Mac Allister brand lawnmower and trimmer: characteristics, description and rules of use

Mac Allister electric lawnmower: Model inspection, feature comparison and reviews

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The brand Mac Allister (Mac Allister) has gained some fame in Russia thanks to the inexpensive electric tool for the household.

When used at home, it shows average reliability and successfully competes with other Chinese products.

Mac Allister electric lawnmowers and power tools of this brand are very cheap and can last long only with proper use and care.

Therefore, they quickly fail from overload or abuse, which means they are designed for those who do not use such equipment for mowing tall or dense grass and are therefore content with just mowing the lawn.

The brand belongs to the Kingfisher group, which has several supermarket chains around the world, but the main buyers of these mowers are EU citizens.

This indicates that the processing is at a high level, because Mac Allister lawn mowers have to compete with many budget counterparts, including European ones.

In addition, it is not customary in the EU to use cheap electric lawn mowers for work that needs to be done with a trimmer, so the mowers of this brand last a long time.

Kingfisher has no official Russian website, so the brand is often associated with the Castorama supermarket chain, the more so that on the official website of the chain Mac Allister is listed as one of its brands.

All products of this brand are made only in Chinese factories, and often the same model is first produced in one factory, and then in another, it all depends on which factory offers more favorable conditions.

Why choose Macalister electric lawn mowers?

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The main reasons for choosing lawn mowers of this brand are:

  • low price;
  • good manufacturing quality;
  • good reliability in operating conditions;
  • good equipment.

Despite the low cost, these devices successfully compete with much more expensive models, as well as they are equipped with a synchronous motor (collector) and gearbox, that is, they do not have a direct drive on the blade.

In fact, they are comparable to Stiga and Husqvarna units in performance and not much inferior to them in terms of durability with careful use. If you mow dense tall grass, and even neglect operation modes and engine cooling, then regardless of the brand device will break down very quickly, and repair costs will be comparable to the price of a new lawnmower.

In addition, all Mac Allister electric mowers are equipped with a central cutting height adjustment, thanks to which the position of the blade changes as it moves relative to the ground.

The volume of the grass catcher box (also called basket or grass catcher box) is selected so that the filling time and the safe engine operation time when mowing low lawn grass are fully matched.

In addition, most models are equipped with a combined container, the frame of which is made of plastic, and a bag of durable woven or nonwoven material.

Overview of available models

Every Mack Allter electric lawnmower (users sometimes spell this name as Macalist) collects a lot of positive and negative reviews. Therefore, we decided to describe all the models available on the website of the owner of this brand, that is, the Castorama supermarket chain.

These devices are difficult to find in other stores, including such popular stores as all tools or Yandexmarket, but the reasons for this phenomenon are unknown. After all, most manufacturers, even those belonging to a particular retail network, often sell their products through other resources. That is why our list includes only the models presented on the site of Castorama supermarket chain.

How to choose the best lawn mower?


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This small device is designed for the care of well-maintained lawns, the area of which does not exceed 300 m2.

Due to the small mowing width it takes a long time, but the small Mandate mower provides high maneuverability, that’s why there are many positive feedbacks from owners of sites with narrow paths and narrowed lawns.

The shape of the top handle is modified for more utilitarian use, as the arms can be positioned vertically or horizontally, reducing strain on them and delaying the accumulation of fatigue. However, the engine control lever is not very handy, so you can only activate it with a vertical grip of the palm of your right hand.

The lawnmower is equipped with a combined grass catcher box, on which there is no fill indicator. Therefore, the operator must estimate the amount of grass in the container himself and not overload the engine.

When mowing grass, it is better to spend a little more time for more frequent emptying, but not at the end of a full load of the container.

Here are the advantages of the mower:

  • Small size, which makes it possible to mow grass even in very tight places;
  • Due to its light weight, even young people or the elderly can effectively mow grass and charge the device on the shelf or in the car on their own.

Here are the cons:

  • There is no mulching function, so the device is not suitable for all lawns.
  • Due to the small working width, the mower mows very slowly;
  • The adjustment range of the handle height is insufficient;
  • There is no indicator for the grass catcher box. That’s why it is necessary to control the amount of grass by yourself.


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This mower is almost a full copy of the previous model and differs from it only:

  • The type of the grass catcher box;
  • Dimensions.

