Make support for wine

Types of supports for grapes and their use

Grapes are one of the popular plants among gardeners that require support. It is worth taking into account why it is needed, what types of supports are assigned and how the structure can be put together with its own hands.

Planned appointment

The peculiarity of the vine is the lack of a strong trunk that does not allow it to grow by itself in a vertical direction. Grapes need support that can offer him special designs. In addition, grids prevent the planters of the plant from rotting, which fall to the ground under their own weight. Finally, Trellis increases the warming of the plants and enables sunlight to reach the most closed shoots.

Important advantages of support for grapes:

  • Save garden rooms up due to the direction of the vine;
  • Improvement of the quality of the lighting of the leaves, which accelerates the photosynthesis of the vine and increases productivity;
  • Improvement of the properties of the fruits that are achieved on grape bundles due to an even sunlight.

In addition, the design offers a timely ventilation of plants that positively influences the immunity of the vine and prevents the risk of spreading diseases.

Review of the species

In the first two years of growth, the vine is attached to the inserts and installs it next to the seedlings. Ropes are pulled between small columns, in which the grapes begin to shorten. Sometimes a wire or laces made of nylon fabric protrudes instead of ropes.

After the first two or three years, however, it is necessary to install a reliable grille, which will affect effective support for grapes, the health of the plant and the improvement of fruit quality. Today different types of grids are differentiated, the most important should be taken into account in more detail.

Hal f-economy

The most popular option for support, of which the minus are the high costs and the large labor costs. Basically, such designs are installed for growing various grape varieties, including game.

It is recommended to prefer such drafts when it is planned to grow a single vine or to arrange an unusual recreation area near the house, a arbor.

The sem i-air structure decorates every landscape and acts as a decorative canopy that protects against sunlight. Some models offer a plastic coating in the upper part, which makes the recreation area more comfortable and the penetration of the precipitation will prevent.

Cell column

A light version of the structure that can be composed with its own hands. The column supports for grapes are a system of several columns that are installed vertically between which they are drawn:

  • Fishing line;
  • Metal wire;
  • .

A distance of 40 cm minimum is held between the folding materials. Colars are also divided into:

  • Single (also known as UniPiped), this is a usual option.
  • Double (doubl e-notch) is mainly installed for the cultivation of considerable grape volumes.

Usually there are mandrel carpets made of square steel pipes or corners with shelves from 40 to 70 mm. Sometimes channels with a width of 40 mm or more are used to install supports. With low loads, wooden blocks are preferred, the surface of which is treated with putrefaction.

The best solution for the supporting structure is steel masts. Keep a distance of 2-2.5 meters between them. The maximum height of the supports is 2.3 meters and the diameter does not exceed 6 cm.

A feature of two-lane trellis is the V-shaped dug of pillars with subsequent cementation.

Such a construction solution increases the reliability and stability of the supports, so it is important to carefully measure the distance between the ranks before the fundamental supports are cast.


An option for setting up a cozy courtyard where it is pleasant to meet with family or friends. Planting a vineyard near the arches can be set up and hiking areas. There are two options for the implementation of the arch structure:

  • Post with a box, concreted into the ground;
  • curved bent metal pipes concreted into the ground.

The second option is more popular because it looks more attractive and does not require a lot of effort during installation. Vaulted supports are primarily decorative structures, so they can be found more often in the southern regions.

How do you do it yourself?

First you have to select the material from which the support is to be made. Metal, wood or plastic is used to produce a wall carpet. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

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wooden supports

Decorative frames are popular with gardeners. The disadvantage is a short lifespan, literally after 5-7 years, wooden sticks become unusable and begin to lazy in the ground. The advantages of the supports include:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Availability;
  • easier installation;
  • decorative.

Wooden poles are inexpensive, which also makes it popular. Under the defects, the susceptibility to putrefaction and mold is differentiated, which quickly destroy the base and then the entire structure. An annual surface protection treatment is required to prevent the pens early.

To create supports, hardwoods should be preferred: oak, ash or chestnut. Before installation, you have to edit the lower part of the carrier by immersing it in a 5% copper sulfate solution.


