. The device is worthy, lightweight, handy, not noisy and fuel efficient in every way. I learned how to set the carburetor on my own at the second attempt, it turns out there is nothing complicated about following a certain order. In the intervening time, I wrote off two short circuits, a spark plug and a leak at the outlet of the oil tank. Roman Grigorievich

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