MLMP1200-2 has an all-plastic grass catcher box, which makes it easy to clean up grass debris after mowing.

It has also managed to significantly reduce weight without sacrificing basic performance.

Here are the advantages of the lawnmower:

  • Small, so it takes up little space when stored and can mow grass even in narrow or curvy areas;
  • Due to its light weight, it’s good for teenagers, women and the elderly.

Here are the cons:

  • Can’t work in mulching mode;
  • Due to the small mowing width, mows grass more slowly than larger machines;
  • No normal handle height adjustment;
  • Due to the lack of a grass catcher, the engine is likely to be overloaded, so you’ll have to monitor the amount of grass yourself.


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The MLMP1300 lawnmower is larger than previous models and, due to its much better equipment, also gets more good reviews.

Its recording width is 35 cm, which at least slightly increases the speed when mowing the grass.

One of the main problems of earlier mowers has been eliminated – the small change in handle height, which made the devices suitable only for people of average height.

This mower uses a special handle mounting system with which you can change the angle of the handle over a wide range, so that the height change area is many times greater than that of smaller machines. In addition, when storing the unit, the handle can be folded without removing it from the mower. To do this, you just need to solve the clamping issue.

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The handle for changing the cutting height is on the mower and is more conveniently located than on earlier mowers. The engine power and the volume of the combined grass catcher box have been increased to match the larger mowing width, so that the ratio of these parameters to the mower’s grip is the same as that of the devices described above.

One of the significant advantages of the mower is the included mulching kit, with which the device can be used on lawns where grass clippings can be left as long as it does not affect the appearance of the area.

This model has a basket case for collecting grass, so that you can objectively assess the filling. If the amount of grass is approaching the maximum value, the display changes its position and the operator knows that it is time to empty the bin.

In this way, the display protects the engine from overloading, because even when mowing low lawn grass, but with an overfilled fishing basket, the engine runs in high load mode, causing it to heat up faster. If you monitor the operation and cooling of the engine and do not overfill the container, the resource of the device will last for many years, even when mowing the lawn.

Here are the benefits of the model:

  • The large handle height adjustment area makes the unit suitable for people of all heights.
  • No need to remove the handle for storage, just loosen the rods and fold it down.
  • A height adjustment lever on the deck makes it easy to select the correct cutting height;
  • Ergonomic handle shape reduces mowing fatigue;
  • Versatility through the possibility of working in mulching mode;
  • Grass fan basket housing shows the amount of grass in the basket and protects the motor from overheating.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • Significantly heavier than previous models, so not every teenager or woman will be able to put the mower on a shelf or load it into the car;
  • Despite the ergonomic shape of the top of the handle, the gearshift lever is poorly located, so you have to hold it upright with your right hand at all times.


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This model is the most powerful and productive in Mac Allister’s range of electric lawn mowers, and is therefore suitable for owners of areas from 200 to 500 m 2.

Like its predecessor, the mower has a variable angle handle, but it uses a different and less reliable way to lock the angle.

To put the mower in storage mode, simply fold the handle without removing it from the mower. The device is equipped with two levers for starting the engine, the position and shape of which are such that it is possible to start the engine with each hand regardless of the type of handle. Due to the considerable weight, however, it is better to operate the unit with an upright handle with the palms of your hands.

The lever that changes the height of the blade relative to the floor is located on the deck, just like in the previous mower, so that it is much more convenient to change this parameter than in smaller machines, where this lever is located above the left rear wheel.

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The ratio of engine power to mowing width is much greater than in previous models, so the mower, as Met1638n owners write in their reviews, comes not only with a well-groomed, but also slightly neglected lawn, the amount of which is 7-15 cm, here However, if the rule applies, the higher or thicker the grass, the slower to move the device on the construction site and the less time required for mowing and more for engine cooling.

This approach ensures optimal load on the engine and extends the life of the mower for many years, which means it can compete with the best European counterparts under the same conditions.

Standard equipment of the mower provides for its operation in the rear emission mode with the possibility to install a container or mulch, for which purpose a special valve is installed instead of a grass catcher box, blocking the opening through which cuttings fly out. In this mode, all mowed vegetation remains in the deck and is repeatedly shredded by the rotating blade, and when it reaches the minimum size, falls to the ground through the gap between the blade and the deck.