Steel supports are the most durable option, which is characterized by high strength and structural stability. Steel tubes are usually used for the construction of wall carpets, the inner diameter of which does not exceed 6 cm. When designing future structures, it must be taken into account that the extreme columns take over the main load, so their diameter should be larger than that of intermediate structures.

Advantages of metal supports:

  • long lifetime;
  • Persistence against high loads;
  • No deformation even in strong wind.

The disadvantages include the need to use a welding machine to build a simple design yourself. In addition, surface treatment with corrosion agents is required every 5 years.

The high costs and the complexity of the production make metal supports less popular with gardeners. It will be difficult for one person to assemble the columns by hand. Therefore, such structures should be preferred when there are helpers.


Lately, the production of supports from plastic pipes has become popular. The main advantages of structures:

  • long lifetime;
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures, precipitation and other disadvantageous factors;
  • Availability;
  • Simple and quick installation.

To install the supports, you need a special soldering iron that is best entrusted to an experienced user. The disadvantage of plastic masts is that they are not suitable for high vineyards that can bend pipes due to their weight.

A 3-4 mm thick copper or aluminum wire is drawn in order to arrange cross rows between plastic carriers. There are also trelled from fiber optic reinforcement on the market.

Inexpensive and affordable material not only withstands high loads and has excellent corrosion resistance, but also has a long service life and fulfills a decorative function.

Influent trellis is more suitable for sel f-assembly. Such constructions are easy to manufacture and do not require any special equipment for installation. It is worth taking into account the characteristics of the construction of supports depending on the selected material.

The following preparations must be made before installing the first section of the wooden trelles:

  • Wooden rods – 4 pieces;
  • Wire – 15 meters;
  • Cross bars – 4 pieces of 400-500 mm;
  • Cement-sand mix.

Wooden supports for grapes are assembled according to the following scheme.

  1. First, mines are dug for future supports, the diameter of which matches the supports of the pillars and their depth reaches 80 cm, whereby a distance of 40 to 50 cm is adhered to between the pits.
  2. Sand is poured into the bottom of the depressions, the layer thickness is 20 cm.
  3. Drucker is installed on the base of the pillars to increase the stability of the structure.
  4. Next, set the columns and cement the foundation with a hig h-strength composition.
  5. Crossbar are installed at the top and below that hold the structure.
  6. The poles have holes for the wire. The first cros s-series runs at a height of 40 cm above the floor. 45-50 cm further withdrawal between the rows.

In the end, the last wire series 5 cm is bound from the upper bar. The installation is considered complete at this stage. Before installing wooden grilles, it is important to treat your surface to prevent decay.

Plastic pipes are ideal for support on one level. The scheme is the same as for the installation of wooden supports. Additional recommendations:

  • In order to increase the tightness of the structure, it is worth connecting the columns to the upper crossbar with corners for plastic pipes.
  • The fastening is best done with glue or sel f-tapping screws;
  • The reinforcement installed in the pits under the foundation helps to make the structure more durable.

Gardening is advised to manufacture too high plastic supports. Otherwise you need a ladder to harvest the harvest.

The installation of a two-level support deserves special attention. This construction is characterized by its strength properties and long lifespan. Metal pipes are mainly used for the assembly of wall carpets.

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Materials for creating a two-level support:

  • Steel tubes – 4 pieces with a diameter of up to 50 cm and a length of 2-2.5 m;
  • Metal bridges – 2 pieces 1.3 m long;
  • Horizontal supports – 2 pieces 2-3 m long;
  • Wire – 1 coil 30 mm thick;
  • Gravel or small stones;
  • Cement-sand mix.

You also need a welding machine. The assembly scheme of the structure is simple:

  1. First, holes are drilled into the floor with a depth of 80 cm.
  2. Next, two triangles are welded out of the pipes, which serve as end supports.
  3. Triangles are dug into the prepared recesses with an angle down.
  4. The pits are covered with small stones or rubble, and then the layers are carefully rammed.
  5. Pour the base with cement and give mixtures to freeze and grab.
  6. Next, the triangles are connected to horizontal jumpers and welded with the support of the first wire series. The height of the installation should be no less than 20 cm from the floor surface.
  7. The next row is at a height of 30 cm from the beginning, between the others it holds a distance of 40 cm.

It is better not to make too high even though they withstand heavy loads. When the design is finished, it remains to tie the grapes to the grid.

When organizing the support for grapes, it is necessary to carefully take every detail into account. Consider the common mistakes.

  1. A wrongly organized room in which vineyards grow next to trees or other plants. Foreign vegetation creates an unnecessary shade through which the vine dies.
  2. Small indentation between the rows, which is why it becomes impractical to process the vine. In addition, gardeners often leave too much space between grids, which reduces the functionality of the location because the grapes grow.
  3. Wrong selection of support depending on the variety. For example, it is better to use double specification for a tight vine for a strong vine.
  4. The lack of drawings that ensure the correct selection of the materials and a reliable installation of the structure.
  5. Installation of high supports that are almost impossible to use: harvest or cut the vine.
  6. A lack of preliminary processing of materials that expand the lifespan of support. For example, wood with special connections against decay and metal for rust must be covered.

It is not difficult to support the vineyards when they approach the process thoroughly.

It is not only important to choose the type of support, but also to decide for the materials and prepare drawings.

Where to install?

The support for grapes is a constant design that gives the growth of the vine in a vertical direction. With the right choice for the installation of Trellis, it takes a long time and improves the properties of diversity. Main recommendations for installation:

  1. Supports should be in wel l-lit areas;
  2. The ranks of the future vineyard should go from north to south;
  3. A distance of 2 or more meters should be held between the rows.

You can effectively use the room in a small area by landing near the support of other plants. Vegetables or herbs will grow well next to grapes.

How am the right grapes?

The garden of a vine in spring is an mandatory process that results in the cultivation of the plant. This is the only way to ensure the correct growth of the vine and achieve a great harvest. Taking grapes requires increased caution, as there is always the risk of breaking the vine.

Gardeners differentiate between two types of tights.

  • Dry. Designed for the tightrope tape from drives on which fruits have formed, and the replacement bitch. At the beginning, grape branches are carefully bent into the first wire series, counts from below and then direct the vine horizontally. The knots are defined on the supports, which means that they can grow near a stretched wire that takes the direction.

  • Green. For young shoots that can be bound without difficulty. The pantyfish tape is started when grapes reach a height of 35 to 40 cm. With the vertical tightragfent, you can accelerate the growth of the plant by increasing the sun’s rays. The peculiarity of the green tightrope band is that it is carried out several times. It is worth the shoot to reach the next wire level.
Mulch of the lawn - what is it and when?

Before carrying out the procedure – regardless of its kind – old and damaged shoots must be trimmed so that the plant does not waste energy to weak shoots.

Additional recommendations for the landscape design of the site with the help of a vine.

  1. So that the website looks wel l-groomed, it is recommended to produce supports from reliable and durable materials. It is better to prefer metal bars, the surface of which is treated with corrosion agents or color.
  2. You can remove the empty space between the supports with a plastic network that replaces the ugly wire. A growing vine is also bound by it. The peculiarity of this solution is easy installation.
  3. When damage to the eyes is determined on the vine, do not begin to tighten the plant. It is better to wait for the vine to open replacement or relaxation or rehabilitation and only then to use the process.

Supports not only ensure effective growth of the grapes, but also contribute to the decoration of the site and the equipment of the recreation area.

Grape fence – the advantages and the purpose of various types of trellis

Fences for grapes - the advantages and purpose of various types of grids

Many gardeners want to grow garden are on their property. Special conditions must be created for their successful growth. We explain to you how to make a fence for grapes and which design is more suitable for a plant stocking tape. Read and find out how a trellis differs from a support with a support with two levels.