Here are the advantages of the lawnmower:

  • Convenient adjustment of cutting height and handle height;
  • comfortable handle shape on the handle;
  • Possibility to fold the handle without removing it from the lawnmower;
  • Large mowing width and powerful engine;
  • The mulching mode.

Here are the cons:

  • Heavy weight, which means not everyone will be able to load the mower into the car or onto a shelf without help;
  • No side outlet, but all Mac Allister mowers have it.

A comparison of technical specifications

To be able to better compare these machines with other mowers, we have summarized all the main parameters in a table:

model Engine power kW Cm Weight (kg) Basket Basket volume L Mulching mode Price ths. rub.
MLMP1200 1,2 33 9,7 Plastic and cloth 30 no 3,4
MLMP1200-2 1,2 33 8,8 plastic 30 no 3,4
MLMP1300 1,3 35 19 Plastic and cloth 40 available 5,2
Met1638n 1,6 38 21 Plastic and cloth 45 available 7,5


Almost all information about lawnmowers on the pages of models in online stores is either of a general nature, or is a hidden advertisement that reveals some of the pros and carefully hides the cons.

Therefore, for those who want to assess in advance the capabilities of a particular model and determine whether it meets his conditions, reviews published on various resources are useful. One of the most famous among them is

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Some reviews of devices of this brand are presented in the following video:

Another video review:


Mac Allister electric lawn mowers are inexpensive household appliances for taking care of well-maintained lawns. When used carefully, they do their job well and last for many years, but moving them around the property too quickly and neglecting motor heat often causes them to fall into disrepair.

MacAllister brand lawn mowers and trimmers. Overview of the range

British brand MacAllister combines a group of British retail chains – Brico Depot and Castorama supermarkets. The combined group of stores is called Kingfisher. MacAllister owns supermarkets of machinery, construction equipment.

The company produces power tools and appliances as its own product line.

The popularity of the brand is great – Great Britain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland – in these countries MacAllister electrical equipment and tools are very popular and in demand.

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They are used both for professional and private purposes. At present, under the Macalister brand, about 30 models of power tools and electrical appliances are produced.

List of Mac Allister brand products:

  • circular saws;
  • cutters;
  • screwdriver;
  • rotary hammers;
  • jigsaws;
  • electric drills;
  • trimmers;
  • mower;
  • construction hairdryers;
  • cutters;
  • garden vacuum cleaners;
  • engine blocks; cultivators;
  • shrub shears;
  • pruners;
  • mills;
  • snow blowers.

The brand is focused on European Union countries, because the quality of equipment is really high. All models are characterized by reliable assembly, quality materials and parts, functionality, fairly quiet operation and good warranty service.

Models and types of equipment

If we talk about garden equipment, lawn mowers and trimmers are absolute favorites among farmers. Their distinctive feature is a recognizable color scheme and comfortable handle, which is firmly fixed by the hand of the operator. Mac Allister trimmers are available in three categories: gasoline, electric and cordless. Macalister mowers are available in gasoline, mechanical and electric models.

macallister trimmer

  • macallister MGTP300P (300W);
  • macallister MGTP430 (430 W);
  • macallister GT3038 (1000W);
  • Macallister BC2339 (1000W).

Macallister MGTP430 Macallister MGTP300P Macallister GT3038 Macallister BC2339

  • Macallister MBCP25-2 (1HP);
  • Macallister MBCP32-2 (1.36 hp);
  • Macallister MBCP42-2 (1.7 hp).

Macallister MBCP25-2 Macallister MBCP32-2 Macallister MBCP42-2

  • Macallister YT7418-01 (battery capacity 2Ah, charging time 60 minutes).

Macalister lawn mower

  • MacAllister MEB1335N;
  • MacAllister MET1638N;
  • Mac Allister M2E1233RN;
  • Mac Allister mlm 1600;
  • Mac Allister met1638n;
  • mac allister mlm 1300.
  • Mac Allister 125CC;
  • Mac Allister DYM1526CQN;
  • Mac Allister B&S 575iS;
  • Mac Allister dym1778n;
  • mac allister dym1564qn.

Mac Allister 125 CC Mac Allister BS575iS Mac Allister DYM1526CQN Mac Allister dy 1778n Mac Allister dy 1564qn

  • MacAllister GSS15F-2.