The trellis has several functions: the support contributes to the correct growth of the vine, its presence rationalizes the plant. Quelle

Characteristics of the practice of cultivation of obstacles

Grapes are traditionally grown in the southern latitudes, where the winter is not very cold and the vines do not have to be covered in order to protect them from strict frosts. Installation techniques are different everywhere. For example, no supports for the vine are placed in Central Asia and the Middle East, they are properly on the surface of the floor. In America and Europe you can see vineyards where standard cultures grow wonderfully. In the Caucasus, a wine vine is planted next to a large tree and let it run over it.

So it was in the old days. A lot has changed with the advent of new technologies. There are plants that successfully survive cold winter. In order for the grapes to keep strength for a rich fruit formation, it was started to support the shrubs with specially designed spelles.

Your design can be different.

The choice of one or the other depends on several factors. Be sure to take into account:

  • Wine plan;
  • Selected grape variety;
  • Cutting method.

Experienced gardeners also start setting up a vineyard in a private house with the installation of a stationary support. So you can get the first harvest in the third year after planting. The bush, with the right panties, manages to form completely during this time, and its root system also develops well. As the practice shows, the use of temporary supports does not lead to such a result.

Vineyards can become decorated by a private garden. To do this, you have to choose the right place for you. Since the grille is a complex, rather voluminous structure element for the installation of its supports, a fairly spacious freedom that is well lit by the sun must be assigned. The location of the tapestries should be strictly aligned from north to south. This is the only way to organize all the bushes throughout the sunny day through the simultaneous lighting.

There can be several grids, but the distance between adjacent rows should be two meters. The space between the rows in this case turns out to be large. If the site on them is small, you can break the garden and plant vegetables.

Spaler designs

When solving the question of how to equip a vineyard on a personal plot, it is important to choose the type of appropriate support at the initial stage. There are three types of grid:

  • single plane;
  • double-sided;
  • Decorative.

Single-filed grid

They must be selected if the vineyard also functions as a garden. The vine attached to such a design will grow in one plane. It is formed from a series of supports, between which a galvanized metal wire, three millimeters thick, is stretched in a horizontal position.

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It is not worth buying copper and aluminum, such a wire is often stolen by metal hunters. They penetrate the courtyards of cottages in winter when the owners are absent. Stahl doesn’t care about her. Therefore, purchasing will save a second clip.

The wire is drawn in several rows. The distance between the ground and the first row should be at least 40 cm. In this case, during the ripening of the crop, the clusters do not come into contact with the soil. The next row is stretched at a distance of 40 cm from the first row. Anyone who knows how to make a hedge for grapes draws not three, but five, six rows of wire. Such a grid, as practice shows, is the most effective.

For the fastening wire, you can use different devices. The choice of something specific depends on the material from which the columns are made. Rings, metal brackets, nails are suitable (if this is a tree).

Columns are 7-10 cm in diameter for support. They can be steel or reinforced concrete, you can use a tree for their manufacture. In this case, the life of the support of the wood in contact with the ground must be extended, it is necessary to treat with copper sulphate and leave to dry for ten days. And only after this drive an insert into the ground. Bitumen helps protect the metal from contact with wet soil.

The optimal column height is two meters, but when using varieties with a voluminous crown, gardeners prefer to make columns up to three and a half meters high.

Different types of single phisy lattices

The default theme can be improved and added to other elements. You can change the number of supporting columns and build an L-shaped structure. If you then let the vine along it will create a green canopy under which to take shelter from the midday sun in summer. As a rule, such lattices are placed around the perimeter of the site, in this way the internal space is freed.

Very popular with amateur gardeners and a T-shaped model. Your wire is not pulled over the supports, but over them. This is possible thanks to the installation of the supports of the upper crossbars. The wire in this case is fixed in pairs. A similar option for fastening the vine has its advantages. It allows you not to fasten young shoots. They are in the corridor, so they cling to the wire on their own.

On the extreme columns of a single grid, if you can hit the crossbar, you can pull the wire in two rows. This will help form an inner corridor suitable for growing a vine with two thin sleeves.

And another kind of trellis is a support with hanging growth. It is used in the cultivation of stems. In this case, the stem of the vine is carried by supports, and its growth is held by a crossbar that is attached to the top of the columns or a wire installed in several rows.

Creating a trellis in one level has its advantages and disadvantages. The system of the vineyard is inexpensive. The support is easy to carry out yourself and reject the services of a professional carpenter.

Due to the upright location, the grapes are well ventilated from all sides, which has a positive effect on the growth of the vines and grape formation. Trimming bushes in this position is much easier. It will be easy to cover the plant for the winter.

It is easier and faster to cut grapes that are attached to a trellis with one level. Source

However, a trellis with one level is not suitable for growing varieties that can also form several volumetric sleeves. In this case, there is a risk of planting planters that have a negative impact on the yield.

The area of ​​a trellis with one level is small, so not many vines can be placed on it at the same time. This also has to be taken into account.

Video description

The video shows how the vine is bound to a trellis with a level:

Tapise series with two levels

Experts who talk about how to equip a vineyard on a personal property often advise to use props for vines, the design of which is located in two levels at the same time.

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Of course, it is much more difficult to produce them and it is needed twice as much material, which means that labor costs increase. However, this option is best suited for growing varieties that do not have to be covered for winter.

The design of bars with two levels can vary. The simplest p-shaped. It arises from two parallel levels. In fact, two influencing supports are built in a section, which are covered with wire on the sides and on the top of the pillars.

If the two supports are set at an angle, at an angle of 45 degrees, you will receive a V-shaped trellis. In this case, the distance between two neighboring upper sections of the supports must be at least 120 cm. The photos with numbers 2 and 3 show the principle of arrangement of such a structure.

Lift it and put it on the floor on one level, you get a y-shaped design. It is best for the cultivation of varieties that have active growth in the warm season. Its right direction helps to increase productivity. And all of this, because the grapes are in safe protection, they do not suffer from sun rays and gusts of wind, so they form better and mature better.

Video description

The video shows how you can create a trellis with two levels:

Supports that can become decoration of the garden

Grapes are a culture that is ideal for vertical gardening. A nice support will help beat him in the garden. A decorative trellis for grapes can look different. Make it in the form of an arch or pavilion, you will make a very picturesque green corner. When the hole grows up and completely covered the carrier with its green growth, a thick shadow forms. In it you can sit, read a book, just relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

With beautiful grids for grapes, it is easy to create terraces that are completely seen by the vine. Such objects always look very picturesque. They help to enjoy both a rich harvest and the decorative skills of a green plant.

It is not difficult to found grapes and let it down on the steep wall of the house. To do this, drive into small cloves and repair the same metal wire in an upright position on the floor. If you pull it well, you will receive a continuous green wall that can cover up the unsightly sections of the facade.

Plastic terminals for laying the water supply also allow the wine branches to the wall. It is always nice to create such a landscape design with your own hands. It will help to expand a flexible vineyard in the country and to create the House territory with minimal costs. It is therefore worthwhile to actively examine existing technologies and try to do something yourself.

Knowledge of how a vineyard is equipped, whose grille is better to use, help to dispose of the free area of ​​the location competently and achieve a good harvest. If there is no time, effort and wish to support yourself, you can always be bought in a shop. A wide range of models from a variety of materials is offered for sale. There are simple options among them, there are openwork grids that only have to be installed on site.

Video description

The video shows the method for creating grids:

Briefly about the main thing

The creation of hedges for grapes is a simple matter. You don’t have to have professional skills for this. The design of the grid is extremely simple. It consists of supports and metal wire.

With these elements you can collect different designs. Single screen grids are well suited for growing varieties that have to be covered for winter. Your installation enables the earth assigned to vineyards to dispose of rationally. The distance between neighboring trellers is two meters. In such a place it is easy to break the garden beds.

Two levels support the increase in yields and plant seeds more. Your creation requires a lot of material, so that the arrangement of the vineyard will cost more.

Decorative grids become a real decoration of the garden. With the help of them, vertical landscape design is formed, which can then be admired for a long time.

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