Top models from the brand mac allister

The top model of lawn mowers is the gasoline mower mac allister dym1778n, reviews of which mention such parameters as a large grass catcher box and optimal power to work on medium and large lawns. Among other things, this model is loved for such characteristics:

  • self-propelled;
  • large grass catcher box (60 liters);
  • rugged steel body, not subject to corrosion;
  • large working area – up to 800 square meters;
  • powerful Honda engine (GCV160).

This top model is equipped with a grass catcher box, so that the owner always knows when it is necessary to remove the mowed grass.


The mower operates in two grass catcher box modes: side and rear. There is also a useful mulching function.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on this unit. The weight of the mower is 33.6 kg.

Among the trimmers, the top model with good reviews is the gasoline-free Mac Allister MBCP 32-2 with a capacity of 1.36 hp. The fuel tank capacity of this trimmer is 900 ml, which means that it can be used on large areas without overnight refueling.


There are two cutting elements: a knife and a fishing line. The weight of this device is 10 kg. Especially impressed owners of this model, according to the ratings, anti-vibration system of the trimmer, the function of instant activation.

In addition, the operator’s hands are less fatigued when using the device for long periods of time.

Operating and maintenance instructions for petrol and electric lawnmowers and trimmers

For safe operation of garden equipment (both trimmer and lawnmower) the following rules must be observed:

  • When working with electrical appliances, make sure that the cable and plug are in good condition and that moisture insulation is normal.
  • Gasoline-powered garden tools should be stored with an empty gas tank; if the gas tank contains old gasoline (fueled more than 30 days ago), drain and refill with fresh fuel before working;
  • Wearing safety shoes and clothing, a plastic mask and earphones to protect against the noise of the trimmer or lawnmower is mandatory.
  • Use only identical replacement parts or components that are supplied by the manufacturer, recommended by the manufacturer, or listed in the product manual as consumables;
  • The lawnmower and trimmer are designed to handle garden grass and weeds, while a free cutter or other devices are used for thicker vegetation.
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Oil and fuel

Like any device with a two-stroke engine, the Mohn Allister garden tool is filled with fuel before filling it up. Two-stroke engines use type 2T oil and universal seasonal oil, while four-stroke engines use B. 10W-30, for example.

Possible malfunctions of gasoline and electric lawnmowers

Failure because How to fix it?
1. The operation of the device. Possibly low fuel level, lack of oil. Refill fuel and lubricant.
Grass is mowed poorly and unevenly. Wet grass or blunt blade, grass fibers wrapped around blade. Work with dry grass (mow in the evening), check the blade and clean it in time.
3. 3. Mower makes unusual noises such as knocking, cracking. 3. Mower makes unusual noise such as low oil level, clogged fuel filter, low quality fuel Check the condition of the fuel filter and choose only the fuel and lubricants recommended by the manufacturer.
4. 4. Unit cannot be turned on. 4. Unit cannot be turned on. Gasoline leaks or fuel mixture does not enter carburettor due to poor fuel quality or clogged fuel filter. Clean or replace fuel filter.

Macalister lawn mower evaluation video

Macalister garden mower model mlmp1300.

Reviews of owners of garden devices Macalister

Vladimir, 41 years old, Rostov region:

“I have an electric lawnmower, the same as in the video above. I can note that even when the grass is slightly wet, the cut is even, and when it dries, all the blades from one to the other. This model gives a very good cut, I’m satisfied!

Of the McAllister equipment, we still have the bolt cutter. Used it when building a house and it still works, the hard drive hasn’t even turned off. Started with the assembly after purchase, started repairing the grass catcher by mistake, then figured it out.

Advantages of the mower: electric, environmentally friendly and not noisy, which is a big plus for the cottage!

Cons: not identified. “

Ilya, 32 years old, Poltava:

“I am not satisfied with the quality of this equipment. I had an electrician – broke in the first week of use with no chance of recovery. Well, maybe a marriage, I admit, but the impressions remained unpleasant. “

Arkady, Kazan:

“I have been using the Macallister MBCP32-2 chain saw on my property for several years now. It’s powerful enough, lightweight, not particularly complicated. Easy to hold and easy to operate. In a word, I like it very much and it helps me during the season. But there is one thing! My lawn is not big, for bigger lawns use mowers, I strongly advise not to save money. Trimmer you will not break if the area is large. “

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